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  1. I'm looking to do the same. Let me know if you find a source to purchase one. I could buy on one of the gm parts online store but not sure how much its going to cost that way because its not that easy to tell what all you need.
  2. I purchased a Roadwire kit from my local truck accessories shop for about $600. I wanted roadwire because I couldn't find a Katzkin kit that wasn't perforated(wanted non perforated because I thought it'd help stay clean because perforated has holes for sand/dirt)for me to purchase and install myself. The shop I bought from installs the Road wire and since he lives across the street from me he didn't mind selling me the kit and letting me do it myself. He also let me talk to the guy who does his installs for pointers but youtube has some good videos on how to install. The only issue with you
  3. anyone done leather install their self yet that has the folding arm rest? did you have any issue getting it to sit in flush like it should?
  4. I don't have a bed view camera but wish I did kind of because I'm always paranoid on trips if something flew out the back that I cant see without getting out or running all over road to try and stretch where I can see. lol
  5. Im sure its been asked and in a thread somewhere but I was wondering if anyone has added a Bose factory setup to an LT model. What would it take for this upgrade as far as parts and money and effort? I dont have a center console either.
  6. I want to add a camera to my front grill that works on radio screen like factory. I have a backup camera and the trailering guidance camera now. I have a price of about $800 for a kit that will do this and thats with me installing it. Is there any less expensive option? is it hard to install? has anyone done this and what did you use?
  7. paid someone $250 to wrap my front bumper with vinyl
  8. I still have not found a fix for my radio to quit asking for me to reset my password or forget password over and over. I have went through chevy app and made sure password was correct and I have asked onstar and the dealer but nothing has fixed it yet. Any solutions out there?
  9. So I installed my leather seats awhile back and I'm just now getting around to digging in a little more on why the rear seat folding armrest isn't tucking in tight and flush with the seat. I know the leather is thicker than the cloth was but I feel it should sit in a little better than it does. I have the plastic cover installed after finally getting some new plastic rivets/retainers to replace the other ones I messed up trying to hard to get them back in. I'ms thinking about taking the rear seat back out again and just seeing if something isn't right but it folds up and down with no issues
  10. There are lots of people not having any problems with the rear window. If you like the truck buy it. Thats my opinion.
  11. I am trying a Velcro strap wrapped around the seat belt and buckle and through the hole to hold it flat to the seat belt in case I forget to check it when lowering the seat back. If someone needs seat belt they can just undo the velcro.
  12. Is there a block in the back? These trucks dont come with a block in the back like the older models. I installed a 2.5" front level and 1" block on mine. The 2" usually isnt enough to get the truck level from what I have seen. I had a 2" level like that one with no block originally and i was still a 1/2" or so lower in the front.
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