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  1. My NHT payload is is 1914 lbs with all options including the tech package that the SLT doesn’t get. Interesting. Is this one a standard box maybe? You will have a hard time finding one, but a 5.3 Denali with no options might be close to your goal. Kinda defeats the purpose of a Denali though if an SLT has more toys. I would say if you’re not in a rush, at least take a look at the 2021s when they are released. However everything on the inside track suggests 2022 is the actual mid-cycle refresh with major interior and exterior revisions.
  2. I’m sure you’d get the exact inverse of responses on the Ram forum. That said, I’m not sure FCA has even heard of build quality. They have been notoriously bad for a long time. I don’t expect a trouble free ownership experience with anything, but what has been most important to me is that when there is an issue, I know I can drive out of the dealer with a loaner while it’s getting fixed. I’ve heard FCA and Ford aren’t as gracious with their courtesy vehicles. I can also trust that my dealer will fix it correctly.
  3. SLT can have vented seats and heated rear seats too. Real difference aside from trimmings would be adaptive ride control and tech package availability with HUD, larger gauge cluster screen, camera mirror and 360 view. SLT cannot be equipped with any of that. I would not expect the 2021 Denali to get NHT (Max trailering package)...it hasn’t been available on Denali since the 2014 model year. If you want all of the tech goodies and NHT, you’d have to move over to the Silverado LTZ or High Country.
  4. Still can’t get the X31 package with 22s, not even with the 6.2. BUT, since the 6.2 automatically comes with the 2 speed transfer case and dual exhaust, the X31 package becomes a lot less important. You’d just be missing out on skid plates, hill descent control, and Rancho shocks that nobody likes. Can always buy the truck you want with 20s and then just swap to 22 take offs, they are all over the place. Overall diameter between stock tire 20s and stock tire 22s is essentially identical. 33” to 32.8”, so no real speedo difference.
  5. 303 Aerospace Protectant holds up the best out of what I’ve tried. And doesn’t attract dust or get sticky. It’s usually in the aisle with the boat cleaning products.
  6. The 2 speed transfer case is able to be dinghy or dolly towed in neutral. The single speed transfer case trucks cannot.
  7. Yes, 6.2 and x31/z71 trucks get a 2 speed transfer case. It’s also standard on Denali and High Country. Side note I didn’t mention above. The 2 speed transfer case is also the only one that has a neutral position.
  8. Same difference, probably just how the dealer classifies them in inventory. There are two different transfer cases in 4x4 trucks, neither is full time AWD. Both have 2WD, 4 High, and Auto 4x4. In addition to those three modes, X31 and 6.2 trucks get 4 Low. Non X31 / 6.2 trucks get terrain mode instead which is fake 4 low transmission tuning without the gearing advantage of real 4 low.
  9. OnTheReel


  10. They canceled the fireworks that most of our residents could view from their own backyard. But hey, the parade is still a go. Only one catch...they won’t tell you where it is. Just as well I guess, I wouldn’t attend anyway. Have this rat’s nest to fight with in spare time. Ordered a complete Chevelle harness with modern blade fuse box to rewire the whole car. Dash harness / fuse box/ bulkhead connector are not reproduced for Olds but I should be able to adapt most of it from the Chevy part with the main modifications being on the cluster wiring. Not much else I can do if I want reliability. I’ve come across about 6 wire nuts and several other splices, the fuse holders are all rusty, many wire jackets are cracked, and the bulkhead connectors have turned to dust. Gotta try to make the best of this awful year.
  11. OnTheReel


    Does anyone have a concern for what’s constitutional anymore or did we convert those documents into toilet paper when we ran out three months ago? There is no way to ban and then enforce interstate travel. And we should all be grateful for that regardless of whether it would help or not (it wouldn’t). Slippery slope some of you guys are happy to ride down, I guess. “It’s all temporary” until you realize the mob and power-drunk politicians won’t live by these rules anyway, and won’t give you an inch back no matter what happens with the virus. Worrying about the few restaurants still in business and holiday interstate travel is pretty stupid in light of what’s actually happening.
  12. OnTheReel


    It seems bars and restaurants have ridiculously become the scapegoats for the recent “spike” in cases here (and likely elsewhere). Let’s see, increase in cases primarily with 18-25 year olds. About half of that age group can’t even legally drink at a bar, and many restaurant lobbies are still closed or practicing very good distancing between tables and so forth. Surely there must be something else going on with the young people that’s more likely to cause spread...just can’t think of what it is...nevermind anyway, we will never get the data to make a conclusion on this because they won’t ask the protestors if they protested!!! Now prepping for lockdown take two, once again closing things that don’t appear to spread the virus in the first place. All of this while the curve is still flat as ever. Hospitalization numbers in the mid 200s, about as low as I can remember it being in months. ICU patients lower than ever since the hospital association started tracking them in April. I got a few things wrong like everyone here did, but my overall theory hasn’t much changed. Population density is still the biggest factor. People densely packed for “protests” now get sick. Add in the fact that many of these people are traveling a considerable distance to attend. And add in the fact that they were given a clear pass for their “higher calling” regardless of health risks. What’s just as interesting, masks seem to be ineffective because most of the mob wears them (although likely incorrectly in a manner that does more harm than good). Mob will continue to get a pass in media and from health officials, while low risk businesses get snuffed out “to stop the spread”. Every day it becomes more of a farce and you wonder why people like me have just had it at this point.
  13. I dunno why there are now two different people saying the Silverado didn’t have the 6.2 or 10 speed until “later”... Maybe they mean the Trail Boss didn’t, but nobody was being specific so who knows. At any rate, everyone is going to say they like the brand they bought more. Since Chevy outsells GMC over 2 to 1, there’s your poll data.
  14. 84469778 are the leaf springs on my 19 NHT. They changed the springs for 2020 so you might want to crawl under a ‘20 NHT and get the number off those instead. My truck still squats a bit anyway, so perhaps airbags would be a better option.
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