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  1. I have been super happy with these and for the money if I catch them on something out hunting or whatever they are cheap to replace. Super strong and I think they look really good. Super easy to install, like 20 minutes. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08CZVQ6BP/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. I've done the bed cover and boards, leveled it and added the chrome inserts for the tailgate. But, by far my favorite addition is the PedalMonster and iDash. Game changer, total game changer.
  3. Just added the PedalMonster and iDash....................holy crap what a difference! My 2021 2500HD LTZ Z71 went from a locomotive to a Corvette. Sport setting 6 seems to be the sweet spot and I am shocked at the difference it made. I had been thinking about adding the Derringer to is as well but with the PedalMonster installed I dont feel the need for any more power as the truck now feels like it has a ton more. And, no issues with the warrantee as there is no lasting signature it was installed. Gauge is cool too. I like knowing boost and DPF filter saturation levels. Totally worth t
  4. It is amazing that even after 2 months I still constantly walk out to the garage forgetting the key. After 4 Fords in a row I just cannot get used to having to put the key in my pocket. It sure rides good though.
  5. Fords you can deactivate the auto locks and seatbelt chime easily. It's called the "belt minder" and is deactivated with a couple of seat belt click in the aux key mode. Auto locks is just in the setting menu, all things the sales guy said I could do with this truck. Dont get me wrong, truck drives great and has good power. Just simple things that could easily be fixed via programming to make it more user friendly. Looks good too.
  6. Checked it out. Does not give you the same functionality as the Ford does and the keypad seems like it would destroy itself with the first car wash, super flimsy. Point is to keep the FOB inside always and you cant do it with the Chevy offering. Just seems like something they should offer stock already no matter who came up with is. But, I knew that was a drawback going in so its on me.
  7. Type the question into Youtube and look for the video by Project Farm. You will then go buy this........just like I did. I live in Idaho.
  8. Wow, that sucks. I was also a Ford guy but they were just too expensive at the moment so ended up with a 2500HD Duramax LTZ Z71. Lots of things about it bug me, auto locking doors, 99mph limiter, inability to turn off the seat belt dinger, and lack of a door key pad. I did not think that stuff would bother me as much as it does. If it breaks down I am really going to regret not spending the extra $8k. At $70k whats an extra $8k right? Hope it all works out.
  9. 2021 LTZ Z71 Duramax I picked up a few weeks ago. Love it so far, just a few things that irritate me. The auto-locking doors and 99mph limiter being a few. Just the bed cover and steps so far but have some ideas. Stroking that huge check put a pretty big dent in my play money!
  10. Hi all, long time listener but first time caller. I got a new 2021 Z71 LTZ Duramax last week. Put the running boards on and the bed cover this week, all of the functional crap that keeps me in her good graces. Now time to start on stuff for me. My last 2 Fords came with these garbage Rancho shocks so I figured I would start there with replacement. I turned the keys 1 rotation which got me within 1/2" of level which is perfect for me. The thing is so tall stock if I actually lifted in much more it wont go into my garage. All that being said, what is everyone having good luck
  11. Funny, I have a 2021 LTZ 2500HD and think the seat is so much more comfortable then either of my last 2 Ford Lariats. I love how firm they are. Everyones different I guess.
  12. I just bought a 2021 Z71 LTZ a few days ago. Its my first chevy in a long time and I am surprised at how relatively level it came from the factory. I only want another 3/4 to 1" in the front truthfully. Is there any major issue in just adding a turn to the factory keys? My last 1500 was a 2003 and I remember how crappy it rode when I cranked the keys but I did it a ton more on that truck than I need on this one. Now that they are $70k I dont want to screw this one up! Any thoughts on just 1" out of the factory keys?
  13. I wished I had thought about that. I just bought a 2021 Z71 LTZ yesterday about an hour from my house. Came home on the freeway with a big smile at about 90mph with 31 miles on the ODO when I bought it. ?
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