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  1. I'm getting about 500 miles per gallon of DEF towing an 8000 lb Airstream trailer. The DEF gauge works well and shows about the right amount of DEF over distance traveled. It appears that the newer diesels; Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler all use more than prior years to meet more stringent emission requirements. We're not alone.
  2. I think all GM pickups use American Axles and have for the last twenty years or more.
  3. Locking gas caps can be defeated in a matter of seconds and offer scant protection if any. A locking fuel door just means there will be more damage to the truck when someone jimmies it. Make it too hard and they'll just puncture the tank, take what they need and let the rest drain to the ground.
  4. He's driving a Duramax and the MBRP is DPF back only - not a complete exhaust system, There are no complete exhaust systems for diesels unless a complete delete is made. A complete delete is ultra expensive on the L5P, voids your warranty and could potentially give legal problems since tampering with emissions systems if illegal. They also won't pass emissions testing if you happen to live in a place where they are required.
  5. Regens are pretty much imperceptible by the driver most of the time. You may occasionally notice a drop in instantaneous fuel mileage or smell the odor hot pipes give off but that's about it. I have a Banks iDash gauge that can show the soot level in the DPF and show when cleaning is taking place but I don't pay much attention to it most of the time. You'll get a message on the dash if there is ever a problem.
  6. The radio antenna on my 2020 2500HD is shorter than the one on my 2008 2500HD and I think that's the problem. 25 miles is a long way for FM signals that are line of sight transmissions. Shorter antennas are less efficient and aren't going to pick up a strong signal when the distance to the transmitter is near the reception limit. I have a 2019 Ford F150 with a longer antenna and it does significantly better receiving distant signals. It does, however, scrape my garage door when passing under it - the Chevy does not. It's a kind of trade-off.
  7. Your fuel mileage seems too low for such a small trailer. I'm getting 12.5 to 13.5 towing a 30' Airstream that weighs 8,060 lbs more or less depending on how much water I have on board.
  8. I posted a link below that gives a pretty good explanation for the types of steel generally used in exhaust systems. I think all car makers use 409 stainless on gasoline engine exhaust systems for durability and have for the last twenty years or more. Diesel exhausts, however, are not as prone to rust as gasoline engines and manufacturers in most cases have not made the switch from aluminized to stainless. https://www.dieselops.com/stainless-vs-aluminized#:~:text=OEM exhaust systems are typically,rust resistant as stainless steel.
  9. They must be aluminized steel. I just put a magnet on mine, both the tip and the pipes, and it was hard to pull off. Stainless has only a mild attraction to magnets - these are definitely not stainless.
  10. Mine seems to be perfect. I haven't found any defects so far and I'm pretty finicky about my rides. Best of luck with yours.
  11. I like the idea of it and the appearance is OK with me. Can the battery be changed when it gets low or does the whole unit get pitched and replaced with a new one?
  12. I like having the manual in the glove box, but rarely use it. However, I've put the PDF manual on my desktop, two laptop computers, tablet, phone and I refer to it frequently. The PDF manual can be searched for whatever topic I'm looking for and it's easy to highlight any item I may want to find again. You have to love technology!
  13. Ditto the above. I find everything works best if the ignition is off when I plug in the pigtail. However, I've never had the trailer brakes not work properly regardless of the DIC message. I just ignore the message if it says brake gain wasn't recalled.
  14. GM's own release: https://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/home.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2019/feb/0205-silverado-hd-2020.html New Allison® 10-speed transmission matched with proven Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel “The 6.6L Duramax diesel and Allison® transmission is a legendary combination in the HD truck market with proven durability and capability that our customers expect,” said McQuaid. “For 2020, we made the combination even better and upgraded nearly every driveline component. As a result, we will deliver all 910 lb-ft of torque to the ground in first gear.”
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