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  1. the lights come with a foam liner on the bottom .there is even double thickness right around the mount...i didnt get a pic of that but someone else can upload down the road to the thread.... i tried silicone for the middle one bit i may land up redoing it cuz i think my silicone may have been bad...at least if i have to redo it i only have to drop the center housing and i can get to all the bolts i hope
  2. This spot is reserved for the interior headliner work i am going to show you ...so stay tuned here
  3. This first think i did was mask off all the area I was going to work so i can reduce the chances of scratches and i could also write on the tape all i wanted. Then i got the lights and made templates of them so i could place on the truck as per the measurements. Here is a tip to use when you are further in the installation...The screw there is a 10MM..The way it is designed is when you pop your lights thru the roof you crank down the 10mm and the 4 legs spread out against the underside side of the roof sucking down the light to the roof. I had a hard time with that so what I did was unscrew the bolt and took off the legs...After i popped on the lights thru the holes I reattached the screw and legs from the underside...BUT before I did that i spread the legs to roughly 45 degrees...This helped me not have to fight the securing the light due to the tight area and helped me work around any sanding i had to do to get the light to seat. Thanks to SEFTON i got a great jump on the measurements I needed to place the templates in the proper area...I also got access to a new 2021 for a few minutes and went over all the measurements for any adjustments. There was some adjustments i did make to this on the fly...the 12 inch measurement is actually a bit over 12 1/8...The 8 3/8 is also a bit over...i was just splitting the difference to get the center light centered. When placing my templates I used a digital caliper so this is why you see the decimal equivalents. The is when i got my templates in place as per my measurements. Once i got my templates in place i used a center punch on all the centers...then i predrilled with a real tiny drill bit...then i got a middle size bit and drilled the holes...after that i drill the main holes with a 27/64th drill bit...once the hole was drilled i did intentionally wobble the drill bit in the hole to slightly widen it so the punch tool would have a tight fit to stay centered...I never tried the next drill bit bigger because I wanted to slowly work my way to the tightest possible fit... Once i got the 27/64 holes drilled i used the greelee tool i had bought to cut out the 3/4 square holes i needed to cut out for the installation...here is the tool and how it breaks down. I just used a 1" wrench with the tool to cut out the holes...very easy tool to use..there is lines on the side of the tool to line up so you can align you square hole. took less than 10 turns to complete the job i would test fit the lights at this point to see how much filing you need to do to help out the fit...you can see one of the 4 alignment marks on the tool I used to line up with my marks on the tape to make sure the square the clocked properly ....once test fit was good i pulled the tape and you can see what the hole looks like before the light is installed. once all 5 holes were done you can see what you are left with here...i cleaned out the tool after every hole was punched. At this point i ran the harness and got everything plugged in...There are holes predrilled for all the fasteners so once you plug in the harness to the truck just aligned the fasteners to the holes and your done real quick...factory plug is in the driver pillar up towards the top. Harness just plugs in.. above pic before plugging in..below pic is once I plugged the harness in. Once I got all secured down and plugged in I just activated the remote to test the lights and here is it with the new cab lights. Yes there are steps to working this the headliner in side...The next post with cover generalities of what you need to do to get to the underside of the roof.
  4. well count me in on one more install..my truck didnt have it installed so ordered the kit and got it done...now i am up and running...thanks again for this how too
  5. Sorry i am being a pest but trying to get this accurate so myself and others dont hack up our beautiful trucks...can you get me this measurement...need to make sure it is centered..thanks
  6. sefton..can you verify the width of your light...i am not seeing these measurements working so i am guessing your lights may be smaller than what i order
  7. just confirming what your measurements are...before cutting into my truck i am just making sure i got it all
  8. if your on the side of the truck looking across the green line are the cab lights all lined up or is there some staggering?
  9. excellent...i am going to start laying out this on my truck...thank you for the info ...if I have any more questions i post here for you...i appreciate your help
  10. sefton...thank you for getting me some measurements...i need to know if they are the same on all sides in the pic i uploaded...this will make sure i do not have a twist in the light...
  11. These are the part numbers I ordered for my 2020 2500HD HC... OEM GM part numbers Left and Right Lamp - 84747496 Qty 2 Center Lamp - 84747497 Harness - 84694118
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