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  1. Well the time has just about come to upgrade from my 2018 1500 Sierra to a 2500HD AT4 diesel, I am in CA where noone wants to give a deal so I am looking out of state. I am planning to purchase in Oct/Nov, Seems as though Laura Buick-GMC in IL has the best dealS with about 10k off MSRP Anyone seeing anything better? When I bought my 2016 Camaro there were multiple ways to score extra discounts, such as “Private Offers” off the dealer site, or $500 off voucher for donating to an AG organization, anything like that for GMC? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for the replies Since the rebates cannot be combined with the 0% 84mo, its 2020 1500 AT4 6.2L ~59k w/0% or ~53k no 0% 2020 2500 AT4 6.6 gasser ~57k
  3. Thanks for the replies, hard decision because this would be a DD, and Im not sure I ever will get a trailer, and if I do it def wont be anything crazy as we dont have toys like ATV’s/side by sides etc and we never will as I have 2 disney princess loving daughters ages 3/6 lol
  4. what do you guys think is the diesel worth an extra ~10k? I have nothing to tow at this point however down the line maybe get a trailer for a family of 4
  5. Here in SF Bay Area they are saying either rebates or 0% for 84mo, cant combine
  6. Considering a 2020 2500 AT4 Im at the point where I owe what my 18 1500 is worth, with the 84 month 0% Im strongly considering an upgrade
  7. Over here in NorCal NOONE is offering a deal on them. Been looking at Laura, and it would def be worth the flight and drive home, but I still owe on my 1500
  8. So far I got them to NADA rough trade in value, for a 2018 that would easily qualify for clean trade in. You are 100% right about the dealers, Laura GMC is offering a 2020 for ~50k with the same options. Im probably better off selling private party and buying from them
  9. What dealer offered 16% off? Trying to find a 2019 AT4 myself, but I owe 39 on my 18 SLT PREM PLUS, dealer here offered me 8k off MSRP but only 35k for my 18
  10. Can someone explain to me the “catch” for lack of a better word, when purchasing from dealers like Dave Smith, Dennis Dillon, Laura etc Are they requiring to use their financing and keep it for a certain amount of time? What are the interest rates like? I saw a post say they wanted to add $2k to the price for not using their financing
  11. What exactly is the deal with them requiring to use their financing? Im assuming they make up the $2500/$1000 difference in the time they require you to keep their financing for?
  12. How are the angles with this kit? Will ride quality be better than a 2.5” spacer kit with stock Ranchos?
  13. 1 take off wheel in excellent condition, no TPMS $325 shipped to the 48 states Venmo, Cash App or Bank Transfer only
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