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  1. Hello Everyone, Looking for a classic truck just for fun (summer drive only). I found this 1988 GMC Sierra 3500 SLE regular cab long bed 2WD with 7.4 L engine with 66,000 actual miles. The dealer is asking $8,200.00. They have this truck for sale since 2017. I am going Saturday to test drive it. The truck is in very good shape. here is the link: http://beautifulbonesautosales.com/cars-for-sale/1988-gmc-sierra-3500-sle/ What you guys think? Thanks,
  2. I went with the 2nd notch. I think looks good and I wanted some rake. The truck ride better than the rancho factory shocks ks
  3. Thank you very much for your feedback and explanation. I am worried about leveling the truck I will have problems in the future with the ball joints and some suspension components. Maybe I will go with the second setting. Do yo have to adjust the headlights to compensate the difference on the height? Thanks
  4. Nice Truck. What is the height setting that you go with. My dealer is doing the installation for Bilstein 5100's this Wednesday but I am undecided if I go with stock height setting or second or 3rd height setting. I have stock tires and wheels. For the rear you have the shocks with the boot down? Thanks
  5. How long you have them. DO you have a good experience and what height adjustment you have? Thanks for your help.
  6. I am ready to place an order. But I have some questions: 1. How reliable they are? Better than the ranchos 2. What setting height adjustment is recommended just to level the truck remove the rake. Thanks,
  7. Hello. My dealer charge $350.00 for labor to install the Blistein Adjustable Shocks plus $120.00 for alignment. This a good price for install all 4 Shocks.
  8. Hello, How is the GM cold air intake. Do you like it? Please your review.
  9. Hi, any news on this? Two months ago I purchased a 2017 Suburban certified pre-own with only 17,000 miles and I have the same problem. Now my truck has 19,000 miles. I am going to the dealer tomorrow.
  10. I got a 2017 Suburban LT with the luxury package, sunroof, rear entertainment package, certified pre-own with 16,000 miles.
  11. Hi , Thanks for all your comments. After my research, I traded in my GMC Double cab Sierra for a Suburban. I already took the Suburban on a trip and it is amazing. I like the Suburban smooth ride, drives better than the truck.
  12. Hi guys I need your input here. Currently I have a 2014 GMC Sierra Double Cab All Terrain package with only 33,000 miles I always owned trucks because I like them a lot. I have two boys that they are growing up. The truck is our family vehicle, we going on vacations and is a very nice ride. I Right now the space is good for the boys but soon will be no enough space but we also have a 2016 Impala that we can start to use as our family car. I’m not using the truck like a truck. I never use the bed like a truck. Now I like the Suburban and the Yukon XL. But I would like to trade my truck but I have mixed feelings about it. That I am going to miss my truck. My truck is my daily drive.
  13. I'm thinking on trade my 2014 GMC Sierra SLE All Terrain Double Cab, for a 2017 Silverado Crew Cab LTZ - Z71 Midnight Edition. I think I can get a good money for my Sierra since only has 22,500 miles. I think I can get a good deal on the Silverado. What you guys think I should wait for the new 2019 model. I'm happy with my truck but I like the new Silverado and the extra room.
  14. HI, I'm taking my truck tonight to get the recall done. Please let me know if they reprogram the HMI. The reason I ask is because I update the HMI to have navigation and if the dealer reprogram the HMI they will delete the navigation features. Thanks,
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