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  1. My dealer fix the issue. They told me that one screw on the airfilter support bracket was loose and cause this noise vibration. So the noise was gone. But right after that I put a tune from Diablew. No more V4 mode
  2. Denali Cluster. Thanks to White Automotive and Media Services. Always great customer service New cluster works great.
  3. Hello, Anyone have these wheels: 18" GMC CHEVY 1500 FACTORY OEM WHEELS RIMS SET 4 | eBay Please post pictures. Thank you
  4. Hello, Anyone have these wheels: 18" GMC CHEVY 1500 FACTORY OEM WHEELS RIMS SET 4 | eBay Please post pictures. Thank you
  5. I have experience with Diablew. Big difference. The truck drive better.
  6. Yes. I agree. I was thinking of that, wait until the new model year. Right now is crazy but this will come down. Maybe the next model year they will offer with no AFM. I like your screen name Mandalorian. I am a huge Star Wars Fan.
  7. Yes, I agree. I have a lot compliments on my truck. The Tungsten Metallic Color looks great. My truck is like a car I never use the bed. But when you need to move something is there. This truck is my daily driver, I drive an average of 8000 miles a year, is why the truck looks new. My wife drives a 2017 Suburban and we use that vehicle to go on vacations (before Covid). The Suburban also have low miles. I have decided to keep both vehicles until they die. My wife loves the Suburban. There are very comfortable vehicles.
  8. Thank all your for the comments an opinions. Vroom update their offer they are offering $32,600.00 I have two days to accept. So I know if I accept the offer maybe the new trucks will be sold. My local Chevy dealer is empty they only have two trucks. I have good money on the modifications maybe I will get back most of the money with the price that they are offering. My truck is out of the factory warranty, I have one year on the Certified Powertrain warranty. I am worried about the transmission and the lifters. I have an extended warranty. I like my t
  9. I have a 2016 Silverado LT Z71 double cab with 47,000 miles. Great truck. Excellent condition. I have the truck for two years now. I am the second owner. I like my truck. Last October I put new tires. Also I put a Corsa Cat back system and blistein shocks. Also I put a new center console last December (sold the jump seat) Currently I am waiting for a custom tune from Diablew to disable the AFM. So. I was playing with Carvana and Vroom websites this weekend and Vroom is offering me 32,200 for my truck. I think is a good deal. To replace my truck I
  10. Hello Any solution to this issue? My truck have this vibration noise from V4 mode to V8. Going to the dealer this week for service and check this.
  11. ok. Sorry for the confusion. I forgot to put the question mark. Yes. I want to know if will cause any problems in the future?. Yes. the AutoSync is a very cool tool. This is the fist time that i done this. I want to buy a Diablo Tune to delete the AFM for my silverado and my wife Suburban
  12. Hello. I want to disable the AFM. The Autosync is a programmer offer by White Automotive & Media: AutoSync Programmer / Multifunction Tool (Tool Only) - White Automotive & Media Services (whiteautoandmedia.com). I have this programmer and i been using the disable AFM feature for a week and I like it. I just want to make sure that will not cause future problems because AFM is disable. I am thinking to get a Diablo Predator 2 tune.
  13. Hello. Deactivate AFM will cause problems in the future? I am using AutoSync. Please let me know your experiences.
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