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    bump price dropped
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    still available, will ship to CA/USA (can take paypal in USD)
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  4. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/12/general-motors-v8-engine-valve-lifter-lawsuit-claims-recall-is-needed/
  5. no one buys a 6.2 for fuel efficiency anyways, my 21 came with dfm and auto stop, disabled both with pulsar would have rather saved the money it cost them to put it in lol, i want to know how turbo motors handle that auto stop after a few years when that oil flow stops and the turbo is still wound out, atleast i still got the heated seats and steering wheel
  6. I have the airraid intake tube, removes the boigbox on the throttle body but retains the factory airbox and intake tube up to the hood latch. i dont notice much drone, nothing like my old magnaflow was on my '18 5.3
  7. will be my first, but i like the option of a space to sleep when im out hunting or fishing, even if it has to be corner to corner lol and way more dry storage area
  8. soon as you replace the exhaust or remove the resonators on a factory exhaust on 5.3 or 6.2 the helicopter AFM/DFM is annoying as hell pretty much everyone who does either will end up disabling DFM/AFM
  9. this is the GM performance exhaust with the black tips on a 6.2, sounds great on startup and acceleration, pretty quite when just cruising
  10. wheel spacers and blinker fluid lol ill have to change that to 20
  11. replaced the plasti wood trim peices with the black hammertone ones
  12. No Idea why GM is still going with fake plastic wood grain on their vehicles but it had to go
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