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  1. You may have already checked this one but is the media volume turned up on your phone? I've done this one too.
  2. I have found that sometimes I have to change inputs to get my bluetooth to work. If the bluetooth is not making sound, choose radio until sound is heard then back to bluetooth. That usually works for me. I had to do it today. I get XM on my phone free and pay for XM in my wife's vehicle.
  3. I went from factory 18's to factory 20's and lost 2 mpg. The weight difference was about 20lbs per wheel heavier. Factory wheels and tires.........
  4. I once drove my truck to the bank to pick up a check because I was on my way to trade my current truck. Truck started and ran fine to the bank. Came out to start the truck. The interior lights and everything came on just like always. Hit the starter and everything went black. No lights, no dings, nothing. I opened the hood to check battery connections and the side of the battery at the post was blown out. A new battery and the truck was traded later on in the evening. I always check my connections if I have any kind of starting issues. However, if the starter sounds like it is dragging, do not grab the bare posts with your hands. You will burn your fingers!! Hindsight............
  5. Just flip the visor up. My wife leaves mine down every time and makes me bonkers too.
  6. If it were me, I would have been doing some trans fluid removal about every 15k miles or so. I pull 1 gallon of fluid out the dipstick and replace with new fluid. At 60k I dropped the trans pan and changed the filter and however much fluid came out. Since then I have been doing the 15k miles/gallon trans fluid change. I am at 113k miles or so now. I hope to avoid transmission problems for a while by doing this. I think you are right by doing the fluid first. It's the cheapest and easiest to do.
  7. Hopefully you will be good to go!! Let me know how it works out.
  8. There is a big demand for the parts and there are several facebook groups with Silverado parts for sale. I'd love to have a set of new front wheel well liners, a leather shifter, leather dash etc. I have read numerous articles about how easy it is to steal the Silverado and Sierra. One article recounted that about 30 were found in a field dismantled. There is one member on here that has some brackets over different parts under the hood one being the ECM. It's still hard to believe they can get in and gone in 5 minutes. They've had a lot of practice and have gotten good at it.
  9. Check the path that the factory ground uses and you should see that it goes through the current sensor. Your new ground should run through this also, otherwise, your new bigger ground is the path of least resistance and the sensor will not see it. This is what controls the alternator output, thus the state of charge on your battery. Run your new ground through this and it should correct your issue.
  10. Has anyone replaced their front wheel well liners/splash shields? Mine have a few holes rubbed in them and the felt is coming off in lots of places. I have looked online and see you can get generic replacements for a good price, but what quality and do they look stock and fit stock? I haven't looked at a local wrecking yard yet but that is on my list also.
  11. When you did your Big 3 upgrade did you run your ground the the current loop sensor?
  12. Try some bicycle inner tube over the spring pads. That quieted mine down. It has been over a year since I did that and it is still quiet. I cut a bicycle inner tube into four equal lengths. Folded each length over itself and put the folded end over the pad and used a tie wrap to hold in place. I placed a length of folded inner tube over the front and rear spring pads and this has stopped the clunking sound from the rear of my truck.
  13. I wonder would this be covered as an emissions control device? If so it may still be covered. i haven't looked that closely at a vehicle warranty with a cap less system. None of our vehicles have cap less.
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