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  1. Hell no! I try to do everything myself within reason. It’s an easy install.
  2. I have it on the 5.3. Yes, it’s louder but in a good way. Not boomy at all just good sound. Ps- are you the same RaisedByWolves from t4r.org?
  3. Agreed. If they told me that I would have laughed at them. Did they change the oil at the service? I put my money on they started it with no oil in the engine accidentally and spun a bearing.
  4. second that. Mine got so bad after 50,000 miles the truck would rock from side/side when creeping along at idle. At speed they were so loud it was borderline ridiculous. Great tires offroad though- really great in fact.
  5. Awesome information. Thanks for taking the time to post these. Truly appreciated!
  6. Thanks for the pics. I hate to ask but any comparison to stock hi beam output as well? That’s the big one for me.
  7. Duratracs are very capable in all conditions. Tjey also last a long time. They get very loud as they wear though- that’s the only reason I got rid of mine at 70,000 miles and went BFG. BFG ‘s are quiet and capable but not as good in the rain.
  8. I was excited to get the cooled seats- in fact the main reason I went up to LTZ. Now that I have them...Meh- I don’t care for them. I almost always have the back heaters on regardless of the season (I broke my back some years ago) . I should have known better. If I could have cooled bottom and heated back I would be golden!
  9. I remember first time I saw that button on a steering wheel and thought- what a joke- really? I love the damn thing!
  10. I really like them- not too much bigger but a definite improvement. They are taller and a little narrower than the trailboss tires.
  11. Completely stock. No rubbing - little over 33” tire.
  12. Cooper AT3XLT 275/70r18. Completely changed the look of the truck. Only about 100 miles on them so far- but torrential downpour proven, lol. Made in USA too!
  13. Ok- I misread that a little. I am getting over 20 in mixed driving, not pure city. I’ve gotten almost 28 on trips though. It’s very surprising.
  14. This is the same mileage I’m averaging (actually I’m getting a little better) with my CC LTZ Z71 5.3. I just think the little 4cyl motor should do better than that.
  15. K2=GMC T1 like the Chevy better. Wheel wells, front end treatment wins me over.
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