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  1. I've noticed cruise control works better for controlling speed in Tow Haul mode. The down side is Tow/Haul mode is more aggressive with shifts up and down. At least that is the way it seems to work on my truck.
  2. That's the way it sounds. Service Manager just went through the update on his wife's truck (GMC), and she didn't get the heated steering wheel either. I have no idea if this is based on trim level. I didn't ask what trim his wife's truck is. Mine is an LT. In my case they did an oil change at the same time, and I was out in less than two hours.
  3. Noticed the monthly vehicle condition report that comes via email showed an Open Recall for the seat heaters with the recommendation to contact the dealership to get it taken care of. So I contacted the dealership yesterday and had them installed today. Dealer said at the end of the year GM opened the recall for dealers to order parts as customers contacted them. He said it has taken up to three weeks to get kits though. Since mine only needed the module not the buttons, they had that in stock and got 'er done. No heated steering wheel though. GM is not honoring that, which sucks.
  4. Thanks James. I found this article based on your post. https://www.transmissiondigest.com/the-magna-powertrain-mp3023-3024-nqh/ When I read the marketing info, I was just like Pryme & Jettech1. It sounded to me like all it did was engage/disengage the 4WD Mode. I may be getting old, but I can still turn button as needed. Pryme had me cracking up with his post, because that is exactly what I was thinking when I ordered the truck. It was my GF who talked me into upgrading to the Auto function. Now I'm glad she did.
  5. Had a great opportunity to try out the effectiveness of Auto 4WD function. Short story is the Auto 4WD worked seamlessly in snow and ice conditions. Much better than expected. I could tell when it was engaging by how the steering felt, but my passenger couldn't tell when it was engaging/disengaging. The truck just felt very planted and stable. Everything I had read lead me to believe the Auto 4WD would be a bit clunky in use. Even from the GM site the way they explained it seemed not ideal. In use (Pulling a bit more than 6,000 lbs double axle trailer through two snow covered and icy steep passes) it feels very much Like the Jeep QuadraTrac II system in our previous Grand Cherokee, which is amazing on snow and ice. I was under the impression that Auto 4WD just engaged and disengaged the transfer case as needed. It seems different than that. Like the transfer case is always engaged, but there is some kind of very smooth and immediate torque splitting. In concert with the Tow/Haul mode engaging Auto 4WD limited the upshifts to higher rpm even under light throttle input. My WAG is it has throttle and transmission programming to smooth torque application. Would be interesting to read other's input from those of you who have used the Auto 4WD function in slippery conditions. It would also be great to find out how it really works (like a white paper that explains all the facets of what selecting "Auto" effects), rather than just the marketing info. Happy New Year! Hope everyone is safe, healthy, and happy in '23.
  6. The load is well within the limits of the truck GAWF/R, GVW, GCW. The bike does block a lot of air flow, and the fan runs more because of it. Same as a plow would do on the front of a truck. GM actually speaks to this, either in the OM or the Builder's guide (can't remember where I read up on it). Other than pulling long steep grades the temps run normal, thanks to that huge fan. This is why I was really happy with the way the truck is engineered for fleet use. 235 degrees is threshold for standard transmission fluids. Above that and it starts degrading at an accelerated rate. I can't remember what the seals are rated for, it's higher than that. Same for the internal wire harness and solenoids, but not by a lot. My preference is between 180 and 210 for heavy towing. That provides a good margin of safety against overheat. Again, the higher the temp the faster the components degrade.
  7. Have enjoyed Towing throughout the Western states. Trailer loaded for travel is 14,300 lbs with empty tanks, or just a tick over 14,600 lbs with a tank full of fresh water. Put a front hitch on to handle hauling the KTM 390 (about 500 lbs with hitch, carrier and bike). Consistently averages right about 8.5mpg on the flats and 7.5mpg through the mountains. I've had one time pulling a long 8% grade where trans temp went above 235 degrees F. Engine temp did not exceed 210 degrees F. That was with the bike on the front. Pulled over, let the transmission cool, and finished the grade with no other issues. I have pulled a 21' Goose-neck stock trailer, but the live load of cattle wasn't comfortable. So GF handles that with her dually F350, which she likes to remind me about all time. So now she's going to start pulling the 5th wheel too. I'm selling the truck, and buying a sports car. Maybe a Z06
  8. Looks like a perfect "package". Not sure which I'm more impressed with. A Grand Design Bunk house model that light (great quality trailer), or how well balanced your whole setup is. No wonder it tows so well. Either way. sounds like a whole lot of vacation good times, with minimal stress on the road. Happy "Thousand" Trails!
  9. I'm a fan of filling at or before the 1/4 tank mark. Just not worth the stress to me, especially when pulling a big trailer. My average fill is just under 30 gallons. Nice to know that in an emergency, I could squeeze out another 35-40 miles when towing though. So thanks to the OP for posting this.
  10. I don't like having to work under the truck, and feel for the GM mechanics who have to deal with the waxy mess. Something as simple as adding a front hitch to a truck with less than 5K miles leaves the installer looking like they just worked on a 1950s diesel bus. Living in a state that salts the roads pretty heavily, I don't see an advantage to the wax. I see just as many rusty GM trucks as I do Ford & Dodge. It just doesn't seem to be an advantage in that regard. Overall I'm not a fan. It would be great of GM stepped up to e-coating. The new paints with rust converter/preventer do a good job of maintaining an e-coated frame, without all the mess of the wax.
  11. I was at the local GMC dealer and talked to the Service Manager. He said GM was trying to get this completed by the end of this year. Then said "...but don't get your hopes up." Had a bit of a laugh with him. He is convinced they are trying hard to get this done. He's been around plenty long enough to separate the chaff from the wheat.
  12. In for a penny, in for a pound. Would be silly not to do the complete package. When I dropped the rear tire pressure from the recommended 80psi, to 62 psi, it made a huge difference in that rear "jittery" feel with the stock truck. Now I get an email every month from GM warning me about the low tire pressure... lol Have to think with all the work you've done it is a much, much better ride.
  13. Perfect case for these mods, and what i was trying to express in the earlier post. In your position, I'd be all over the same mods. Plus a steering damper setup (if you haven't already done this). Beautiful truck!
  14. Katzkin really makes beautiful upholstery. Looks awesome in your truck. Nice choice.
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