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  1. I'm currently at 110k on my 2014. I change the oil and filter every 5k. Pull 1 gallon of trans fluid out the dipstick and replace it with new fluid every 15k. It's had the diff fluid changed and the trans filter changed. It's had the AC condenser replaced under warranty. The radiator replaced under warranty. I've replaced the battery, brakes and rotors, shocks and upper control arms. I have fixed a lot of the squeaks and rattles the that used to bug me when I first got it. I see now reason to get rid of the truck at this time. It should be around for at least until I decide to retire. It's got scratches in the paint but it still cleans up nicely and looks probably as good under the hood as it did when it was new.
  2. My passengers side looks just like yours. Never noticed that before and I keep my jambs clean. Drivers side is body colored.
  3. I'd like to hear the results of this if you do try it.
  4. I am at 110k miles on my 14 with the 6 speed. My first fluid and filter change was at 60kish. The fluid looked bad. Ever since then, every 15k miles, I have pulled 1 gallon of fluid out the dipstick and replaced it with a new gallon of fluid. My fluid has looked like new ever since then and my trucks transmission seems to be doing fine. It may go tomorrow but I for one will continue my maintenance schedule.
  5. Looking at everyone's post I guess I should add to this what my list of repairs has been. 1. AC condensor replaced under warranty. 2. Radiator replaced under warranty. 3. I had a slightly warped rotor so I replaced all 4 rotors and pads. 4. I replaced upper control arms because I thought I had bad ball joints. After I had the uppers in hand, I found the upper a-arms were just loose. I put the new arms on threw the old ones in the trash. 5. Tires 6. Engine oil and filter every 5k. 7. Trans filter and fluid at 60k. 1 gallon of new fluid every 15k after. 8. New Bilstein shocks all around. 9. I've silenced quite a few squeaks and rattles. 10. Rear differential fluid around 60k. I'm happy with my truck and expect it to be around for quite a while longer. I said it earlier, no payments and I hope it lasts me another 84 months. 2027 is a long time away................It might not make it that long............
  6. I ordered the one in the link you posted earlier in the thread. It took several weeks for it to get here. I jumped up in the bed of the truck to change the gasket. I removed the screws and could not get the lens to come loose from the truck. I just put the screws back in and put the gasket on the shelf since it had not been leaking anyway.
  7. It's been a few months since I have posted in this thread about my truck. Currently I'm at 110,687 miles. The last thing I bought for it was a replacement gasket for the third brake light. As far as I know it currently doesn't leak i was just wanting to be proactive. No issues with the truck. I've been watching those commercials on TV and thinking 84 months of payments is a long time. Mine is paid for and maybe it will last me 84 months.
  8. Check out this video. He does a pretty good job of showing how to use a ratchet strap and 2x4 to pull down on the exhaust to remove the pan.
  9. Mine makes the same noise when starting. Mine is a 2014 that I got with 42k miles on it. Currently the truck has 110K on it. It's always made that noise. I was thinking it was the cold engine piston slap that the Chevy used to be known for.
  10. I always called it crabbing or crab walking when you turn and the truck is four wheel drive.
  11. I always park my truck with the wheels pointed straight ahead. If I have ever had a hard time turning the key it's been because I have parked the truck or my car with the wheels turned.
  12. This thread just goes to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  13. Just about every time I come to this forum, I find another something to worry about on my truck. Lol!! Glad you got yours fixed. Now I am thinking I need to be thinking about replacing the 3rd brake light gasket on my 14. Did you wind up buying the VIPMotoz gasket on Ebay?
  14. Wow! I am not in the thievery business but it would seem to me these trucks would be hard to steal without the right key. How is it so easy? I hope you get your truck back safe and in good condition.
  15. I've had one on an 07 Sierra I had. Works great. So far my 14 is holding up but if it does give up the ghost I will go this route.
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