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  1. 2019 oem mud flaps

    The GMC's look a little different.
  2. I got all the windows tinted! I also got Llumar Air 80 on the front windshield. It is clear and reduces heat by almost half and blocks 99% UV. No effect on HUD or auto lights.
  3. The airbags may deploy differently depending if the computer reads whether the seatbelts are fastened or not. The issue maybe if you pull the clip so it reads you are wearing your seatbelt during an accident when you are not. I know of a specific example when the clip was disconnected and the airbags still deployed in an accident.
  4. Finally arrived! Pacific Blue Sierra
  5. My Sierra just arrived today in Texas. It was invoiced and received a VIN on 09/10/18 so it only took 2 and a half weeks. The dealer did claim they put a rush on it?
  6. My truck just arrived today. It received a VIN on 09/10/18. That was only 2 and half weeks from production to delivery in Texas. The dealer claims they put a rush on it so maybe that is why it didn't take a month.
  7. DougFl 2019 Silverado

    Doug, How long from when your truck got a VIN until it arrived? I got a VIN on 09/10 but GM keeps telling me it is code 4300 in Ft. Wayne, hasn't been shipped, and no ETA. Good looking truck by the way!
  8. Seat belt chime disable 2019

    I'm still waiting on my 2019 so I can't say for sure... but on the past trucks, there is a wire that comes from the bottom of the buckle between the seat and console. Follow it a short distance to a small connector. Unplug that connector and it will read that the seat belt is buckled.
  9. Fuse for accessory 2013 yukon

    Someone may have a better solution but this is what I did. There is a wiring panel to the left of the brake pedal with a black cover. I put a crimp connector on a wire and connected it to a stub in there. I then wired it to a relay so it does not draw power directly from the stub. The stub I used provides power when the key is in the on position only, not accessory. I included a picture showing which stub I used. It may be safe to pull power directly from it but I wanted to play it safe. When I add the picture, it is sideways. The bottom of the wiring panel is the right side of the picture.
  10. I second the brake light switch for the cruise control. Mine stopped working and replacing the brake light switch got it working again. I also had to replace my driver's window switch because I was having to push the button hard to get the passenger window to move.
  11. How is this possible?

    The same happened to my Silverado and I changed them myself so I know for sure I wasn't being scammed. The rear brake shoes barely had anything left and the front brakes still had more than half the pad left. This was at 85,000 miles but I am light on the brakes.
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