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  1. Thanks- I thought you got the lift AND a kit to level it as well since the trailboss kit has a rake when installed. I was a little confused! Thanks for the reply!
  2. No way. Unless they take everything apart (which they won't) and respray it, it won't even be close. Plus the factory paint is baked on. But everyone has their own opinion...
  3. That looks fantastic! Can you share what kit he used to level the kit and what size tires you have? I want to do this exact same thing to my LTZ. Thanks!
  4. Man that really sucks! Just my.02. No way I would let them repaint the entire truck- it'll never be as good or durable as the factory paint. Years ago I pulled up to my sister's house with my month-old S10 and her mailbox lid was open. The metal tab on there put a 4' scratch down the bed- literally peeled the paint off. I had a scratch/dent guy come right into my driveway and he color matched and fixed the scratch in about an hour. You could NOT see it at all- looked perfect. The fact that he did it in my driveway was amazing! Point is, somebody can fix it fairly easy with the right equipment. Good Luck.
  5. I agree! Find out what's causing it and post it up so we can all share in the joy, lol.
  6. Yes- just cleaned really good and 4 light coats of rustoleum "apple red" If it doesn't hold up I'll just get them powdercoated for a few dollars more.
  7. 2019 LTZ CREW CAB Items Pittsburgh Area

    Text sent for mats!
  8. I took them off- only 2 (18mm?) bolts each.

    Here's the compressor under the seat. I need to find a free photo sharing website so I can post more pics...)
  10. Tow hooks (I can't seem to load more than one pic due to file size- anybody know a free photo sharing site now that photobucket charges?
  11. Finished my Onboard Air project and painted the tow hooks> I gained like 50 HP with the red paint lol.

    Well, I now have onboard air! My ARB CMKA12 compressor install is complete. I decided to mount the compressor in the truck because it's subjected to much less heat than in the engine compartment. I mounted it in the GM Accessories underseat storage bin. I also ran 8ga power from the battery into the compartment to an auxiliary fuse panel. I'll use this for future projects- specifically my ARB fridge mounted in the bed. I like to do a lot of camping and once you get used to an onboard fridge it's hard to go back to a cooler! Back on topic... I ran a push button switch for the compressor relay in the compartment. The compressor also has a pressure switch so it cycles on and off as needed. For those that don't know- these little compressors are a world above most- fast, quiet and efficient. Here are some pics! Waterproof 50a Circuit Breaker under the hood to power the fuseblock. I used the battery tie-down bolt with a starboard mounting block. it's easy to move out of the way if I need to change the battery and it's secure. This breaker has a nice disconnect push button too.
  13. Just a plastic trim tool and some quick detailer to get a few adhesive spots off. I left it in direct sunlight to warm up the adhesive too. They popped right off no problem (I only have 700 miles on it). Usually I use a hair dryer first if the badges are difficult but these were a piece of cake.
  14. Did this today... Anyone on the fence about debadging their tailgate, grow some balls. Ha! Looks so much better IMO.
  15. Fantastic choices- The stance and wheels...very nice!

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