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  1. THIS is exactly what I’m looking for. How much shipped to CA?
  2. GREAT looking pickup. This is what I’m looking to do. Trade the trail boss black wheels for the stockers. Are those 285/70-18’s? 1.5” level kit???
  3. The mirrors on the max trailering package look ridiculous (very functional, but UGLY). Buy the black one. Still plenty capable for the off and on towing you do but much better for the day to day.
  4. I love my 6 liter like everyone else, but damn if they aren't hogs. Gonna pick on you 2500hdee...Quick number game for you. 223k miles at a GENEROUS 14mpg equals just under 16000 gallons of fuel run through that bad boy. So at a CONSERVATIVE $2.00 per gallon, you've spent over $32,000 dollars in gas over your trucks life. I played the same game with my truck. 94000 miles and 6800 gallons of fuel burned (per the digital display). Kinda sucks looking at things that way...
  5. I've got a Wait4Me tune, and you're right it definitely woke it up as well as corrected for the tire size/speedo issue. Mark here is correct. The tune's power is up in the higher RPM's and I wanted to get the low-end back and help get the trailer load moving easier. All the online gear calculators show the swap will bring the truck back to relatively stock ratios (at the original 245 tire size). So nobody here has performed the swap? Guess I'll have to hit the boneyard and take the tape measure.
  6. I've got an '05 1500HD (w/ 3:73's) that I use for occasional weekend towing (6-7k# travel trailer) and primarily daily driver duties. I recently put new 285/75-16 tires on, and it has become a bit 'doggy' for both regular driving and towing. I'd like to swap in a set of 4:10 gears to bring things back to relatively stock. Question is whether or not a 2500HD rear-end can be swapped in rather than doing the gear swap on my current axle. Is this a straight swap? The local driveline shop wants just north of $1000 for the gear swap alone. 2500HD rearends are plentiful in the area and may be a bit cheaper to do (iff possible) all while getting the stronger full-floating design. Any guidance here would be appreciated.
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