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  1. What dollar amount are dealers wanting to order new Silverado's and can you refuse taking delivery of ordered Silverado, if it comes in with different specs than you ordered.
  2. the 2020 and the 2019 Silverado's have different radio's, the 2020 comes with the 360xl Sirius XM and my 2019 just has a plain SIRIUS XM hd radio, put it will pickup AM and FM HD channels, just scan in your local area.
  3. Has anyone been able to successfully buy out there lease for themselves or does this just stop a second party from buying out your lease?
  4. Hey , can anyone out here take a look at the attached photo and tell me if the shiny cap on the top of the RANCH body, where the shaft extends from the body is part of the RANCHO or part of the mounting hardware.
  5. Anyone out here swap out there Z71 Rancho's on 2019 Silverado for Eibachs or Bilsteins? If so could you please message me, I have a couple of questions.
  6. FYI, 2019 silverado's and 2020 Silverado's have different radios, thus the software you read in the about screen will be different.
  7. I have the IOT radio in my 2019 LTZ Silverado, I have had several OVER THE AIR UPDATES since purchasing it new, in fact I just got one yesterday which it says was an ONSTAR UPDATE 6.6. I took a picture and attached it showing all the updates.
  8. 2019 are not left in the dust, but it seems it has to be updated at dealer with usb, 808 version. There is a tsb bulletin on it, I can say mine has been working great since having it done back in October. All my contacts load, connects to iPhone, and I have not cussed at truck over radio problems since having it done.
  9. I have watched for the the last year and a half, all the complaints for phone connection problems, all contacts not showing up, and screen to bright when in reverse, but in the last few days I have seen no replys concerning V808, supposedly a fix for a lot of these problems.
  10. https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls MC-10180323-9999.pdf
  11. I guess it does not say it is only available via USB, but I have tried several times with my WIFI network and no update and I have not seen anybody report getting an over the air update to V808.
  12. I think the 2020 use a different radio and software numbering
  13. Noticed there is a 2019 Silverado radio update, V808. Looks like it is only available at dealer via usb, unlike previous over the air updates. Bunch of fixes, Condition Some customers may comment on software issues. A continuous improvement software update is being released with updates made on the following areas: • RearSeatInfotainment(RSI) • HVAC • Bluetooth • VoiceRecognition • generalsystemimprovements Most notable improvements include: RSIsystem(RPOUWG)frontdisplayscreenwillshowablackscreenand/orapoor distorted image while playing rear video to the front while in Park Phonecontactsareunavailableandwillnotretrydownload RSIaudiomayintermittentlystopafteranavigationprompt AndroidAutoaudiodropsforapproximatelyonesecond TheMultifunctionController(MFC)couldchangetheAMfrequencyinthebackground of the Bluetooth audio page Thenavigationsystemwilllosethestreetnumberinfiveminuteswhenthedestination was entered using a myBrand app WhileCarPlayisinuse,anOnStarAdvisorcallisactive,andauserchangesmany apps then ends the Advisor call, the radio display may go black
  14. Yeah mine used to do it occasionally, most generally after setting overnite but it has completely stopped doing over the last 3 or 4 days.
  15. Hey, I had a 2017 Silverado and now a 2019 Silverado, until recently, after trucks set overnight, when I unlocked door there was always a sound like pump spinning up, coming from under the bed. I always thought it was a fuel pump priming, but it has recently quit doing it, I have had some software updates done, but the noise is definitely gone. Anyone else noticed this?
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