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  1. Mine will give me like 200 miles and only burn 1/4 tank. Then it drops like a rock from there. It’s like a turbo- starts off slow and then wham! Kind of annoying but is is nice to drive for a few days without the needle moving. Ha!
  2. You are going to love it! Congrats.
  3. It’s hard to beat the factory floor mats for fit and finish (the form fitting ones ). They fit perfectly and the mat for the back seats is just awesome.
  4. I picked up 12v accessory power here in the passenger side fuse box. It’s retained accessory power too. Just use a female spade to attach to the lug and I used an inline fuse.
  5. Gotta admit- that looks damn good! I’m still super happy with my LTZ front end though.
  6. I dunno- the back bumpers look to be pretty identical. Somebody’s got to try it at some point. The factory dual exhaust bumpers do look great- I had it on my 1500.
  7. I love mine so far- I traded from a 2019 1500 Z71 LTZ also. As you know, the difference while towing is incredible. I tow a 37’ camper ,8000#, with my gas 6.6. My truck has been rattle free. Every time I think I have a rattle it turns out to be something I stored somewhere, lol. It’s quiet enough inside that if I put my sunglasses on the dash I can here the little nose pieces rattling around. Drove me nuts until I figured it out. The ride is really well sorted out too. You can tell GM spent more time with the power train engineering than anything else. I like the ride better than my 1500 - a little firmer (I even have the heavy duty front suspension) but WAY better controlled body motions. I am very happy with my switch- the ONLY negative is a drop in fuel mileage, but I knew that going in. The 36 gallon tank makes it worth it. Hope that helps.
  8. There are grommets already there on the firewall for that purpose- both sides! They have extended nipples ( lol) for the wiring to come through. You can barely see the passenger side grommet from the passenger footwell. I pushed a small metal wire right through it into the engine bay- then I taped my wire to it, put some dialectic grease around it and pulled it right through. Really easy.
  9. If you look closely at the pics I posted you will see I mounted an auxiliary fuse box next to the compressor- it’s powered from that. The fuse box is powered by 8 ga wire directly to the battery with a circuit breaker. As of right now I’m also powering a 12v outlet in the bed from this fuse box (for my ARB Fridge) I made a custom wiring harness for my compressor- kept some of their wiring, and eliminated a lot of it. Since I’m not using air lockers, the harness was needlessly complicated. Now it’s neat and tidy.
  10. It’s normal. That’s how the trailer detection system works.
  11. Yes. I use it for my boat and camper mostly. I used to off-road a lot as well so if I ever find myself needing to air down the ARB will be a necessity! I blew up 3 cheapo air compressors before I bought the ARB. LOL. It would be easy to run the airline up to the firewall and out one of the factory rubber nipples they provide for wire routing. Then you can go whoever you want outside the truck. Not sure if that works for you but it’s a suggestion.
  12. I mounted mine under the rear seat- I have the single ARB though.
  13. I’m not worried about it. It’ll take a long time for the 2 bed lights to drain that battery. Once I get the ARB Fridge setup with a slide, I’ll be installing dual betteries. Flip of a switch and I’ll be off.
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