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  1. I like the '20-'23 front end. Reminds me a lot of the mid '60s Chevy. The '24 may "grow" on me, but I currently don't think it looks a clean as the '20-'23. It seems too busy and bulbous. The 10 speed will be a welcome addition for those of us towing heavy weights. Will I trade my '23 for a '24. Probably not. I'm considering going back to a Dodge with the Cummins. The Chevy is OK for the 5th wheel, but not so good with livestock. It's just not enough truck for live loads, and the stupid SAE capacity sticker is causing me issues. I wouldn't buy a Duramax or a Powerstroke. Too expensive to maintain, and from what my buddies have to deal with, they don't seem as durable as the Cummins. I just need a truck that starts, stops and hauls the load every time I turn the key, without drama. As I typed that, it dawned on me that a Dodge is going to be that truck.
  2. Congrats on the great mileage. For mostly city driving, that is really good. One of the most impressive aspects to this truck is its ability to maximize economy based on conditions. I've never had a truck with fuel mileage that varied as much. The only time it is consistent is when pulling a heavy trailer. Outside of towing, I've seen anywhere from 12-ish mpg, to a mid 17 mpg. depending on the type of travel, and conditions.
  3. Thanks for posting this! I'm pleasantly surprised by that graph. The truck doesn't feel like the chart shows (very similar curve to the GM chart). Which lends to what @Stand By mentioned regarding "torque sensing". It is also very probable that I'm gauging this engines power against my last truck which was a diesel (5.9L Dodge). That is not in anyway a fair thing to do on my part. I really do like this truck.
  4. It would be great to see an actual dyno chart on power at the wheels. What GM shows for the engine power output and how the truck feels in the real world, are two different things. Maybe its a drive-train package/programming situation. If I give the truck a good swift kick in the gas... pedal, it will perform. Kind of reminds me of a lazy horse. On the other hand, if that is what it takes to get good fuel mileage, I won't complain. Gas prices are killing us.
  5. Nothing wrong with a Ford. That is a darned nice truck! (but the Chevy is better... )
  6. I've been pretty happy with the seat cover. Mud, sand, hair, drool, etc. all stay in that cover. Normally I just pull it out and shake it off. Door panels, and cushion stay much cleaner than without it.
  7. Hope you had a good trip (besides fuel mileage). That is a pretty drive. Still seems a bit on the low side to me. But what do I know... Next time you make this trip it might be worth setting the cruise control (if possible) and leave tow/haul off. Let it shift as it likes, just watch the transmission temp. I would have thought you'd be a mid 9mpg with your setup, and GCW. The only thing that I don't like about that is the cruise lets speed drop 3-5mph before correcting with a down shift. I'll normally depress the gas pedal to get a downshift as soon as it starts to drop speed. That process helps keep the speed more consistent. Hth,
  8. Good thoughts on the synthetic. I've had good luck running synthetics in the past. I will look into this. We just bought an old broken down farm house for a project, so it may be a while before I get back to towing the 5th wheel. If the air pressure in the airbag on the Goosebox is low it will get quite a bit of chucking. I've noticed the pinbox doing a lot of work to minimize that. But when I've paid attention and everything is set right, it is really smooth. Very little chucking with a gooseneck trailer. I've not had the opportunity to pull with 5th wheel setup using this truck, but I'm betting there will be a lot of info on RV.net regarding that. I really liked the Rota-Flex pinbox with the B&W Companion in the Dodge. It worked hard, and did a good job of controlling chucking.
  9. Possibly, but that would put "me" above the basic speed law. Instead of being fun and relaxing the drive becomes stressful. Just not worth it for the amount of time it is an issue.
  10. If you don't drive much, and tend towards short trips on a regular basis, then gas may be a good choice. Compared to your eco-diesel, any HD truck is going to raise your monthly fuel costs. It may be worth doing some research to see if you can figure out the difference in fuel mileage of a 2500HD in diesel versus gas. Nice thing about the GM L8T gas engine is it tows heavy just fine on 87 Octane. There are plenty of fuel economy threads on this forum for both diesel and gas versions. I tow just under 30% of the time, with weight between 14,300 lbs and 15K lbs (better than 98% of the time is a good sized 5th wheel travel trailer, but I've pulled a cattle trailer a few times as well) with a gas 3500HD. Certainly the gas engine is a weak dog compared to the diesel, but I really only miss the diesel when pulling long steep grades, and when navigating gas stations while towing. Gas pump islands are rarely designed for long trailers. Good luck on your choice.
  11. I doubt there is anything in particular, but humans make mistakes. You had mentioned previous issues with this dealer. So might as well check it before you leave. Then you won't have to reschedule an appointment, if there is something done incorrectly.
  12. I like Newdude's response. I can confirm that the trans temps can get hot under heavy load even with the new setup. But having the temperature start being controlled at a lower temp would be helpful for the lower loads, like your camper and medium weight trailers. I'd have it done, but I'd inspect the work before leaving the dealership. Walk into the service department with a pair of coveralls, a copy of the TSB and a tarp to lay on the ground. Ask the Service Advisor to walk out to the truck with you, while you inspect the work.
  13. Great first tow! Good fuel mileage too. Definitely like your travel bud. GSDs are exceptional dogs. With this tow experience do you think you'll need the Weight Distribution System? If so, what will it take to get the system setup for the new rig? Would be cool to get a set of adjustable shocks. Sounds like the Rancho's don't have enough rebound damping with the load. I had a set of King shocks on a 4 Door Rubicon with adjustable rebound and compression. Really helpful when I towed. Nice camp area! I'm looking forward to getting back out on the road and heading east.
  14. They do look good! Wonder if they do that to maintain flexibility if they get hit (tree stumps, rocks, etc.)? I've got the standard version on a '22 chevy 3500HD. Still get plenty of muck up the doors and on the door handles, even with the stock tires. Looks like what you've added will help with that. I'm thinking of going aftermarket adding on the stock ones. To get a bit more protection for the doors, and the rockers/rear quarters. Something like these: https://www.sharptruck.com/truck-hardware-gcr202k-bk
  15. I have a comfortable amount of room between the body of the 5th wheel and the tail gate. But I have a short bed truck where the gooseball sits 2" or so behind the rear axle. The distance between the body of the 5th wheel and the center of the ball is 78"(as per attached picture). That is also more distance than when the Lippert Rota-Flex 5th wheel pinbox had (IIRC a couple of inches more). Might be worth looking at a different system (pinbox/5th wheel hitch) to gain additional room if needed, but it will change the towing characteristics.
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