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  1. I can do $120.00 for the front floor liners, Dash Compartment and the plastic pieces under the dash (by de accelerator pedal). $120.00 plus shipping for all 3 items or you can pick up. Located in Rockford, IL. Let me know if you are interested. I can cancel the eBay listings. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-2018-Silverado-Sierra-Dash-Compartment-Pre-owned-Part-Number-23177892/184546937473?hash=item2af7daca81:g:HfgAAOSwk-pfucNq https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-2018-Silverado-Used-Premium-All-Weather-Floor-Liner-In-Jet-Black-84357859/184558629765?hash=item2af88d3385:g:K0cAAOSwyPhfw7wo
  2. Hello. I have the dash trim pieces for sale. The compartment with the electrical plugs and the plastic trim pieces for under the dash. Also i have the GM Premium Interlocking All weather floor liner (front row).
  3. So, Anyone know what's the difference between these Katzkin Leather sear covers and the one from leatherseats.com
  4. Looks great. How difficult is to install them? Where do you buy them? From Ebay?
  5. Thank you for all your comments , suggestions and feedback. I decided to go with the Goodyear All Terrain Adventure size 275 65 18 w/ white letters. The installation is tomorrow.
  6. Thanks. They are Katzkin originals? Do you know how much they charge for installation?
  7. Hello again. Anyone have any experience with the Ebay Katzkin Leather Set Covers? This is original Katzkin? The price is good. I don't know about the quality. Thanks Here is the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-2018-Chevrolet-Silverado-LT-DOUBLE-Cab-KATZKIN-Black-Leather-Seat-Covers/302977380387?epid=4027492440&hash=item468adbf023:g:jmYAAOSwfhlcMTGI
  8. Thanks for your post. I have some questions: 1. How is the ride? I have Bilsteins 5100. These tires are more stiff? 2. Your tires are the original OEM tires 3. How often do you rotate the tires? 4. The noise is pretty bad. I have a corsa sport exhaust maybe i can't hear the noise of the tires. 5. any experience driving in the snow with these tires? Thank you
  9. Goodyear Duratracs or Goodyear All Terrain Adventure. Which ones do you recommend. For mostly city and highway drive. I like the looks for the AT tires. I just to have All terrain Adventure in my previous truck '14 Sierra was a good tire . I want to put 275-65-18. Thanks,
  10. Hello Everyone, Looking for a classic truck just for fun (summer drive only). I found this 1988 GMC Sierra 3500 SLE regular cab long bed 2WD with 7.4 L engine with 66,000 actual miles. The dealer is asking $8,200.00. They have this truck for sale since 2017. I am going Saturday to test drive it. The truck is in very good shape. here is the link: http://beautifulbonesautosales.com/cars-for-sale/1988-gmc-sierra-3500-sle/ What you guys think? Thanks,
  11. I went with the 2nd notch. I think looks good and I wanted some rake. The truck ride better than the rancho factory shocks ks
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