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  1. I actually have at least the front plate that was taken off for my lift that I would we willing to let go of cheap, if you are interested, they are off of a 22 hd3500 but should be the same.
  2. I don't think upfitter switches would address the issue of routing wires through the grill area as they are installed in the dash. I ran my horn wires through the driver side by the headlights and came back around as mentioned by Leem.
  3. Hello all, I have a 2022 HD3500 and have been looking for options on a hitch assembly that won't interfere with the multi pro tailgate, I know B&W appears to be the only option but I need more that a 7" drop. Anyone have suggestions? I know about the "warning systems" but really don't want to remove the hitch every time I'm done with it. (I enjoy the shin buster) by the way check this mag cove out and my sig picture.
  4. I went with the BDS 6.5, mainly because they are here in AZ. I haven't had any issue so far but only have 5k on it so far.
  5. If you get the factory retractable steps they come with leds mounted similar to that. I would guess you may have a harness up there for the lights, depending on your trim level.
  6. I've had amp research on my 2016 and these are, so far, much better. They have an led light strip that runs the entire length of the board, looks good at night.
  7. Mine wasn't a drop in, I had to fab brackets but I had to get ride of the bicycle horn they put on these as well. I went with airhorns.
  8. Wow I think I found(or you found) the solution to my front light mounting location
  9. Got tired of it. We'll see how long they last on a 22 3500hd
  10. Mine took 6 months but they finally made it here with the truck. The order started out as a 21 but ended up reordering a 22 due to delay.
  11. You guys are on to something, my 2022 Denali 3500HD has a cap
  12. Just my input, I'm looking to put a lift on my 2022 Denali 3500HD and when I asked if I should add that option on my BDS kit my guy said that the stabilizers are really for solid axle frontends when the wobble can be an issue. In his experience it only adds a resistance feel in the wheel and can actually feel like a bind in certain situations. He talked me out of it.
  13. Do you have any pictures? On my 2016 I had mounted the pump in the aux alternator spot with a custom bracket but the ram air drain kind of gets in the way on this 2022. And my horns were mounted behind the grill but this one has the shutters that prevent that,
  14. I'm not sure about a special windshield, as I just had my 22 3500HD's windshield tinted and the HUD actually shows up a little better I think because of it.
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