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  1. My son put an Autozone battery in his Honda in 2016. It was a 36 month battery. We just replaced it for the 3rd time this summer, 1 month before the 36 months was up. I swear batteries are getting made cheaper and cheaper and do not last anywhere close to the time they used to. I almost think they are engineered to fail so they can sell us another one in a few years, prorated of course. I just had to put a new battery in my 2014. The battery I removed from it was an AC Delco that was manufactured on 12/05/14. I'm not sure this was the battery the truck left the factory with. I bought the truck in October of 15 so the battery lasted me 4 years anyway.
  2. Just to update my thread. I am currently at 109850 miles and 2839 hours. Getting close to 110k. Could happen tomorrow or it could be another month or two with the way I have been driving it lately.
  3. 109850 miles and 2839 hours = 38.69 MPH. I am sure the MPH has came down quite a bit in the last few years. The truck was my daily driver up until about 18 months ago. Since that time the truck has probably picked around 5000 miles.
  4. I use hockey pucks in my floor jack to keep from scratching the finish off the frames on my vehicles. I have for years. They are really durable.
  5. I replaced the battery today. It may have been the original to my truck. The battery was manufactured on 12/05/14. My truck is a 14 but I purchased it in October of 15. $174.75 and it should start for some time. One thing that I was surprised about is I had the battery out of the truck for over 2 hours. When I started it up, the radio presets were still set and the temp settings were as I left them.
  6. Talk about irony. We have been on vacation for a week or so. My truck hasn't been driven in a few weeks. I went to move it today and it barely started. WEAK battery! I was just going to wash it. I put my charger on it and after about 2 hours it says BAD BATTERY. I will have had the truck 4 years on October 23rd. It is a 2014 truck but I bought it from the dealer on Oct. 23, 2015. Could be the original battery.....I"ll have to check the date when I get it out.
  7. I hope I am wrong but, I think they are engineered to fail just after the warranty runs out. 36 month battery last just a touch longer than 36 months. They make good money selling these things. And there are really only a handful of battery manufacturers. They just re-label them for whomever wants a battery.
  8. Glad to see this topic posted. This is one I have been thinking of for my truck also.
  9. I'm sure. I was just perusing ebay using 2014 silverado OEM as my search term. The wires and plugs pricing were something I came across obviously wrong. I thought that price was to easy.
  10. I am looking around and see plugs listed for like $19 for 8 and wires for around $48 or so. Is this what you guys are seeing.
  11. A couple of things to look at on the front suspension. Check the bolts that hold the a-arms in place and see that they are tight. Mine were loose and allowed the arms to move when weight transfered to and away from the drivers side. I replaced the shocks all around on my truck. Sometime later I noticed a bumping noise in the front. Seems like it was the where the shock comes through the center of the mounting plate was loose. Make sure that is tightened to spec. You can reach it better through the wheel well. I am away from my truck right now on vacation or I would add a picture.
  12. Jay, do you have a part number for those new style rubber pads. I might just try those if they are not too expensive.
  13. I can buy a couple of gallons of distilled/demineralized water at Walmart or the grocery store for a few bucks. Seems like it is about $1 a gallon. It's all I ever use in mine when doing antifreeze flush or drains. If I want to flush the system good. I will pull the lower hose and drain everything I can get out. Use the water hose and leave the bottom hose off and let the hose run in the fill for a bit to flush everything out good. Fill it with hose water and run it around the block til the thermostat opens and then drain again. This time fill with distilled/demineralized water and run it till the thermostat opens. Drain the system again. Pour a gallon of non-premixed antifreeze in. Pour a gallon of distilled/demineralized water in. I haven't had to do this truck yet, the radiator devoloped a crack and it was replaced around 95k miles. Currently has almost 110k.
  14. I have always thought that progressive springs would be an upgrade for our trucks. As far as I know, mine is 2wd, there is only one spring for the front suspension. I looked a few years ago for progressives and never saw them listed for our trucks or I missed them. I did put Bilstien 4600(?) on mine and it seemed to help the handling. Like you, I don't notice it as much now that I am used to them.
  15. What I did was place a floor jack on the frame just in front of the rear wheel and jack the truck up. This will spread the leaves out. Taking the wheel off will make it easy to slide your rubber pieces in between the leaves. I slid each piece of inner tube as far forward as I could. Folded the excess over and used a tie wrap to hold it in place. I bought the biggest inner tube they sell at walmart. Cut the valve out. Held the ends of the tube up in one hand and cut it in half. Then cut each half in two again so I wound up with 4 approximately equal parts.
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