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  1. I would trust myself to do it over the dealer. They made a royal mess of my headliner. Wear disposable gloves to keep everything clean...from what I’ve experienced and seen happen to others, the techs probably won’t!
  2. This is true, a member here confirmed via checking part numbers on the leaf springs of various 2020s. All different numbers so far...
  3. Think only the lower trims lost the back two buttons for 2020. A 2020 RST I saw on the showroom floor didn’t have them. By the way, is that not the most “GM” thing ever?!? Scrimping and saving on a few buttons. Geez. This is why people trash them...
  4. On the Chevy side, the 10 speed/ 5.3 combo is only available on LT Trail Boss and 4WD High Country. 2WD HC still has the 8 speed. Since neither the LT Trail Boss or High Country are available as a double cab, you’re going to be limited to just the 6.2 and 3.0 having the 10 speed in that cab config. Allegedly this is in the works, possible even with a 3.73 rear end that was slated for the “diesel off road package“. Hope that’s true. Initially the DMAX wasn’t appealing to me at all but I have to say the economy and decent performance are starting to intrigue me. Just don’t want to throw my hat into the ring for a couple years in case it’s a piece of junk...
  5. They are heavy as all hell, so even with pulling two pins to flip it forward, it’s way easier to stow it than remove it. Of course this is mainly applicable if you tow often enough to leave it in in the first place. I usually don’t. I bought it because I like the easy and quick height adjustment, quick ball size swap, and just the quality of it. My point is that this probably isn’t going to solve the root problem. The same people who forget to remove their ball mount will instead just forget to flip it forward...end result is the same.
  6. Pretty much exactly my experience too. During remote starts when temps were at least in the 40s here, the heated seats felt much more effective and noticeable. Now that we are in the teens, basically nothing until I sit down and turn them on manually. I am trying to think back to January and February...I do kinda remember the seats getting warmer for remote starts than they have lately. Maybe a software update along the way has changed them from being on the high setting during remote starts, to a low setting? Or it could be 100% all in my head. But I do agree they don’t really work during remote starts anymore.
  7. I never leave mine in, but I love my tow and stow. Looks like the only difference with this one now is the little angle they put on the back side so the gate doesn’t slap it. Unfortunately you just know it’s not going to solve people’s issue...they are still going to forget to “stow” it and give themselves the same dent as always.
  8. In an AT4 you’re really just looking at: 10 speed now standard with 5.3 Adaptive cruise (Optional) Optional Tech package now also includes trailer camera provisions, as well as BedView camera Revised infotainment with XM360L If the 2019 you’re looking at is a loaded up 6.2 and is NOT an early build truck, I’m not sure the 2020 tweaks would be enough to swing me over, but I guess money talks.
  9. Nox Rust 121B (factory frame coating) SDS: http://s3.amazonaws.com/daubert-assets/res/pdf/SDS/Nox-Rust X-121B (Aerosol) SDS US.pdf Amsoil HD Metal Protector SDS: https://www.amsoil.com/msds/amh.pdf Both products have the same CAS number listed as the top ingredient. I’m no chemist but we all know that “like dissolves like”.... I would say knock yourself out doing the floorboards and other painted parts with whatever product you choose. On the frame, I think there is reason to believe the Amsoil spray will soften and loosen the OEM frame coating just as people have reported Fluid Film to do.
  10. I buy a case of fluid film with the big extension hose. Pull the rubber plugs out of the bottom of the rockers, door jambs, etc...fog those and put the plugs back in. Fluid film the inside lips of the wheel wells too. For the frame, Daubert Chemical NOX Rust X-121B is the factory coating, so I bought a case of that years ago and just touch up any surface rust. Usually just on the sharp edges and where the lift pads hit the frame after service. I would be very hesitant to spray anything else over the frame wax, most of the solvent based stuff will eat it right off and you’ll be in worse shape than before. My 2016 frame looked like new when I traded it and if maintained it should for a long time. Frequent washing and underbody flush helps too.
  11. That seems to be mostly true about taking off too fast, but I’ve had it fail to load the 360 view even during 2 hour trips, long remote starts, etc. Flip side, I’ve also hopped in, started it and thrown it in reverse after only a second or two and it does load up. Seems like this should be a solvable bug but it ain’t gonna happen...
  12. Agree with the others. I stick with “auto 4x4” unless we are talking a foot of unplowed snow. Really, auto does nearly as well as 4 high in the snow (albeit with a slight delay before engagement during slippage), and leaves no chance of binding. It’s my go-to mode from November through March...
  13. Trucks with forward collision alert have a small cutout for the little warning that flashes on the windshield. The actual HUD cutout is much much bigger, and elevates that whole piece of the dash over the cluster. You can kinda see it in this pic I have.
  14. Yup, have to swipe over and select that icon he circled. If it’s anything like my 2019, you’ll get rather good at manually re-selecting the bird’s eye mode because it disables all by itself regularly.
  15. The RPO codes aren’t actually printed on the label anymore, and it’s not in the glove box anymore either. It’s a QR code you have to scan on the driver’s B-pillar. Think it’s the same one that has the tire sizes and GVWR. That said, I tried a few different QR reader apps and never got a complete list. Just email [email protected] with your VIN and get the build sheet. Much better.
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