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  1. I installed a 2.5" motofab on my 2020 LT and I added a 1" block in the back. Pretty sure its exactly level.
  2. I put a 2.5" motofab leveling kit on mine and ended up finding a 1" block to put on the back.
  3. i just finished installing the kicker subwoofer upgrade on my 2020 non bose LT and then added an amp direct from Kicker to push my door speakers and it sounds amazing. did you use a harness for the install or splice truck wiring at the radio module? sounds like speaker wiring issue, maybe tapped wrong wires or not getting good contact on that set of wires.
  4. I purchased a gen5diy kit and mine are on with headlights and stay on with high beams as well.
  5. I purchased one from MVI. It was basically placing camera on the front of the truck and routing wire down driver side wheel well and up through an opening below driver side foot sill and routing behind carpet to passenger side kick panel area then Installing a module mvi furnished with a harness which was basically unplugging gray and black connector from radio module and then plugging into the supplied harness and then the harness into the module where gray and black connector were plugged and then make 3 or 4 other connections (power/ground/camera/etc.) I paid like $85 more dollars for being able to mirror my phone to the radio screen but didnt pay for the extra connections from MVI to do so. You can plug an hdmi cable into the module and route it where you want in the truck ( i dont use mine much so i tuck behind carpet in passenger side and leave where i can grab it when needed. Also bought an adapter for HDMI to Lightning cable (iphone plug).
  6. I finally finished installing my stereo upgrade. First off I have never really installed a stereo system but for the subwoofer I got the sub/amp kicker upgrade through Chevy which is "plug and play" and installed it. After installing it I was thinking this thing isn't that noticeable so then I just installed the kicker key amp 200.4 (after tons of research) running through my door speakers and I didn't use a harness from anyone but a year or so ago I installed a front camera which had a harness that came with it and ran through the radio module so I spliced the wiring for it and my amp to run signal back to the speakers through it so I didn't have to chop up the factory wiring. When I got it installed it was a world of difference in the sub and everything. Not sure why the sub sounds so much better after installing this but at first I had the sub wired in after the amp for a little bit and decided I better move it between amp and radio module so I don't mess up the sub. I figured when I moved the signal tap from the sub back in front of the amp it would be back to not very noticeable but even after moving it the stereo sounds great still. I am very impressed with the system. The hardest part was running power wire through the firewall. On the subwoofer I had a time getting the power wire through and then the additional power wire for my other amp started off giving me a fit until I rubbed some dish soap on my fish tape and slid it right on through. I ended up messing with the key amp for awhile and had my inputs and outputs backwards but after correcting that it was up and running.
  7. You couldnt control from the screen or the knobs underneath? Mine freezes sometimes where I cant control the radio from screen or knobs but I can control it from the steering wheel controls? Have you had any radio or camera modifications done to the truck?
  8. I ordered the kicker subwoofer upgrade kit for my truck and installed it last week. I drove around for a little while thinking it was working and was thinking I had some extra base but I guess I was wrong lol. I checked yesterday and couldn't feel anything coming from the subwoofer and I have rechecked everything. (these are the install steps i took fyi) I installed the power wire from the battery and went through the firewall then connected the power to the harness supplied. I hooked ground wire to the bolt shown to attach to in passenger side kick panel area. I tapped the solid blue wire and blue/brown wire as instructed with supplied t taps. i routed the harness to the back and plugged both the subwoofer and amplifier up. There is one connector back there not used (probably for the additional amp thats offered in another kit). After running those wires i installed the provided fuse into the fuse holder. Also I am getting ready to install a kicker key amp 200.4 but now I have to put that off until i figure out what is wrong. Any recommendations? Only thing I can think of is that the t taps arent getting a good connection with the signal wires.
  9. I finally broke down and ordered an audio upgrade. After some research I decided to order just the kicker subwoofer with its own amp from Chevy and purchased separately a kicker key amp to run door speakers in lieu of chevys additional amp. Anyone else with this set up? I am not a big car audio install person but i think I can handle this install. After the kicker key amp is installed can I hook up the subwoofer through them amp instead to the radio module? Any pointers appreciated. I have an 2020 LT without Bose and 8" radio screen (IOS)
  10. Haven’t noticed any of these issues. Have rubber mats pretty much covering whole floorboard and haven’t seen any wet areas.
  11. anyone get in their truck after sitting over night or anytime and have the front windshield with condensation on the whole front windshield? Or know what may cause this?
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