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  1. I have 2 sets both brand new never used One is for stamped steel UCA’s and goes under the coil the other is for steel or aluminum UCA’s and goes on top of tr strut $30 shipped per set
  2. But will they fit?

    I have same level and 20x10 -19 on same tire size and had to trim plastic and metal
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    From MRT?
  4. Leveled 2016 silverado with 33s

    20x10 -19 and 33x12.50
  5. Leveled 2016 silverado with 33s

    The stock wheels rubbed on the Readylift UCA’s, the Hostiles do not. The back of the front wheel well was trimmed both plastic and minor metal.
  6. Leveled 2016 silverado with 33s

    Yes, had it trimmed
  7. Black z71 emblems

  8. Just hit them up, theyre saying the 2.0 is to small for the Sierra 1500, and I need a 2.5, which is double the cost. Gonna have to wait a while or mybe try the Bilstein 6112 and a 1/2” spacer
  9. I see, just to confirm, you did adjust them to 2” of lift prior to the install?
  10. So Im guessing yohr waiting on the 6112’s?
  11. Damn I thought that the problems were with their first generation of coilovers, thanks for the heads up but damn, now im back to square 1
  12. You maxed out the adjustment? I def cant take that gamble as I already have 33x12.50r20’s on -19mm 20x10’s Problem with Bilstein is they only lift 1-3/4”, and I have read mixed reviews on stacking lifts with coilover and a spacer
  13. Whoa, when was this? Did you install yourself?
  14. As the title says, whos the best to buy from? Best deal I found so far is $750 delivered

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