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  1. so you had regular axles like for an LT and swapped to Trail Boss axles?? what all did you have to remove to get axle out other than the wheel and axle nut? what did you use or how did you get the inner axle pulled out?
  2. thanks man. It seems fairly easy to do. shafts are only about $130 from what i see if one did get messed up. Wasnt able to open the links for instructions to some of the items but should be able to do with out. Also directions call to remove skid plate on all level kit instructions but didnt do mine and not sure why you would need to.
  3. The lower kit is real close to CV axle and also wanted the extra .5" after adding 1" in the back. My next color choice was satin steel metallic.
  4. I took off my 2" Rough Country lower strut kit and installed the 2.5" motofab upper which was a pain in the a&$ doing by myself. I also installed a 1" block in the back awhile back. Here are some after pics finally. Shouldve waited til I washed it but you cant see the dirt lol thats why I got a white truck.
  5. Im missing it I guess. I see the outer cv is bolted with the axle nut and the differential is bolted to the truck but nothing about the inner axle. All I know is to take the axle nut off and push axle through hub then use a slide hammer for the inner because i dont see any bolts holding it on like the older models.
  6. Unless I missed it I didnt see anything in those instructions showing how to remove it. It only showed the axle nut removed and the outer part pulled through hub which I believe is the easy part but it doesnt show anything for the inner cv connection to differential.
  7. I am trying to find out how to remove the cv axles on these trucks. Mine is a 2020 and it looks like it could be easy. Do you just remove axle nut and push through hub and then use a slide hammer to get it out of the differential case? Is there anything else? Looks like older trucks you removed bolts on the inner joint side and pull right out but mine doesnt have any bolts. I may end up taking off if its as easy as it sounds to get my cv boot clamps on tight and right or even replace the cv's if needed. Do I have to undo control arm or anything?
  8. I have searched and searched on how to remove the inner cv axle from the drivetrain but I can't find anything showing how. It looks to me that its as easy as removing axle nut and and you can easily pull that outer axle out but the inner I wouldn't think it be as easy as just pulling on it to get it out but thats what it looks like. Anyone know where there are step by step on how to remove and replace these? I see videos for older vehicles but the inner axle's were just bolted on. My outer boot clamps came off and I don't think I will ever get them as tight as the factory had them originally so if I decide to replace them I would like to know what I'm up against. One side had grease coming out the inner boot and thought I tore the boot but cant find anywhere its torn and I wiped it away two different times and now it doesn't show any grease leaking so maybe it just pushed out?
  9. how do you remove inner axle at the differential case? does it just pull out? seems like axle replacement is easy if it is all that i think there is to i
  10. I recently swapped out leveling kits from RC 2" lower to Motofab 2.5" upper as some have probably seen this in my other threads or post. I know some of you who have self installed leveling or lift kits have also had issue with the smaller cv boot clamps coming off on the outer joint ? I thought installing a new clamp would be simple but I cant get it down as tight as I would like it or like factory tight. Hopefully I ddon't have to replace the axles to get it right? I also had some grease on the inner axle coming out on one side but wiped it up and some came back then wiped again and now I dont see any coming out and never could find a rip or anything. Have some of you had similar issues?
  11. I pretty much did the exact same thing replaced 2" lower kit with 2.5" upper kit. I didn't have the original bolts and the bolts that came with the kit weren't threaded all the way so when I had already done everything on the one side but put bolts back in then I realized I needed the original bolts that are threaded all the way so I waited and did passenger side after I got the right bolts but I made due with what I had on the driver side thinking I could easily swap out just the bolts later. I had a time removing bolts on the lower struts on both sides but most of the trouble was on driver side and one of the bolts that came with RC kit bent and made a pain to get out. Now I am wanting to replace the lower strut bolts on driver side to match the other side. I messed with it some last night by trying to take one bolt out and just swap it but the bolt binded and wouldn't pull out easily. Did you have any issues or did you do any tricks to get them out smoothly? Really don't want to tear the truck down again just to put different bolts in. Also I am having to put on new boot clamps on both sides on the small outer boot did you have to replace any clamps?
  12. they should be able to fix under warranty especially since they installed it.
  13. was probably the sway bar axle nut. changed leveling kit on my truck twice and heard noises each time and each time it was the sway bar nut loose.
  14. did you add the chrome fascia on the front bumper or did your truck come with it? I want to add that to my LT
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