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  1. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2020/MC-10180301-9999.pdf
  2. I bought my '22 Denali (refresh) from them. Did the entire deal via email and a few texts. Signed docs online, drove my trade out to them from Philly, and drove the new truck home. Great dealership to work with, and zero shenanigans.
  3. I have been using one of these for almost 20 years. They work great!
  4. Looking forward to your review. I have a couple of things sitting in my office waiting to be installed. I'm running out of weekends to get it all done before winter.
  5. I opted for the Rev hard folding tonneau cover. The dealer had it in stock , and installed it before I drove out to get the truck. I had the BakFlip on my 2019.
  6. I live in SE PA, and every shop around me is the same way. It's such a PITA.
  7. Sounds great! I have been stuck in analysis paralysis on the Borla Touring or the S-Type. The AWE and ATAK are just too damn loud for me. No reason or need to wake up the neighborhood in the morning when I leave and drive up the hill out of my development. Is the GM Performance Exhaust just a rebranded Borla Touring? They want $2400 at the dealership vs $1370 from American Trucks.
  8. I am interested to hear what you think now that you swapped the dash speakers. I have JBL Club622's sitting here to go in the rear doors, and CD Audio tweeters for the dash. Based on comments from mrjones, I haven't picked up any new 6x9s for the front yet.
  9. The Pulsar intercepts the signal from the computer to the engine, and tells it to stay in 8cyl mode.
  10. Mine would as well, and that is what I miss. I too don't want to lose my undersea storage. I'm fine with putting a powered unit under the passenger seat if I can keep my storage box.
  11. What was the size in the 2019-2022 (pre-refresh)? I was in my truck last night playing a song that hit pretty hard in my 2019, and I could feel the shifter vibrate when the bass hit. Thanks for the confirmation. I guess the redesigned system just doesn't push as much power. I did verify that the Add On kicker sub/amp does support the UQA system. Just not sure it is worth it.
  12. I turned on lossless music on Apple Music, and want to see if it is any better later today. SiriusXM compresses music, so it is never going to sound as good as a CD or HiFi music.
  13. Any idea if this will fit as a plug and play option? It is for a 2021, but says it supports UQA. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2021-sierra-1500-audio-upgrade-kicker-subwoofer-system-crew-cab-extended-cab-all-audio/19417164-p-92311164.html
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