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  1. Same for where I work. You cannot have a weapon in your vehicle.
  2. Battery burp

    Engineered failure is what that is called. I asked my dealer about a replacement battery because I thought mine was getting weak. He asked how old the battery was. At the time, I had only had the truck about 3 years. He just flat out said it is about time for it to die.
  3. You are a maintenance guy like myself. I am at 108k on mine and since watching the video I am thinking this might be something I just change out at my next oil change. It could be a while since I am not driving my truck daily lately. If you do decide to check yours, I would love to know the results of your findings. I think I'll be ordering a filter and o-ring and having it on hand and swap it.
  4. I change at 5000 mile intervals, oil and filter and set air pressures. When I see the truck rolling up to the next 5k number on the odometer, I know it's time to buy oil and filter. Every 10k I rotate tires. Every 20k, I pull a gallon of trans fluid and replace with a fresh gallon. Change the trans filter every 50k. Diff got changed at 60k.
  5. Been on Corvette Forum it says since Feb. 99. Not quite as often as I used to be, but still enjoy my corvettes over the years. Same user name over there and here. This mid-engine corvette debate has been going on for a long time. Finally, it seems to be happening.
  6. I'm slowly creeping up on it.
  7. I am currently around 108k on mine. Still running nicely. I owe a couple more months of payments and it will be paid off. No reason to jump back into more payments just yet. The truck will be around for several more years. Hopefully another 5 would be good with me.
  8. I am at 107k on my 14, so far I have had none of this issue. I hope this is one that does not cost me a wreck!!
  9. I have felt the bead of sealant before but I have never actually laid eyes on it. I wash my wheel wells out every time I wash my truck and use my fingers to chase as much dirt and grime out. I'll have to look for that when the weather warms up again.
  10. I bought mine with just a tick over 40k on it. I bought the extended 100k warranty and it worked out for me also. Radiator and condenser fixed on mine.
  11. Hard to beat driving the company car. I am hoping to keep my truck around another 5 or so years. So driving something else is saving the truck for later.
  12. How many miles are you at now? I am guessing you have gained quite a few more, hopefully trouble free miles. Still in the 107k range but getting close to 108k.
  13. You can see my mpg in my sig. I use the aCar app to track mileage. This is my lifetime average. My truck originally came from the factory with 20's according to the options list. When I bought the truck it had 17's on it. I have since put a set of factory 20's back on it. The 20's have knocked the mileage down some. I drive 80+ miles round trip to work and recently bought a Honda CRZ for $3700 to drive back and forth. My truck only gets in town use for the last 6 months and that really has put a hit on my mpg. I have recorded my worst mpg in my truck in the last 6 months just driving in town.
  14. How much for the U-bolts minus the shipping? I can't see a price on their website. Interesting fix.
  15. 2019 Four cylinder

    The MPG numbers are in my sig for my 2014 5.3 2wd. Seems I am pretty close to the 4 banger MPG already. Wonder why they did not turbo the V6?

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