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  1. On my 2019 LTZ Z71 Silverado there is a round control nob on the left upper side of the dash, as you face the steering wheel. It has a trailer marked on it for turning it left and a racing flag to turn it to the right. Anyone know what this exactly does? I was told it is a sport mode.
  2. I have an 2019 LTZ with the up level 3 INFOTAINMENT with the Navigation and the BOSE. I have it connect to my home network, but it is still on version 509. I sometime think it has a problem connecting to WIFI network. On my 2017 it would always show on the screen connected to the network, but on the new one the connection status icon comes on and shows on the screen for a second or so, then it disappears.
  3. I have noticed on my new 2019 SILVERADO LTZ I cannot change favorite or any radio stations from FM to XM or XM to AM with the steering wheel activated VOICE COMMAND. It will however change channels from with AM to AM or XM to XM. This was a feature my 2014 SILVERADO LT AND my 2017 SILVERADO LTZ would do, come on General Motors, REALLY!
  4. What version of software is everyones truck showing? Mine is showing 509 version from November.
  5. Grrrrr

    if you have the gm version of the weathertech floor liners, they snap together in the middle
  6. Help with dealership

    Check out Summit City Chevrolet in Fort Wayne, (260) 432-0677. I was going to order a pretty much loaded DOUBLECAB LTZ, they found one in Indianapolis, exactly what I wanted and had it at there dealership the next day. I noticed they had several RST on there lot. I dealt with Scot Wilder and last Tuesday I signed the papers and brought it home and it was a LEASE.
  7. Mine is 4 wheel drive, with 5.3 motor and 20 inch rims.
  8. Anyone else notice that the 2019 Silverado has different recommended tire pressure for front and rear tires. I just picked up a new Doublecab Z71 LTZ and I noticed recommended tire pressure, on inside of door was 32 psi for steer axle and 35 psi for back axle. Not a real big deal, other than having to check tire pressure when doing tire rotations
  9. Paauto Where did you get your subscription for software updates? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I test drove a 2019 LTZ Z71 Doublecab yesterday. I noticed it did not have the turn signals indicator in the mirror, but in the bottom of the mirror I noticed what I thought was lights that did not light up and on the back of the mirror I noticed two, what appeared to be led's and they also did not come on with lights, turn signals and or four ways. It had the SAFETY FEATURE 1 & 2, which included all the safety features, they didn't seem to be consistently working.
  11. Hey, does GM still put a hard copy of the the owners manual in the glove box of the 19 SILVERADO'S or have the gone to a strictly online version?
  12. Did General Motors remove the side mirror turn signal indicators in all of the 2019 model T1 trucks?
  13. HID LED'S

    Thank you for that answer, that is kind of what I suspected. Do you know if these higher intensity LEDs are part of the headlight assembly or we might be able to upgrade the bulb from the LTZ to the HIGH COUNTRY type?
  14. Hey, looking at 2019 AT4, HIGH COUNTRY, and LTZ! Question on headlights, all three have LEDS, but in the GM description for AT4 and HIGH COUNTRY they are called HID LEDs, are they actually different bulbs than the LTZ, which they call them just LEDs? I drove an LT ALL STAR and was very disappointed with the headlights, I presently have a 2017 LTZ with the projector LED and as far as I am concerned best vehicle headlights out there. Anyone with AT4 or HIGH COUNTRY comments would be appreciated.

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