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  1. I canceled my order with shopchevyparts.com Availabilty went from 09/26 to 10/30.
  2. Painted Fender Molding from GM. Taking forever.
  3. That’s tempting to call them but I bet from a dealer they’re a lot more than $495. Hopefully mine will get shipped soon.
  4. I have a 2500, but I’d imagine the mats are the same for the most part. These fit much better than WT’s and Husky, and look better. However, I will say they scratch very easily. I have a 60lb dog, and the rear is all scratched up. Other than that, I still prefer them over the WT’s I’ve had in numerous trucks (but they never got scuffed as bad).
  5. I painted the mirror caps myself with promoter, primer, base, and 2k clear. Grille is wrapped.
  6. Yeah, I told them 3 times. Luckily, it came correctly.
  7. They are much softer, more comfortable, and much more forgiving.
  8. Still haven’t received mine. Says expected 09/26.
  9. That’s quite a haul from south FL haha
  10. Where are you located? I’ve been thinking about changing mine to a denali grille. The surround in the photo is only wrap, not paint.
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