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  1. On a 2020 2500 duramax with 2 batteries, which battery did you wire your winch to, driver or passenger side? Plan to use quick connects at the front and rear, winch will go in a receiver cradle. Will leave enough cable to also use the winch on my equipment trailer if needed.
  2. Mine runs around 210. Has not seemed to make any difference what the outside temp is, yet. Once it is warmed up that is where it seems to stay.
  3. Only pulled my old bumper pull stock trailer a few times, but averaged about 13 according to the display. That was short distance in tow/haul mode and with some idling to load and drop off. Have yet to haul the equipment trailer with it.
  4. Only difference I believe in the Tx and allstar is the badging, they are otherwise equipped the same.
  5. Less than 3000 miles on the truck, and mine are getting noisy now. Build date on my truck is 8/2020 though. Wonder if the tsb has been extended for newer builds? Also now have a faint whine sound that sounds like a power steering issue.
  6. Ok. I know the exhaust brake has a switch/button, but thought you were talking about the button on the right side of the row of buttons that has the symbol of the truck going down hill. Have never used that button. fwiw, my truck does seem to downshift going downhill after pushing the brakes to come off cruise. But has not been in any way aggressive. I will pay closer attention.
  7. Build date on my truck is 8/20. I don't get into the mountains or anywhere where there are steep enough grades to notice. With just over 2000 miles on it have not even turned the auto grade braking on yet. If in the event I do drive somewhere that has a grade and I use the brakes like you post, I will try to remember to take a short video.
  8. Check the format. The 64 gb card I reformatted works. Had to reformat it from exfat to ntfs. It does take it a few seconds after first inserting the card for it to start reading, but once it gets goes on to allow browsing the entire card.
  9. Thanks for the help. The sdxc card is in exfat. Reformatting it now, only option was for ntfs. I looked in the manual and supplement for the infotainment system, really was not much information there about the sd card.
  10. Fixed factory 6 inch steps on mine, think they were a $750 factory option. Park in the middle of nowhere in parking lots and still somehow end up with someone parking next to me. A lot of people going with the power boards but honestly like the idea of them fixed, might prevent some dings and bangs from other careless people.
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