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  1. I know some people on here have put 275/60r20's on stock trucks and say it doesn't rub but I have 18's so I can't confirm that.
  2. Should work just fine! My roommate just put a set of '17 Silverado Z71 wheels on his 95 and they look great.
  3. Hey everyone, My friend just bought a 2019 Canyon Denali a few months ago and on a recent road trip we both noticed a squeak coming from the rear of the cab when going over bumps. He couldn't figure out where it was so I figured I'd try this forum to see if anyone knows where it might be coming from if anyone has dealt with this before. It sounds to me like it's coming from the rear seat behind the driver.
  4. I'm getting about the same with my 5.3. Honestly impressed by the fuel mileage on these trucks considering it's a v8. My 04 Dodge 1500 5.7 got about 10-12 city and maybe 14-15 highway so switching over to this truck and seeing these numbers impressed me. Also makes me want to keep my truck mostly stock because I'm sure MPG's will plummet if I start adding a level, heavier tires, etc.
  5. which struts do you guys recommend? 5100's or 6112's? I drive 85% highway/10% city and 5% off-road if that. I commute 80 miles a day and I'm looking for something that'll be comfortable on the freeway, hold up better than the ranchos, and be decent on washboard roads. Don't know if the 6112's are worth it for me with such little off-road?
  6. Anyone have any pictures of their truck with these tires? They look pretty good on tire rack, just wondering what they look like on our trucks.
  7. 1. Paint chips way too easily. After 1 year I have chips all over the bumper and hood. Love the Z71 look with the color matched front but think I'd go with chrome next time just because of the paint chipping so easy. 2. Shocks. Had one Rancho replaced at 6k because it was leaking pretty bad. I don't completely hate them but they seem too stiff sometimes and too bouncy at other times. 3. Z71 Skid plates. The front skid plates are cheap plastic and I already put a hole in one while driving down a rough dirt road. Will probably replace with the metal ones Chevy sells but they should come standard on the Z71 package. Overall though I love my truck and it is hands down the best vehicle I have ever owned. I'm genuinely happy to drive it every day and it never fails to put a smile on my face. Even catch myself looking back at it when I park a lot of the times. Definitely a proud Chevy owner.
  8. I own a 2018 Z71 and while bored I found myself looking through the specs for the new 2019 trucks and noticed that the ground clearance on these new models is almost an inch less than on the 2014-18's at about 8 inches unless you get the trail boss. Does this sound right? Just struck me as odd that Chevy would lower the ground clearance on these new models instead of raising it. My 18 sits pretty low as is at 8.9 inches of clearance and I want to level it and upsize tires eventually just to get the front off the ground a bit more. My only thought is that they're trying to upsell the 2 inch factory lift? Or is it for better mpg's? Any thoughts?
  9. How are they in the snow/ice? I've considered getting these but I've read that they're not that good in snowy conditions.
  10. What's everyone paying for the extended warranty? I'm strongly considering purchasing the 7yr 100k extended warranty but I'm still pretty clueless as to how it all works out. Do you buy it online? or at your local dealership? Are there any deductibles?
  11. Love the painted grill/bumpers on my z71 but like others have said....so many chips! Considering getting one of those AVS Bugflectors to see if that actually helps with the hood. Might get some clearbra type product eventually too.
  12. Have about 10k miles on my 2018 crew cab short bed Z71 so far. No major issues so far. Only minor issue is I had 1 rear shock leaking and the dealer replaced it. Besides that it has been great! I get good gas mileage for a full-size truck, the interior is roomy and comfortable, and the infotainment works very well! I did come from a 2004 Dodge Ram so I am biased in that everything in my new truck seems light years ahead of my old truck but overall I'm loving it!
  13. Thinking about eventually installing 5100's and this is what worries me.I've heard the 5100's are pretty stiff. What did you replace them with?
  14. From everything I've seen, yes they should work fine. I think the newer wheels look sharp on older trucks!
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