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  1. We finally received the letter that our work truck's VIN was eligible for the retrofit for heated/cooled seats. Since we bought the truck in Utah, we thought we would have to go there for the work, but it did turn out that wasn't the case. The local dealer here in North Dakota ordered the parts and we're scheduled for next week. We bought the truck in January, so it took 11 months to finally receive (pending) the retrofit.
  2. We finally received the letter that our work truck's VIN was eligible for the retrofit. Since we bought the truck in Utah, we thought we would have to go there for the work, but it did turn out that wasn't the case. The local dealer here in North Dakota ordered the parts and we're scheduled for next week. We bought the truck in January, so it took 11 months to finally receive (pending) the retrofit.
  3. I spoke to the service manager at my local GM dealer after my first oil change the other day and mentioned how glad I was my truck (2021 LTZ) wasn't missing any options I would have to wait to get the retrofit for. He mentioned they were expecting to start getting the modules in the next month or so. Apparently they have to change the entire module (not just the "chip") for the affected option to restore its function. I imagine that will include any missing buttons as well. I did ask him if that could be accomplished at any GM dealer or if it would have to be done at the dealer from where the vehicle was purchased. I wanted to know because my work bought a new Silverado that is missing the heated/venilated seats and we purchased that truck in Utah. He told me that we would have to go to the dealer in Utah to get the work accomplished because that was how GM was planning on keeping everything straight. We're currently working in North Dakota, so it looks like we'll be making a road trip! Just wanted to pass along what I heard. Hopefully there's actually some light at the end of the tunnel!
  4. I think a big part of the problem is the center console. They've widened it so you can actually have a hanging file folder deal in there. To make up for the added size of the console, I think the seats are more narrow. I'm not sure how important that feature is to everyone, but I would think seat size and comfort would trump being able to use your console as a filing cabinet. Of course that doesn't account for the rock hard seat cusions. Maybe they're trying to save money or get the seats to last longer? Anyone with the bench seat have the same issues with seat comfort? My 2015 LT had the bench seats and they were probably the most comfortable seats I ever had.
  5. I have a 7X14 cargo trailer I use to move annually for my job. I haul my apartment furiture and clothes, etc. so probably around 5,000 - 7,000 lbs total. When I first bought the trailer, I had a 2015 LT with the 5.3/6-speed and it did very well, but mileage was probably 9.5 MPG and you definitely felt the trailer back there. In 2019 I traded for a Trail Boss (5.3/8-speed) and towed a couple of years with that. I have to say it was quite an improvement - probably due mostly to the 8-speed vs. 6-speed, but there were times going down the highway that I almost forgot there was a trailer back there. Mileage was not as good as my previous truck though, coming in around 8.5 MPG. I did have 33" BFG KO2's on it, so that probably didn't help. Due to the 95% highway driving I do , I decided the Trail Boss wasn't really what I needed and sold it back to the dealer last year when they were offering cash for used vehicles and did pretty well. I bought a 2021 LTZ with the 6.2/10-speed standard bed, but had to wait 6 months for it to arrive waiting on chips. It was worth the wait though because it has everything except the technology package. It even came with the rear heated seats. I haven't had a chance to tow with it yet, but I imagine it will tow that trailer like a dream. Bottom line the Trail Boss was a very capable towing vehicle and I would probably still be driving it if I was able to spend more time off the highway with it.
  6. I live in Montana and work/drive here and in Wyoming and North Dakota, so wind is almost always a factor when driving on the highway. My 2021 LTZ has the 6.2 with DFM, so I imagine it never engages with a head/side wind. On calm days, I usually acheive close to 21 MPG driving 70-75 MPH. On windy days, that drops down to around 16. Even without DFM the wind will certanly affect mileage however. I am curious though about performance increases without DFM. I'm sure it's been discussed in other areas of this forum with folks talking about dactivating it. I also wonder if switching the truck into "Sport Mode" deactivates the DFM. That would be a great feature, but I believe I've read it just changes the shift points of the transmission like Tow/Haul does. Any thoughts?
