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  1. I would actually think a light pressure washing would help remove the stuff that has already failed. Anything that’s wrinkled like the wax near the peeled off area should wash right off and then re-apply. Leaving that crinkled up stuff on there is only going to give a nice place for salt to sneak in behind, IMO. Either way it’s gonna take some doing at this point…
  2. Everything but the WT / Custom / Custom TB are keyless. Not sure why you hate it though. It’s easier and better in every way.
  3. Sunroof on RST requires Convenience Package II, and CPII requires CP with buckets. So it’s not possible.
  4. I never found the GM LKA to take any effort at all to override. And my Ram has three different levels of force you can set it to use. Either way, SuperCruise is on a whole ‘nother level than those systems. It does not let you be distracted. There is an IR camera that is always checking to be sure your eyes are looking out the windshield and not down on your phone. It will pull the truck over if you aren’t paying attention. This to me is a safety improvement. It’s actually easier to do things you shouldn’t do while driving with the system turned off. And yes, I do believe that computers
  5. That, or the new “premium microsuede headliner” is designed to be waterproof…
  6. Hey, the back window leaks enough. The less glass the better. Probably too expensive to add mid-cycle but it should have had one in 2019 honestly. F150 had it in 2015.
  7. Didn’t see a formal thread for it yet. https://www.gmc.com/future-vehicles/2022-sierra 80k for a Denali half ton. ~12k increase over 2021. Much improved, but damn…time to start singing the inflation blues.
  8. There’s room to work within the stock tune. GM themselves give you an extra 13 hp with their catback, no tune needed. Safe to say you can improve on the front end of that as well. I ran the Roto-Fab for a few years, it did great. Never any check engine lights or other issues. I bought it for the look and sound first, but I did measure improvements with my Dragy as well. Unfortunately the same few people here are far too exhausting to argue with. If you’re bored with the truck and want to add an intake system, do it. If not, that’s cool too.
  9. Hey, I refused to pay over MSRP for the TRX, so I could see even less of a reason to pay over on the ZR2. Anyone who wants anything these days should find a dealer below MSRP and order out. Don’t pay the impatience tax on the lot, you’ll never get that money back. FWIW, there are now dealers offering 9k off 2022 TRX orders. That would put a base truck around 65 and one well equipped around 70-75. GM is gonna be forced to hold the price down on the ZR2.
  10. Thought there was a couple 21s in here but it’s definitely slowed down.
  11. The 6.2 will break ‘em loose at 50+ MPH in the wet. Definitely took me off guard the first time that happened.
  12. Pricing in general is going to be interesting. Lots of factors going to be at play, and most would increase the cost of these trucks. Inventory will still be tight. Manufacturers also plan to be more biased to a customer order model vs buying off the lot and potentially getting a better deal on a truck that’s been sitting awhile. Then of course we have fuel prices and the government printing money like bonkers. On the flip side, it’s obvious that GM was committing highway robbery on the 2019-21 upper trim levels based on the interior you got. Any improv
  13. You can still use the Fluid Film (or cavity wax) in the rockers and fender lips. But I would stick to just touch-ups on the frame with the Daubert coating. I did it for years and the frames always looked pretty much like new.
  14. If the marketing department at GM could read, they’d be very upset with you now. But all fair points. Never understood the tire game they played with the TB. The 18s would be the choice of most off-road guys but then they give you a shorter tire than the 20s.
  15. Big question is how those buyers will feel about a boosted V6 and hybrid. Other question is who stole who’s technology. If powertrain sounds similar to the F150, there is a reason. https://www.autoweek.com/news/a1881996/after-bad-breakup-ford-and-toyota-race-hybrid-pickups/
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