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  1. I do miss it, the SSS's are one of the best looking factory sport trucks made. They aren't the fastest, but it was a great all around head-turning truck. It towed my 20' Searay like it wasn't even there. Oh and I drove mine in the winter with dedicated snow tires and if I stomped on it on compact snow it would dig and go! Great truck!
  2. I got tired of waiting for an SS model so I sold my 03 SS that I bought new off the showroom floor, and bought my 19 High Country. I would definitely take a look at one if they came out with one.
  3. As I posted somewhere back in this thread, mine has quit making the noise. I even used electronic hearing protection to amplify the sound, just to make sure. And now, looking at the pic's just posted, I'm guessing with constant metal to metal wear, mine just wore down on its own. Warm weather should be here soon, and I'll listen for it again.
  4. Yes, I use premium, it's 92 octane, but it is also non-ethanol. I've been running it since 2003 when I bought my Silverado SS. Do I need it, maybe not, but whats a few penny's here and there.
  5. The ends of the chrome strips are covered by the end caps and were put back on once the chrome strips were removed.
  6. I worked my way along the strip, heating a foot or so then carefully pulling/prying it loose. I used some fairly soft wedges to aid in pulling it loose. eta: I removed both end caps from the running boards too.
  7. If it came from the factory with Nav, then you should have an SD card. If you are the 1st owner, look in the glove box for it, the dealer may have forgot to insert it. If it did not come from the factory with Nav then I think you are SOL. GM used to sell them on the Accessories site, but It appears it is no longer available.
  8. That sucks! Maybe they've changed them a bit, I have them on my 2019 Silverado HC and they've been completely reliable, owned it since Sept of 2018.
  9. Foot off of brake, push and hold the start button until the light turns green.
  10. If you're talking about the "Lane Keep Assist" or the "Lane Change Alert", mine was not working either. Last time in for service I had them check it, they did an update and now it works fine.
  11. Did my first hand wash since getting it back and NO LEAKING! Keeping my fingers crossed!!
  12. I just got mine back from visit #5. They replaced the real window for the 2nd time and did a bunch of sealing not mentioned in any of the TSB/PIP's. I haven't had a chance to wash it yet to see if it fixed it.
  13. Sounds like you might be experiencing the "Jingle Jingle" sound cussed/discussed in this thread:
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