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  1. Wow, thanks everyone for the inputs. I see there’s certainly a few different viewpoints. As you could probably tell, I sort of had my mind made up already but did want to hear where other people stand. I knew from being around the forums for awhile a lot of people tend to not hold on to their trucks very long and was interested in the reasoning. There’s no right or wrong answers as everyone’s finances are different. Personally, I’m going to be 31 this week so I’m just entering my peak earning years. Obviously things can change but I do have a decent nest egg squirreled away and I’m not frivolous at all. I certainly don’t stretch myself beyond my means. When I bought the ‘16, I put a huge amount down and had a loan for the balance of about $12,000. I could have just bought the whole thing outright but a loan at 2% was not hurting me and if nothing else just helping my credit. I have that now paid for and am in a similar situation for the next one only this time I do have a lot of equity in the 2016 and more savings as well. I will likely wind up financing about $20,000 on this one as I would plan on keeping it four years or maybe longer. The ‘19 I’ve got my eyes on is about $20,000 more than my 2016 cost me but as I see it, so long as I have the ability to pay it off ‘if the crap hits the fan’ I won’t be uncomfortable with the loan balance. I know some people would rather not have it at all but I do like having liquid assets even if it’s sort of designated for the truck anyway. I’ve got an appointment Thursday to look at it and see where I stand with my trade. I’ve got a good relationship with the dealer but if I feel I’m getting beat up on either the trade or the new truck’s price I will definitely walk, as I know by August these trucks will be a lot cheaper. 👍
  2. I shouldn’t say I’m not happy with it, as it has been a great truck and the nicest vehicle I’ve ever owned. Mainly it’s just that the double cab is not working out for me anymore. I wish I would have sprung for a crew cab, and a few more options at the time, and I probably wouldn’t be in this spot. Mine’s about as basic as an SLE comes, no remote start, no heated seats, doesn’t even have fog lamps. I was happy to compromise a bit and save some money at the time since I paid mostly cash for it (and had basically nothing to trade in). But having owned it for over 2 years now, I’m starting to want for more space, more features and more power. Having had a ‘19 as a loaner last weekend was not a good thing for me either as it had most of the stuff I’ve been missing and it drove much nicer too. Pretty sure they set me up in this trap. I suppose the lesson is to buy what you want the first time.
  3. Thought this could be a fun thread. So I’m at a crossroads with my 2016 Sierra. Frankly I’m just not happy with the truck anymore. It has just over 25k miles and I have had it for about 2.5 years. It was just in for service and the tires are at 6/32 and will probably need replacement if I keep it for another 6 months. Same for the front brake pads. Lots of city driving. So right now I’m looking at just trading it in before it needs any major things and while it’s still under warranty and theoretically worth more. I can get an ‘19 LTZ CC 6.2 for about 7% off sticker. I know that waiting longer will bring better deals but I’d also lose more on my current truck. It’s completely paid off and worth about 25k average trade-in at the moment. I think it makes perfect sense to make the move now, and I could theoretically pay cash for the new truck...but I still have the “penny pincher” in the back of my mind from when I used to be poor saying it’s a waste to only get 2 or 3 years out of a brand new truck. Wondering how some fellow “new toy lovers” deal with the internal struggle, and justify the deal to friends (and spouses) who may raise an eyebrow at getting something new so often, even though your income can support it.
  4. Car and Driver has regularly trashed most GM products for all of the 25 years I’ve been reading it. They could have at least used a Denali to make it a little more “fair”. I think most people skip right over the High Country...at least around here...
  5. I feel like I should update this. I have the loaner 2019 until tomorrow and it just threw a “Service Brake Assist” code and I lost power brakes coming out of my driveway. So my 2016 is out of commission at 25,000 miles, and now the loaner with 940 miles on it is broken. I see there is a ton of posts about the issue and it’s probably just a software problem. But I went from literally considering trading my 2016 in tomorrow, to saying...well...maybe I can wait a few months until the bugs are gone. It’s expected from a first model year I guess...
  6. I was a bit saddened by the amount of negative reviews and last place finishes in the comaparison tests that the new T1 trucks have been getting. Namely the one I just read in Car & Driver which compares the High Country to the other top of the line trucks. Why they didnt use a Denali seems really unfair to me as I think some of their gripes could have been addressed. But anyway, I wanted to get my own opinion out there. I own a 2016 Sierra SLE 5.3 and as luck would have it, it’s broken, and I was given a well equipped 2019 Silverado LT 5.3 as a loaner. Having driven it a bunch already I’d like to make some comparisons on the more “volume” level trims, instead of the top of the line stuff most magazines have gotten into. I will try to stay out of the appearance as it’s totally subjective. Personally, I didn’t care for the new ones until I saw them in person. The design actually works for me now, although I prefer the GMC to the Silverado still. Performance wise, the new truck with the 5.3 - 8 speed is MUCH quicker than my 5.3 - 6 speed. It’s very snappy and the shifting is much better. At first I was disappointed that they didn’t do any power increases on the V8s, but having driven it now...they don’t need to. Between the weight reduction, better tuning and better transmission programming, this is a huge improvement. DFM is also much smoother and less noticeable than the clunky AFM on my ‘16. The 5.3 sounds great too. This one has the dual exhaust and I noticed a throatier sound from the exhaust, and less actual engine / intake noise vs the ‘16. I thought the auto-stop start would annoy me but it’s not really too noticeable. I’d probably prefer it to be permanently shut off, but it’s not a deal breaker. I am not qualified to speak on the fuel economy of either truck as I don’t personally care and I don’t baby them or try to get good economy. Gas is $1.89 a gallon here. Ride quality seems improved on the ‘19, but it is a Z71 with 18” wheels whereas my ‘16 is just a normal 4x4 with 20” wheels. Probably most of the difference I feel is in the wheels. Interior is another place where the T1 has gotten some grief by the press. On the LT, the dash is a hard plastic, not soft like my ‘16 GMC. It also has the silver painted plastic trim which I don’t really care for, but the GMCs still get the aluminum trim which I think makes a big difference. But that’s pretty much it for the negatives. Layout and controls are pretty similar to the K2 trucks and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everything is really familiar. On the features side of things, the T1 is definitely on the next level. Keyless go, remote opening tailgate, are a few things I really wish my ‘16 had. And FINALLY the bed lights come on when you open the tailgate!! Infotainment seems to work quicker than on the ‘16. Screen resolution maybe a little better but not much. Camera resolution seems way worse though. The other thing that I really am not happy with is the standard (not Bose) stereo. This is obviously a matter of opinion, but even with the bass turned all the way up, it really lacks a bottom end until you have the volume cranked up. It was the first thing I noticed as soon as I drove away...the standard stereo in my ‘16 has much more kick to it. Most of the sound on the ‘19 comes from the small dash speakers and I just don’t care for it at all. It sounds small and shallow. I would hope the Bose is better and I think they are really trying to push people into that option with this base model stereo. Overall I’d have to say the ‘19 is better in just about every way. I think GM could do a bit more on the interior, and maybe a pano-roof like the other trucks offer would be nice. But overall I think it’s competive and GM loyalists like me should be happy to upgrade. I will have my ‘16 for 3 years in August and I certainly could see a ‘19 in the driveway then. If you’re considering one but maybe were put off by certain reviews..IGNORE THEM and look for yourself. Every magazine has a bias. These are really nice trucks.
  7. Buying used...

