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  1. Not at all, not even close. The jump seat looks really intrusive in comparison.
  2. Mine’s the same way. Need the loop on the other seats because it’s possible to drive without passengers and have the belts rattling against the panel. For the driver, well, we should always be wearing that seatbelt and thus not have any chance of it banging against the pillar trim.
  3. Lots of info in that thread. I would say it’s worth it. The non-Bose system doesn’t have very much low end at all.
  4. Mine are extra rough too, just as you describe. No clue why, and don’t remember how they were when new. GM has painted the bottom of the trucks like that for quite awhile now.
  5. Yes, regular cab trucks do exist on dealer lots. As I said, regular cab short box do not. Even from the two manufacturers that still “make them” in that configuration...you still just never see them around. And the Ram version is on the old platform and is the same basic truck that came out in 2009. There is virtually no storage at all in the work truck trim. The armrest doesn’t open and the massive space below the center seat doesn’t either. If you were unimpressed with a Buick, I can’t imagine you finding the WT at all tolerable. The 4.3 / 6 speed is dependable and should be fairly quick in a lightweight regular cab work truck. My 6 speed trans was a bit clunky though, don’t miss that one bit. I understand you don’t want a V8 but there’s not a huge fuel economy penalty to get it. Also, moving one step up to the Custom trim opens the possibility of the 2.7T / 8 speed combo which looks to be very economical in the city vs the V6 or V8. Of course, no regular cab in that trim though.
  6. Well if you don’t want a long box, then you’re getting either a double cab or a crew cab. Or an F150. Or a Ram. Either way, regular cab short beds aren’t something that most, if any, dealers stock. I would recommend at least considering a double cab. A little more interior space/ dry storage in a pickup isn’t a bad thing to have. Not like you’re giving up bed length to get it if you don’t want an 8’ box anyway. The other thing is, if you have no use for a truck, you’re literally paying more for less vs a sedan or SUV.
  7. It comes on with the cargo lights and shines down on the hitch area for connecting/ disconnecting trailer.
  8. Kinda wish my truck had it but I was a year too early. Seemed to work real well in the Terrain I had as a loaner, and easily reverted to normal cruise control.
  9. Should certainly be doing better than that. My 6.2/10 speed with 3.42s will get 18-19, flat ground at 80 mph. Granted I don’t have the lift of the AT4 and I have heard the Chevy is more aerodynamic. Save for the 6.0 in the HDs, the GM V8 trucks have always done very well in fuel economy. Much better than the Ram & Toyota, and on par or better than the EB in many tests I’ve seen.
  10. Co-developed, yes. But the GM and Ford transmissions are each built in their own individual plants with entirely different programming and controls. What happens in a Ford Exploder means nothing for what happens in a GM pickup. I am as shocked as anyone that GM got the 10 speed so right and Ford still has it so wrong, but it’s 100% true.
  11. Well, it happens. Still can count all of the 10 speed complaints here on one hand. Mine’s been flawless.
  12. No, Amsoil isn’t Dexos certified. While it exceeds the actual standards, they didn’t pay GM the “Dexos ransom” as some would call it. But hey...Amsoil products are “warranty secure“. Which means GM will blame the Amsoil, Amsoil will blame GM for a manufacturing defect, and nothing will get fixed in the meantime. Only kidding, of course. I’ve never specifically heard of anyone having warranty problems over using Amsoil or anything else within spec. DI engines are noisy and generally sound like crap. But mine never makes any odd noises upon startup that it doesn’t make any other time. Just using the AC Delco oil and filter.
  13. Doesn’t matter, the 6.2 automatically comes with the two speed transfer case, dual exhaust, etc. Z71 is totally inconsequential unless you like crappy shocks and hill decent control. NHT trucks are really hard to find, especially in High Country. Most High Countries have the Premium or Deluxe package which includes 22” wheels and thus no NHT package. You can order around that package to get NHT as well as all of the goodies (besides the 22s) but it costs more and adds complexity so dealers don’t generally stock it. To me the LTZ made sense because I like chrome. Plus it was cheaper and better equipped than the High Countries the dealer had, so whatever.
  14. My truck would have to blow up before I’d trade it within 1-2 years. In my opinion, 3 years is the sweet spot to get max value if you buy the trucks right in the first place. Lucky for you and I, that falls inline with the 2022 refresh. Wait if you can.
  15. The app doesn’t work with this setup. It’s knob or nothin.
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