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  1. Auto-Stop Eliminator Recall

    It’s not hard at all. Only that bottom trim piece under the switches. Gotta pull it HARD.
  2. Auto-Stop Eliminator Recall

    Correct. It worked as advertised until about a week ago then I turned auto stop on because I was seeing how much I could get out of a tank. Auto stop never functioned. After a few days like that I unhooked the battery for like 5 minutes. Bam- autostop worked again with the switch on. Next time I started the truck no autostop. I bet the device has been draining the battery over time.
  3. Hey Ma!! The meatloaf! We want it now!
  4. Auto-Stop Eliminator Recall

    I think that’s why my auto stop stopped working altogether. One of the conditions that will cause auto stop to not function is a low battery. My truck will not auto stop now even if the switch is on. I unhooked the battery a few minutes and the ASE worked perfectly again until I restarted. Hopefully that’s the issue. The email was very apologetic and kudos to them for making it right! Shit happens.
  5. Autostop Eliminator

    Ahhh. Maybe that’s why my auto stop quit working altogether- even when the switch is on. It says if the battery is low it won’t work.
  6. I had this issue- and I hope I’m telling you the correct fix for me- I tried so many things I don’t remember exactly what I did. I think I turned off “enable WiFi” and that fixed my connection issues. Hope that’s it and helps.
  7. I dunno but if you watched the short video link I posted earlier you can see the play in the drivers side half shaft in and out. I’m 99% certain that’s the noise. For whatever reason in 4wd it must take up that play and make the connection right. The passenger side shaft is tight in there.
  8. Please can we not turn this thread into a shitshow? Keep on topic and let's get to the bottom of this noise and the correct fix. Looks like we are getting close here. Thanks.
  9. Blinding Chrome Dash Trim

    Just vinyl wrap it. Easy to do and cheap.
  10. Just curious- did they elaborate as to why it goes away in 4wd? I guess the torque presses the shaft out a bit...
  11. Good luck. Guess I’m next- it’s gotten loud enough to be a real issue now.
  12. Lock boxes and storage

    I have the drivers side box. Mine does not have the provision to padlock to the bracket like the swing case available non/GM accessories box does. I was disappointed by that but I will rig something up. How are you padlocking yours in?
  13. Pretty sure the fuel door is plastic. Sure does feel like it to me... Maybe I’m wrong . Where did you get the info on that?
  14. Dealer made good on some mistakes they made during my financing.
  15. Awesome. That was me that posted the video. I drove next to a jersey wall today with the windows down to confirm 100% The sound is coming from drivers side on mine- which has the loose shaft. The sound has gotten really loud now- completely gone in 4wd or Auto. Also, always much worse when warmed up. Good luck and keep us in the loop! I will have to take mine in for service too, which I am dreading.

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