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  1. Did you have any other issues besides the Front Diff jingle?
  2. Do you have anymore info on this fix such as a TSB or PIP number, I'd like to pass it on to my Service Advisor?
  3. Wow, I think you are the first with an SU5 front diff that I have read of having the JingleJingle noise!
  4. I never had an issue, but some have had a cel come on when using the remote start function, a recall was issued on it. I can't help you with the codes you received.
  5. I just watched your video, it is the exact same noise that my 2019 High Country has. They have replaced my axle shaft too at about 5k miles...still made the noise for awhile. In the past few weeks I have made a couple of 2 hr long trips with temps in the low 70° range, and yesterday I went out for about a 45 min drive when the temp was about 85°, now I can't hear the noise!!?? I even wore my electronic hearing protection I use for shooting which also amplifies normal sounds, still couldn't hear it! I don't know what's going on, but wonder if whatever is causing it has "wore in"? Thanks for the outstanding video!! I am going to send a link to it to my Service Adviser.
  6. Look right above the exhaust pipe or muffler, I read where they have it drain on it to stop from leaving puddles of water on peoples garage floors. People said they can hear it hissing when they first shut off the pickup.
  7. Jingle Jingle gone??!! Last fall I had PIP5653B done on my HC and right after it was done I still could hear the jinglejingle. But now at 10k miles it seems to be gone, I've made two 2 hr trips and I can't hear it anymore. Temp has been around 80°, I tried varying my speed, put it in AUTO and back into 2hi, I can't hear it. Not ready to start jumping for joy...I'll keep listening!
  8. I completely agree, unfortunately not all people are as responsible as they should be, and every summer we see news reports of kids and pets dying because of it.
  9. Do a google search for "baby dies in hot car" I bet these people wished they would have had a simple reminder.
  10. Otherguy, the way I am understanding it is, the stub shaft has left and right free play and it hits the center pin, is that correct? If that is the case, do you know how much free play there is, and would it be possible to shorten the stub shaft to prevent it from hitting the pin?
  11. You may not have enough miles on yours yet. I first noticed, or I should say, my son noticed it when I had a little over 5000 miles on it, it may have been there before that and I just didn't hear it. It is a real faint jingling sound and we only heard it when the stereo/radio wasn't playing. Funny thing too, is my last trip was about 2 hrs long, and the outside temp was about 80°F same conditions as when I have heard it before, only this time I could not hear it, I now have 9800 miles on it. I will listen for it again before I take it back into the service department. Hopefully they've corrected the problem and yours is good.
  12. Has anyone had the opportunity to see any evidence of the "Stub Shaft coming in contact with the "Cross Pin" mentioned buy the techs in the service work orders? You would think there would be some evidence of them rubbing together.
  13. newdude, have you had the opportunity to see the end of the stub shaft and the cross pin, and could you see any evidence of the two coming in contact with each other?
  14. Thanks for the diagram newdude. Do you know what part would be the "Cross Pin" they mention in the work orders that the "Stub Shaft is contacting?
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