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  1. Hey everyone, A few months ago I noticed the coolant was low in my 2018 Silverado 1500. I took it to the dealer and they kept it for a couple of days and said they ran pressure tests and couldn't find any leaks. They filled it up and sent me on my way but I'm wondering if they might have missed something? Any reason I might have lost coolant? My truck has 58k miles on it. Thanks!
  2. Anyone had the new bypass valve installed at the dealer outside of warranty? How much did it cost? I'm sure I can install it myself if I have to but if it's not too much $ I'd rather just save the time and have it done at the dealer. Thanks!
  3. Anyone have recommendations for roof racks for a 2018 Silverado? I'm looking for something budget friendly. Would like to get a set to haul my kayaks instead of throwing them in the bed.
  4. Well I've put several hundred miles on the rear Rancho RS5000X shocks I installed and honestly they're great. Drove about 50 miles of washboard dirt roads for turkey hunting and they were much better than the OEM shocks. They're a little stiffer but not uncomfortable by any means and the handling is much improved and the truck feels much more planted. For $100 for the rear set I would highly recommend these so far, will see how they hold up in the future though. I'll definitely be putting the rancho RS5000X struts in the front at some point in the near future.
  5. Any rubbing at all going up hills or over bumps? thinking about putting this size on my stock truck but don't want any rub when I'm off-roading.
  6. I'm just about to install some Rancho RS5000X shocks on my truck after noticing my OEM shocks were worn. I went with the ranchos because they weren't too expensive and I've heard the same thing as others here have mentioned about the Bilsteins being too stiff. I'll see how the 5000Xs ride and let you know.
  7. What prices are you guys paying for a full set front/rear of bilstein 5100s? I’m seeing prices from $380 to $450. Also how much should I expect to pay to have the fronts installed?
  8. Out of your choices I would go with the adventures based on your described use. I would also recommend the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 in P275/65r18 which is what I ended up going with to replace my stock HT tires. Smooth, good traction, and definitely more aggressive look than stock.
  9. No, I ended up going with the Nitto Terra Grappler G2.
  10. Check your payload rating sticker on the driver side door jamb, that's the number you're looking for. That's the total weight the truck is legally rated to carry including yourself and any passengers. For my 2018 crew cab short box its 1641 lbs., yours might be slightly higher due to being a double cab. Definitely would not recommend putting 4k lbs. in your bed.
  11. Anyone tried the Hankook Dynapro AT2's yet? Thinking about picking them up, they seem budget friendly, have the three peak symbol for snow, and seem like a fairly mild AT tire which is what I'm looking for. Hoping people who have tried them can give their experiences and reviews with them so far.
  12. Did you end up getting these? I am also curious about these tires. Leaning towards getting the Michelin Defender LTX but these are very similar, have the 3 peak winter rating, and are much cheaper.
  13. Hello, My 2018 Silverado is at 30k miles and almost out of the factory 36k/3yr warranty. I plan on getting an extended warranty through GM and I was hoping fellow truck owners who have purchased GM's extended warranties could share what sort of price range they bought theirs for. I went to my local dealership and all of the warranties were between $1,900 for a 3yr/36k with a $250 deductible and $2,300 for a 4yr/60k one with a $100 deductible. Do these prices seem reasonable? I plan on shopping around at other dealerships and I have heard I can just call or email out of state dealerships and purchase from them if they have better offers. This is my first time purchasing a warranty so I want to be sure I get a reasonable price on it. Thank you all in advance for the help!
  14. Well this is disappointing to hear, I was thinking of going up a size to 275/65r18 when my stock tires wear out...
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