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  1. Definitely keeping a close eye on this on my truck. Hoping it is just a matter of the system needing a few cycles as per the tech bulletin that redwngr posted in another thread, but I need to get the truck in to a dealer anyway for another issue.
  2. From the way I read the above, there is not a typical tank float level sensor that might get stuck? I have not added any def to my tank in over 500 miles. The display when I added went to one bar less than full, but I know it was full at that time. A day or so later with maybe 100 miles of driving, the display showed full and is still showing full now. Is this normal?
  3. On android here, but am having some screwy stuff with the controls from time to time. Sometimes I get in and my music starts playing automatic by bluetooth without touching anything at all, then sometimes I am unable to start my music without selecting something from the phone and starting it. Once it is playing, scrolling through with the trucks controls everything works fine.
  4. Pulled my old stock trailer to the stockyard with some bulls this morning and set to tow haul but forgot to push the button for the exhaust brake. That trailer has no brakes. Had no issues with stopping.
  5. According to the sales manager at the first dealership we were trying to get to find us a truck, production was shut down for a couple months due to coronavirus. LT's were/are in short supply too.
  6. Owners manual suggests using the battery on the passenger side when needing to jump start trucks with two batteries.
  7. Kind of wondering if this is a common issue and this is something I am kind of watching for on mine right now. My level showed it was at like 3 bars a couple weeks ago, according to the supplemental manual it should have been able to take 3.5 gallons of def. I added less than 1.5 gallons and it was full at the tank, overfilled. The level then showed one bar less than full. Drove for about a hundred miles with it at that level and then the level went to full, all bars lit up green. It has been showing full for the past 200+ miles since. I question the accuracy of this.
  8. Getting unresponsive page popping up now, but the ads are still popping up. May check out the link above.
  9. That is strange. Would seem the second battery would at least power things up and give you some kind of something on the display. Far as the delco battery quality, the last delco battery I had prior to this new truck was in our 12 impala. It made it just past the 3 year mark and crapped out with no warning. Have had better luck from wally world maxx batteries. Guess I need to figure out which battery is the primary, honestly have not looked real close at them yet.
  10. About 1100 some odd miles on mine now and have not had this issue when remote starting.(knock on wood) I am having almost every time I get in though where it is asking me to confirm which user profile.
  11. Ridiculously slow to load anything here on this site due to the obscene number of ads. But then I am not paying for a subscription to be ad free, so guess I probably should not complain.
  12. Managed to find one set of 4 sensors new for under $90, should have them later next week. The harbor freight tire changer will come in handy once again, should be able to break the bead on one side enough to swap out the old stems and put in the tpms. Guess I will see how it goes without a learn tool, if it is too much trouble, will pick one up.
  13. No doubt that would be a turn off. Hope they get it straight for you. Situations like this, would seem gm would be eager to give their customers some compensation for the time involved. Unfortunately it seems most auto makers have their issues they fail to address in a fair time frame. Dodge screwed us over on our awd limited durango with a hemi. Bought it new in 08 with a lifetime powertrain warranty. Was a recall for the gas filler spout for it pouring gas out when filling about 6 years in. Made complaints to the servicing dealer several times, and finally they fixed it with the recall. Last year it developed rust through directly under the filler door. The only rust anywhere on the vehicle, has been for the most part garage kept and driven in TN where exposure to salted roads is not an issue. Dodge knows this is an issue that they are to blame for, but they refuse to fix it. I have seen loads of the same body style with the same rust through from minor to so bad there are large holes. For that sole reason I took dodge off the table for consideration on our new truck.
  14. Still at the pressures they were when I picked up the truck at the lot, +/- 60 front 70 rear. Those are the placard specs for my truck.
  15. https://www.chevrolet.com/contact/chat , have to get past the bots and give a live person your vin. Could be wrong, but thought the sensors could be programmed without the use of a learn tool.
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