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  1. I replaced the both uppers on mine because I thought I had a bad upper joint. I ordered the whole upper arm, MOOG with ball joint and installed them. Funny thing about mine, when I pulled the tire and started loosening the upper control arms, the bolts were already loose. Thus, that is where I fell into the bad upper ball joints. Did not notice where the movement was coming from when I was push/pulling on top and bottom of the tire.
  2. Currently I am setting at around 107k miles. I haven't had to put gas in the truck since August.
  3. 107k on mine and on the stocks still. Hopefully they last quite a while longer. Timken used to be the go to for bearings. Is this not the case anymore?
  4. Just below the column there is a knee bolster. Held on by a few screws under the dash. Take the screws out under the dash, seems like they might be 8mm. Remove the knee bolster. With the bolster out, there will be some more screws in the area below that are screwed into the metal support brackets. Seems like they are the same size. TIghten them down and the rattle should be gone. Mine were very loose and caused a rattle that drove me nuts. Gone now and has not came back in 4 years.
  5. Shifting issues

    I changed the fluid in my pan and filter at around 65k and it was DIRTY. Almost like coffee looking. Since then I have changed one gallon of trans fluid every 15k miles. The transmission in my truck performs nicely for me. I agree with whomever said it above, do some maintenance on the trans to keep it happy. I am currently at 106K miles and very happy with my truck.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Getting the exhaust noise out the back should hp with the in the cab drone. It's not going to stop it from happening, just move it to some other location.
  7. That Ridgeline is awful looking. It's a minivan with the back seats removed and the top cut off masquerading as a truck. There are two in our neighborhood. An old one and one of the new ones. Those new ones are horrendous IMO.
  8. This may be one of those things I do to mine on my next 3 day weekend. Thanks for the heads up. Does walmart still sell inner tubes?
  9. I change 1 gallon of fluid in my trans every 15k miles. Have been doing that since 60k miles and now I am at 105k, all seems fine with mine. At 60k miles my fluid was nasty! It now looks nice
  10. Truck Stuff

  11. I had an 02 Z06 that I drove daily for about 5 years. Rain, snow, sleet, whatever East Tennessee weather had to offer. I also have my 70 convertible that I have had since around 99-2000 time frame. I have spent the money on restoring it to where it can be driven any where. It has an LS motor, 5 speed transmission, rack and pinion steering and 3.55 rear gear. It is easy to drive on the interstate and it will blow the tires off if you want. The bad is, it's black, has no AC(yet) and when I installed the convertible top on the frame, I did not make the top frame fit the windows first. So it now leaks in the rain. No biggie, it's not my daily driver. Can't find my pics online anymore. Here is a short video.
  12. Hopefully that is a typo. I saw it too when reading the thread and assumed he meant .001". He is pretty detail/maintenance oriented if you have read very many of his threads. Hopefully he will clarify when he returns to the thread. Great work FL335i. Makes me want to go after the axles and my vibrations are pretty minor but I can hear the gears change pitch when on and off the gas. I am easy on my truck and do not have a heavy foot.
  13. Did you join the Chevy Truck Legends program when they were offering earlier in the year?
  14. Your truck looks great and mine looks dirty. Good job. It must not be too hot in Massachusetts. Not sure I could spend 9 hours on my truck this time of year in East Tennessee. In the 90's and humidity makes it feel above 100. I spent about 5 hours in the pool if that counts for anything.

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