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  1. Does anyone know part number for the nylon clip liners that go on the back of the metal clips? Almost all fell in the wheel well.
  2. How to these come off and reattach? Adhesive? Mine are wrapped but I want to paint them.
  3. It’s fairly easy. There’s a video on YouTube showing how to disassemble the entire mirror. Just search “color match 2020 denali”. Mine are fully smoothed and painted now. They were a pain to take apart, but didn’t break anything and was worth it.
  4. After reading your post again, sounds like you’re referring to the flow-thru console though.
  5. I liked that console too which is why I put one in my 2020. The design of the new console isn’t the greatest in my opinion. All it took was extending and welding the brackets on the k2 console.
  6. I had a body shop smooth and paint mine for $800. Look factory.
  7. I don’t have Bose. Was considering adding 2 10’s or 12’s under the seat. Has anyone done this? I used to be big in to car audio but not in the past 5 years. My biggest concern is I’ve never heard a downfiring box.
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