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  1. I have a 2020 LTZ and I had to send my front turn signals led bulbs back due to hyper flashing. I also purchased the Lasfit brand. The reverse lamps and license plate leds work fine. You must be lucky.
  2. I chose the 6.2 because it was the biggest engine available with the 10sp. I ordered my 2020 LTZ crew cab exactly how I wanted it. I absolutely love this drivetrain. There is power everywhere in the rpm range. The transmission shifts so smooth.
  3. I use Amsoil Signature Series 0/20 and their extremely robust filter because I wanted the the best. And based on my own research that is what I chose. It’s expensive but I don’t care.
  4. My 2020 LTZ crew cab Z-71 6.2 averaged 22.2 mpg yesterday on a 220 mile round trip to my summer camp. I was doing 80 on the highway for 2/3 of the way. Then the rural roads I was either going 35 or 55 with some hills here and there the rest of the way. I average 15 or 16 in city driving. I also averaged a head scratching 26.4 mpg on a 200 mile highway round trip one night when I was bored and I wanted to see what this behemoth of a vehicle could get for fuel economy if I drove it like my Corolla. That night last summer I set the cruise to 60 and with no ac turned on off I went. Btw. The Silverados computer is pretty accurate with the mpg estimate. It’s only off by 2 or 3 tenths when I hand calculate the mpg when I fill up.
  5. I like chrome. So I voted LTZ. The LTZ is prettier looking. But the ZR2 is Badass looking!!
  6. I’m kinda like you. I love my 2020 LTZ crew cab Z-71 with the 6.2, and I don’t need a new one either. But I love the new interior and every freakin time I see the glacier blue metallic ZR2 in the new Chevy commercial I literally lose all self control and I want to drive to my longtime Chevy dealership and say. Ok order me one of those Smurf blue trucks please. And take my beautiful column shifter in trade.
  7. Absolutely stunning truck . I love the glacier blue metallic!! The interior is beautiful. I love the column shifter in my 2020 LTZ Crew Cab. But the new shifter goes great with the new interior. This is tough. I absolutely love the ZR2 in glacier blue metallic. My dealership offered me stupid money for my truck in a trade. I would miss my column shifter. But that freakin interior is sexy. Nice truck sir! Well done mate!!
  8. You didn’t think gas would get this high this quick? What did you think was going to happen with the Alzheimer’s patient that is the President??
  9. I am asking myself the same. I absolutely love the glacier blue ZR2. I stopped by my go to Chevy dealership yesterday and built one with the salesman and he had my 2020 LTZ crew cab appraised at $55,000 which is $7,500 more than what I paid for it. And he told me delivery will probably be July-September. Now my wife is going to think I’ve completely lost my mind when I tell her how sexy the new blue truck will look in the driveway.
  10. I have a 2020 Silverado 1500 LTZ Crew Cab Z-71 6.2l with 7000 miles on the clock. I average 13-16 around the city. Highway I get 18-22 depending on how heavy my right foot is. But on two road trips of around 400 miles each trip. I averaged 24.76 mpg. 90% of the trip was highway driving. Cruise control at 67 with the ac blasting. Amazing fuel economy for something so big and heavy.
  11. I have always used 93 since new. I paid extra for the 6.2 and the extra cost for premium fuel is what “Isabel” likes.
  12. Oops . I forgot to add this to the above post
  13. What technique did you use at the line? 4wd h? How high did you bring the revs up to before launching? I’m going to the drag strip this summer. And. Being as old as I am. I would love to leave the dragstrip with a sub 14 second pass at my advanced age.
  14. Greetings fellow members. Please pardon my stupid question. This is my first truck in 20 years. But I am blown away how there is no dipstick to check the tranny fluid level. What is the GM corporate thinking behind this? They want it to blow so you go buy a new truck? They saved maybe a couple of dollars to exclude a long cheap steel tube with a dipstick? This is almost as head scratching as their over head led lights. Which are absolutely useless because they are aimed at your private parts.
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