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  1. Mine did it on one trip. After the first stop everything was back to normal. Hopefully yours keeps working correctly.
  2. $2.22 for regular 87 here in Lenoir City, Tn. on Thursday afternoon when I filled up my daily driver.
  3. I run cold pressure of 38 in mine. Hardly ever do the pressures get much higher than 40. You are fine, well below the max tire pressure.
  4. My wife asked me to run out and get her a paper, coffee and a biscuit this morning. I decided to take the truck since it hasn't been moved in a while. 3 miles to the store, run in and get the stuff. On the way back, the check engine light came back on. My truck has probably got 250 miles, maybe, since the recall was done. The light is back on. Same two codes, P0430 and P0171. Odd to me it's never given any lights, ever and now the two times I have driven it, the CEL has came on with the same codes. Edit: I got to thinking about what I had done to the truck before the recall. I had to change the battery. To make it easier I pulled the airb ox. I just walked out and double checked everything. Turns out, the jackleg mechanic, me, left the intake tube loose from the air box to the plenum. I don't know how the truck was running. The tube was just pushed up to the air box and not on it. I don't know how it was running as well as it was with all that unmetered air getting in.
  5. Under dash AC would be one of the few mods I would like to do to it. Get rid of those bumperettes on the front for one. Maybe address the drivers seat depending on what is under the cover. It's hard to find a C10 for a fair price here that are not either rust buckets or dreamers.
  6. For some reason today, my wife mentioned to me she saw a 1976 C10 on FB Marketplace and told me to check it out. She knows I have been looking. I looked at it on FB and messaged the guy. I am very intrigued by it. I am probably going to slip off and go check it out next weekend if it is still around. Not very many details in the post other than it is a v8 and automatic. I would guess it has been painted because it looks decent in the pics. All I really want is just a driver. Not looking for a show truck. I've got a 70 Corvette that I have made too nice to really drive to the grocery store. I have touched every nut and bolt in the corvette, a couple of times in some places. I feel I am very capable of the mechanical work. Where should I be looking for problem areas? Frame areas to look at? My dad had a mid 70's 6 cylinder with 3 speed on the column. Here are a few pictures of the truck.
  7. When I was driving it every day to work, it was a 41 mile run. About 15 miles on the interstate and about 25 through the country. In the last 1.5 years I have only driven the truck about 5k miles or so. The current tank of gas is averaging around 19 mpg. They are all around town miles anymore.
  8. I finally hit 110,000 miles as I turned on my road coming to the house. This also shows the lifetime MPG since I got the truck with 42400 miles on it. Roughly 67k miles and 23.7 MPG. I had the vacuum recall done on Friday and a check engine light came on Saturday while running around. I took the codes and cleared the light. Drove it around today and everything seems fine, no CEL.
  9. This was my thought too. I'm shocked that it threw the codes after the work. I guess I am going to drive it today and see if it comes back on.
  10. Here is my installation of a Dorman oil fill neck. I had to modify it with a Dremel and a shop knife. It seems to work pretty good for me so far. I don't have many miles on it yet however. I've not been driving my truck as my daily driver in quite some time so it sets quite a bit.
  11. You can rent a tool at Autozone and pressurize the coolant system and see the leak pretty quickly. I built one and have had it for about 10 years and found two leaks over the years.
  12. I had the recall done on my 14 this past Friday. I drove the truck home and today, Sunday was the first time I have been back in the truck. My check engine light was on. I finished what I was doing today. Several starts and stops over the day and still the check engine light is on. Tonight I checked the codes and it was P0430 and P0171. I cleared the codes, scanned the truck again. No codes. Started the truck, check engine light gone and no codes. P0171 says it could be a weak fuel system or vacuum leak. Could that have been caused by the recall? That is the first time I have had any lights on the dash and it just happens to be after the dealer worked on it. Coincidence?
  13. It depends. Some of the trucks I do like, others not so much. I am still warming up to them. I like the GMC better than the Chevy. There are so many different front end designs now. I'm not sure about the taller beds just yet and the exhaust tips. I have yet to get inside one and look around yet. I have an appointment on Friday for the brake recall on my 14 at 0830. I may try to get a look inside one of the demo trucks.
  14. I've had the mirrors and the factory harness now for about a year. Still have not done it. I need to buy Phil's harnesses and a switch and just do it.
  15. My 2014 with 110k miles doesn't do this. I have changed the fluid and filter at around 65k. Since then I have changed a gallon of trans fluid every 15k just to keep it fresh and clean.
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