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  1. The fenders are actually steel- thin like tin foil! Your Letters look great! I did these...they are reflective and look pretty neat at night too.
  2. I don’t have a problem with mine. Works great and the picture is pretty detailed. I do do wish I could dim just the Nav screen though or if the background was black instead of the light grey.
  3. I’m running that size completely stock- no rubbing. You could probably get by with the 285 or 295...
  4. What differences did you notice? I have had mine installed for a few months but haven’t gotten the reflash done...
  5. Lol- now I don’t feel to guilty for sitting on my front porch every night with a coffee looking at mine. We are pathetic! I love it.
  6. I wanted to confirm, the ASA adaptor works perfectly with my Furrion camera system. Awesome deal for $20 and 10 minutes of work. Thanks for everyone's contributions in this thread!
  7. Yup- that's what I ordered! Thank You. If this adapter doesn't work, I think I'll put the trailer running light wires on a switched relay with power from the trailer battery. This will be much simpler though. Thanks again!
  8. Awesome! Thank You. So, can I use the ASA version with the bare leads to power my Furrion camera? Just basically splice into the camera plug wiring on the trailer? The Furrion adaptor looks too bulky for me... I just purchased a travel trailer today and was bummed to find out it didn't work on the camper- all the tests I did prior (off the trailer) the camera worked flawlessly.
  9. Hell no! I try to do everything myself within reason. It’s an easy install.
  10. I have it on the 5.3. Yes, it’s louder but in a good way. Not boomy at all just good sound. Ps- are you the same RaisedByWolves from t4r.org?
  11. Agreed. If they told me that I would have laughed at them. Did they change the oil at the service? I put my money on they started it with no oil in the engine accidentally and spun a bearing.
  12. second that. Mine got so bad after 50,000 miles the truck would rock from side/side when creeping along at idle. At speed they were so loud it was borderline ridiculous. Great tires offroad though- really great in fact.
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