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  1. I have a 2020 Silverado 1500 LTZ Crew Cab Z-71 6.2l with 7000 miles on the clock. I average 13-16 around the city. Highway I get 18-22 depending on how heavy my right foot is. But on two road trips of around 400 miles each trip. I averaged 24.76 mpg. 90% of the trip was highway driving. Cruise control at 67 with the ac blasting. Amazing fuel economy for something so big and heavy.
  2. I have always used 93 since new. I paid extra for the 6.2 and the extra cost for premium fuel is what “Isabel” likes.
  3. Oops . I forgot to add this to the above post
  4. What technique did you use at the line? 4wd h? How high did you bring the revs up to before launching? I’m going to the drag strip this summer. And. Being as old as I am. I would love to leave the dragstrip with a sub 14 second pass at my advanced age.
  5. Greetings fellow members. Please pardon my stupid question. This is my first truck in 20 years. But I am blown away how there is no dipstick to check the tranny fluid level. What is the GM corporate thinking behind this? They want it to blow so you go buy a new truck? They saved maybe a couple of dollars to exclude a long cheap steel tube with a dipstick? This is almost as head scratching as their over head led lights. Which are absolutely useless because they are aimed at your private parts.
  6. Get a pair of Lasfit T-15 led bulbs to replace those useless halogens. Very impressive improvement. And cheap. $19.95
  7. I’m sorry you are having bad luck with your new truck. I have owned a 2020 LTZ Crew Cab short box 6.2l Z-71 since July. Even though I have the dreaded power sliding rear window “leak” that’s been repaired twice. I absolutely love my truck! And I would absolutely buy it again. I love the view. The interior gets dumped on by the press. But it’s perfect for me. I love the column shifter. It’s very quiet going down the road. It’s kinda hard to describe. But it drives smaller than its behemoth size would lead you to believe. It is an absolute pain in the ass to park. The highway fuel economy is impressive for something so huge. I get over 24mpg in the summer months with the cruise set at 65. The 6.2 is a awesome motor!! The 10 speed transmission shifts so smoothly you can barely feel it. I’ve been driving my Corolla for 10 years. So I may be slightly biased in my opinions. But give the 2021 AT4. I’m confident that GMC will pull through the second time. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  8. Yes I have. My college girlfriend many years ago on a road trip driving back from nyc to Maine somewhere on I-84 outside of Hartford, Connecticut at around 1am with her father passed out snoring in the backseat.
  9. I’ve also just discovered after 6 months of ownership that the interior lights especially the front are useless. Who needs lights aimed at their crotch??
  10. I’m old and kinda stupid from time to time. I always forget to use more than 1 of those red shop rags to turn the filter after I have loosened it with a filter wrench. It starts to trickle down my wrist. I grab several more rags. Too late. Already running down my arm. I destroyed a nice turtle ? neck sweatshirt. I just love 0/20 on my clothes. It smells like a truck stop.
  11. My apologies. I should not have posted here. I don’t own a Trailboss. I was only trying to help the op regarding the 10 speed transmission question.
  12. I did two road trips last summer to the northern part of my state. It was 422 miles each time round trip. I averaged 24.22 on the first trip. And 24.57 on the second trip 30 days later. It was 90% highway. And the rest was driving the speed limit through deserted summer towns with no tourists. To our destination. I set the cruise to 65. I am coming from a Corolla. So I am blown away by this giant vehicle getting more mpgs than it’s supposed to. And again. I don’t have a lift. It’s a bone stock 2020 LTZ Crew Cab short box Z-71 with the 6.2. And 20 in wheels with Bridgestone at tires.
  13. Stock Bridgestone Dueller AT 275/60/20 I don’t have a Trailboss. I have a LTZ Crew Cab short box Z-71. To me it’s just a bonus. On the mpg. I don’t really care what it gets for mpg. I still have my 11 year old 200,000 mile Corolla for fuel economy. But it’s pretty impressive. Something that big and aerodynamic can achieve that type of mpg. I haven’t owned one of these behemoths of the road in twenty years so my opinions May be really biased.
  14. I changed the oil on my 6.2l at 1000 miles because I have ocd. But what a mess I made removing the oil filter.
  15. I absolutely love my 2020 LTZ Crew Cab 6.2l and 10 speed auto. It shifts so smooth you can barely feel it. And I can get 24 mpg on the highway at 65 mph. And it’s an absolute blast to drive.
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