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  1. Good info. It makes sense that more than one GM vehicle would use the same sensors. Too late for me though, I already made the purchase for my trailer. I hope they work out for others.
  2. No, nothing like ForScan for newer GM trucks. The PCM is encrypted and cannot be programmed. I have a Ford F-150 Raptor and I've looked at ForScan but I haven't make any mods, mostly beause I haven't had a need. That said, even with Ford, you are taking a chance at voiding the warranty with you make changes to the system. ForScan is not a Ford app and it's not approved by Ford Motor Company.
  3. With so many car warranty scams out there, how do you know which companies are legitimate and will pay when coverage is needed?
  4. The camera system is complicated and has many views if the truck is equipped with the complete camera system. It takes some reading and practice to become familiar with all of the feathers. The excerpt below is out of the 2020 Owner's Manual: If equipped, the front view camera also displays when the Park Assist system detects an object within 30 cm (12 in). If you choose the Camera Option on the Infotainment System and then choose the backup view, the camera view will shift to the front camera view when you put the truck in any forward gear and then shift back
  5. It sounds like the block heater cord that plugs into the receptacle just in front of the left front tire. Can you post a picture of the cord you have
  6. USA Today printed the following: "On the Ram 1500 truck, active grille shutters improve fuel economy by an estimated 0.5 percent. For the average driver, that saves only 3.6 gallons of gas a year. But when it comes to CAFE standards, every bit helps — especially when improvements are relatively simple to implement". Using that 0.5% number shutters would save 0.075 mpg if you average 15 mpg in normal driving.
  7. Mine is held on the rear glass window with 3M tape. I'm pretty sure it won't fall off and removing it would be a chore if I ever decided to do sol
  8. The forum has a problem - nothing displays properly and it's a mess. I've tried MS Edge, FireFox and Chrome - none display any better. Anyone know what happened and when it will be fixed?
  9. I believe that trucks with HUD use a special windshield. The glass has a coating on it just for the HUD and is considerably more expensive than standard glass. You most likely have the wrong windshield for your truck. I'd check with the dealer to confirm that.
  10. I have a loaded 2019 Ford Raptor and I like the truck. The interior is nice and the seats are great. That said, I'd rather drive the 2020 LTZ than the Raptor because it's just more! The interior gets a lot of negative reviews but I like it - everything is within reach. Knobs and switches are easier to use when you're bouncing down the road in a heavy duty pickup than trying to touch an icon on a display screen. I'm 6 ft and I can see the gauges fine - you may need to adjust your seat. I can also reach up and pull the hood down with the latch wire to close it. I also have the heads-up
  11. Not much else you can do. Leave it in its original state and take it to the dealer for repair. The warranty should cover it.
  12. The problems are most likely related to the modifications you've done. Do you know when the parking and other lights stopped working? That is did they work after any of the mods were done? You may have to reverse the mods and see if the other lights come back to life. GM won't warranty the truck with the mods in place so it's on you to find the problem. Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED's sometimes require a resistor in the circuit so the truck sees the correct resistance for the circuit to work properly. That could be part or all of the problem.
  13. I've never had an issue and haven't seen any other post for it. That would be a warranty issue if that's what the view looks like with the front wheels pointing straight ahead.
  14. If an older diesel sells for $10K more than a gasoline version, then it did indeed keep more value than the gas engine truck. $10K would be a 100% return on the investment and that's unheard of with used vehicles. The argument that diesels don't hold their value any more than a gas engine may be legitimate but the analogy above is wrong.
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