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  1. I’ve heard the ones that make a slight hiss. Mine is very noticeable and it groans and moans like it needs to be bled. Without the muffler I would have traded for another hd it was driving me nuts.
  2. My electric steering in my LTZ is my only complaint with this truck. Hisssss, groan, lots of noise all the time. Had it to two different dealers, 3 times. They replaced a hose but the noise is considered "normal". They showed me the TSB's, yadayada. After the 3rd trip, they let me sit in 4 different HD trucks and 3 of them made the exact same noise. Maybe a fix is in the works but I dunno. The steering does otherwise have a nice weight to it, and it's great for an HD truck so... I put a tiny little flowmaster muffler on there and now I have a better noise to listen to, lol. Happy now.
  3. It will be a night and day difference. I don't miss my 1500 one bit.
  4. This is what I did in my 2500. Not sure if you are willing to cut that much though, lol. As far as small units, the President Bill I used takes the cake. Unless you want an "all in mic" unit. Only thing I miss is not having a PA...
  5. I don’t know- I mean I towed my boat with the 1500 - about 3500# a good bit and couldn’t even tell it was there, it was great. Towing the boat with the 2500 feels about the same really. I think any camper with the big boxy shape is gonna pull a lighter truck around. It’s just physics.
  6. Yeah- I know better now. Everybody was mostly people at the RV show. Buyer beware!
  7. I have a Transcend 32BHS - I guess I'm pushing close to 9000# when everything is loaded and 37' total length. My truck has the 6.6 Gas engine, pulls great- I love it.
  8. Hey there! I can share my experience on this exact topic. I originally purchased a '19 1500 LTZ for the purpose of towing my new 37' travel trailer. The tow limits were easily in spec, and everybody told me it would be great, especially with my fancy, expensive sway control hitch system. Well, it was not great. Like others in this thread have stated, I was constantly pushed around by semi's and the wind. If you ever park your TT on the side of an interstate you will be amazed by how much it moves when the traffic is passing by. It's crazy the sail area they have. The Wife was always giving me the side-eye, lol. It was at times...unsettling. The power with the 5.3 was honestly adequate, but for sure I could have used more power- especially on long hills. So... I traded to a 2500 LTZ Gas, almost the exact same truck but 3/4 ton. The difference is amazing! First, the power is great. It never feels like it's struggling, it just digs in and pulls. On long hills, it will rev and hold, but that's what gas engines do. The grade braking is great too. Just tap the brake when in Tow Mode and it downshifts instantly, it even rev matches so it's super smooth. It will do this for every gear as you slow down too. I never have issues maintaining a manageable speed downhill. The other amazing difference is how well the 2500 handles the wind. Night and day. No drama. I would never, EVER again tow a large TT without a 2500. No more watching the mirror for speeding semi's with my hand on the brake controller. So, in summary, yes the 6.6 is more than fine, it's an awesome combo for towing!
  9. It does work but it also turns off your reverse sensors. Deal breaker for me.
  10. Well that’s a great point I hadn’t considered. I’ll address that. Thank you!
  11. Absolutely, lol. I can probably cinch it down over the rear tire, maybe I'll try that. I think it cost me 6 2x4's and some tie down loops. Wood is so expensive now! Last year the wood would have cost me 1/3 the price. Still, I think I have like $40? in it. Anyway, still a work in progress, It looks a little too chunky to me. I'll probably do a version 2 by the summer, but for right now this'll work. Thanks for the kind words!
  12. Thanks! I just reinstalled it with the mods for the Ice Cream Truck. Done for now!
  13. Hey there! I got tired of my bikes getting scratched up when bringing along my wife and kid's bikes, so I made this custom rack. Nothing special, just some 2x4 and paint, but it works great! Fits under the cover too. Holds four bikes of all sizes. It comes in and out with no tools via some 1/4" aluminum "keys" I made that lock the rack against the tie downs. I'll post some pics of them later- I just got a new FatBike so the rack is getting modified a little for that right now...
  14. Hey there! I know CB Radios are pretty much a thing of the past, but I'm old (well, relatively) and I find them to be really useful! I have flushmounted a few in the past, so this is nothing new to me. In my 1500 I went with an all in one unit (display in the mic), but it always seemed to be too bulky. This time I found the President Bill CB. This thing is tiny! It actually has a lot of features, and the only thing I miss is not having a PA system, but the compact size makes up for it. The radio works well, even with my little 2' Firestick antenna. Here are some pics of the install. I'm REALLY happy with the finished result. If anyone wants more details, I will be happy to help! Let me know what you think.
  15. I towed with mine on day 2. IMO people overthink these things.
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