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  1. When I opened up my mirrors to replace the black trim with chrome I didn't see any wiring inside for the light.
  2. If you like your truck, that is all that matters. Another person's opinion is just that, their opinion. Like a******s, everyone has one. I'm sure plenty don't like the Sierra front end. I do, and again, that is all that matters. That being said... Whoever thought it was a good idea to put the Camaro front end on a HD pickup needs to find a new line of work. I think the front end update is a big improvement
  3. 84468904 Side mirror trim 84468914 Lower mirror glass
  4. Chassis Unlimited Prolite replaces just the lower middle part of bumper with a winch mount.
  5. Looks like this company does reprogramming to put radios on European frequency steps. http://www.customtronix.com/
  6. Instead of using tow/haul you could put it in manual mode and shift down when you need it.
  7. Been there, done that. Only Ford I ever owned, 1981 F-100 had bumper horns and we did that exact thing to move a dumpster where I worked.
  8. Yes I just like the look of a bull bar, had one of those or a push bar(on older trucks) on last 4 trucks. Anything between the paper thin bumper and plastic on the front of these will help. It doesn't offer the protection for the truck of a Ranchhand full replacement but those things are just too massive. Anything solid just puts your safety at risk while protecting the truck. They have crumple zones to dissipate impact energy. Then in a major serious accident all you are left with is a perfectly intact Ranchand bumper with a crumpled up truck behind it. LOL
  9. Couldn't find one that looks good on these GMCs. Plus only protection I was looking for is the idiots in parking lots that don't know where the front of their car ends. Or when the zombie apocalypse comes and I need to shove other vehicles out of my way as I flee the city.
  10. It.'s gas. Most of lower vent opening is still clear. I don't have a forward camera so I can't answer about that.
  11. Installed an Aries Bull bar today. Angles match the Magnum headache rack nicely. If you install one, do yourself a favor and ignore the instructions. I wrestled with that thing way too long trying to get the bar on the brackets before pulling the brackets back off and putting them on the bar first.
  12. Those should definitely stop most everything. Driving around through some of the muddy streets after the flooding we had last week had me cringing hearing the mud slinging up the side of my truck.
  13. I installed the larger GMC splash guards on my truck. I like that these cover the width of the tire now, but they don't seem to be made as sturdy as the original ones. And doesn't use one of the screw anchor points on the back set.
  14. Don't know about on the new trucks but, the MBRP on my 2007 GMC 2500 6.0 sounded great. Nice burble at start up, deep roar when I hit the go pedal hard, but not loud at highway cruising speed.
  15. Installed a Magnum Low Pro headache rack today. Easy install. Actually spent more time cleaning the frame coating off my hands from running the wiring harness afterward than the actual install.
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