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  1. You made a good choice. I love the looks of the Chevy and I think it's far better looking than the GMC. The odd looking wheel wells with the side lights on the GMC are beyond what I consider to be good styling - the front grill is a little over the top too. The 10 speed Allison is awesome and the technology is incredible. Ford and Ram have problems with death wobble which is nonexistent on the GM trucks. Ford also uses the Bosch CP4 high pressure fuel pump which can be a very expensive time bomb. DEF systems are the most problematic area on modern diesels and all makes have them from pickups to the big rigs.
  2. DEF is DEF there isn't a premium grade. Get it from the pumps at the diesel islands at truck stops - it's a lot cheaper and guaranteed fresh. Truck stops use a lot of it and it won't have been setting in a warehouse for months before you get it.
  3. I'm pulling a 30' Airstream Flying Cloud behind my LTZ. It's perfect for two persons who travel. No weight distribution or anti-sway is needed - just drop it on the hitch and go.
  4. It will be no surprise to you but the 2500HD will be significantly higher than you 1500. These are tall trucks with or without the 20" wheels. My 2020 HD is a couple of inches higher than my 2008 model was. That shouldn't be a problem as there are many options for a hitch bar.
  5. I'm not sure this will help with the above problem but I purchased a GM trailer camera about a month ago but have not had a chance to test it until today. Temps have finally warmed enough to allow me to plug into the trailer and ensure the camera was working. It went well - the camera showed a light inside the camera lens as soon as it was plugged into the truck receptacle. The camera view also showed on the infotainment screen inside the truck when I went to that view on the system. I'll be running the cable to the back of the trailer and mounting the camera over the next few days. Everything looks promising.
  6. The view on the dash display is very good on my 2020 LTZ. No lines or distortion of any kind.
  7. I can address one comment above about iDash not starting on every startup. I had this happen a couple of times and found that I was taking my foot off of the brake too soon when starting the truck. iDash never fails If I start the truck and keep my foot on the brake pedal until I see the iDash lightup. Taking my foot off too soon seems to have been the problem. For the CEL problem, I'd put a battery tender on the battery and see if that fixes that issue. Low batteries on modern cars can cause many mysterious issues. I see similar low battery issues on the Ford and Corvette forums. It's worth a try.
  8. I suppose this is a problem to watch for but I haven't had an issue with the iDash on my truck. I'm coming up on one year of ownership on March 2nd. and I've had the iDash since the truck had 500 miles on it. I have 6,500 miles on it so far and I'd hate to be without the iDash.
  9. My 2020 does not have automatic braking and to the best of my knowledge - none did. Maybe the 2021 models do - don't know about them. If you don't want the rest of us to guess about what you're talking about - keep doing what you're doing.
  10. If posters here would fill out their signatures, then we'd know what they are driving when they make a post. None of the posts above have a signature and I have no idea what truck is in question.
  11. I'm glad to hear they work, but they aren't quite the same as the OEM Clips. The main thing, however, is that they do work and they are available at an affordable price. The bad news is that they aren't currently available from Amazon. Maybe elsewhere?
  12. Automotive manufacturers are shifting more and more resources to Electronic Vehicles and less to internal combustion engines. I don't expect another new diesel engine to be produced by any of the current producers. Emissions, fuel economy regs and cost to manufacture these engines will sideline them in favor of EV's. EV's are in the news and their popularity and acceptance will grow rapidly in the next decade. Some will say it ain't so - but it's inevitable.
  13. You do it just like any other car you've ever had. Just be careful not to cross the connections as most modern cars and trucks have sensitive electronics that can be damaged it isn't done correctly. The passenger side battery on Duramax engines have an easy connect terminal on the battery and a ground lug on the right fender just ahead of the battery for easy cable connections. I'm not sure what connections gasoline engines have but they probably have something similar.
  14. It's not likely that the feature can be activated even if it is in the software. GM has gone to great lengths to encrypt the systems so that they cannot be tampered with. Everything I've read to date says the system cannot be penetrated.
  15. They most likely will. The engine is capable of much more HP and torque - it's just a matter of when.
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