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  1. If you wait a 3 months or so, the 2020 Custom (and LT) Trail Boss models have 6.2 availability. Otherwise the two trucks you’re comparing are about as different as can be. Custom has halogen lights, the work truck interior with limited storage and plain jane type finishes. Great if you want something simple, but if you’re coming from an LT trim or up in the previous generations, the Custom is a downgrade in certain areas. I wouldn’t get too hung up on outward appearances as it would be a lot easier to lift and dress up an LTZ to look how you like it, rather than try to add interior features to the Custom after the fact.
  2. All anecdotal, but the amount of people on here and the Facebook group that said they bought the AT4 mainly for the 6.2 option / wish the LT TB had the 6.2 seem to be a pretty good number. This is just the most recent thread below, but it reflects the pattern of what I see a lot. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/217848-at4-vs-trail-boss-which-is-the-better-buy/? Not saying there aren’t other advantages to the AT4 but the 6.2 option appears to poll near the top no matter what.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up too bad, nobody saw this coming. In hindsight the Daytona pace truck RST with the 6.2 was a hint. I’m not too shocked by the RST getting it, but both of the Trail Boss models are really surprising since they will definitely eat GMC’s lunch.
  4. I don’t think so, but it should. Since Uber doesn’t give any kind of premium for a luxury pick-up over shuttling people around in a Chevette, it’s a non-starter for me.
  5. Keep it a few years and trade it on the 2021 mid-cycle refresh if you must. The 6.2 is great but it would be hard as hell for me to justify trading a brand new truck for anything, let alone just an engine. Either way it’s a losing game. Some people who bought 19s are kicking themselves over the 20, and the people who buy the 20 will probably kick themselves when the 21’s info starts to leak out 9 months from now...
  6. And you only have to spend 70 grand to get that version, unless you find one of the very few Raptors without 802A. Also, the best in class power and torque are somewhat meaningless for truck purposes when neither the Raptor nor the Limited have very impressive towing or payload limits. I’m biased of course, but GM wins this round, especially in 2020 with making the 6.2 available across a wider range of trims.
  7. My beef with it is that it’s been unchanged for 10+ years. Of course it is stronger than the 5.3, but Ram lacks any “high end” engine choice at this point, let alone an engine that can even attempt decent fuel mileage. The E Torque thing is a joke. I’m sure Ram is working on some upgrades for the 5.7, but right now it’s at the bottom of the big 3 IMO.
  8. Not to mention the Ram, which is down on power and MPGs compared to the 6.2. Happy to see it on the LT TB too. The more the merrier.
  9. Just the Custom Trail Boss it appears. No way in hell you’d be happy with that trade. At least not when you climb in it.
  10. Guessing because the LT TB with a 6.2 would destroy the AT4’s sales.
  11. They did some things a lot of people have been screaming for...6.2 RST, and even more surprising, a 6.2 Custom Trail Boss! Wow!
  12. Towing Pics

    Finally time to break out the toys!
  13. Can never go wrong with the 6.2...I certainly don’t regret digging deeper into my checking account. That said, I found the 5.3 8 speed to be a nice driving combo. Only wild card is that if you’re ordering, you won’t be able to do an extended drive with the exact truck you’re buying until after it’s built and delivered. Option 3 is tough. Rather than wait for the 20, I’d probably just hold off until September and buy a 19 6.2 off the lot for less money than the 20 5.3 10 speed may cost you.
  14. Tailgate not dropping

    Definitely not normal. Mine worked on the first try from day 1. It needs repair, unless you have a tonneau cover pressing against the top of the gate as newdude said.

    I think the difference comes down to what cluster your truck has. I’ve noticed that trucks with the large digital cluster do not have drive mode indicators printed on the dial. This theoretically allows for the missing 4th mode (off road) that myself and others with this cluster have. Not based on trim level per-say as LTZ and AT4 without tech package have the smaller cluster display and dial with labels on it.

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