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  1. I believe your right. and since i have not seen a metallic steel with matching fender flares i guess mine will stand out. hopefully it helps "fill" in that gap in the front wheel well.
  2. Hey guys, has anyone been able to color match their fender flares. i cant seem to find any pics much less oem fender flares in satin silver. I've seen them in white, red, even dark sky metallic but nothing in silver satin. if anyone has pics please share.
  3. What tire size are on those 22"? Any modifications to not rub?. I assume its leveled. Nice set up. Any more pics?
  4. i think so. i am looking for some that are already gloss back. I find that the oem finish holds up better. i had my last sierra for 12 years and plan to have this just as long. so something that last is high on my list
  5. got it. i am looking at acquiring some of the snowflake 22. i currently have the black ones you are looking for. GL
  6. any pics from the side of your truck. i am really interested in the 22" wheel

    1. mafd2


      I'll post a pic on the thread.  Please comment or like the post.  Thank you, Chris

  7. another question for those more knowledgeable. do you need a data plan to use wireless car play? i can connect via bluetooth
  8. i am looking at these as well but in 22" my elevation stock 20's look like 18" especially upfront. I'm guessing it has to do with gap in the wheel well. my 08 had the stock 20's and i went up in size of tire to the same size that the t1 stock tire is and these look smaller
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