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  1. Just wondering how different styles look on the body. Anyone seen any fender flares with accent bolts that are black instead of stainless steel??
  2. Actually looking at that cover its made of polycarbonate... unlike the RetraxPro XR which is of aluminum. Advantage has an aluminum version but I cant tell if it has the rails as there is no mention of it in the description. Short Bed Embark Max Aluminum Retractable in Black by Advantage - Associated Accessories | Chevrolet Accessories Short Bed Embark LS retractable Tonneau Cover by Advantage - Associated Accessories | Chevrolet Accessories
  3. Thanks.. I actually was thinking about a rack similiar to yours for kyaks or a tent. Im glad the rack works.. does it sit on the rails or in the posts?
  4. I thought I read that you paid just over 1600 for the retrax pro xr?? I'm interested in the same model and it looks like its going for about 1900+. Did you get it on sale from any particular sites?
  5. Has anyone installed one of these yet? I'm looking for a retractable that also has rails on the sides I can use for t-slot accessories. This thing sure is pricey though. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it.
  6. Installed Go Rhino RB20s...installed them backwards with the wider part at the rear. Earlier in the day, had suntek protection film installed on the front bumper and 18" on the front hood.
  7. I'm afraid about the same thing happening to mine. Hoping someone has so info on what to put there to prevent that? Actually just found these I might grab. https://www.carid.com/2020-chevy-silverado-1500-chrome-accessories/putco-door-sills-2776554274.html?parentsubmodel[]=SUBMODEL|4+Doors
  8. Took Amtrak about 3 1/2 hours across the state to pick up this 2020 5.3 Trail Boss LT in Shadow Grey. Msrp 56200 Discounted to 45,212. OTD 49,900. They matched my credit union 2.99 apr / 72 months.
  9. I recently read the realtruck problems thread. I think.im going to skip them. I was talking about brands like Rough Coutry, Barricade, RB20, n-Fab??
  10. Looking to puchase a new silverado shortly and just confused with the vast qty of companies and products out there..what brands are proven and which are chinese junk? Looking to buy drop steps, bull bars, bed covers, fender flares and other goodies. Are there any "go to" brands the community rallies behind?
  11. Just wondering if next year they may go to 10 speed on their 5.3s for all trims.
  12. As of June it seems the good deals are gone. Inventory looks low and dealers only offering the 5500 off..atleast in my area.
  13. I was thinking the same..hold off and see what the 2021 tbs go for.. Really in no rush.
  14. Im in the hunt for a 5.3tb or rst..yes stock is low..any trucks "in transit" seem to be stuck in mexico and dealers have no eta. I have a list of options and colors so right now im stuck. Its a sellers market it seems.
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