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  1. I change my oil at 3500 +/-. So, have no need for it. However, I have used the BG44K fuel system on my '08 Yukon (5.3) through 178K + miles on it before I sold it to my mechanic. I have used the BG44K twice now in my'20 Silverado LT crewcab (5.3). Cheers.
  2. Yes, the tire size should work. I leveled my truck w/ Eibach shocks, front/rear, front coil. I installed 275/65/R20 Falkans Wildtrack on 20 X 9 rims. Enjoy,
  3. '20 Chevy Silverado crewcab RWD, 5.3. I leveled my truck with Eibach shocks (F/R), as well as Eibach coils, which leveled the truck. Replaced stock street tires with 275/65/R20, which gave it another inch. Falken Wildpeack A/T3W. Rides well, no increase in noise.
  4. Chevy Silverado LT, 5.3 RWD crewcab. Items upgraded/modified: a. tint back three window b. side steps c. Baja design SAE fogs, S2 X 2, S1 X 2 rear d. DFM eliminator e. Pedal Commander f. Cold Air Induction (intake) g. Line-X h. bull bar i. Back Rack bar j. level (Eibach shocks front/rear, front coil, leveled) k. Falken 265/65/r20 (stock wheels) L. CB/GMRS antennas m. oil catch can n. weathertech
  5. My daughter moved out of her Graco booster six months ago. I only used the standard seat belt with it. I keep one in case I have to move a child to school on "school bus day." I would suggest to all keeping rear doors child-locked. My son once thought it was funny to open it up driving on the 15 to Vegas. Neither my wife nor myself were too happy. Also, control the windows.
  6. If item under warranty, have the dealership fix the fuse/new module(USB 2/USB 3). Easy to replace if out of warranty, not expensive.
  7. Hello All. Good topic. I upgraded my shocks to Eibach (F/R/coil): a. Front shock: #E60-23-032-01-10 b. Coil: #E30-23-032-02-20 c. Rear shock: #E60-23-005-06-01 Truck is level. Enjoy...
  8. I had the flowmaster 40 series installed. Way too loud. Switched it out w/ a Magnaflow. I can now hear again.
  9. I've had the "clunk," or "shudder," incident twice. I am not hearing of any recalls from my dealership (6mos old truck). I would rather just replace the fluid rather than going through a transmission that fails later on. Also, how do I find what specific 8-speed transmission (number) I have? Please assist. Thank you.
  10. I installed the Pedal Commander. I like it (Sport 1). Recommend. 5.3 V8 LT
  11. I did the same though kept the screen in the rear (existing exhaust pipe in great shape). If you want, you can wrap the screens but I did not see the need.
  12. Flapper removed along w/ OEM muffler. Kept rest of exhaust as in great shape. Installed Magnaflow. No drone. Tried Flowmaster 40, way too loud.
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