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  1. Selling for a buddy He sold the truck before the cover arrived $750
  2. Spacers even if I am not leveling? I am looking at the B8 5160 specifically
  3. Thanks for the reply I’m in a 2020 Sierra 2500 AT4 Couldnt find any on the 2020+ replacement, just wanted to make sure nothing major changed from the previous gen
  4. Thinking about ordering up some Bilsteins, Im new to trucks coming from mostly sports cars, is this as simple as removing a few bolts and bolting in the new shocks? Just want to make sure im not missing something before i order them up and tackle it in the driveway thanks!
  5. Got a good deal on the factory black wheel option, but now I need black lugs! GM’s set is $350!! Will a set of Pro-Comp Spline Drive lugs work with factory wheels?
  6. How would you guys describe the improvment? Handling only? Smoother ride? Bumps are smoother? Etc
  7. How does that emblem install? Peel off the old one?
  8. I have always had better luck selling wheels/tires separate
  9. Thanks for the replys, leaning towards selling mine
  10. Just ordered a set of 22x10’s, debating on if I should keep the factory 20” AT4 wheels or sell them to recoup some money? What have/do you folks like to do?
  11. Arkangel


  12. Finally got my replacement and despite it having a handful of scratches on the top, this is the result
  13. Does it rest against the cab when folded all the way up?
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