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  1. Yeah, you can actually load up an RST higher than a base LTZ. That said, the top end of the LTZ is much higher. And most of them on the lots have at least the plus package, if not the premium package. Most RSTs I’ve seen in the wild are configured to the middle of their price range, where the value is probably the best. Fully loaded RSTs approach the “holy crap” MSRP...where unless there’s good incentives, you’re better off going LTZ or even HC.
  2. RPO IOS and IOT are user OTA updatable. IOR is not. IOR is the standard radio on RST. IOS comes in Convenience Package II and includes Bose and a bunch of other little things.
  3. Awesome, it’s worth the wait, trust me. I still love my new steering column!
  4. I’m really surprised they are still releasing updates for the 2019s here in 2020! I assumed we’d be done at 805, especially since it runs so good. I know the 2020 T1s have moved on from this particular system. But I wonder if other 2020 models in the GM product line are still running our software / hardware versions, and that’s why they keep developing for it.
  5. Yup. Between the 2021 Realtree half ton, the 2021 Carhartt LTZ HD they showed at SEMA and the full sized SUVs clearly being the focus for 2021, I think the writing is on the wall. Remember, the same GM that was too cheap to give these trucks a nice interior in the first place isn’t gonna scrap it after two model years (or only one in the HD). Fine by me. Since it’s taking extra time...I hope these trucks are 100% dialed in when I trade in on the refresh, and I can feel good about keeping the next one more than 3 years if I want.
  6. You see this on every truck forum. If only there was a government agency to regulate headlights...oh wait! There is! I notice my cutoff line every time I’m sitting at a stoplight, it’s well below the top of the trunk lid on an average car. Of course this changes with any sort of incline or uneven road, but that is something we have had to deal with as driver’s forever, even with crummy halogens. These lights are bright but the fact of the matter is, it’s a people problem. The average driver wants their own lights to be extra bright, and would prefer it if everyone else’s were dimmed to the point of uselessness. The people flashing at you are not getting blinded, you are just crossing an arbitrary threshold of how bright they think your headlights should be. Who doesn’t love playing the victim in this day and age. Not gonna aim my DOT legal lights into the dirt to make them happy.
  7. Generally speaking, the shutters are open at low speeds or when parked, and close at highway speeds to improve aerodynamics. So you’re not likely to ever see them closed unless you hang over the hood at 60 mph.
  8. They got rid of the “tune select alerts” for 2019.
  9. There is an 8” version of the IOR infotainment. It’s standard on LT/RST and SLE/Elevation, and is not eligible for OTA updates. Rather than going by screen size, just check if you have an SD slot above your USB outlets. Console-equipped trucks have the SD slot in the console, bench seat trucks have the SD slot on the dash‘s USB ports. If you have the SD slot, you can download updates. No SD slot means base infotainment and no OTA updates. But as said above, it’s a staggered rollout so just keep checking or wait for the truck to tell you it’s ready.
  10. Totally normal, the alternator cycles based on demand to save fuel and condition the battery. The older trucks did this too.
  11. Doesn’t matter, no way to turn off DFM save for driving in L7 or L9, or spending 2-3k to void your warranty on a tune. Can’t really take the trouble free nature of the 2014-2018 trucks with much more than a grain of salt given the amount of changes. New cylinder deactivation, new or revised transmissions, new rear window that likes to leak, new brake by wire system, infotainment, etc. Doesn’t mean you have to sit around and worry about it though. Nothing will kill your new truck buzz faster than listening to people here complaining (many times justified, but still)...
  12. I’ve had most of the serious problems people have posted about, and I still don’t regret my 19. It’s not been everything it could be, and my mind is made up to trade in on the refresh. But it’s just a great looking, and great driving truck compared to my 2016. I would never go back.
  13. This would have gotten roasted ten times harder on the Facebook group. At least people here just tend to act like they are everyone’s father with the tisk tisk-ing. I personally am in agreement that the wiper motor does seem weaker than my 2016. Snow that would normally be no trouble to push right through needs to be brushed off now. Never had an issue in driving though. Side note, the factory blades were also way worse than my 2016, and went into the dumpster quickly. Spring arm wipers have no place on any vehicle anymore.
  14. Yup, the people posting a book’s worth of info about headlight shutters in this particular forum is totally useless. The only real thing I’ve found at play is that many people in cars perceive truck headlights as “brights”, no matter what. Personally, I think it’s such a busybody thing to do, flashing people. Even when I am 100% certain someone has their brights on, I don’t do it. But I damn sure reciprocate, probably around once a month.
  15. It’s all one piece and sealed together. RST has LEDs too, so it probably ain’t gonna be cheap.
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