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  1. Well I got it done today. No difference whatsoever as far as HUD operation. Doesn’t show the stations or anything else. I’ve tried it in every radio mode, every DIC mode and every HUD mode.
  2. MT and C&D are getting their asses handed to them by YouTubers and blogs like TFL. Doubt anyone even goes to these magazines for advice anymore, most definitely not in the printed variety at least. They are generally out of their wheelhouse reviewing trucks, especially a work truck. And as they struggle to stay relevant you’ll see more and more crap like this.
  3. Yeah, mine has done this, but not lately. I was wondering if maybe it did it thinking I was hooking up a trailer or something. The manual also mentions it periodically sets the brake to make sure it’s all working, so it might be that too.
  4. Ah, I always put mine vertical so I guess that’s why it works out for me. You really want CPII anyway, if only for the Bose. The standard stereo is insulting for the price of the truck.
  5. The wireless charging does seem very slow on my truck with my iPhone X. Lucky to get a few percent on a short trip...but if nothing else it’s a convenient place to put the phone and easily see it. I don’t care for the layout of the console without the charging pad. If I desperately need a lot of juice I hook it up to my cable in the console anyhow.
  6. Rear window leak

    Damn, that sucks. It does happen a lot more than you’d think though. I didn’t know anything about this phenomenon until it happened to my dad’s Cadillac. Sometimes a latent defect or chip in the glass from installation will just “go off”. In this case though, I would bet that a poorly fitting frame probably over-stressed the glass in some way. Given the amount of back window issues these trucks have had, hopefully GM will take care of it for you.
  7. Yup. With the old software, the only message I ever get on the HUD is when I turn the parking sensors off, it displays that. Why, I don’t know. Doesn’t really seem like a critical message to display up there. It’s frustrating because there’s a lot of possibilities for HUD but all I use it for is speed (and NAV when I’m going someplace). Both of those are really handy but other GM vehicles can do more.
  8. Yeah, it’s pretty decent. Lots of posts. Not too much drama but you know how FB is. It’s just called “2019+ Silverado / Sierra”...
  9. You’re right, those flappers are unbelievably restrictive. I never would have guessed. That has to kill the bulk of the power right there. The stock 3.5” should be more than enough diameter, but the GM catback is supposed to be even larger. I haven’t measured it but it looks like a freaking sewer pipe down there. Nevertheless you got a nice deal there...most of the power gains at a fraction of the cost!
  10. 2019 Silverado $1k White or Shiny Mud?

    Earth tones just never jived with me on vehicles. Didn’t like it in the 90s-early 2000s when everything was beige or gold, don’t like it now. Wasn’t alive in the 70s but I think almost everything from that era color wise is hideous too.
  11. The one thing I saw on FB with it that has me a little excited is the radio stations appear on the HUD when you change channels. Hopefully some bug fixes too. I’d like it if the camera view would stop changing itself.
  12. Put on the matte black “Chevrolet” tailgate insert. Very subtle on a black truck, but when the light catches it right, it really pops.
  13. They do a “staggered” roll out to keep the load off the system. The update has been out for weeks but not available for my truck to download yet. Have to wait my turn I guess.
  14. IIHS front tests are out

    Don’t take my word for it. The T1 is much improved. If the K2 was tested for the passenger offset, it would likely fail miserably because they designed it without putting any effort into a passenger offset test that didn’t exist. Is it as good as the Ford? No. Is it better than the last one, yes. Would I buy a Ford to prepare for an accident that likely would never happen? No. Life is full of risks. Take your chances every time you drive anything.
  15. IIHS front tests are out

    As I understand it, IIHS only started testing passenger offset in the last couple years. Blindly thinking your K2 will be any better for your wife’s legs may be foolish because it wasn’t tested. It could very well be worse.

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