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  1. Dealership just replaced my fronts, they said the back pads were still backordered. I did not notice any squealing driving home. I do think the majority of the squealing was coming from my back brakes though. Guess we will see.
  2. I put a ranch hand legend bumper/grill guard on the front of my truck, it sits exactly the same and rides exactly the same. Weight differential is probably a little over 200 lbs over the stock bumper. I have a warn winch with a cradle receiver, I do not keep the winch on the truck, would add another 100 plus lbs.
  3. On my driver side battery, there were three points of attachment for the hot side. I went with the unfused terminals. I cannot say for the one battery setups. I wired anderson quick connects to the winch and ran the wire from my battery to my new bumper and used an anderson quick connect there. I plan to also run to the back bumper, already have my cables and connector, just have to crawl under the truck and get it done when I find the time.
  4. Yeah, that would be a bit too expensive, would be better off adding a dash cam system with add on cam to the grill. I don't see anything on my build sheet showing the intellihaul system, so don't guess I have it. I do have the module for tpms. Guess I may contact echomaster and give them my vin.
  5. I do have the ios infotainment system. That was not the same video that I watched. This is the one I watched, kind of confused a little as to whether the echomaster intellihaul module/system is factory?
  6. Can the factory front camera be added plug and play, or is there more required? Saw a video where a guy said they were plug and play and the wires were pulled to the passenger side kick panel and plugged in, he also showed pulling up the menu to add it. Wondered if any type module is needed?
  7. When the michelins that came on my truck from the factory start to wear, maybe sooner, I will be replacing them with nexen roadian at pro's. Have the nexens on my 98 3/4 ton truck, and have been impressed with them.
  8. Will be following along on this. Put a ranch hand bumper on my 2020 a couple weeks ago and have wheel liner hanging about 4-5 inches below the bumper. Has to be a way for a clean transition without cutting the liner, but I have not seen anything yet.
  9. If I were ordering one built, I would have the package. Did not see if it was mentioned, but the z71 package on my truck, also included the weather tech floor mats. Did not get the autotrac transfer case, if I had ordered one I would have also had that option. It was so difficult just finding our truck last year, was happy when I found mine. I bought it a week before it was delivered to the dealer, 500 miles away.
  10. Shows it is $22.34 at walmart https://www.walmart.com/ip/ACDelco-TP1015-Professional-Fuel-Filter-with-Seals/276704098
  11. Don't dislike the front end on my 2020, but put a ranch hand bumper on it, so don't see as much of it. The power and torque upgrades are interesting, wonder how that will play into towing specs.
  12. Having an issue with mine lately. Trailer will be fine, then driving along will pop up no trailer detected. Just this morning, my lights were on and brakes were working, then halfway to where I was going everything quit working and message popped up no trailer detected. I pulled over and unplugged the 7 way plug and plugged it back in, still would not work. Luckily, was just a short trip with my 22 ft equipment trailer and some oak logs. My electronics seem to be having some gremlins, having other non trailer related screwy issues as well. Another complaint for the dealer.
  13. Thanks for reporting back. Still waiting on the local dealer to call me back to set up an appointment to get my truck in for the few issues they need to take care of, including the brakes squealing.
  14. Harness for the fog lights is tied into the harness with the front sensors, if you have front parking sensors. It is a one in all harness and splits at the bumper where each fog light would go in the bumper.
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