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  1. this is the GM performance exhaust with the black tips on a 6.2, sounds great on startup and acceleration, pretty quite when just cruising
  2. wheel spacers and blinker fluid lol ill have to change that to 20
  3. replaced the plasti wood trim peices with the black hammertone ones
  4. No Idea why GM is still going with fake plastic wood grain on their vehicles but it had to go
  5. had a 2018 Sierra All Terrain 5.3 with the Trifecta tune and now a 2021 6.2 Trailboss (waiting on range DFM disabler, dont want a pulsar) after the tune on the 5.3 it also recommended premium, 6.2 will run on 87 but the fuel ecoomy on premium pretty much offsets the extra cost on the 6.2 , pay more, go futher on a tank. works out to a couple bucks a tank even on overpriced Canadian gas here in Ontario once you consider the better mileage. and for a few bucks difference, sure you wont notice the slight power loss but id rather not drive my truck around relying on knock sensors
  6. probably should have bought a diesel for that as thats not a very common use case for a gas motor i sleep in mine hunting and fishing in the winter here in Ontario, i just turn it on to take out the chill under a sleeping bag and turn it off till the cold wakes me up in a few hours and repeat the led headlights and task lights if equipped should stay on
  7. Believe the hope was anything built after March '21 shouldnt have lifter issues, but engines do sit around between being built and put into vehicles be interesting to know your build date if it ends up being lifter issue wonder if the EPA knows forcing this garbage on GM with DFM and auto start stop probably results in more emissions than its saving over the lifetime of the vehicle then the extra trips to dealerships use
  8. so much for the issue being resolved i guess, unless you got one thats been sitting on a lot for a while
  9. Gm performance exhaust pn 19419439 I couldn’t find any videos specific to that kit online , no drone but you can hear when the dfm comes on and off, will fix that with a pulsar here is a short video I made quickly 2021 TB 6.2 https://youtu.be/ftn2RTwUEKo
  10. Fuel Beast 20" 285/60/20 +20mm offset (flush fit) , 21 trailboss, very very slight rub at full lock going in reverse touching the top edge of the mud flap, cut 2" of the flat pat of the flap inside the wheelwell off with a dremel and it stopped
  11. The all terrain ones were from ebay, Just the GMC ones were dealer installed
  12. Black decal package was on it from factory, tires are 295/55/20 bfg ko2
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