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  1. Sounds like you might be experiencing the "Jingle Jingle" sound cussed/discussed in this thread:
  2. We had a Dodge Charger police car that did not have one either, it was about a 2005 model year. I went and talked to the service manager and he ordered us one, free of charge. Didn't seem very logical to place a needed police unit out of service for a weekend if it showed low fluid at the start of a shift on a Friday night.
  3. I don't know what all sizes come on them, but the manual says not to use chains on these: LT265/70R17, LT275/65R18, 275/60R20, 275/50R22 Looks like the WT truck you can get a 255/70R17 so it might have enough clearance to take chains. I'll stop by my local tire store and test fit a set for the back tires, that will satisfy my state's carry chains requirement. Thanks!
  4. How was the clearance on the back tires? Looking in the Owner's Manual to see what they require/recommend I discovered I can't run chains with my 275/60R20 tires, so I've been researching "Alternative Traction Devices" such as the "AutoSock" that my state approves. My state (WA) requires drivers to carry chains or an "Alternative Traction Device" when going over mountain passes in the winter, even if your vehicle is 4x4/AWD. I don't go over the passes very often, and hardly ever during winter, but since I plan on keeping my 19 HC for a long time I thought I'd pick up a
  5. Mine leaked on the passenger side, they resealed the spoiler and and all was good for a little over a year. This summer it started leaking on the drivers side, they replaced the window this time. Time will tell if it is the final fix.
  6. I'm just going by what he said in his post, "I have the SU5 on my 2020 and it’s making the same sound.
  7. haha, a friend of mine has a Toyota Tundra and I was riding in the back drivers side seat and got soaked by a leak in the roof! All makes and models have issues.
  8. Do you have anymore info on this fix such as a TSB or PIP number, I'd like to pass it on to my Service Advisor?
  9. Wow, I think you are the first with an SU5 front diff that I have read of having the JingleJingle noise!
  10. I never had an issue, but some have had a cel come on when using the remote start function, a recall was issued on it. I can't help you with the codes you received.
  11. I just watched your video, it is the exact same noise that my 2019 High Country has. They have replaced my axle shaft too at about 5k miles...still made the noise for awhile. In the past few weeks I have made a couple of 2 hr long trips with temps in the low 70° range, and yesterday I went out for about a 45 min drive when the temp was about 85°, now I can't hear the noise!!?? I even wore my electronic hearing protection I use for shooting which also amplifies normal sounds, still couldn't hear it! I don't know what's going on, but wonder if whatever is causing it has "wore in"?
  12. Look right above the exhaust pipe or muffler, I read where they have it drain on it to stop from leaving puddles of water on peoples garage floors. People said they can hear it hissing when they first shut off the pickup.
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