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  1. Yup. If you click between L9 and L10 at lower speeds, you will hear the difference. It won’t change gear, but DFM will turn on in L10 and be gone in L9.
  2. You’re talking new bumpers, interior switch and reflash just for the parking sensors. Add in the new side mirrors, wiring and blind spot sensors and I’m pretty sure it would be cheaper to just trade.
  3. Saw this the other day. Gotta want it pretty bad @ $900 bucks but it’ll give ya part of the OEM safety package features in a clunky aftermarket package. https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/Driver+Assistance/ch.Blind+Spot+Detection.Archived I would probably just trade the truck.
  4. Yeah, my ‘16 with the 5.3 was a pooch. Very lazy throttle response. A tune would have helped a lot, but trading it for a 6.2 helped more. The new 5.3 8 speed is pretty good and I bet it’s even better with the 10 speed.
  5. Mashing the gas in “auto 4x4” from stop lights to amuse myself is sometimes the only job. And the 6.2 does that the best. The 19 5.3 8 speed LT I drove for a few days did it pretty well too though. I won’t dog on the 5.3 in this generation, they tuned it nice and the diet helped. Keeping the options light also helps. I betcha the stripped down 6.2s are real rockets. Either a no option RST NHT or even a Custom TB with street tires...probably just a few hairs over 5 seconds to sixty if I had to guess.
  6. GM Authority refers to them as “placeholder” headlights so they probably aren’t production parts.
  7. Range sells a disabler, compatible with everything but 6.2/10 speed trucks. Otherwise the free way is to manually pre-select one gear before top gear. So in a 6 speed truck, you’d click up to L5, 8 speed use L7, and in a 10 speed, run in L9 and the AFM / DFM won’t run.
  8. I agree. It says clearly that an authorization code is included in the kit. I would GM involved to get that $145 back. At least as an accessories credit or something.
  9. If it’s small enough, just do it yourself. If it’s only in the clear, touch up with clear. If it’s through the paint, use the white. I’ve had to do quite a few little spots on mine. Nothing I would pay someone to do when you can get it to be almost unnoticeable by yourself with a $15 bottle of paint from GM.
  10. OnTheReel


    Yep. When it comes to conspiracy theories I think of the made-up Russia collusion, not this. We know China has lied from day one and the W.H.O. did too. Anything polluted by Chinese interests, including the Democrats and media in our own country, cannot be trusted when it comes to this bug. China intentionally unleashing this man-made virus on the world is totally within the realm of what an evil communist superpower would do. And it will be proven eventually, just like so many other things I’ve said in this thread.
  11. The worst that happens is the parking sensors get wonky for an hour or two afterwards on really cold days. But I still do the touchless wash at least once a week. Better than nothing. The Megs ceramic is really good, but I switched over to this and it’s absolutely incredible. Lasts for months and the paint is extremely slippery. Set something on the hood and it slides right off. Short of a professional coating there’s nothing better. https://www.turtlewax.com/our-products/hybrid-solutions/turtle-wax-hybrid-solutions-ceramic-wax-coating/
  12. OnTheReel


    They can’t restrict the Chinese population to traveling only to the US. At best, they f-ed up and released it on accident. Still they could have closed down and stopped it at their borders. They didn’t. They didn’t want to be the only ones suffering economic harm. At worst, they released it on purpose. They didn’t care about other countries because they simply don’t care about anyone, not even their own people. Doesn’t mean the main target wasn’t the US. They knew it would make it here. And even if that wasn’t the specific intent, it’s clear that this has been manipulated here in the states to sink the greatest economy in history, and our president along with it. And after all, who has been so tough on China the past 3.5 years? Oh yeah. How many coincidences until it’s no longer a coincidence?
  13. OnTheReel


    Never had a flu shot, never had the flu. Sure as hell ain’t getting this coronavirus vaccine either. As far as masks, here’s how well they have worked in France: Same can be said for their lockdowns...they were one of the strictest countries early on. All it did was delay the inevitable, cause depression and bankrupt the country in the process. This is what the libs here want to emulate. October surprise? How bout more lockdowns on a phony second wave.
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