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  1. Like those running boards. They look sturdy, and low enough that shoes would not kick the rockers.
  2. Pretty impressive engineering that the cabin of a vehicle is built to function like a roll cage. New convertibles with the swept back windshields are a master feat of engineering when it comes to standing up to roll over. My first car was a '59 Austin Healey 100/6. Talk about a flexy-flyer. That more people weren't killed back then is a testament to Lucas Electrics (hard to roll a vehicle that won't run... lol) Yesterday's dirt road adventure lead to another fun hike. This time in Red Canyon. Big winds blew the dust off the trail, so the Sunroof was open until we parked. Bryce and Zion are getting packed, so we are doing things outside the N.P.s No pictures out the sunroof, but it did a great job of providing fresh air without getting a bunch of dust in the truck. Superdog thinks this small structure would be a great dog house, for when I get in trouble with swmbo. I'd need a bigger door, but otherwise agree. It would get used often. Some pretty cool rock structures. Kind of like Mini Arches/Hoodoos.
  3. Yesterday's adventure in S.W. Utah. Second time I've had the truck on fire roads. Dusty fun required closing the sunroof. This is Blind Lake. Really pretty area at about 10k' asl. Superdog is getting older, so we take it a bit slower, with plenty of rest stops. She still has heart of a young dog, and loves the exercise. So we are out pretty much every day. ETA: she is also a fan of sunroofs, except if we park under a tree with ticks... lol
  4. Right ON!!! Congrats Man. Looking forward to reading your impressions with the truck. It is definitely beautiful. Really like the black out package with the completely black hood scoop.
  5. Holy Let The Hail In Batman! That would not be a good thing... lol Everything is big in Texas, including the hail. But I'd still have a sunroof. What is life without the adventure, and getting beat up by Mr.s Nature every now and then. I've had the great fortune of many work visits to Texas (all over the state). Hard to beat Tex-Mex, Bar-B-Que, and especially the people. Made some great life-time friends, and increased my waist size all at the same time.
  6. with gain set to 10, and manual slider pushed all the way to full "on" you should get 12V. But, since the Chevy has a trailer sensing system, you may not see this unless the trailer is plugged in. You'd need a tap off the brake and negative leads. If your trailer will lock the brakes when connected to another truck, I would explain this to your dealership. Maybe bring both trucks and a trailer to the dealership so the Service Writer/Mechanic can see this. Hope you can get resolution quickly.
  7. Definitely a "love/hate" thing. Great responses on both sides. I've only had one person tell me if the car has one she uses it. Otherwise she doesn't miss it.
  8. Would be great if you could see the truck on the lot, to check the weight data tags. Just watch your pin weight on the trailer. When I first loaded out the 5th wheel, it was almost 3,400 lbs on the pin. This 5th wheel has a washer dryer in the nose, and I had about 1,000 lbs in the front gen set compartment. Most Toy haulers will lighten the tongue once weight is in the garage. So maybe a couple of bikes along with a Turbo Razor. If you don't already have a SxS, and want to get the purchase past your "Chief Finance Officer", you might try this: "But honey, we need the Turbo Razor in the back to keep the tongue weight in tolerance." (let me know if that works for you. )
  9. Agree with your assessment on tongue weights. Great point! My biggest concern would be in case of an accident with fatality, where the investigation goes through every little detail. The load could be within DOT standards, but over the GM tongue rating. That opens up a whole can of worms in civil litigation. Thankfully with the 5th wheel I'm in good shape. But if I was pulling a goose neck live stock trailer, that has the potential to be an issue. Which in my case would require "more" truck than I need on a daily basis. I'm currently looking at this scenario and may just sub out the hauling, which is a whole other can of worms. lol
  10. Great explanation for the downside of sunroofs. Surmises everything I've heard from those who wouldn't/didn't order one. The one in my old Dodge would leak under the forced air dryer at the drive through car wash. I'd put a towel down on the driver's and passenger side to keep the carpet from getting soaked. lol I still loved it though. Seeing things from a different vantage point is pretty cool. (picture out the sunroof of the old Dodge)
  11. Q3 is what I've heard as well. From the dealer and from the GM web site. Based on how long it takes to get trucks out of a parking lot, I'm guessing Q3 of 2025.
  12. If I remember right it goes to about 4,600lbs in a crew cab. But how many Mother-in-laws do you really want in your back seat?
  13. Sunroofs seem to be a love/hate thing, and I get it. When it comes to bringing the outside in while traveling through beautiful mountainous scenery, the good outweighs the bad in my opinion. Looking forward to when GM comes out with a panoramic sunroof like Ford has. In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying the sunroof in this truck. On a side note, i really like the ventilation with the sunroof in "vent mode", and adjusting air flow by how far the rear sliding window is open. It seems quieter than opening side windows at freeway speeeds. Below pics are all through the sunroof while traveling through Zion N.P. today.
  14. There is a thread somewhere on this forum where a guy bought almost the same truck as mine, but as a 2500. His payload was about 900lbs less, but his pin weight (gooseneck/5th wheel) was a bit higher. That was a real surprise to me. We both put pictures of our data tags on the thread. Wish I could find that thread. It really shows how careful choices can maximize the abilities of the 2500. In his case a salesman at the dealership spec'd the build, and really new what he was doing.
  15. Return on investment is a good point. My favorite thing about the diesel is just how laid back and relaxed the drive is. It's like the "easy button." Need fuel while pulling a big arsed trailer, go to the truck side. Need to pass someone, push down on the accelerator. Got a big downhill, turn on the exhaust brake. My favorite thing about the gas engine is being able to do short trips without worry. Second favorite is the low maintenance & repair costs. Put a whole long block in the truck for the cost of a set of diesel injectors.
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