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  1. Any progress on this part? I would love to see how you accesses the inside. thanks!
  2. Man great job! I’ve done a TON of writeups on another forum I was on and I know how much time it takes. This is excellent and a great contribution to this forum. THANK YOU!
  3. You should change your username to “Ballsofsteel”. Nice job so far man!
  4. I tow a 37’ camper all in I guess I’m approaching 10k. Tows like a dream with the gas motor. I’m very happy.
  5. I like the interior. Only gripe would be the seats could have more lumbar support. Still, it’s a nice place to be.
  6. I just put a flowmaster in place of the factory muffler and a stainless tip. I love it. Aftermarket will eventually rust at the welds, but it takes years. To me, it's worth the sound. I am 51 and have had a muffler or some sort of exhaust on every single vehicle I have owned.
  7. No. Just the Eaton. It's fully automatic but it is a true locker.
  8. Yeah, skid plates, Rancho Shocks, Eaton Locker, hill descent, badging... You are correct about the 5.3 feeling faster, but it wakes up when you break it in a bit. Also, it never really feels underpowered. You will find the tranny is better sorted as well. It's just more of a truck.
  9. I’ve heard the ones that make a slight hiss. Mine is very noticeable and it groans and moans like it needs to be bled. Without the muffler I would have traded for another hd it was driving me nuts.
  10. My electric steering in my LTZ is my only complaint with this truck. Hisssss, groan, lots of noise all the time. Had it to two different dealers, 3 times. They replaced a hose but the noise is considered "normal". They showed me the TSB's, yadayada. After the 3rd trip, they let me sit in 4 different HD trucks and 3 of them made the exact same noise. Maybe a fix is in the works but I dunno. The steering does otherwise have a nice weight to it, and it's great for an HD truck so... I put a tiny little flowmaster muffler on there and now I have a better noise to listen
  11. It will be a night and day difference. I don't miss my 1500 one bit.
  12. This is what I did in my 2500. Not sure if you are willing to cut that much though, lol. As far as small units, the President Bill I used takes the cake. Unless you want an "all in mic" unit. Only thing I miss is not having a PA...
  13. I don’t know- I mean I towed my boat with the 1500 - about 3500# a good bit and couldn’t even tell it was there, it was great. Towing the boat with the 2500 feels about the same really. I think any camper with the big boxy shape is gonna pull a lighter truck around. It’s just physics.
  14. Yeah- I know better now. Everybody was mostly people at the RV show. Buyer beware!
  15. I have a Transcend 32BHS - I guess I'm pushing close to 9000# when everything is loaded and 37' total length. My truck has the 6.6 Gas engine, pulls great- I love it.
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