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  1. I just ordered a satin steel metallic Silverado 1500 LTZ sb cc 6.2. Now I have to wait about 6-8 weeks. The color looks amazing under different lighting.
  2. This topic has completely gone off the rails. For the new arrivals to this topic. I have ordered a 2020 Silverado 1500 LTZ cc sb 6.2. It should arrive in late April. The waiting is like a 5 year old kid at Christmas.
  3. Same here. My salesman told me they were allocated 3 Silverado 1500 gas trucks. And they changed 1 of them for me. GM accepted the order yesterday with a April 6 target production date.
  4. Wow! Those are some nice steps. Not hanging out like an elephant ear. I didn’t notice them in your photo of your truck. I ordered my truck with mud flaps. I’m 6”2 so I won’t have any problem getting in and out. But. My 5”5 European Princess will probably have issues.
  5. My order has been accepted by GM. Ordered 1 week ago. Target production date April 6. The waiting begins.
  6. Nice looking truck! I like that it looks almost like a 3/4 ton. I see you don’t care for assist steps/running boards. Dam. You got me thinking. My satin steel metallic LTZ would look awesome with just the GM 2 inch lift. And a 1.5 leveling kit. Oh. About the window leak. I’ve already read all the pages. I’m hoping mine will be built without the oem GM leak. Im glad to know where to look for it. And there is a proper fix for it.
  7. I just ordered a satin steel metallic 2020 1500 short box Crew cab LTZ Z-71 6.2l. My salesman told me I should expect it to arrive late April.
  8. Hey lapoolboy. What exactly do you drive for a vehicle? Do you know from personal experience of the rear window leak? Help me out here? I’m a newbie.
  9. Hi there. I’m new to the forum also. Please feel free to read the prior 6 pages if you have the time. Some of the replies and opinions are hilarious. And some like the idiot making fun of the rear window problem probably don’t even drive an automobile. I’m glad you like your 2020 TB 5.3, 10sp. I love the looks of the TB. But I’m 51. And that extra several inches in lift for my aging middle aged body to exert extra effort to hurdle will prematurely cause more wear and tear on this middle aged dinosaur. Plus. I just love chrome. I haven’t owned a pickup truck in 30 years. So. For me. I chose the LTZ cc sb 6.2 Z-71. It’s on order right now. I won’t see it until sometime in mid to late April. The wait is driving me crazy. I’m like a 6 year old kid the night before Christmas.
  10. My salesman told me I should get at least $8,000 off sticker. If the incentives are not generous in April when the truck arrives and I no longer want it. They will graciously refund my deposit. Out on the lot it goes to someone else.
  11. I just ordered a 2020 1500 Crew, Short box,LTZ, Z-71, 6.2. My salesman told me I get whatever incentives are available when the truck is delivered to their dealership. Hopefully mid to late April the rebates will be generous.
  12. Thank you! I’m on the satin steel metallic picture thread drooling. The satin steel metallic LTZ z71 with the polished aluminum wheels is so sexy. I’ve got to go get some sleep.
  13. Update. Good morning fellow members. Thank you all for your awesome comments and opinions. After a week of searching and finding several trucks that I would like. Only to discover each time the out of state dealership didn’t want to swap with my local Chevy dealership due to the mileage that would be on the vehicle they are getting. My salesman went to check to see what the inventory manager ordered. Because he didn’t recall him ordering any 6.2 equipped trucks. And would you believe it. He found a build sheet with the only 6.2 that was ordered during this round of ordering. And it was exactly what I was looking for. So. Now. The waiting begins. I was told mid to late April delivery date. I’m kinda excited like a 5 year old kid at Christmas. Whenever I purchased new cars. They were always in stock or available within 100 miles of my home. It feels kinda cool that the truck is being built just for me. No one will test drive it. Or fart in it but me. Thanks again forum members. I’ve done a lot of reading this past year. This forum is just loaded with great information and the occasional GM hater. I hope I haven’t gone completely nuts by switching my primary ride to this behemoth bid bad 6.2 vs my “penalty” box Corolla. My son can’t wait to get his license. He says he’s going to show me how to “pimp” it out. Whatever that means.
  14. You can get the 6.2 in the RST. And the LT Trailboss. But. I don’t want a Trailboss. And I like chrome. So. LTZ it is.
  15. The penalty box. Trapped . Now that is freakin hilarious. The truck is going to definitely take some time to get used to. My teenage age will get the Corolla when he passes his drivers license exam later this year. So the “penalty box” will still be in our driveway. I love that name. I’ve called it the Slorolla for the past 5 years.
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