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  1. I picked up my 2019 Trail Boss LT last year and it did come with the trailer tire sensors. My truck came with the Advanced Trailering Package which includes the tire sensors. It looks like you need this option to get the sensors. I had mine installed in my cargo trailer this year and they work great! Advanced Trailering Package (PZ8) Hitch Guidance hitch view (U1D) Advanced Trailering System and (PTT) Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System (PTT) Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System $240 Advanced Trailering System checklist trailer maintenance reminders trailer security alerts trailer mileage tow/haul reminder and trailer electrical diagnostics included Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System module and set of 4 sensors. Sensor functionality requires Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System to be ordered the vehicle and installed by the factory. Sensors will be shipped loose the truck and will need to be installed on trailer by customer. Additional or replacement sensors are available as GM Accessory included
  2. I put on a Gator ETX soft roll-up tonneau cover on my Trail Boss short bed with sport bar. I'm pretty happy with it and the price was right ($169). They make one for the 6'6" bed for $209 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JQG3JK8/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 It's not fancy, but it keeps everything in the bed dry.
  3. I remember reading a similar thread about adding towing mirrors to the 2014 - 2017 Silverado's. Folks were having the same problem with all the features not working if they didn't have all those features on their original mirrors. This thread showed how to modify the wiring harness to get all the features working. I don't know if this info will apply to the 2019/2020 models though.
  4. I had those very running boards installed on my Trail Boss and really like them. They are nice and wide and have great traction when wet or with snow/ice on them. They feel very heavy duty and I think they look great.
  5. I like the look with the BFG KO2s. I'm an old school white letters out guy.
  6. I noticed the hum/whine right away and attributed it to the tires. They're the most obnoxious around 25 - 35 mph, but seem to quiet down at highway speeds. I also noticed they do fantastic in snow and ice, but I've read once the siping wears off after 20K - 30K miles they are basically mud terrain tires and don't do as well. I imagine they'll get more and more noisy as they wear too. I went ahead and replaced them at 8000 miles with 33" BF Goodrich KO2's and they are significantly quieter (but still hum a bit) and fill the wheel well better. I was able to give my son in law the Duratracs, so it worked out fine for me.
  7. I tow a 5000 lb (loaded) cargo trailer a few times a year with my 2019 TB and it does great! I did swap out the tires for slightly less aggressive 33" BF Goodrich KO2's. Only the 5.3 w/ 8-speed was available that year, but I believe the 6.2/10-speed would do even better. My truck also has the Advanced Trailering Package which makes towing nicer, but is not essential. FYI, the diesel is not available in the TB.
  8. Marc L - I'm still not 100% sure if the issue lies with the truck or my trailer. The dealership did find the 7-pin connector bad and replace it before I began to troubleshoot the trailer. It's possible there could be more than one issue on the trailer drawing too much amperage. Replacing some of the old lights with LEDs may have lowered the total amperage enough to bring it within tolerance. I know that's a stretch, but remember when I connected my truck to a different trailer (after the 7-pin connector was replaced), everything worked fine. I have to assume my trailer was at least partly at fault. I know this doesn't really help everyone else who is experiencing this problem, but I wanted to share my experience. I agree with you that this whole situation is unacceptable and GM needs to figure it out and correct it. I remember the first time I connected my trailer to my new truck, I thought the whole 7-pin connector mounting felt pretty flimsy. Turns out the connector was bad - maybe there's a lot of bad connectors out there. Have you checked your connector with a tester?
  9. I had similar problems with my 2019 Silverado Trail Boss. I move every year for my job and pull a cargo trailer to do so. Before I bought my new truck, I pulled the trailer with my 2015 Silverado LT and never had any issues. After trading vehicles last fall, I hooked up my trailer to the new truck and discovered none of the running lights would work and I would quickly get the "trailer disconnected" message (when the truck would actually detect the trailer). The electric brakes didn't appear to work either. Running the light check (Advanced Trailering Package), I found the brake lights and turn signals (LED) worked but not the running lights (incandescent). I also get a trouble message showing which pin was not working on the connector when the light check would fail. Assuming the trailer was not the issue since I had pulled it earlier that year without any problems (and the error message), I made a service appointment to have it checked out. I had already made sure the wiring harness was connected to the back of the 7-pin connector and all the fuses were good. The dealership said a couple of the pins on the connector had "high resistance" and replaced the connector. Thinking my problem was solved, I hooked up my trailer and found that while the "trailer disconnected" issue seemed to be solved now, the running lights still didn't work - they would come on for about a second and then go off. I bought a 7-pin connector tester and everything works correctly - maybe there's an issue with the trailer after all? We have a cargo trailer at work, so I hooked it up to my truck and everything works fine. The truck detected the trailer right away, so I created another trailer profile and ran the light check - all good. Doing some research online, it sounded like a bad ground could be causing the running light issue. Checking each light, I would disconnect one light at a time and try the lights. I found the running lights would stay on when I had the passenger side/rear/upper disconnected. It also looked like the socket for the plug-in light had some corrosion, so I cleaned it up with a wire brush. It would still cause the lights to go out after about a second once the light was reinstalled, so I bought a couple of new plug-in lights and replaced it - viola! Feeling pretty proud of myself, I packed everything up and prepared to leave the storage lot where I keep my trailer. One last check before I go: Lights go off after a second - son of a b**tch! Research online also mentioned possibly drawing too much amperage with incandescent lights, so I bought five plug-in LED lights and swapped them out with five old lights - works like a champ! I made the move this winter and never had any more issues. I did notice one night while staying at a hotel, the trailer brake lights would periodically flash dimly when the truck was turned off and locked. I discovered in another thread that is a security feature that causes the alarm to go off if someone disconnects the trailer - cool! I've been thinking about replacing all the incandescent running lights with LEDs, but reading this thread it sounded like it might cause another issue if there's not enough amperage being drawn. Maybe I'll quit while I'm ahead.
  10. I just picked my new LT Trail Boss last week! Had the off-road running boards and sports bar added as part of the deal.
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