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  1. Would not be a fair price to share since trade was negotiated in deal. I did get 4250 rebate and 1000 GM card bonus.
  2. Autodimming mirror is a Gentex. Paid 55 dollars for it. GM sells the mirror also, about 110 dollars. Gentex has button to turn auto dimming on/off. GM has no button.
  3. Mine has the 18" wheels. I prefer the 18". As for the auto dimming mirror, I have one ordered. I have everything prepared and ready for mirror. Very easy to do, remove overhead console (4screws). Find the connector / plug that is not plugged in. It will be glued to roof area. Plug in the new mirror and install. Plastic cover around mirror has to removed to install mirror.
  4. Wow, that is disappointing. Hope it all gets worked out and repaired for you.
  5. 2021 TrailBoss 5.3 Liter - 10 speed auto Convenience Package 2 Leather Safety package Sunroof Bed protection package Assist step / tonneau package 2 Advanced Trailering package
  6. I think January was 4750, plus 750 conquest cash if you have a non GM vehicle in household.
  7. Hard to say my exact price I paid for the truck since I traded in. Trail Boss in my area are hard to come by, so dealers not discounting as much. If I would have have bought in January, I could have saved about 1,000, since the rebates and conquest cash were higher. But I couldn't find what i wanted in January. The Trail Boss I bought was only on the lot for a few hours.
  8. I have a Borla Atak on my Corvette. Loud / no drone.
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