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  1. Kibbetech just made, from what it sounds like, stock length lower arms to pair with their billet uppers. Didn’t look like it was bypass capable but the video mentioned it was their first prototype for 2/4wd. Soon to be online for purchase I guess.
  2. Wonder if a group-buy of sorts could entice a company to produce one. example: get a # of people to commit an amount of dollars upfront paying some sort of balance when items are ready for shipment. but unsure if one tank design would work for a for short/standard and long bed 1500 (gas or diesel)
  3. Thanks. Got mine in, easy removal and install. Definitely a nice exterior improvement
  4. Fits a full size mattress when extra platform is on the ledger boards. just want to clear coat it before a winter trip.
  5. Added a few more access points, an extra slide out for more options. Helped to elevate the stove too for cooking.
  6. these match your paint pretty well? Came painted from the factory in a GM box? thinking about finally buying them too as it’s cheaper than what I’ve found when looking. Thanks
  7. Here’s a few. The license plate lights kinda are annoying. Why would they not match them with the rest of the truck. My opinion.
  8. This may be able to help you: https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/t1-pickup-custom-bcm-programming/
  9. 5’ locking slider. Fits about a full size bed. Plenty of storage between the back, and the cab. still debating making little adjustments/ improvements down the road. Good for now
  10. Some of my build. Beach days, some camping. Not really a serious overland build.
  11. One up rack. Easy install, easy to use. Up to 4 bikes with add-ons. Downfall is the rack blocks the license plate when it’s in its “stored” position (pretty much completely). I may figure out some work-around to this eventually. Easy enough to remove though.
  12. Yea. it’s a work in progress… but here’s some more. Modeling after a guy that builds them in Huntington Beach. Solid wood worx.
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