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  1. newdude, have you had the opportunity to see the end of the stub shaft and the cross pin, and could you see any evidence of the two coming in contact with each other?
  2. Thanks for the diagram newdude. Do you know what part would be the "Cross Pin" they mention in the work orders that the "Stub Shaft is contacting?
  3. I am looking for a diagram showing all the internal parts of the SU4 Front Differential. All of the infamous "JingleJingle" work orders I've seen mention the "Left Stub Shaft" coming in contact with the "Cross Pin". Looking at the diagram of the diff on gmpartsdirect. com I can't see a "Cross Pin". Does anyone know if there is a more detailed diagram of the differential available?
  4. See if this helps you: Water Found in Rear Interior of Cab, Water Leak at Rear Sliding Window
  5. Yes, it did that right after I bought the pickup Sept of 2018. UPDATE...I just went out, started the truck and immediately put it into reverse....NO FISH EYE. So, I'm think mine has had a software update on one of my visits to the dealer. But with yours being a 20 I would think it should have all the updates, but it wouldn't hurt to ask your service advisor to look into it. And good luck with getting this resolved.
  6. Back when I first got my 2019 High Country, if I quickly threw it into reverse right after starting the pickup, I'd get a rounded (fish eye) display, if I waited a few seconds before putting it into reverse it would not fish eye. I don't know if there has been a software fix for it, or do I not put it into reverse so quickly now, but I have not had it happen for a long time.
  7. Ok, I see how you might interpret this, thanks for your comments.
  8. I guess I'm not seeing where they say it is not recommended, but then again, I don't have the best reading comprehension. lol
  9. Thanks, I have read on others customer work orders about the stub shaft possibly rubbing on the cross pin. I'll mention that to my service advisor and see if they'll replace mine too.
  10. Thanks lov2fish, what did it take for them to finally replace the diff?
  11. This sounds a bit more encouraging. Do you know which front diff they put in, maybe a part number?
  12. I didn't like how my eye was immediately drawn down to the chrome strip on my running boards, so I removed it. I think it looks better.
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