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  1. these match your paint pretty well? Came painted from the factory in a GM box? thinking about finally buying them too as it’s cheaper than what I’ve found when looking. Thanks
  2. Here’s a few. The license plate lights kinda are annoying. Why would they not match them with the rest of the truck. My opinion.
  3. This may be able to help you: https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/t1-pickup-custom-bcm-programming/
  4. 5’ locking slider. Fits about a full size bed. Plenty of storage between the back, and the cab. still debating making little adjustments/ improvements down the road. Good for now
  5. Some of my build. Beach days, some camping. Not really a serious overland build.
  6. One up rack. Easy install, easy to use. Up to 4 bikes with add-ons. Downfall is the rack blocks the license plate when it’s in its “stored” position (pretty much completely). I may figure out some work-around to this eventually. Easy enough to remove though.
  7. Yea. it’s a work in progress… but here’s some more. Modeling after a guy that builds them in Huntington Beach. Solid wood worx.
  8. 2021 AT4 3.0L w/ snugtop rebel cab high with Winddoors and screens and remote rear lock. Stoked with it so far. Registers the truck as not a commercial vehicle in CA which is a benefit of the cap… also been Building out the back for the occasional camping/ surf days. Gotta make a cabinet to the right, and finish the bed system for basically a queen size bed.
  9. That picture is w/o the rear blocks then? How much lower are you wanting to go?
  10. Have an appointment Monday for tint on all passenger windows and a clear ceramic on the front. Should be nice for the temperature inside the cab
  11. Ordered a snug top Rebel w/ pop outs, slider/screens and track system. waiting game now
  12. Less thank 1k on it. Picked up in Colorado, exploring on the way back to CA.
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