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  1. Hello everyone. I have a 2016 Silverado LT Z71 double cab with 56,000 miles with all these mods: - Blistein Shocks - Corsa Sport Cat Back Exhaust - LTZ headlights and taillights - Linex - 3M clear-bra complete front end - BCM Programming to avoid resistors for the LED headlights and taillights, camera in motion, etc. - Factory navigation - New OEM Center floor console - New Denali Cluster - OEM LED Chevy grill emblem - OEM Chrome running boards - OEM molded mud guards - OEM red front hooks - OEM bed anchors - Fold-a-cover - OEM Floor Liners - Power folding mirrors with turn signals. - Diablew tune - GM intake - Dim rear mirror The question is what other mods I can do?. I want to keep the truck with OEM mods if possible. Thanks,
  2. I remove the chrome trim for the new headlights. Is a pain to remove the 3M double side tape, i use dental floss. I hope is not hard to remove the color trim from my truck. I going to do this tomorrow afternoon. Today I am going to seal the new headlights with silicone to avoid any possible condensation. Any recommendations on the silicone?
  3. My new headlights will be here tomorrow. I will install them this weekend. I hope is not hard to remove the headlight trim. The new ones have the chrome trim i have to swap with the color ones that I have now.
  4. Thanks. I purchase a brand new set of LTZ Headlights for my 16 Silverado.
  5. So factory HID headlights are better? looks like you have LED
  6. Hello All. Does the LTZ Headlights (LED's) are way better than the LT Headlights (HID's)? better light output?
  7. Hello, Does anyone have these wheels? New Chevy Silverado Suburban Tahoe Factory OEM Gloss Black 18” Wheels Rims 5905 | eBay Please post pictures I am thinking about get these for my truck. Thanks
  8. Does anyone have these fog lights. How they are? quality? how difficult are to install? differences between the two? Thanks, Amazon.com: Z-OFFROAD DOT Approved LED Fog Lights w/ DRL Compatible with 2016 2017 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 Driving Bumper Lamps – Black : Automotive Amazon.com: BICYACO LED Fog Lights with Daytime Running Light DRL Halo Assembly Kit Compatible with 2016 2017 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 Bumper Fog Lamp Replacement (Black) : Automotive
  9. My dealer fix the issue. They told me that one screw on the airfilter support bracket was loose and cause this noise vibration. So the noise was gone. But right after that I put a tune from Diablew. No more V4 mode
  10. Denali Cluster. Thanks to White Automotive and Media Services. Always great customer service New cluster works great.
  11. Hello, Anyone have these wheels: 18" GMC CHEVY 1500 FACTORY OEM WHEELS RIMS SET 4 | eBay Please post pictures. Thank you
  12. Hello, Anyone have these wheels: 18" GMC CHEVY 1500 FACTORY OEM WHEELS RIMS SET 4 | eBay Please post pictures. Thank you
  13. I have experience with Diablew. Big difference. The truck drive better.
  14. Yes. I agree. I was thinking of that, wait until the new model year. Right now is crazy but this will come down. Maybe the next model year they will offer with no AFM. I like your screen name Mandalorian. I am a huge Star Wars Fan.
  15. Yes, I agree. I have a lot compliments on my truck. The Tungsten Metallic Color looks great. My truck is like a car I never use the bed. But when you need to move something is there. This truck is my daily driver, I drive an average of 8000 miles a year, is why the truck looks new. My wife drives a 2017 Suburban and we use that vehicle to go on vacations (before Covid). The Suburban also have low miles. I have decided to keep both vehicles until they die. My wife loves the Suburban. There are very comfortable vehicles.
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