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  1. They come on with the cargo light switch, above the headlight switch.
  2. The CAI gets the reflash. Just a different MAF calibration.
  3. I don’t like it either. Neighbor told me I had a headlight out when I was turning down my street. Gen5DIY makes an override harness. I have it, haven’t put it in yet.
  4. They only run in v8 mode at idle, no cylinder deactivation. I’ve noticed mine will sometimes idle rough after an “auto stop” restart but not otherwise.
  5. Just the sliders. Cab style, trim level irrelevant.
  6. Finally have the “fun trailer” hooked up.
  7. Believe he’s referring to his Tahoe Hybrid. Our starters are heavier duty (rated for many more cycles) but still just 12v.
  8. Wonder if it’s because they have turn signals in them? Either way, really no good reason for GM to do that besides to give the middle finger to the 2019 buyers. I’m sure these mirrors were in development from the start and it wouldn’t have taken much effort to have them backwards compatible/ plug and play ready. They could sell them as an 2019-compatible accessory at an exorbitant price for what they are, and some people would still buy them and pay good labor at the dealer. What do I know, though...
  9. People say they want the disabler because they are too lazy to push the button every time. But then...the time it takes to install that thing, plus the time it takes to work for the $80 to buy it far exceeds the amount of time/ effort anyone can spend just pushing the button over a lifetime. Solution in search of a problem? 99% of the time, I’m down in that area to hit the heated or cooled seats anyway. Not to mention the ignition button.
  10. I tried a little precut decal off eBay awhile back. It looked okay but wasn’t as sticky as I hoped on that textured surface. Seemed like it would come off with the first cleaning so I just got rid of it. Might try some other things at some point, but just dealing with it for now.
  11. The Silverado RST and Trail Boss have the black emblem from the factory. I would imagine you’d have to replace the whole airbag but not 100% on that.
  12. Those are Chevy knobs in the pic. All GMCs have the ugly aluminum things regardless of trim.
  13. Yeah, looking now, it appears as though there are only two versions of this mirror in half tons: “Plain Jane” manual fold, no blind spot monitor on the lower trims. And on LTZ, selecting the tow mirrors adds 6 grand worth of packages including the surround vision and blind spot monitoring. HC would also require essentially every option to get them. Basically all or nothing in the top trims. Some people are gonna be pissed about that I bet. Me, I don’t care for the look of these things anyway.
  14. Yeah, and unfortunately the SLT can’t get the tech package for whatever dumb reason. Either way, you’ll have no regrets with the 6.2/10 speed/max tow!
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