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  1. Haven’t noticed any of these issues. Have rubber mats pretty much covering whole floorboard and haven’t seen any wet areas.
  2. anyone get in their truck after sitting over night or anytime and have the front windshield with condensation on the whole front windshield? Or know what may cause this?
  3. It was a fabtech kit i bought off performancelifts.com
  4. I installed Motofab 2.5" upper leveling kit my self and also added a 1" block in the back. If you do consider doing your self be very careful with cv axles to not stretch and rip boots also get an alignment done after.
  5. I installed a front camera on my truck recently. I have a 2020 Silverado LT Z71. Its not that hard. Just mount camera on grill and run wire through engine bay along driver side wheel well then under the driver door you come through a grommet in the floor and route wire behind carpet around to the passenger side under glove box. I dont have center console to take out so maybe a little more work if you have one. Once camera wire is ran to passenger side under glove box you will connect a module purchased to the radio module under the dash. I spent a few extra bucks to stream my phone on my radio screen because it wasnt much more money. The module you purchase will have an hdmi port on it so you could probably plug anything into it as far as a fire stick, xbox, playstation or dvd player i assume. I did put a roku stick in it and it worked. I ran hdmi cord behind carpet to just under dash at the middle passenger side area and I got an HDMI to iphone adapter. https://www.gm-navigation.com/shop/2019-and-up-chevy-silverado-and-gmc-sierra-camera-module/ Here is the link where i purchased mine. Would I buy it again if I had a choice to do it again? ehhh maybe but maybe not. I bought it I assume for same reason you want the parking sensors which is because its hard in these trucks to judge distance to objects in front of the truck you are pulling up to.
  6. I still have not resolved this password reset notification every time I get in my truck it ask to reset a password or remind me later. I have logged in on the app and website and that didnt work. anyone have same issue and have a solution?
  7. I had my front bumper wrapped white on my 2020 Silverado and I believe it was $250.
  8. 2000 Chevy Silverado Regular Cab 2wd Pewter w/ charcoal gray bottom ( had my senior year of high school and first one with that body style at school) 2003 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab Z71 Black w/ Pewter bottom 2008 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Z71 All Black 2014 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab 2wd All Silver 2020 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Z71 All White All LT models
  9. So I finished up the chrome fascia install last night and it was kind of a pain in the butt for this little added piece. Not sure I would have done it knowing how much of a pain it would be but now that I know what I'm dealing with it would probably go a lot faster. I was originally going to just work at a steady pace and stop when I got tired of messing with it since I have another truck I drive for work but I'm getting older and my memory isnt as good so i didnt want to forget where some of the screws and bolts went lol You will in fact have to take the bumper all the way off to do this because I tried to work around it but there is no way. I sure hope I like it and dont want to take it off and put the other lower cover back on. Also these trucks have a lot of cheap plastic on them. I have done several things to the truck myself and each time it seems some where some plastic breaks no matter how careful you are and I have even noticed where the shop has broken little plastic clips or pieces so it isnt just me.
  10. I finally found a lower chrome fasica and a lower cover on ebay for a decent price if you compare it with gmparts online and their shipping cost. It is supposed to come today and I am wondering if I can swap them out without removing the grill and taking the bumper off. I took the grill off one time before and didn't feel good about it because it seemed like it would be easy to break and don't want to mess with the grill if I don't have to. Anyone know if it can be done easily with bumper still on in place? Its a 2020 silverado LT Z71 and I am installing lower cover and fascia off an LTZ.
  11. I used factory 20" wheels with 295/55 Nitto Ridge Grapplers with no wheel spacers and no issues scrubbing
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