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  1. Fedex delivered a flat envelope today with a refund check for those items that I did not authorize when I made my Chevy purchase. We're all square now!
  2. For the record, I've been negotiating with my local dealer to return a $999.00 charge for a wheel protection package that was improperly added to my truck loan on March 3, 2020 when I purchased the truck. The local dealer, one of a dozen or so Jeff Wyler Dealers in the tri-state area, was no help and pretty much sloughed off the problem. A couple of weeks ago, I was ready to take the matter to the small claims court but decided to write the corporate headquarters in Milford, Ohio asking that they settle the matter without a court intervention and also to restore my good will. To my surprise, I received a phone call from the corporate office yesterday stating they are having a check delivered to my house today, Tuesday, Nov 23rd for the amount in question. Within the hour I got a text from FedEx advising of a delivery scheduled for today. I'll be glad to put the problem to rest and very happy the corporate office resolved my issue. I'll confirm when the payment is received later today.
  3. I wouldn't trust my dealer to perform the retrofit. I won't be ordering one If it isn't on the truck when it's built.
  4. I was thinking about ordering a 2022 to replace my 2020 LTZ because I'd like to have the larger info screen. I think now I'll wait to see if things improve for the 2023 models.
  5. There are no guarantees that you won't have a problem and DEF problems are the number one issue with all of the current diesels regardless of the brand. I don't know what percentage of trucks have had an issue and the manufacturers are not giving out those statistics. Judging from the posts here and on other forums, I'd guess that the number issues with Duramax diesels are small but they do happen. The major concern is that parts are scarce and some have waited for extended periods for the dealer to get a needed part. There seem to be shortages of many things today for an assortment of reasons. If the truck is mission critical you might want to go with the 6.6 liter gas engine that is standard in the 2500HD's. The gas engines have been very reliable and most like them. The drawback is that the 6.6 gas engine only comes with a 6 speed transmission. You might miss the 10 speed in you 1500. I only have 17,000 miles on my 20 Duramax and It has had no issues. I did drive it on a 6,500 mile loop across the country this fall and it was a joy to drive. Best of luck on your search.
  6. Chevrolets don't have the problem. I'm grateful for that.
  7. Some trailers with all LED lighting don't draw enough current to let the truck know it's there. I had this problem with my 2018 Airstream trailer with all LED lighting. The truck would see the trailer when first connected to the truck then lose the connection after I'd stopped and turned the ignition off. The problem was random and unpredictable. Like you, my lights and brakes all worked even though the truck was displaying the message. However, the trailer TPMS system did not work and the truck did not accumulate trailer mileage when it was not recognized. I read about Ford truck owners having similar problems on a Ford forum and found this 7 way plug adapter resolved their issues. I bought one and it works for me. I have not had a 'No trailer connected' error since. The plug apparently works by adding resistance to the lighting circuit. It's not expensive and might be worth a try. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C4AYR3U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. The truck might be sensitive to a partially charged battery. You generally need to recharge the battery on a battery charger to bring it up to full charge. The alternator is more of a battery maintainer and takes a long time to fully recharge a battery. Make sure the battery has 12.7 volts after it's rested for an hour after charging and then try reprogramming the windows again.
  9. Yes, many are and there are numerous posts here and on other forums. They work great! Have you done a search on them?
  10. Are you asking about the diesel or gasoline engine options? Makes a difference!
  11. Aren't those two things supposed to be powered off of the trailer battery? Maybe you have something other than a travel trailer but any trailer with interior lights normally has it's own battery.
  12. I don't have the issues you are having, but I did put a little dielectric grease on the seal that prevents moisture from getting into the connection. It does make connecting and disconnecting the cable easier.
  13. My guess is that they are drain holes used during the manufacturing process. The entire truck is submerged in a rust proofing liquid before the body is painted and the rust proofing has to drain after leaving the bath. Just a WAG.
  14. I don't believe you need a catch can with a 6.6L gas engine. GM has a very efficient system built into the engine and it does an excellent job separating oil out of air going back to the engine.
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