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  1. 3rd horn drawing too much current for the stock sized fuse. It is used for the 2 horns. Putting the 3rd horn in parallel does not reduce the total current the fuse sees.
  2. 6L80 external filter DIY

    Just read the updated post with filter pics. The exact reason I wanted to install a remote filter in the first place. I'm still pulling a gallon of fluid from the dipstick tube every 15k miles until then.
  3. Good to know. I have always thought that my truck makes a louder tick than the others that I have been around. Maybe this is a good preventative maintenance item to do. I do have over 100k on mine. The price is not so expensive that it makes it prohibitive.
  4. That would seem like it is keeping it on the road and not just around town driving. I just recently bought a $4500 work car since gas is creeping up again. So, for the last 3 weeks my truck has gotten about 20 miles on it. I just changed the engine oil last weekend and 1 gallon of transmission fluid so the truck should be fresh and ready when I need it/
  5. Silly Floor Mats

    There is a local truck accessory place in Knoxville. They have both Husky and WeatherTech on display. I chose the Husky over the WeatherTech. I have had them for almost 3 years now and they still look great and have not curled up or changed any. I would recommend the Husky X-act fits to anyone asking.
  6. Can you tell a difference since you put the sound proofing on the roof?
  7. Where it winds up. I keep the gallon jug and pull the old fluid to this jug. Add the new fluid from quart bottles because I found them quite a bit cheaper recently.
  8. Everything connected and ready to go.
  9. Nylon tubing turned so that it bottoms in pan easily.
  10. Changed engine oil and filter. Also changed one gallon of transmission fluid.
  11. Not running a catch can on mine. I did take the trottle body off not too long ago to clean and inspect it. To my surprise it was not that bad and cleaned up really easily. I just used a lint free rag and cleaned as far as my hand would allow me to down the intake, which is not very far. I use one of the aerosol valve cleaners every now and then. In 60000 miles I have done it twice. SS14 Sea Foam Spray Quick Acting Top Engine Cleaner And Lube.
  12. Just curious did you try and clean the area where the ground wire went so it could make good contact?
  13. I was just wondering where you were with your sound deadening on the roof Phil. Looking forward to hearing your review and seeing some pics of the process.
  14. Crappy radio reception

    You are not the only one. I have learned to keep my ipod plugged in all the time. I also got XM for $5 a month for one year so I don't worry about FM. I do miss the local sports talk every now and then. Oh yeah, I took the antenna off my truck and it sets in the garage by my tool box. No need for it.
  15. 2015 silverado oil pressure

    I'd much rather have a gauge show me something than just an idiot light. You have no idea until the light comes on.

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