  7. My 2019 Trail Boss seats were horrible. So bad I hated driving the truck. I found some gel seat pads on Amazon that were pretty decent and made a difference. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MZJGYZ7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I was afraid the heated seats wouldn't work as well with the pad on them, but it seems to actually work better because it heats up the whole pad. I finally sold the trail boss because 98% of my driving is on the highway and I tow, so my new 2021 LTZ with the 6.2 and no Z71 package drives/rides like a dream. It's also a standard bed vs. short bed, so that also helps for ride comfort I believe. Also, the seats in my new truck actually seem better to me, but I may have just got use to them. I still use the gel seat pad, but I really don't have to anymore. The seats also have the safety seat option, which was a comfort concern from what I'v been reading here, but it hasn't been an issue. I weigh around 295, so that may or may not be a factor. I haven't heard much about the '22 refresh seat yet, but I imagine they're still the same.
  8. I believe the best way to see if your missing options are available for retrofit is to look at the Monroney Label (window sticker). If there is a credit for a missing option and it states "Includes Later Retofit", then once the missing chips are available GM will notify you and you can get them installed at the dealership. Earlier on, some options (such as heated steering wheel) were stated as missing and didn't state anything about a retrofit. Those options are permanently deleted. Check the window sticker before buying to see if the options they're deleting can be added back later - it would make a difference to me. My LTZ was already built, but I had to wait 6 months before it was shipped because they hadn't started doing the retrofit option.
  9. I had a 2019 Trail Boss with heated leather seats and they were hard as a rock and very uncomfortable. I ended up getting some gel seat cusions from Amazon and they helped. After a year or so though I seemed to get used to them (or they broke in) and ditched the seat cusions. I recently sold the Trail Boss and bought a 2021 LTZ with heated/ventilated seats with the safety 2 option and they seem better. Still firm, but not rock-hard and uncomfortable. I did make an 8 1/2 hour trip the other day however and my butt and thighs were pretty sore for a day. I'm a big guy though pushing 300 ilbs, so I'm sure that's a factor. Still, my overall impression is they are better.
  10. Waited 6 months for this beauty: 2021 Silverado LTZ 6.2L standard bed.
  11. I picked up my 2019 Trail Boss LT last year and it did come with the trailer tire sensors. My truck came with the Advanced Trailering Package which includes the tire sensors. It looks like you need this option to get the sensors. I had mine installed in my cargo trailer this year and they work great! Advanced Trailering Package (PZ8) Hitch Guidance hitch view (U1D) Advanced Trailering System and (PTT) Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System (PTT) Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System $240 Advanced Trailering System checklist trailer maintenance reminders trailer security alerts trailer mileage tow/haul reminder and trailer electrical diagnostics included Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System module and set of 4 sensors. Sensor functionality requires Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System to be ordered the vehicle and installed by the factory. Sensors will be shipped loose the truck and will need to be installed on trailer by customer. Additional or replacement sensors are available as GM Accessory included
  12. I put on a Gator ETX soft roll-up tonneau cover on my Trail Boss short bed with sport bar. I'm pretty happy with it and the price was right ($169). They make one for the 6'6" bed for $209 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JQG3JK8/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 It's not fancy, but it keeps everything in the bed dry.
  13. I remember reading a similar thread about adding towing mirrors to the 2014 - 2017 Silverado's. Folks were having the same problem with all the features not working if they didn't have all those features on their original mirrors. This thread showed how to modify the wiring harness to get all the features working. I don't know if this info will apply to the 2019/2020 models though.
  14. I had those very running boards installed on my Trail Boss and really like them. They are nice and wide and have great traction when wet or with snow/ice on them. They feel very heavy duty and I think they look great.
  15. I like the look with the BFG KO2s. I'm an old school white letters out guy.
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