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  1. I have a 2019 Silverado HC that is suppose to come standard with the "Task Lighting" option discussed on page 180 of the Owner's Manual. Mine came with the lights in the outside mirrors, but the switch that controls them looked different than the one in the manual. After much reading and messing with it and not able to get them to work, I called and talked to my salesman and he said it should have the Task Lighting option since it was a HC. He said he would verify it with a trainer for the 2019 Silverado's that was going to be at the dealership the next day. The trainer also agreed it should have them since it was a HC. The service department said they would order the other switch and give it a try. Today, was the day of reckoning! I had an appointment at 8am for them to put it in, and at 8:09am Mark my Service Advisor was handing me back my key saying the switch was in and the Task Lighting now works...9 whole minutes!!! Somewhere along the assembly line someone grabbed a switch for a lower model and put it in. So if you have a HC and you can't get the Task Lighting to work, have them make sure you have the correct switch! Kudos go out to Cascade Auto Center of Wenatchee for getting this sorted out and remedied in a timely fashion!
  2. All I can say is I can send and receive text msg's from my HC, and I don't recall doing anything special to get it to work...
  3. Yep, mine is the same! Full size tire but for temporary use only.
  4. I noticed that too. My 03 Silverado roof panel was made out of aluminum foil! lol
  5. Yes, mine had a very strong smell, gave me a slight headache at times. I'm coming up on 200 miles and it is way better now!
  6. My SD card came in yesterday and was installed by the dealer, all is well now.
  7. I bought a High Country last Monday and was having the card has been removed msg, stopped by the dealer and they had to order me one, as one didn't come with it.
  8. Same here. 2005 TB LS. Only notice it when headlights are on. Headlights dim dramatically and amp gauge drops way down and then immediatly starts going back up. I haven't noticed it happening for a month or so, but I talked with the dealer about it and he said that if it does it again they can put a electrical tester on it and let me drive it and it will monitor the electrical system and record any problems.
  9. How many people are from Washington?

    East Wenatchee

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