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  1. Towing with 2" Shackle

    What are you towing...maybe you need a weight distribution hitch?
  2. Yeah mine comes up every -2-3 weeks too. Wonder if it is triggered by number of days or by number of times pickup is started.
  3. 2019 External Antenna?

    Speaking of antennas, I've never understood....maybe someone else knows the reason....why we still have the big off-center WART of a onstar/xm radio antenna! Surely they could incorporate it into the 3rd brake light and make it look way more pleasing. My wife's Cad SRX has a nice looking rear/center mounted Onstar/XM/AMFM combo antenna. I purposely ordered my 03 Silverado SS WITHOUT Onstar/XM because of the ugly antennas.
  4. Salex Organizers are supposed to be coming out with one this month for the 19's. http://www.salexorganizers.com/
  5. Turning off Radio

    Mine only mutes it too. Curious though, why do you need to shut it off completely?
  6. Over the Air Update

    I didn't stay and watch the update on my last update, but I did on the one before and during it, it did say what the update was for.
  7. I can't, as a matter of fact I struggled with the purchase of my 19 HC. I ended up trading in my 2003 Silverado SS that I purchased new. Oh, and it only had 71k on it!
  8. We have Farmer's Ins and anytime we've had a collision, we've called them and they got our car fixed and then they went after the other party or their insurance company for reimbursement.
  9. I received the Second-Row Interlocking Floor Liner for Christmas and just finished trimming and installing them. After installing them I don't see much of an advantage for not cutting off the excess, as trimming them at the cut line still allows a few inches to slip under the front and end lip of the storage box. The storage box is formed with a bottom so if something in it should leak, it would be contained in the box and not get to the carpet. I suppose if you were hauling something bigger and/or dirty/greasy as the OP needed to do and required removal of the storage box then the added length would give your carpet a few more inches of added protection. But for me, if I need to haul something bigger and/or dirty, I'll put it in the cargo bed and tarp it if needed. I doubt I'll ever remove the storage box. So far the only "Con's" I can see are: They could have given better installation instructions, ie; They could have said you needed to slip them under the lip of the storage box. I had gotten it in my mind the reason for cutting the mat was so that cut lip of the mat would fit flush with the front of the storage box and I was ready to cut a few more inches off to make them fit that way. Good thing I stepped back and took a closer look and realized the mat lip needed to go under the storage box lip! With the back edge of the mat under the lip of the storage box I don't think it will be as easy to remove for cleaning as I had hoped they would be, it's doable, but not real easy. But, they do look like they'll be fairly easy to clean with a damp cloth with them left in place. All in all, I like the mats, they're very nice looking and a precise fit.

    I wouldn't call them "useless" , as I can see them being very handy when we go camping and we need some light on either or both sides of the truck at the campsite.
  11. I'm not sure the trucks User Profiles are tied to OnStar service. I just called them to make sure and rule out OnStar since it was right at the time for it to be changing over from the free trial to the paid subscription service when my profile was removed. Maybe someone that doesn't have an OnStar subscription can chime in and tell us if their User Profiles still work without OnStar.

    Yes, it definitely helps to do the testing when it is dark.
  13. I was beginning to think I was "just plain special" for having mine deleted since it took 5 days for anyone else to post about it happening to them too! I guess on the plus side of me having to setup a new profile is, before my profile was wiped I had been having problems with my "Messages" app not loading my messages. About 6 out of 10 times they wouldn't load and would say I needed to adjust the permissions in my phone to allow them to load, but the next time I'd start my truck they'd load just fine...without me having done anything to my phone permissions. Since making my new profile and re-downloading the Messages app they load every time now.
  14. I was driving down the street the other day, fat dumb and happy, when I noticed a message pop up on the infotainment screen. I only caught a few of the words, “my name” and I think it said“User Account removed” and then the message disappeared. There was more to the message but since I was driving in heavy traffic I could not read it and couldn't tell what I was being removed from. I knew my SiriusXM trial period was ending and I didn't renew it so thought it might have been it, no big deal. I continued on to my destination and parked. When I came out later and started the pickup I noticed things on the screen were different...my messages icon was gone from the screen, the apple carplay icon I had moved off the home screen was back, also all of the presets for my favorite radio stations were gone. I ended up having to make me a new user profile for the pickup, talk about a pain in the ass...I had just got things setup and adjusted to my liking too!! So far everything seems to be working fine again! [fingers crossed]

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