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  1. That sucks. Good luck with goodyear. Let us know how it goes.
  2. Factory spray in liner on my 2020, like it just fine, honestly think it is better than any typical plastic liner I have had. According to the onboard computer, I can go over 600 miles on a tank, but rare that I don't refill around 3/8ths of a tank.
  3. When I just had mine in, they said they could not replicate the brakes squealing. She asked if it was just in the mornings, and went on to tell me that some squealing is normal with these heavy duty pads. They "resurfaced the pads". Guess for now I will just keep my music on to where I don't hear them.
  4. Same here. Seems after a couple days of driving with mine it is back to normal.
  5. Yes. Had my truck in for the recall last week.
  6. I had to reschedule the recall on my truck until this morning. I am thinking the tcm part of the "upgrade" has some issues. My truck on the way home felt like it was in tow/haul mode and my mpg's have taken a substantial hit. After the issues with the brakes, the dealership seems to be getting irritated. Hate to have to take it back, but does not seem right and the damned thing cost too much money not to be right.
  7. Think the dealer may have been dishonest with you. I had my pads replaced free under the bumper to bumper around 8000 miles. There is a tsb on it. They actually replaced the fronts first, the back pads took about 3-4 weeks longer to come in. I have my truck going in tomorrow, and they will be looking at replacing the brakes again for squealing again(ordering new pads), while it is there for a recall and oil change. Truck has just shy of 15,000 miles on it now. My truck is a 2020, bought in August of 2020.
  8. Alternative might be that the def tank overheats and causes other problems with the def system. Some horror stories about people waiting for parts for their trucks right now related to this issue. Taking my chances with mine and having them do the recall/reprogram. If my mpg's take a hit, I will take it back to them. fwiw, about every 2-3 weeks my truck's efficiency takes a major hit, and then after a couple days driving goes back to normal.
  9. Had this happen before, and I would try my mychevy password. I had to go into the mychevy site online and change my password for my account on the site. Entered the new password in my truck, and that worked.
  10. Average seems to be about 13 mpg for me when in tow haul mode no matter what I am pulling. I have not really loaded it down heavy, heaviest loads I have had on the truck has been my 22ft equipment trailer and 4 large bales of hay, probably somewhere between 9,000-10,000 lbs loaded trailer. I get average about 18 mpg with mixed driving. Those figures are from the trucks computer, I have not hand calculated.
  11. I have had similar issues, while driving down the road, and just out of the blue my display saying trailer not connected, check trailer wiring. What's worse is losing my breaks. Have also dc'd my trailer and been driving and had the message pop up to check trailer wiring while there was NO trailer connected. I don't think there was anything wrong with it, but I replaced 7 pin plug the plug on my trailer equipment trailer. Have also had some issues with recognizing which trailer is connected, and sometimes will act up with the 4 pin plug on my stock trailer. I am in the process of trying to rule out the trailering module, but I have read that some have had issue with it and had to have the module replaced. If my problems continue, I will let the dealership replace the module while my truck is still under bumper to bumper.
  12. Go to the gm recall center online and enter your vin. It should pull up the same info I copied here above for recall number N212354170. You can print it out and take it with you.
  13. Yep. Placard inside my door has my tire pressures at 60 for the front and 70 for the rear, even though the tires are rated with a max pressure of 80 psi.
  14. When the local goodyear tire store and dealer say they see the issue a lot with that particular brand, and I have had issues with the same brand, that seems more than just an isolated incident. I have had other issues with goodyear tires as well, had a set on my old 98 k2500 that wore prematurely despite being rotated every 5k. What really griped my ass was how goodyear as a company responded. After how they chose to talk to me as a customer with an issue with their tires on a car that was 2 years old, I decided that they must not want my business.
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