    x3 on buying new. The cost difference was basically nothing after all the discounts. Unless you're going to pay cash through a private seller...
  8. 2017 Blue Denali

    My '16 in the same color (Stone Blue) is impossible to keep clean for more than a day after a wash. It's dark enough to show every speck of dust. That said, I absolutely love the color. It shifts quite a bit in different lighting conditions so that's pretty neat.
  9. Heavy duty D-Rings or shackles through the holes usually buys you a little more space. Make sure they're rated for whatever the trailer weighs.
  10. Hi, I'm dealing with an annoying noise in my 2016 Sierra. I noticed it a few days after purchase. I'm 1500 miles in and it's really starting to get on my nerves. Before bringing it in for service (need recall done anyway), I'm hoping to hear from anyone else as to if this is a normal sound, or if someone has had the problem fixed and what was done... Basically at part throttle at highway speeds there's this almost squeaky sound that seems to come from the driver's footwell. It gets louder as the throttle is pushed down, but then the other engine noise sort of masks it. It does it in V4 and V8 although I think V4 makes it more obnoxious. I was thinking either something is loose or it's an exhaust leak, but not too sure. All I know is I have to have the radio pretty loud to drown it out, and it really is irritating. I recorded a video today, hopefully you can spot the sound as I modulate the throttle up and down. Any thoughts?
  11. I think you can get them down a bit more. I bought my 2016 a month ago and got over 11k off. Sticker was 45370, paid 34 even. This was for an SLE though. The other truck I considered was an SLT with an MSRP of 47300. Would have cost 37900 out the door but I really didn't want leather and preferred the color on mine. The SLT you're looking at must have very few options to get an MSRP that low. That might benefit you with the bargaining process though.
  12. You can turn off grade braking by holding the tow/haul button for 5 seconds. You'd have to do it every time you start the truck if you hate the feature that much. My '16 doesn't seem too overly aggressive, but there's been a few clunky downshifts.
  13. You can expect them to ram it down your throat in fact. If you really want it, the best strategy is to decline it repeatedly. They will continue to come down on price and rework the deal each time you say no. My dealers final plea was "$100 above their cost", or $1100. Now of course the warranty shouldn't cost anybody a dime until you make a claim, so that's bull... I didn't get one and never will, personally.
  14. Price paid?

    '16 Sierra SLE DC 4x4 5.3 MSRP: $45370 Paid: $34000 I see some others got a little better deals but I'm pretty happy. Got a good trade price for my old Ram and don't have to drive a Mopar anymore.

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