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  1. No, RPO code B4U was for the SS option on my 03 Silverado.
  2. It was $1,209.99 @ tonneaucovered.com At the the time of purchase, roll-n-lock had a promotional going on and I got the Cargo Manager for free.
  3. Since it turns over, but just doesn't start, I wouldn't think the loose battery cable recall would be a fix for it, but you might have them check it.
  4. I have a Roll N Lock Cargo Manager, it was included free as a promotional with my Roll N Lock Tonneau cover. It is a movable bed divider that can be positioned every 3 inch along the length of the truck bed. Works great!
  5. Thanks 19Sierra I completely forgot about the light sensor on the dash. I covered it up and then lowered the tailgate with the fob and then unlocked the cab and the cargo bed lights came on!!! WOOHOOO!!!! I knew there had to be a way to do it! Also, I too have a tonneau cover, but mine is a Roll N Lock retractable one and I can roll it back really easy should I need to see better in the daylight.
  6. Thomcat, I double clicked every button on my fob, sadly it did not work for me.
  7. Thanks Thomcat, I don't think I've tried this combo, I'll give it a try!
  8. To turn on bed cargo lights when tailgate is lowered only by the key fob? I didn't know 14-18's have power up and down tailgates, I'll see if I can find it. Thanks !
  9. Mine was the 3rd brake light/spoiler housing. They resealed it and it is going on 6 months and so far, knock on wood, no more leaks.
  10. Greetings! Does anyone know if/or where there is a setting to make the bed cargo lights come on when lowering the tailgate using only the key fob? The other night I used the key fob to lower the tailgate to load some groceries and they didn't come on. I've hunted through the Owner's Manual and the Infotainment Center settings with no luck finding anything. ???
  11. Vehicle Info:: Model: CK10543-2019 SILVERADO 1500 High Country 4WD CREW CAB Build Date: 08/27/2018 Build Plant: Z Fort Wayne, IN Mine leaked on the rear passenger side, there was water drops on the rear slider window frame track. You can see the water sitting on the bottom window track. Mine had no headliner staining.
  12. Just because you have water inside doesn't necessarily mean it's the rear window leaking. In my case it was the 3rd brake light housing that needed resealed. It is going on 4 months since they resealed mine and still no more leaking.
  13. Wait, come to think of it, my SS's were on the front side too!
  14. Lol...how old was your last truck?! My 03' Silverado SS had them.
  15. The more complaints they receive, the quicker they'll come up with a "Final Fix".
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