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  1. autostop eliminator

    It’s easy don’t worry.
  2. Center stack blank switches

    They are not functional just molded plastic to look like a switch. I think I’ll be mounting switches in that space one day though. The entire switch assembly comes out as a unit. If I ever do a behind the grill light bar I’ll be doing something in that space.
  3. 2019 Sierra Denali seats

    Long Test drives are important for this reason.
  4. autostop eliminator

    Mine is the updated version- everything works perfectly. Not only did they send me a replacement, they also emailed me to make sure it was working properly and that I was happy. Great customer service from a great company imo. Shit happens. They made it right, and quickly.
  5. 4800. Sometimes it gets confused but honestly it’s usually pretty transparent.
  6. Mine gets better all the time. The more I drive the more it learns apparently.
  7. I would rather the repair be done right and only once so I will happily wait.
  8. Also, there is a loud "clink" when 4wd or Auto 4wd engages and then the sound goes away. The "clink" is easier to hear.
  9. You can't compare Rancho shocks to Fox Coilovers. Rancho = Hamburger Fox Coilovers = Ribeye Steak
  10. autostop eliminator

    This is a solid product. They weee extremely apologetic about the mistake. I’ve already received my replacement and sent the old one back prepaid. Im still happy with it.
  11. It’s a good negative chassis ground. It’s there for jumpstarting purposes. You can use it to ground a portable compressor if you want or just use the battery terminals.
  12. Putting extra clamps on isn't going to do a thing to reinforce the connection. Nothing.

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