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  1. If you are concerned about a magnet. Go to the Lowes or Home Depot and buy some dime sized rare earth magnets and stick them on the filter. They come in a 4 pack and are relatively cheap. They are STRONG. They will catch anything that would get caught by the drain plug. I put the whole pack on my oil filter. Home Depot Rare Earth Magnets As far as the valve being slow to drain. While the oil is draining, you don't have to worry about missing the pan with the stream coming out of the pan with out the valve or trying to modulate the flow so it doesn't go every where. With the valve, if you leave enough length on the tygon tubing, you can slide the pan over while draining the pan and remove the filter at the same time. I have them on two vehicles and don't see me going back to the stock drain plug till trade or time to sell.
  2. I'll try to remember that about the police rotors. I am sure those are a little beefier than the stockers.
  3. I have one on my 14. I can drive the truck home from work. Park it in the garage and slide under with an oil pan and a piece of tygon tubing. Open the valve slide out from under the truck and go inside. Walk out in the morning, close the valve and change the filter. Fill it back up and ready to go again. No ramps needed.
  4. My 2014 had nice braking around town. Getting off the interstate, I had the shakes also. I replaced all the rotors and pads and now have smooth braking again, everywhere. I did however go aftermarket.
  5. A little story about my 2014. I noticed a knocking sound coming from the front of my truck. I started checking every thing I could get a wrench on while under the truck. Nothing loose. One afternoon my son came over, I had him help me check the ball joints. I jacked the truck up and had him pry up on the tire. There was movement on the drivers side, where I was hearing the noise. I ordered a set of MOOG upper control arms. They came in, I painted them black. I took off work on a Friday to do the work. Got the truck on jack stands and removed the front wheel. Match marked everything so I could get it all close. Put the wrench on the upper A-arm mounts and they were loose. Ugh!! The arm had been moving around causing the noise. I thought, what the heck, I've got the parts and went ahead and changed the uppers out. The good news is MOOG are greasable where the stockers are not.
  6. I agree. It used to be that a car was pretty close to used up when it had 100k or so miles on them. They became nightmares to keep running. Overdrive came along and helped with longevity. This is my 3rd Honda. My first one I sold with near 200k on it for what I had in it. My second one met an untimely demise at near 200k with a deer. Insurance covered that one. This one is 2011 Honda CRZ that was totaled. The bumper was off and the passengers side mirror was broken off. There are some scratches on the door and that totaled it. The bumper and a new mirror have been reattached and the car drives great. I am hoping to nothing happens to it, like the deer, and it lasts till I retire and then some. I'll probably add about 25k per year so that should have me around 250k miles or so. The car comes with a maintenance minder that tells you when to do maintenance. Nevertheless, I change oil and filter every 5k, just like my truck. This car only hold 1.5 quarts of trans fluid so it gets changed about every 15k. Air filter every 15-20k. Then what ever crops up in the mean time gets taken care of. Same maintenance schedule on my truck, our Maxima and my 1970 Vette. I take care of my cars and don't beat on them. It's too expensive to replace broken parts that you break being rough on a vehicle. I had a 1980 Yamaha SR250 when I was a kid. I loved that bike. I wore the sprockets so bad one time the chain started slipping. I was afraid I was not going to make it back home. I changed the rear tire one time, one time. Easy maintenance on that one too. Seems like it would run about 80 MPH but knock down about the same in MPG if you rode the speed limit. Good times.........
  7. Not sure of the type of material, but I got it at Home Depot. It is the white plastic line they sell. Outside diameter is .380 according to my dial caliper which works out to about 3/8" outside diameter. But, if you are going to use your Amsoil pump, it depends on the diameter of the tubing requirements of that pump.
  8. I normally don't keep vehicles very long. Normal life for me has been about 3 years, over my working years. I am getting closer to what I want to be my retirement age to be and another 4 or 5 years should get me there. I have probably had 20+ vehicles. (Way too many and a lot of lost money, but I enjoyed every vehicle) In May of 2018, I bought a little Honda to make the 41 mile, each way commute to work. At the time, May 25th 2018, my truck had 104,646 on it. As of July 12th 2019, my truck 108,804. This is coming from my aCar app that I use to track mileage. If those numbers keep up, the truck should make it pretty easily to retirement. The little Honda has been getting 42+MPG and cost $4000. It might pay for itself.
  9. The tube that comes with the pump is silicone type material and will stick to the sides of the tube before you ever got it down far enough to pull fluid. I bought some of the tubing similar to the type that is the hard line going to your refrigerator except in a larger diameter that just fits snugly inside the pump tubing. The tubing I bought is stiff and can be pushed to the bottom of the pan without much resistance.
  10. Weird it seems to just be the negative cable with the high resistance crimps.
  11. I pulled all I could pull out the dipstick tube at 70k miles, to avoid taking a bath in trans fluid. Dropped the pan and changed the filter. Cleaned the magnet and replaced the filter. I have since pulled 4 quarts every 15k miles out the dipstick tube. The fluid looks much better now. I am at 109k miles and I hope for another 4 or 5 years out of the truck.
  12. I assume the radio reception issue from the previous body style have been fixed?
  13. I have thought about changing plugs, just haven't done it yet. How big of a job was it?
  14. I have thought about doing this several times. I really like the idea of an external spin on filter for the trans. It's got to help.
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