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  1. Mine was super easy to find and connect to mirror.
  2. I have the Gentex auto dimming mirror for sale. Had it in my 2021 Silverado. Works great, excellent condition. Plug and play, no wiring needed. $100
  3. Verified, this email works. Got build sheet for 2 different vehicles within hours of sending email.
  4. I got the same reply via email. No text app on my 2021 trail boss.
  5. Good Luck with New truck. Although the old one seemed sturdy, there is nothing like a brand new vehicle.
  6. Probably use the same shocks as the Colorado ZR2. Multimatic DSSV
  7. Tough market to Buy right know. Trucks are moving fast. GM lowered the rebate for May to 4K in my area. I got 5,250K rebate in March.
  8. That sucks. Try another dealer, even out of state, may be worth the drive for $1200
  9. Glad it worked out for you. Get truck fixed and enjoy truck.
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