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  1. 2021 AT4 3.0L w/ snugtop rebel cab high with Winddoors and screens and remote rear lock. Stoked with it so far. Registers the truck as not a commercial vehicle in CA which is a benefit of the cap… also been Building out the back for the occasional camping/ surf days. Gotta make a cabinet to the right, and finish the bed system for basically a queen size bed.
  2. I have one available from my truck if anyone is interested. Removed it after a month of ownership due to putting a cap on.
  3. That picture is w/o the rear blocks then? How much lower are you wanting to go?
  4. Have an appointment Monday for tint on all passenger windows and a clear ceramic on the front. Should be nice for the temperature inside the cab
  5. Ordered a snug top Rebel w/ pop outs, slider/screens and track system. waiting game now
  6. Less thank 1k on it. Picked up in Colorado, exploring on the way back to CA.
  7. ^ bought mine from alpine GMC. 21 GM 1500 AT4 w/ the 3.0 59k happy to have it, after dealing with no movement on a truck ordered in CA since February.
  8. Plan on it. Or looking elsewhere/ out of state. Prices are outlandish right now though. had a dealer say they wouldn’t sell one for less than msrp without a trade in that they wanted.... strange times
  9. Does anyone happen to know if you can you delete items that come in a package? IE running boards? I also did color matched fender arches. Ordered a white 1500 AT4, standard bed w/ diesel, premium package w/o sunroof.
  10. Did anyone end up removing the rear blocks?
  11. has anyone taken out the rear blocks to level by any chance? or replaced with a small one?
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