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  1. Banks Pedal Monster purchased Oct 27, 2021 for 2021 Chevy High Country 6.6 Duramax installed on the Oct 30th removed Nov 1, I believe it can be used without and iDash with the App also looking for $210 shipped us 48 I have every thing it can with except the box I do have the back panel with the serial number etc. I would return to banks but they will not take it back do to it is now used plus their restocking fees. So good deal for someone looking for one
  2. RUNNING THE CABLE INFO When running the camera cable if you remove the 2 Torque Screws on the camera unit itself the housing splits and you can unplug the cable from the actual camera then you only need to drill a 1/2 inch hole for the cable. Hope this helps
  3. I did the relocation this weekend on my truck, purchased the 2 cables as suggested 4 footers are the perfect length, moved 7way/dual camera port receptacle to the bed location the only issue I had were the 2 clips snapping back into place. What i did was pop the 2 clips out of the connector stood them up on end and tapped the 2 tabs that hold them in place down a little with a hammer (a little) put them back in and used a small screw driver to help snap them in place. Hope this helps if you are having problems with the clips.
  4. Hi Cobra No pads to lift the deflector just the thickness of the 3m tape the goes completely around the the deflector with exception of the 2 outer edges i do not think it can vibrate once installed this is totally flat both sides no raised lips to deflect wind but it will keep this area of you hood from chipping. I do like the look but to be honest I was working on my truck in the garage with the door open and hood up... door was cycled and scratch and creased the hood just above the lip dead center 3 days old I just did not want to get it repainted at this point I purchased 2 I may have one painted to match the truck but the flat black is really growing on me and I do like the look...lol I believe their is a different version also with a lip
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