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  1. There is an auto defrost setting that should do it.
  2. As others have stated- I used some silicone when I installed mine. It’ll be fine. I like my swing case but the little plastic piece underneath that locates the pull handle broke and disappeared causing the case to fall off. I was able to fix it though. Side note- does your Switchblade leak from the box up front? Mine is horrible- worst purchase decision I’ve made as far as accessories go.
  3. Ah you the man! That plastic piece bit it I guess. I have a metal loop screwed under there to hold it for now. Thanks so much!
  4. Can you do me a huge favor and take a pic of the underneath where the lever is located? I have the drivers side swing case and found it on it’s side in my bed with the handle mechanism by the tailgate. Something that held the handle in place fell off (never to be found) and I had to rig it up to keep it on there. What I did works fine, I just want to see what was originally there and maybe engineer a better fix. Thanks if you can do that.
  5. Because it’s all subjective. What’s bouncy to some is not bouncy to others. I think my truck rides pretty good - my wife disagrees.
  6. I thought I read in another post that this year they moved the temp sensor to the passenger door mirror. Not joking...
  7. Mine is always high too. Yesterday it said 100 degrees lol
  8. Someone on here has swapped the steering wheel already but getting the controls to work requires software revision that I’m pretty sure hasn’t been done yet by the aftermarket. Nothi g in these is as easy as plug and play- even adding factory fog lights requires programming... You should really look into a TB LT.
  9. I came from a 2011 4Runner (Antman on T4R Forum if you were over there) and now have an LTZ 5.3 with the ZR1 package. You up will appreciate the power over the 4Runner and the ride is much better- it actually handles better with much less body roll, which I didn’t expect. The interior has waaaay more features - even in the lower trim levels. The oil changes are incredibly easy as well. Filter and drain are right next to each other and the oil fill is easy to access- no more cartridge filter, removing the skid plate crap like on the Runner. I miss the 4Runner for the ability it had to go anywhere effortlessly(especially with the mods I did to it)- but overall I like this Silverado so far and do not regret my decision. A small lift and tires and I’ll be good to go!
  10. That’s awesome! Have a link or part number? I would love to do this too.
  11. Hire a lawyer first and let them deal with it. They know all the laws and it’ll be easy.
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