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  1. No, the Z71/X31 use a deeper “high capacity” filter in the normal air box. The performance intake is totally different. Has a straight tube with no resonator, a clear lid, and a round filter.
  2. That only turns them on during a remote start. Once the key is on, they shut back off. Really silly.
  3. Definitely take it in. Probably be a wait on the parts, but get it started at least.
  4. Only 86 outside? Shouldn’t be overheating. We’ve had way worse than that lately and mines never done it. Black truck with black interior.
  5. Yup. Mine have lasted two years and still going too. Pretty impressive. Lots of crappy LED bulbs wouldn’t live half that long.
  6. Just the High Country and Midnight Edition LT TB get those headlights. LTZ has the same ones as LT & RST, with incandescent turn signals. I put the LASFIT LEDs in mine.
  7. No reason to think they would bring them back for 2022.5. Those particular combos aren’t remotely competitive anymore, especially the 4.3 6 speed. I mean, Ford’s standard transmission has FOUR more gears! Even the Ram gets 8. Sure, you can argue if 8 or 10 speeds are really needed. But Joe Customer is just going to see an overhead valve V6, 6 speed combo for the dinosaur it is.
  8. Next year’s order guide is online. 4.3 is dead for 2022, so is the AFM 5.3, and so is the 6 speed trans. 2.7 / 8 speed is the new base powertrain with the DFM 5.3 8 speed as an option in the WT.
  9. Congrats, sounds like a good upgrade to me. Can’t beat the 6.2 / 10 speed. It sold me over the Ram.
  10. Awesome, keep increasing the value of my 2019. Certainly seems that way. Ram has not deleted any features like this. But they did idle the factory last week due to shortages, so they aren’t perfect. I’m sure a lot of it comes down to management of the supply chain. Toyota has done the best through this. They learned their lesson after the earthquake 10 years ago.
  11. Things are still inflated but definitely starting to level off. June was the month to sell, that’s for sure.
  12. Traded the truck. And put a catback on the new one. Even if they replace the flapper(s) it’ll make the noise again before too long. And even if clamped open, it still blocks off like a third of the pipe so there’s a bit of performance to be gained getting rid of it altogether.
  13. I feel like we’ve done this not too long ago…
  14. I have the 3.42s which doesn’t help economy. Love the performance but it’s a pig. Granted, I also drive “Chicago” highway speeds which is to say I still get run off the road at 85. Only way I ever see 20 MPG is at 65 on flat ground. The 5.3 10 speed is hard to find right now, but presumably someone shopping later in the year might have better luck.
  15. The current 5.3 paired with the 10 speed is a pretty strong combo. Nothing like the GMT900 you have now. I would at least give it a test drive. The 6.2 is a thirsty bastard, no way around it. I’m lucky to get 18 highway and 12-13 around town. The power is awesome but if you value economy, forget it.
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