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  1. Was at the dealership today for an error code and when i got my truck back they said there was a recall on the def system and they took care of it while I was there...They said it was something to do with reengaging the def cycle ....didnt sound like it was anything that would help the cause...I am on the road in the morning so if i notice anything i will post up
  2. people....think about it...this stuff gets sprayed into the output of the truck...how in the world could it effect anything ..maybe a def quality check engine light but i cannot think of anything else..
  3. everything you all are talking about is what i experienced when i picked up my truck in December. i went to the dealership and delt with GM...eventually they just hung up on me after telling me the truck is operating within specs...hope something comes out so i can stop carrying 2 extra 2.5 gallons DEFs around with me at all times
  4. i would tell them to pull a working module from one of the trucks on the lot and send you on your way
  5. well if your looking for a 2015 3500HD that is in great shape send me a note...i live in Albuquerque so not far from you at all...I just bought myself a 2020 so my 2015 is just sitting around waiting for a new home
  6. i have several trailers i hook/unhook too and i run into it saying i have no trailer hooked up right after i just hooked up the trailer...i just go to the trailer profiles and select my trailer and all my info is there
  7. just installed this kit on my truck...does well
  8. the above is a pic of the print out i got from the dealership today as for the instructions to program them in
  9. this is the part number from one of the tpms from the truck..this is what is included with the truck if your dealership ordered it correctly...you can see the frequency right on it. tomorrow morning i am pulling my trailer to discount tire to have them installed so i can program them to the truck...i bought a set of 4 of these on fleabay for 50 bucks so not to bad of a price. in my case i am getting 4 sets since i own several large trailers i want to monitor...as for programming them you do not require a special tool to program them..
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