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  1. That is the tough one. To walk away from a truck I’ve been waiting nearly 6 months for. But there is no way I would only accept $5000 off msrp to buy.
  2. I can’t wait to see what kind of deal my salesman will have for me. If any when my ordered truck from February arrives either this week or next. The msrp is $57100 When the truck was ordered he said don’t worry. The selling price will be under $50k regardless of what incentives are. He stated high $40s. So. If I can get it for $47 or 48 before tax. I think I could live with that. If he says due to inventory and the current situation the auto industry is in. We can only give you $5000 off. I will tell him to keep it. And go rip someone else off. And I will wait and buy something else.
  3. Hey Grumpy Bear. I totally agree. Some things. You just have to get it done yourself. But. I must ask. How are you getting 113,000 miles on the oem Bridgestone rubber? And still using them? Are they the all terrain Dueller? Or the all season Dueller? Either way. What is your secret.
  4. It’s slightly worse. $5000 cash back instead of $5500 on Silverado 1500 Crew Cab. I guess no truck month special for me when my truck arrives within the next week or two.
  5. Good morning everyone. Soon to be new Silverado 1500 Crew Cab short box owner. It’s arriving this week. It was ordered in February. I’m getting anxious and nervous at the same time. I haven’t owned a truck in 20 years. The technology is mind blowing. The shear size when compared to my Corolla is staggering. Do I have any idea what I’m getting myself into? Is there anything I should know about owning a truck in these modern times? Compared to when I last drove something this big? Or should I just relax. And enjoy the ride. You only live once. Right? Any reasonable input would be appreciated.
  6. My truck appeared on my dealerships website 10 days ago. And the truck was offloaded from the boat this morning. I’m hoping sometime this week.
  7. Was this truck in stock? Or did you order it? Great deal!
  8. Great job. It looks like how it should have came from the factory. Given the cost of materials and tools. And the complexity of the job. The $470 before tax at Safelite is not a bad deal. For a replacement solid rear window.
  9. I agree with the $8,000 off. Especially with zero trucks on the lot. I’m hoping I get at least 8k off sticker when my truck arrives in the next 2 weeks or so.
  10. You should see how it looks under different light conditions. Especially at night.
  11. Haha. I’ve asked that question. The dealership and Chevy chat both tell me that feature is not supposed to be known?? They both claim that they cannot access this feature.
  12. Good afternoon. When I ordered my truck way back in February. My salesman printed a copy of the build sheet. It had an order number. You go to the Chevy website and click on the chat box. And hopefully you get a competent Chevy chat person. Some of them are clueless. But. If you get one that knows their job. You can get information on your vehicle. You just give them your order number. Don’t give them any more personal information. They will ask. It takes about 5-10 minutes for a chat person to check your order. After event code 3800 truck has been produced vin number available. You get a vin number. If it starts with a 1 it’s made in Indiana. It will be shipped by rail or truck. If it starts with a 3. It’s made in Mexico. It will either go by rail, truck, or slow boat. Depending on what part of the country it’s going to. I’m unfortunately way the heck up in the north eastern USA. So. I’m still waiting for the slow boat to reach Rhode Island. Then a truck ride to the dealership. Hopefully next week. Or the week after. Good luck
  13. My truck was made in Mexico. At this moment it is on a boat somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean heading to Davisville, Rhode Island. Then a car carrier ride to the dealership. I think. It’s been on a boat for 3 weeks.
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