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  1. Ionic 5" stainless steel curved ovals. They look great, super easy 30 minute install. Takes longer to find and remove the plugs where the bolts go. Super sturdy too.
  2. Not a lot of inventory anywhere. I just bought a 2021HD / LT gasser and feel I got lucky with finding one with the All Star and Z71 package combined. Some things I wish it had but overall very happy. I couldn't really justify the LTZ or Diesel additional costs. I shopped for a few months and just happened on this one.
  3. I just brought home a 2021 2500HD LT trim with the All Star and Z71 packages but apparently not the convenience group that is required to get wireless AA and Carplay ?
  4. I just picked up a white LT 2021 HD Z71 Crew Cab. Love it compared to my 1500 I traded but it didn't come with running boards. I'm not sure if I like rectangular or ovals, chrome or black. I had polished stainless steel on the 1500 which I did like. Anyhow, share your pics.
  5. Good ideas! What is the consensus on Custom Offsets? I read some real horror stories but others love them?
  6. What are your experiences? I've read bad things about most places. Afraid to pull the trigger.
  7. Yeah, I sold my 2003 50th Anniversary Convertible so I could buy the 2017 Silverado - I have owned Corvettes since 1995 and I really don't miss it. I love the Silverado, its utility and all the comfort for driving to and from work.
  8. Yah... Not my first rodeo with fitment challenges. I've downloaded the complete specs for every Ridge Grappler Nitto sells from their website. Been studying how the different aspect ratios, widths and turning radius may affect clearances. Thanks for the reply!
  9. I bought mine the last day of November last year. It was a 2017 that they were moving out as the 2018s were coming in. I just rolled over to ~24,000 miles, It makes me sick that I drive this much back and forth to work just about every day. Its 108 miles round trip. Thank God I have off every other Friday. No problems at all with the truck during that time. I sometimes whish I had bought the LTZ Z71 but I did get the ALL Star Package with upgraded electronics, towing and locking rear with 3.42 gears. I also bought a V6. It has been amazing on gas doing that commute and I'm very happy with the performance. This is coming from a guy that has driven Corvette for over 25 years. I'm definitely a Chevy guy for sure. Maybe next year move up to a 2500 Duramax to tow a travel trailer I want.
  10. I'm getting ready to buy new tires for my 2017 Silverado LT - It came with 17" wheels which are probably great wheels as far as strength and weight goes, but I have been tempted to step up to 18 or 20 GMC wheels because I like the looks of those wheels. I'm not a fan of a lot of the blingy black wheels on the market but have been looking at some Fuel wheels too. HOWEVER.... it would be significantly less expensive to just buy a set of LT285/70R17 for my factory rims and be happy. I have a 2" Motofab level kit in a box in the garage ready and waiting for the rain to stop!! :-) Anyhow, thought I might get some folks to show me photos of stock wheels with 33 or equivalent tires. Ive looked at hundreds on Custom Offset site but of course those people are not posting factor stock wheels for the most part. I did a Photochop of my truck with factory wheels and nitto tires but it would be cool to see if anyone else has done this.
  11. Mine are Bridgestone Duellers. I would have thought they made a good tire. I guess that unloaded bed must be pretty light. I don't keep mine in auto 4X4 but it does have that capability. It gets impressive traction in the snow with the 4WD engaged. But worry about this winter when commuting and the roads are not covered in snow, but just slick and cold.
  12. I have just a hair over 20,000 miles on my 2017 Silverado 4X4. Tires are factory stock and appear to be still in brand new condition other than a little treadwear. Thing is they have crap traction on wet or rainy roads. Is this normal for the factory tires?
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