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  1. Installed Go Rhino RB20s...installed them backwards with the wider part at the rear. Earlier in the day, had suntek protection film installed on the front bumper and 18" on the front hood.
  2. I'm afraid about the same thing happening to mine. Hoping someone has so info on what to put there to prevent that? Actually just found these I might grab. https://www.carid.com/2020-chevy-silverado-1500-chrome-accessories/putco-door-sills-2776554274.html?parentsubmodel[]=SUBMODEL|4+Doors
  3. Took Amtrak about 3 1/2 hours across the state to pick up this 2020 5.3 Trail Boss LT in Shadow Grey. Msrp 56200 Discounted to 45,212. OTD 49,900. They matched my credit union 2.99 apr / 72 months.
  4. I recently read the realtruck problems thread. I think.im going to skip them. I was talking about brands like Rough Coutry, Barricade, RB20, n-Fab??
  5. Looking to puchase a new silverado shortly and just confused with the vast qty of companies and products out there..what brands are proven and which are chinese junk? Looking to buy drop steps, bull bars, bed covers, fender flares and other goodies. Are there any "go to" brands the community rallies behind?
  6. Just wondering if next year they may go to 10 speed on their 5.3s for all trims.
  7. As of June it seems the good deals are gone. Inventory looks low and dealers only offering the 5500 off..atleast in my area.
  8. I was thinking the same..hold off and see what the 2021 tbs go for.. Really in no rush.
  9. Im in the hunt for a 5.3tb or rst..yes stock is low..any trucks "in transit" seem to be stuck in mexico and dealers have no eta. I have a list of options and colors so right now im stuck. Its a sellers market it seems.
  10. Getting less then 16% off msrp on tbs and rst in my hunt..looks like alot of trucks stuck in mexico..not much inventory..dealers hording.
  11. Is it me , but on the silverado rst does convience pck II override conv pack 1 with bucket seats... when i search inventory i add bucket seats and get exact hits but the hits come out as package II.... can you get both pack 1 w/ bucket AND pckg 2 on the 5.3?
  12. If im not mistake the TB is the only one out of the rst and elevation with 4lo..others have 4auto.
  13. Looking to pick from either...the following... LT Trailboss - market is dry.lots stuck in mexico..not many options with 250 miles Silverado RST - can add 2" lift to make into trailboss but will lose 4lo? No 10 speed auto.. Sierra Elevation - similar to rst minus leather option but can katzkin later. Can add 2" lift to make a sierra tb..but still no 4lo...10 speed auto though.. Ugh..decisions decisions..
  14. I had a dealer last week tell me they are selling a truck NEW with 5k miles because the only person to use it was was the dealer manager (used it as a work truck).. So its still technically new???
  15. I'm shooting for 18-22% off msrp before ttl on 5.3 Silverado RST. Tier 1 credit rating as well. I'm not in a rush and can go a few states out or wait it out until maybe July or August if the deals get better. Stock looks pretty limited atm so hoping everyone starts getting more in soon.
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