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  1. Found this image on google looks like there is a screen where the oil passage is. Would this not collect debris if the pump did decide to fail?
  2. Yes I think I am I've been reading and it looks like when these pumps fail they put metal shavings in the oil and cause engine failure. In this case it would be good for me as my truck is tuned.
  3. The clicking noise is coming from my vacuum pump. I just put two long socket extensions together and listened to everything this morning. Cylinder heads, exhaust, intake all sound good. As soon as I stuck it on the vacuum pump all you can hear is click click click.
  4. This was the first thing I checked man putting a stethoscope on it in the morning.
  5. After my truck is warm it develops a tick on the driver side of the motor. It's definitely not the direct injection as I know what it sounds like and this only happens when the truck gets warm. It's not a bad tick but I notice it. I was thinking maybe it's the vacuum pump but I would assume it would tick all the time not just when warm. My truck is tuned and has been in v8 mode it's whole life so getting the dealer to look at it maybe a iffy situation as you and I both know it would automatically be blamed on the tune.
  6. I average 21-22 mpg on the highway right now and I'm wanting to do a 2.5" level with either of those size tires I will also be doing new wheels at this time also. I'm only interested in a all terrain as I drive my truck way to much on the highway for a mud tire. My daily round trip is 80miles. Just wondering what everyone else is getting. I've driven my truck for 60k miles stock and it's time for a change.
  7. If anyone has a chrome grill just text me it's easier that way. 6six2-5nine0-64six4
  8. Lol indeed I did Yeah all I'm looking for is a standard chrome grill man. I have a white diamond slt
  9. Hit a deer in deer season anyone have a stock grill they would like to sell?
  10. What kinda gas milage are you getting now man?
  11. I should have never got on here lol now I'm looking for problems on my truck. My antifreeze level is fine at 60k miles and hope it stays that way. I won't be replacing anything until a few more years or miles when it's out of warranty. I did manage to smash my tailgate the other day and that's going to be $1764 to replace [emoji15]
  12. My truck has the max trailering package and I believe it has a upgraded HD radiator from the factory but I could be wrong.
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