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  1. Does Anyone with the pedal monster also have any type of autostop eliminator? How well do they work together? Any issues?
  2. Does anyone know why the increase in price? I just read thru the thread and it was about 70$.
  3. Any insight from the op? He sounded extremely knowledgeable and his info would help out quite a bit
  4. Email John from this site. He is great and everyone loves his harnesses. [email protected]
  5. That is super clean and the idea of a double box but keeping storage in awesome!!!. Great job.
  6. What did you replace them with? And did you try to match up the ohm rating that the bose uses?
  7. Damn, I was hoping for an easy upgrade. I guess that mid is out of the question for me
  8. Is there a way to add the bed cam if I don't currently have that option. Or is it a much harder upgrade than the rear view mirror cam?
  9. Thank you so much for the detailed response. Sounds a little more involved than the rear view camera option. You definitely shed light on either route. Thank you again
  10. Yes that is something I wanted to know as well. The rear view mirror is stand alone but If I was to come across a high mount light that had both cameras is that a possible option to add?
  11. just read thru all 15 pages. as anyone done this on 21' Sierra/Silverado? and also any more info on the 2 camera option? ( rearview and cargo)
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