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  1. Send me a copy of that link where you found that price and I’m buying it right now. Lol.
  2. Keep the ideas coming. A lot of these brands I’ve never heard of. Thanks everyone.
  3. I’m looking at buying a tonneau cover. I like the bak revolver or BakFlip. Confirm or change my mind and tell me why.
  4. So this is my first ever post. I got a steal of a deal on a new shadow Grey 2019 RST dual cab with all of the goodies. Allstar package , convenience package, max tow package,and solid black 22 inch wheels. Yes, those last two options do come as a package. It’s on my window sticker. Today I added, the premium all weather Chevy floor mats, Chevy rear fender liners, back floor liner, bed extender, spray in liner from line X, matte black window visors, front and rear Chevy splash guards, a Chevy tailgate gap filler, a center console organizer with sunglasses holder (a must for me), replaced all the chrome Silverado badges with black emblems, and my flowmaster American Thunder kit will be here on Wednesday. The dealership did the spray in liner because I added it to my deal and they also gave me $1000 parts credit. That’s why I went overboard with a GM certified parts, well except the exhaust. Thanks again to my boy Big Bertha for helping me out on the installs, and for parking that beautiful 2500HD next to my 2016 Colorado everyday until I upgraded lol. So far the community has been great, 3 2019 models have stopped at a light next to me and gave a thumbs up or a nod. Its not like driving my Jeep and getting a million waves but it is nice to see others showing you some love. All of my phone pics seem to be too large so I will figure that out and create a build page later.
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