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  1. I couldn’t find much on this kit so figured someone might find this useful kit it is magnaflow 15360 dual side exits, k&n intake and trifecta tune
  2. some spacers wont leave enough thread on the factory studs the 1/4 and 1/2" ones dont have studs built into them like the 1" and up bora style just googling to see if i can make 1" work or not with my setup
  3. Anyone running 33” 275/60/20 oem wheels with a level and 1/2” spacers? do 1/2” require new studs?
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    2018, SLT all terrain, 2 1/2" level front 1" rear, 33" BFG, Trifecta Tune, Magnaflow 15360 dual exhaust, K&N Intake, Kicker hidden sub, air damn removed
  5. Tall People

    im 6'4 290 large frame and i have tons of room similar equipped sierra is ~ 10k more here in Canada
  6. i think the issue is more if you park it over night in that cold, when its still warm (garage or recently run) i dont think its an issue, both times mine went it was -25 -30 range and sat over night i was just using auto, havent had conditions bad enough to leave it in 4x4 yet
  7. its a feature on GMC over the Chev, part of the price premium to give you an "AWD" mode without having to lock into 4x4 Ontario, Canada
  8. if it doesn't move that's one thing, not moving and failing to reset when it warms up and leaving the 4x4 control knob disabled and truck left in 4h until i go to a dealer to clear it... is not atleast give users a reset process to do ourselves in the driveway if they cant program a fix
  9. Colorado doesn't have an auto setting, only 2wd 4wd 4lo, believe the issue is the auto (awd) option on the Canyon that is the issue, my guess is since the system is partially engaged when its shut off and in the cold temps things move slower on the next start a sensor complains if something hasnt moved in a timely manner and it just throws the code and disables the switch
  10. SLT canyon just the service 4x4 error in cold weather, need to go in to get it reset every time it colds to get the truck out of 4x4, GM temp fix is leave it in 2wd when its shut off, not auto unfortunately its an issue carried over from 2014 sierra and apparently previous years and still no real solution to it if they cant fix it at least make it so we can relearn the tccm positions ourselves in the menus somehow...or default the switch to 2wd when vehicle it shut off
  11. my 4 week old canyon has been in the shop more than my 2011 sonota 2.0t and 2013 genesis coupe 2.0t combined over 4 years already lol
  12. only complaint with mine is the carry over of the service 4wd issue from the other GMC vehicles, its an old issue that the same parts cause and still goes un fixed by GM i drive 95% hwy and my fuel bill on the 4x4 slt isnt much more than my 2.013 genesis coupe 2.0t was (premium fuel) granted i drove it hard, computer shows 9.4L/100 best 9.8l/100 avg and its been -20 c for weeks here
  13. Cold Weather Issues

    hope they fix the 4wd auto thing soon, happens on the canyon too

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