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  1. Funny, I have a 2021 LTZ 2500HD and think the seat is so much more comfortable then either of my last 2 Ford Lariats. I love how firm they are. Everyones different I guess.
  2. I just bought a 2021 Z71 LTZ a few days ago. Its my first chevy in a long time and I am surprised at how relatively level it came from the factory. I only want another 3/4 to 1" in the front truthfully. Is there any major issue in just adding a turn to the factory keys? My last 1500 was a 2003 and I remember how crappy it rode when I cranked the keys but I did it a ton more on that truck than I need on this one. Now that they are $70k I dont want to screw this one up! Any thoughts on just 1" out of the factory keys?
  3. I wished I had thought about that. I just bought a 2021 Z71 LTZ yesterday about an hour from my house. Came home on the freeway with a big smile at about 90mph with 31 miles on the ODO when I bought it.
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