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  1. I’ve seen at least 3 people on the Facebook group have their leaf springs or bushings replaced over the squeaking noise.
  2. I have it, but in 4x4. I guess one could call it sporty. Definitely on the firm side of things, sometimes a bit bouncy (but still feels better dampened than the 19 Z71 I drove)... I don’t mind it, although if not for the 3.42 axle I probably would have just got a standard non-NHT, non-Z71 truck as those seem to ride softer.
  3. They didn’t start production in Mexico until late last year, so all of the early crew cabs are US built. Now it’s pretty much evenly split between US and Mexico from what I’ve seen.
  4. First oil change

    Mobil 1, but then a Fram Extra Guard?!? 😱 I would have taken a few bucks out of the oil budget and put it toward at least a Tough Guard. Mobil 1 will be good for about 3 times longer than that filter.
  5. Dealer mod rip-off?

    Something happened with the intakes in the last few months (emissions issue if I recall) and there’s a new part number for it now. Happen to have a pic of what air box you have?
  6. GREAT news! DFM disable coming soon

    Nope. Same as it’s been for 8 months. Disables only the start/stop on the DFM 5.3 and 6.2. 6000 miles and I still haven’t been bothered by DFM one bit so I can’t imagine why everyone wants it gone so badly. Besides, the same shitty AFM/ DFM lifters are still in the engine regardless of if it’s active or not. Maybe there is a little less wear by keeping them pumped up all the time, but they are still weaker than normal lifters.
  7. Sorry, I absolutely cannot stand the dotted toolbox. Option 2 and pocket the 900 bucks.
  8. Double cab is definitely friendlier on the budget in any trim level, and you get a bigger bed in the same footprint as the CC short box (Yes you can get a standard box crew cab too). I just don’t think I could go back to double cab anymore. The extra cabin space is used much more often than the extra bed space was for me. With the seats up you might be surprised how much of your gear can fit back there too.
  9. Play around with tire pressure a bit. It’s easy to have them over inflated in the summer heat. Otherwise I think just about everyone here is waiting for Bilsteins. I feel like my 16 rode better than my 19, but both are better than my 07 Z71. That thing would bounce your fillings out and you could feel and see the whole structure wallowing around. The weight reduction on these new trucks is apparent in the ride. Your old Ram was not only on coils but could have been damn near 1000 pounds heavier.
  10. Seat Belts

    Sorry you feel that way over a seatbelt. But if no adjustment was a deal breaker, not buying the truck in the first place would probably be more effective in convincing GM to bring the adjustments back. You can’t vote with your wallet AFTER you drive the thing off the lot.
  11. Electrical Plug

    Seems like it would probably be for HUD then assuming it’s the same connector you’re looking at (which it looks like it is based on color and wire colors). I don’t have any empty ones up there that I could see. Might be a good sign if one wants to add HUD down the road. Doubt it’s plug and play but if the wiring is there, that’s some of the battle I guess.
  12. Electrical Plug

    Can’t really see or reach what it is, but mine appears to be plugged into a module. I have every option except power running boards. If I had to guess...lane keep assist? HUD?
  13. I can’t speak for him but the only way to tell is the tailgate emblems. Sierra says “Limited” next to the Sierra emblem, Silverado says LD in the corner where the LT emblem would normally sit.
  14. Easy as can be, no tools required. Just pull them off by hand and snap the new ones. The clips along the floor come free super easy by lifting, so start with those. There is some trim on the seat that can be unclipped to help them lift out. And then there are also two clips on each piece in the footwells facing the firewall, which fight a bit more but simple enough to manhandle. Definitely don’t pay someone to do it. There’s really no risk because big deal if you do break a clip on the old part. You aren’t going to re-use them and they ain’t worth selling. Mine old ones went in the trash.
  15. First oil change

    I say you’re overthinking it. Guarantee you 99.9% of the buying public isn’t dumping oil after 500 or 1000 miles, so to me it seems like a non-issue, or engines wouldn’t be living as long as they do anyway. Personally, I don’t pretend to know better than the manufacturer, I just follow the book. My first oil change on all my trucks has been at around 6 months or 6000. Granted I don’t keep them forever but not many people do, and nobody yet has shown proof that dumping the factory fill early will lead to a longer engine life. The debate will go on until the end of time. In regards to the AC Delco..it is full synthetic and every bit as good as Mobil 1. Plus it’s free...

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