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  1. Removed Red Line 0w40 & Mopar SRT filter, sent sample to Nick, installed Pennzoil Euro 0w40 I posted about above with a Purolator Boss filter. Suspect the Red Line would have been good for awhile longer (only 3700 miles), but the weather will be against me soon and Ram also requires 6 month oil changes. So might as well do it while it’s warmer than El Paso in Wisconsin (literally). This Mopar filter held up fine of course. Made by Wix in Poland. Has a shyt-load of pleats.
  2. We had 9.76” of rain in 24 hours up here. All hell broke loose. This is the storm water retention pod I jog at every day. The debris on the sidewalk was the water line. Crazy to see snails and crayfish on the pavement.
  3. TRX. 6.2 Hellcat. Calls for 0w40 like the 6.4s.
  4. It takes exactly 6 quarts so probably a case would be good. I also need to get in touch about an analysis on my truck oil in the next couple weeks. I guess you’re the man for that. I’ve previously been using Blackstone.
  5. Y’all ever see green oil? Mobil 1 0w20 ESP X2 for my wife’s VW. Not a Mobil guy but there are very few meeting the VW 508 spec. I’ll play nice for the warranty, as I read VW checks for their dye in the oil if there’s a problem. Used a Mann filter with it. Then I picked this stuff up for winter use in my Ram. In looking at a VOA I saw online, it’s pretty damn stout. And the price is awesome. Walmart, $25 a jug, plus a $25 rebate on two. I am running Redline at the moment and will do so again next spring. But fuel dilution is a real concern of mine in cold weather…frequent idling and remote starts. Figure I’ll put in this cheap stuff and a new filter in the next couple weeks. Then do a quick oil-only change in December or January to get the fuel out. And then do oil and filter again with Redline in March or April. Seems like the best solution.
  6. I own it. We live it.
  7. Yeah, until the dealers get ahold of them. They aren’t even selling the regular rental car gasser ones at sticker, let alone that “hot commodity”. At this rate, the poor won’t be able to afford an EV until it’s 10 years old and in need of a $20,000 battery.
  8. My mom got it last month. Her oxygen levels were a little low so her doctor put her on Paxlovid and sent her home. She turned the corner the next day. The stuff seems to work pretty well if taken early. Might be worth it for your mom too.
  9. So $7500 consumer tax credits, billions in government-to-manufacturer subsidies, and ever-increasing CAFE standards isn’t the government forcing anyone’s hand? As far as climate change, maybe I’d believe Al Gore and the rest if a single one of their predictions came to be. https://www.aei.org/carpe-diem/50-years-of-failed-doomsday-eco-pocalyptic-predictions-the-so-called-experts-are-0-50/ EVs are just the newest way for that crowd to line their pockets. @custombossAlso, you can get the Hummer EV which is extremely off road capable. Be sure to enjoy that EV tax credit while the manufacturers just happened to raise their prices by that same amount. Scam.
  10. Stupid question…if these are your convictions, why did you literally just buy a gas truck? Don’t tell me you’re just another Al Gore. Ditch that climate destroyer, and get with the program.
  11. In the past, I immediately thought “lemon” when I saw a current model year car for sale used. But there’s just too many of them now for that to make sense. And nearly all listed above MSRP. The challenge was finding one that wasn’t. Guessing these people either can’t make the payments (because they are now on the hook for someone else’s student loans), or they just received offers they couldn’t refuse. Lots of prior lease cars in the mix.
  12. If you want to waste all your spare time, go vehicle shopping. Finally got one for my wife. We exhausted pretty much all resources. She wanted a Jeep, couldn’t find a good one at a fair price, not even with the dealer I had built a rapport with over the years. I guess I feel no obligation to give them my business anymore. Next option was a Chevy Equinox. But it was a tough sell for me. I was given one as a courtesy vehicle when my Silverado was down, and to say the 1.5L engine is overstressed and underpowered is an understatement. And the 2.0 is no longer available. I did some more digging and suggested a CRV. Since I see them on the roads all the time, I figured this would be no problem. Called on a few new ones that were listed locally and they didn’t actually exist. This was a huge issue I encountered. The dealers have no stock so they leave cars listed on their site that are customer orders, or sold already! And a used CRV? Pshh, going for up to 5k above their original sticker price. On top of all that, the CRV is a lame duck with the redesign coming for 2023. Eventually found a lightly used 2022 Tiguan with 8k miles and worked out a fair deal on that and her trade. We’ve had a few VWs and never any issues. Also a very safe vehicle and drives really nice. Just happy the saga is over. Only plans are an oil change right away this weekend. VW says you can go 10k, but that strikes me as absurd. On a turbocharged engine especially. Would be interesting to pull a sample and see what this oil looks like at 8k, but not sure I want to spend the money since I’d never run it this far anyway.
  13. We’ve owned just about everything over the years but I tend to bounce around between GM and MOPAR for myself. Just what I’m most comfortable with. Wife doesn’t care at all so I have a little more range with her stuff. The dealers are emboldened for now, and charge whatever they want. It’s within their rights. Just as it’s my right to remember which ones are forgoing long term relationships for short term gain. I haven’t even bothered to call dealers who have “market adjustments” listed on their websites. Not now, and not in 10 years if I need something else.
  14. Definitely a lesson learned on my part. We kicked the can down the road for years on her Kia since she doesn’t drive far at all, and doesn’t care about having anything fancy. Thing only has 55k on it. Unfortunately it’s 13 years old in the salt belt. Some things I just don’t trust on it anymore. Not for another winter.
  15. If it detects a trailer it will extend the blinks automatically. But no way to manually change the count on the GM. Or my Ram for that matter.
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