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  1. Finally got my replacement and despite it having a handful of scratches on the top, this is the result
  2. Does it rest against the cab when folded all the way up?
  3. Hey folks, Looking to see what you guys are using for hitch reducers/clamps to go down to a 2" I run a Kuat NV 2" bike rack w/ anti wobble hitch cam but with the sleeve it wobbles too much for my liking carrying $12K worth of bikes. One of my buddies suggested buying a longer 2" sleeve and having it welded from the spare tire side of the hitch, but not sure if I want to do something that permanent yet. Thanks!
  4. Hey folks Upgraded from a 1500 and absolutely love the truck, but holy hell the turn radius is a huge difference! Getting through tight crowded parking lots has me questioning wether to ever attempt to get through a fast food drive through lol Is there anything that I can do to improve the turning radius? Or does it just take getting used to?
  5. Please update how this cover works out, if you havent seen the thread the Bak MX4 currently has a design flaw where it doesnt rest on the cab when folded.
  6. Whats the specs on Lift/Level and Wheel/Tire size and offset?
  7. Original, replacement hasn't shipped yet.
  8. Thought Id post this if anyone is interested Here is a video of the added stress on the rail and mounting bracket when you force the cover to the cab. You can see it pulling the bracket up and causing rotational force on the rail. The more I do it in the video the less it seems to flex, not sure if related but after 2 days of rain and a wash this morning, this cover seems to leak more than the last one I had on my 1500 https://imgur.com/a/pagUL9E
  9. MX4 has 4 panels for the standard HD bed
  10. To each his own I guess, this is my 3rd Bakflip, the others rested on the cab without having to apply a single ounce of pressure. A bunch of guys have them at work and theirs all touch, thats what they were designed to do, I think if it doesn't and it just bounces around on the “living hinge” something is going to fail prematurely. If it wasnt a problem I dont think Bakflip would be replacing it before I could even ask for a replacement ?? I’ll update when I get the new one.
  11. Not sure how to embed this, nor why it doesnt have audio, but here is what they sent me initially https://imgur.com/a/jxikh1w
  12. Did you have to send your original one back to them? I havent tossed the box yet in case I do. I have to apply more than a small amount of pressure to overcome the gap, when I tried it resulted in stress on the panel closest to the cab, the rubber joint, and the mounting plate attached to the rails and hardware I think this will eventually lead to premature failure at one of those points. If it was designed to function this way Bakflip would have said so, but they are acknowledging the fact that it is not functioning as intended which is why they are warrantying it. I have not been able to find any information on a Bakflip that does not touch the cab when folded from any other truck including Ford/Dodge/Toyota etc. If the next one doesn't solve the problem then I think Ill be going with a different cover.
  13. Yes I tried every which way, Spoke to Bakflip this morning the sent me a video on how to fold to get it to to touch Tried it and it was 2x as bad Sent them a vid of their “fix” and now they want all my info to warranty it.
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