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  1. 128 gb is supported and is what I'm using.
  2. No special format needed. Just put your songs into folders - about 125 songs per folder works well for me. Name the folders so you can find the type of music you're looking for at any particular moment. The infotainment center will read and play the music on the USB drive when it's inserted in a USB port. I use the port in the center console and close the lid. You're ready to go at that point.
  3. Starting to make sense. Mine does have plow prep and no shutters. Good detective work!
  4. That's a conundrum for sure. I can't imagine why engineers would put shutters in front of that giant charge air cooler and radiator. As I stated above, my 2020 LTZ 2500HD does not have shutters. I can see where the shutters would fit into the front grill work for gasoline powered trucks but I didn't think any diesels had them. It will be interesting to find out what the thinking is on them.
  5. Diesels don't have the shutters, gasoline engines only.
  6. It was unfortunate but fellow campers offered us food, blankets and shelter if it was needed and my wife and I really appreciated that. The RV was 23 years old and wasn't insured because the premiums over time would have been more than insurance would pay. I made a deal with a salvage company to take the trailer in exchange for removing it from the park. Then I found a good deal on a 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud 30RB at a dealer in Sunbury, Ohio and bought it yesterday. The thing is immaculate - they had it on the showroom floor where you couldn't miss it. We're happy with the outcome!
  7. First time out with my new 2500HD towing my travel trailer. I was parked at Mohican State Park in Ohio and a storm blew in sending a tree into my camper. My wife and I were in the front portion of the trailer when the tree hit but neither of us was injured. Quite a ride!
  8. First time out with my new 2500HD towing my travel trailer. I was parked at Mohican State Park in Ohio and a storm blew in sending a tree into my camper. My wife and I were in the front portion of the trailer when the tree hit but neither of us was injured. Quite a ride!
  9. I have a 2019 Raptor and 2020 Silverado 2500HD with Duramax engine. I like both - the Raptor won't tow my trailer so I have the 2500HD. Both are fun trucks, both have 10 speed transmissions and both have great performance. I've had no problems with either of them and both 10 speeds are good - really good! If I had to choose just one or the other - I'd be hard pressed to decide.
  10. For those that haven't checked, the hood and tailgate on HD's are steel. I haven't found any aluminum panels on my truck, so the one poster above is wrong about having an aluminum hood. 1500's do have aluminum hoods and tailgates - doors too I think.
  11. I read this post and decided to grease my new LTZ just to make sure everything was lubed. I was pleased that this truck is easier to grease than either of my two prior HD's. two less zerks and the remainder are more accessible. That said, it was obvious that all points had grease from the factory and there weren't any issues. My thoughts are that the one thing any HD owner should do himself or herself is to buy a grease gun and grease the fittings yourself. It's not hard, it can be done with the truck sitting on the ground and takes about 30 minutes. The front skid plate under the radiator needs to be removed to get to three of the fittings. Four 15mm bolts hold it and it comes down out of the way. I doubt many, if any dealers or oil change shops ever grease all of the fittings because it's too time consuming and bothersome for them. Just my two cents worth!
  12. It would be helpful to know more details: travel trailer, fifth wheel, how long, how much does it weigh, where and how far exactly are you towing. How fast do you tow? Mountainous terrain or mostly flat makes a difference. I haven't towed with mine yet but I'm going out next week for the first time with a travel trailer. I'm not using much DEF in normal driving but I'm sure the truck will use more with a load behind the truck. We'll see!
  13. I have not experienced any squeaks or clunks in my 2500HD nor have I used Fluid Film on the truck. If you think the Fluid Film is the cause of the squeaks, take the truck to a magic wand type car wash and clean the springs and bushings using soap with high pressure spray. Dirt and Fluid Film residue should wash off. Oily substances like Fluid Film are dirt magnets. You may have salt and road grit build-up where it's not intended and it could be creating your problem.
  14. I have a set of Rhino Ramps with 3,000lb capacity per ramp or 6,000lb capacity per pair. At times, I'd like to raise the front of the truck enough to get under it on a creeper without brushing my chest on the undercarriage. I'm thinking that each front wheel would carry less than 3,000lbs per ramp. That the rear tires would probably carry about a third of the weight of the truck, 8,150lbs total in my case. Do you think I'd be cutting it too close to the limit to get under the truck with these ramps or should I go to a ramp with a higher load carrying capacity?
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