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  1. So you just tossed $80 in the trash? I find this incredibly hard to believe. I love my auto start eliminator.
  2. What if I were to tell you this was a company lease vehicle and options not chosen by me?
  3. Wow, that's unfortunate. Figured they would of made this possible on the new 2019. That being said, what is the most "stealth" controller you can buy? Meaning one you cant see.
  4. Coming from a 2015 F150, it was as simple as adding the trailer brake controller and a reprogram at the dealer. But after doing some research on older Silverados I noticed Chevy did not give people this option and aftermarket is the only way. Has this changed for the 2019 model year? I would think it might have due to all the integrated features of the trailer and the truck. I need to removed the panel and see if the harness is there....... Anybody?
  5. I will be installing myself. I'll try and get pictures of the progress and any issues I stumble across. There will probably be extra parts that I missed.
  6. Placed my order for all the parts (I think). About $800 into it right now. Will see what comes in. Parts department seems to think this will be all I will need. I ordered the parts off of Gmpartscenter.net Very helpful.
  7. Just spent a good time looking, but most are just about wanting a jump seat or storage in a jump seat. Guess I'll just have to wait. I had the dealer price one and they are north of $700.00
  8. Just purchased a 2019 crew cab LT. It has the center seat and I would like to convert to a console. I have searched but a 2018 conversion appears to be way different than the 2019. Anybody done this yet? Looks like it might be easier to do it on a 2019.
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