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  1. OnTheReel


    Well, when the posts teasing you about proper word form are full of emojis and grammatical errors, what can you say?
  2. OnTheReel


    If you say greed is nothing new, then how can it be to blame for our current situation? These corporations have always had a profit motive (“greed”), and yet up until last year, prices remained reasonable. Why is that? Because inflation is not greed. Supply constraints are not greed. Both are intertwined, and both are the result of bad policy. Self inflicted wounds.
  3. OnTheReel


    Not a chance Grump! I sure ain’t happy about paying this much, because it was predictable and avoidable. But I’m also not one of the people getting completely killed by these prices. We here are all fortunate in that regard.
  4. OnTheReel


    I believe it. Thank god I saw the writing on the wall and sold my big boat. I shudder to think of filling a 210 gallon tank at marina rates. Boat market is gonna crash real soon, along with anything else recreational. And just about everything I suppose. But hey, at least Covid is still every bit as prevalent as if we had not pumped trillions of fake money into this economy to stop it.
  5. OnTheReel


    Maybe. I haven’t seen double digits since I bought the thing. Just happy to be out of the 7s, it was a long winter.
  6. OnTheReel


    Thank God for Sam’s Club. $4.79 instead of $5.39. Still absurd, of course. Now everyone on TV is just saying “stop going places, and stop buying stuff”. Yeah, that’s called a recession, genius. I’m sure the airlines and carmakers are primed and ready for another bailout.
  7. Unfortunately as the early adopter, you're first in line for all types of weird stuff. My "all new" 19 was in the shop a dozen times. With any luck it's just a software glitch and an update will come out eventually. Don't let it ruin your new truck buzz, nothing is ever perfect.
  8. Looking for a cheap mod your wife won’t even notice? How bout this brand new Gen5DIY DRL harness for 2019-2022(LTD) Silverado with LED headlights. Excludes High Country and Midnight Edition. https://www.gen5diy.com/products/19-20-silverado-1500-drl-override-harness Never got around to installing. Stops the DRL from dropping out when the turn signal is on. $55 shipped in the US. So half price.
  9. Have to laugh or you’ll cry.
  10. OnTheReel

    Ram TRX

    Yup, the TRX is the best. It does everything and does it well. Been perfectly reliable too, no issues at all.
  11. Cars: Hagerty savagegeese Watch Wes Work South Main Auto RegularCars Hoovies Garage I Do Cars TFL Vehcor PowerNation Five Star Car Stereo AMMO NYC Motorweek Gunpowder & Gasoline (old TNN / Spike TV Power Block episodes) Sports/ general interests: Pat McAfee The Volume hickok45 Demolition Ranch Colion Noir Brandon Herrera Essential Craftsman Tips from a Shipwright AVE Steven Crowder
  12. Talk about a lucky guy. Drove right out of it.
  13. I never felt the vibrator through the seat, but the ones in my 19 Silverado were quite stiff and flat. I wasn't uncomfortable in them, but the Ram has much more better seats; wider and softer. Much nicer leather too. I really like these new GMs though. The GMCs especially look really good. If they had come out in the fall like they should have, I might have wound up in one. Love that blue color as well. Nice truck.
  14. Grew up watching Motorweek on public television featuring Pat Goss’ mechanical segments. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/motorweek-tv-mechanic-pat-goss-dead.amp
  15. I held out as long as I could. Was hoping it would creep down a little more, but I had to fill up today. I’m sure they work overtime to remove the “I did that” stickers. This was the first pump I’ve seen that didn’t have one, or residue from one. Yeah, we all know.
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