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  1. Just saying, people today are getting back what they paid for their trucks two years earlier. If the numbers work, getting one that’s newer with no miles, a ten speed, and a full warranty...less likely to leak...worth looking into. Personally, I would trust my 19 out of warranty about as far as I could push it.
  2. I think you could make the switch work out pretty well in your favor. Trade-in values are great but of course the downside is that inventory is pretty tight. You’ll get the 10 speed instead of the 8 which in itself is a great upgrade. As far as the window...the 2021 has at least less of a chance to leak. You see the thread and know there aren’t any guarantees, even for a 2021. But the odds are better than with a 19.
  3. Good call. Not sure if they would be same either though. Might be worth it for the OP to look into.
  4. There’s going to be no way to do this with factory parts and have a match. All factory leather back seats have the storage compartments in the seat backs. The only non-storage seat backs are cloth. Also of note, the non-storage seatbacks do not have the fold down arm rest either.
  5. L7 & L9 definitely disable DFM. It’s not too apparent stock. But with intake and catback you can really tell when it is and isn’t dropping cylinders.
  6. Well if we want to get technical, OP asked specifically about 2020+ trucks produced within the time window of valve spring failures. MPG’s aside, most who responded are not within that build window either.
  7. That’s got nothing on the paint protection they sell.
  8. If you drive one you will find the 10 speed 5.3 (even with 3.23s) will absolutely blow the doors off a K2 with the 5.3 6 speed. Rear axle ratio is less important because the 10 speed’s overall gear ratio spread is far wider than the 6L80. First gear is quite a bit deeper. The 10 speed also upshifts and downshifts way faster and stays in the power band.
  9. Dunno what they cost but they are definitely different. Mine has “HUD” stamped on it. A normal windshield would reportedly cause minor ghosting of the HUD image.
  10. I’ve been running the BAK Revolver X4 for a little over 2 years. We had some REALLY wet heavy snow last year that did bend a slight dip into the center of the cover. But I had similar issues with the Bakflip MX4. It’s never frozen shut or anything. It’s always usable.
  11. LT Trail Boss would be the closest, however the AT4 has a much higher equipment level. As far as the Carbon Pro my opinion on it is...if the truck I want has it, great. If not, great. If the outer bedsides were also composite I’d be all over it for ding and rust prevention but that’s not the case.
  12. He did 10,500 miles in 2.5 years in his current truck. If he drives the same in the new one, it amounts to less than a $600 difference in fuel cost (based on the EPA combined estimates and a .20 upcharge for the premium). Spread over 2.5 years. Non-issue. Also assuming the limited use, he’ll need oil changes based on time, not mileage. The OLM goes to zero after one year no matter what.
  13. Not a photographer but I take a lot of pics. Mostly on the water. DJI Spark drone: iPhone 11 Pro:
  14. It’s going to have all the same downfalls as a gas engine that’s short tripped (like fuel dilution) PLUS it’s NOX and DPF sensors will soot up like crazy and it’ll be going to regen constantly. Modern or not, I think it’s ill-advised to buy a diesel with the intent of primarily frequent short trips. There’s just no upside to doing so. And don’t get me wrong, I like the 3.0 and am considering one next year. I just don’t think this is the right application for it.
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