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  1. Absolutely. Still waiting to get them back unfortunately.
  2. 10,452 miles, 1,737 on oil. Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0w40 out, and new oil of the same type back in. No filter change, Purolator Boss left in place. Sample sent out. Went a little short on this one as a matter of comfort and convenience. We aren’t likely to see another 55 degree day for 2+ months.
  3. Yeah, high iron and copper are not unusual for the platform at similar miles. But I do hope to see a reduction nonetheless. Thanks for sharing. Looks pretty good. Kinda expensive in my neck of the woods though. Doesn’t look like Walmart sells it. Their other M1 products are about $30 a jug.
  4. You should have the most recent one I had Nick do on the Red Line a month or two ago. I have yet to sample the Pennzoil that’s currently in the sump but it will be done in the next few weeks. Will keep you posted on that. Chrysler has a deal with Pennzoil, technically it’s the only thing “approved”. However they don’t strictly require it according to the language in the owner’s manual.
  5. It’s doing okay. Seems a little more tickety-tappity, especially now that it’s got some miles on it. Red Line stayed quiet. Will probably dump it soon and have a cheap sample done. Wanna see how the wear metals are progressing with the different oil, better filter and slightly less “exciting” driving.
  6. Now we’re talking. I figure if it’s gonna feel like winter, it might as well look the part!
  7. Think this is the heart of the matter. As someone who often staked my faith in the manufacturer and their intervals, I’ve been on both sides of the issue. But these days…when a manufacturer tells you who they are, you gotta believe them. Especially as we get pushed toward EVs. They have no reason to help you make your current vehicle last forever. The fox is guarding the henhouse. When I bought my current truck I was immediately suspicious. It has a ZF transmission that’s used in a ton of applications. In those applications, ZF typically recommends transmission service at 60,000 miles or 8 years. But Ram? They say it’s lubricated for life. If they mean for the life of the transmission, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hell, everything can be “lubed for life” if you don’t expect it to last very long. If I never change the oil in my lawnmower and it blows up in 3 years, it was indeed lubed for life! Never mind that maintenance could extend said life by 10 fold. More on point with engine OCIs…I did a UOA recently to gain some insight. By most measures my oil was spent. Yet the OLM indicated 34% life remaining, which could have amount to another 2k miles. Really?
  8. Had our first snow of the year. Things were pretty interesting driving around as it accumulated on the roads. Once again everyone had to act like it was their first time in the slush.
  9. Summer returned this weekend. 75 and sunny.
  10. OnTheReel

    OH MAN!

    $4.99/mo or $44.99/yr. I don’t pay the streaming crap for much, but MotorTrend+ is definitely worth it. Roadkill is great, Roadkill Garage is also a lot of fun. Plus they give you access to all kinds of other stuff. Not just stuff they produce, but other shows like Top Gear, Wheeler Dealers, etc.
  11. Got this one back today on my Ram. Not thrilled with the levels of wear metals considering I am nearing 9k miles and this was already its third oil change in its short life. Fuel dilution is concerning but not surprising. Suspect shorter intervals in the future, possibly with an oil other than RL and a better filter. Right now it’s Pennzoil Euro and Purolator Boss. Hopefully we can get this cleaned up a bit.
  12. Right to repair needs to be done, and in an even broader scope. In my field of electronics we run into two different degrees of spite from the manufacturers. 1) Refusal to provide component level parts or schematics to the end user (or independent shops) on currently supported products. While I don’t think it’s right for them to be the only option for repair, at least they are still willing to work on the stuff. 2) Refusal to provide schematics or any type of service parts on “legacy” products the manufacturer doesn’t offer repair on either. This is obviously intended to force the customer into a new product. Sometimes we are able to reverse engineer their products and have parts reproduced. But more often than not the manufacturer gets their intended result. Another new product sold and another old one in the dump. Not related to what I work with, but Apple has historically been one of the worst. You can buy two brand new, identical model iPhones, move the camera module from one to the other, and features will intentionally be bricked by the software. We aren’t talking about installing a bootleg part. One factory Apple part replaced with another. Same for batteries and screens. Absolutely no reason for this other than to force you through their repair network. And when they decide to no longer support or service the device, it’s junk and you’re buying a new one (from guess who)…
  13. Not too far. About 2 hours or so. I’m in Racine county.
  14. Beautiful area. I used to work a little ways from there in not so beautiful Freeport.
  15. Removed Red Line 0w40 & Mopar SRT filter, sent sample to Nick, installed Pennzoil Euro 0w40 I posted about above with a Purolator Boss filter. Suspect the Red Line would have been good for awhile longer (only 3700 miles), but the weather will be against me soon and Ram also requires 6 month oil changes. So might as well do it while it’s warmer than El Paso in Wisconsin (literally). This Mopar filter held up fine of course. Made by Wix in Poland. Has a shyt-load of pleats.
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