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  1. Hey folks, looking at ordering up some UCA’s, is this something I can do myself in the garage? havent been able to find any DIY
  2. Hey folks, need a recommendation for black lugs for my Hostile Sprockets thanks!
  3. My 18 SLT has glued on cladding
  4. Looks good! Did you measure to see if you got a true 2.25” of lift or +/-
  5. Long story but I cracked one of the spokes on my rear wheel. Is the plastic chrome clad face replaceable or am I going to need to replace the wheels, preferably with 20x10 and 33’s and a leveling kit
  6. Not sure im that brave.. had you done it before? What vinyl did you use for $30?
  7. Just got a quote to wrap both bumpers for $360 using Avery brand vinyl. Its crazy because some shops were as high as $600-$800!! One told me they wont wrap Chrome because it does not last. Not sure what the difference is causing the extreme price fluctuation
  8. Not sure if any of you shop at RDP but they have the Readylify kit with 10% off coupon code md10d
  9. Thanks for the replys. Got quotes for powdercoat for $150 each for powdercoat or $200 each for vinyl wrap. Im undecided, Im not sure I feel like taking the bumpers off and all the lights/sensors etc, and have them off for 5-7 days, but am unsure of vinyls durability and it looking the same as paint
  10. Looking to either powdercoat or vinyl wrap my chrome bumpers black to match the paint What has everyone done to match the sensors?
  11. Looks great! What offset are the wheels? Any rubbing?

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