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  1. I have a 2017 LTZ Silverado, it has the All Access Sirius XM package, I get up to channel #230 I believe it is. In my other vehicle, it has the Sirius XM SELECT package and it only goes up to channel #200. Pretty sure you probably only have the SELECT package, upgrade to ALL ACCESS and the additional channels will magically appear.
  2. TPMS Question

    anyone bought one of these, TPMS ACTIVATION TOOL, from TPMStoolshop.com?
  3. Used to be they recommended struts life span was 50,000 miles and shocks were 25,000.
  4. No cell coverage is the only reason to need factory nav and I am sure there are cheaper routes than adding the factory nav, after the fact. But the keyword here is "price does not matter to the gentleman inquiring about adding it after the fact". I have had several high end garmins and there really isn't much difference in stand alone garmins and the factory nav add on, other than having a device sliding around on your dash all the time.
  5. https://www.gm-navigation.com The above is his web page for his business, but the quickest and most direct way is to text him.
  6. I just added factory nav to my 2017 Silverado, contacted Anthony Bush, via text message at 9199959523. Remember he is in Colorado, but text him and he can give you prices and any info you need. I will say service was quick, product is actually the same as factory nav, takes about 30 minutes to install and if you return the module from your vehicle and replace with his module, he will immediately refund the core charge. Everything was done through PayPal, I would give above and beyond recommendations to this product and my dealings with Anthony and his company.

    Mine works fine with usb plugged in, but it should be able to do it wirelessly also, either wifi or Bluetooth.
  8. I have a 2017 LTZ 1500 DOUBLE CAB, was wondering if anyone has had any luck getting a software update from dealership, to get wireless Apple CARPLAY to work? Also interested in knowing if anyone has got any kind of update for the APPSHOP.
  9. You know I hate to bust all you silverado and sierra owners that believe that DIC information concerning ACTUAL fuel mileage is accurate, because my finding with the two different 2014 silverado I own, to be about two miles per gallon less than the figures from the DIC, when you take actual miles driven and number gallons put in tank. That being said I am tickled pink with my mileage I'm getting.
  10. I've had my 2014 silverado since it was new, I pretty much check the actual fuel mileage by miles driven, divided by what it takes to fill the truck up. FYI, actually mileage is generally 1(one) mpg LESS than what your trip mileage is shown on drivers DIC.
  11. I've been watching this thread for quiet some time. I have a 2014 Dbl Cab Silverado, about 4 months ago I took my truck to local dealer and complained about lack of HD channels and poor reception. My dealership called and said the had to order new radio receiver and there was a software upgrade available, after the new hardware arrived and was installed. To make a long story short, after getting truck back I have been amazed at improvement, I live in Fort Wayne, In and I like to listen to WLW out of Cincinnati, Oh which is about 140 miles away. It is an HD channel and comes in loud and clear HD, since hardware replacement. Also there are a lot of local FM stations which are HD and now come in, that I wasn't even aware were available in HD. I'm thinking that a lot of the poor radio reception issues are there and GM has a fix for the the issue, but poor dealership service is not even trying to remedy the problem, just giving customers the run around.
  12. If a simple hardware change is all that is required for the upgrade to 4G, why isn't this being offered to all 2014 Silverado-Sierra owners, even here in the US. I travel through Canada with mine, all the time, so what do I do for the ONSTAR service.
  13. FYI I bought one of the Navigation upgrades from Kodiakz about 10 months ago. I will say it works great, just like all other factory Nav, not as good as Garmin or TOMTOM but close. I will say the HMI i received looked identical to the one I removed from my vehicle, BUT the one I received from Kodiakz had a different GM part number on it and there was no place on the one I removed from my Silverado to plug in the GPS antennae, so I'm going to assume different software and possibly hardware on the one from Kodiakz verses the non GPS HMI that came from the factory in my Silverado.

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