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  1. Interesting thanks! It was a 2500 gasser and was a test drive at a dealership. I guess the salesman was misinformed. It was maybe just the "chevy shake" then lol. He tried selling me on it saying it evened out as it sped up but i was convinced at the time it had the dreaded shake problem and that was why it had so many low miles
  2. I drove a , maybe 2015, Denali 2500 with the magnaride stuff and I disliked it. Does GM not offer a fancy shock system on the new trucks?
  3. Hah thanks! I like using my foot to control the accelerator pressure, less "software bugs"
  4. Update: 15,000 mi and issue never came up again. Maybe some sort of learning programming issue? It didnt even rough start when it was below zero and super windy.
  5. Interesting, what would be the benefit? I saw the ad 20% fuel savings but that doesn't make sense
  6. You made a good choice. 7,000lbs is a good breaking point for a HD truck and very much so past 28' on travel trailers. A 1500 is absolutely fine, especially if you do infrequent short trips. I started towing with a really old 1500 and once we realized we tow several times a year for really long distances, the HD was a no brainer. I dont think you will notice much power oomph, and the HD gas still has a 6 speed transmission which may feel like a downgrade if you came from an 8 in the 1500. While the efficiency is a downgrade, the 6 speed is an upgrade in durability. Go ahead and grease all the zerks now if you haven't done so yet!
  7. Ive been in some impressive downpours while parked and driving on highways. No leaks. Reading the comments I wonder why some are affected and some are not, Ive never heard of windows leaking on cars unless its an old sunroof.
  8. Old guys drive the best trucks! Looks sweet have fun with it
  9. $60,000 wow. How can they justify that much for even a handbuilt camper top?? It looks cool..... but wow. OP have you looked at custom built Mercedes overland vehicles or off road capable small campers? You will be invested 120,000sh and still have to deal with removing a bed and still have a camping ability thats marginally better then sleeping in your truck.
  10. This is probably better answered by whoever is manufacturing the truck camper. I havent seen a truck camper on a new truck outside or SEMA photos, what is your vision with this?
  11. Mine leaks so bad. Ive never had time to mess with warranty repairs. Bakflip said since I bought it as a GM installed option to contact my dealer. My dealer suggested I just add foam. ?? Its been fine, out of warranty now I think. I should have just bought the darn thing directly from the factory and installed it myself. Oh well. I just need to add some seals in the corners near the cab, thats where most the water comes in. My corners look nothing like the capped corners in the pics from this thread.
  12. Got all my pads replaced, no questions asked. Will have to wait for dry weather to see if that did it.
  13. It will happen at some point for sure. but has there ever been a mid year model transmission refresh like that historically?
  14. 13,000 mi and finally got around to greasing the zerks most of them did not bleed out and started to bulge so I stopped. I will go at it again next oil change. Seemed like they were completely empty but I did see some black grease ooze out of a few of the seals so there must have been something.
  15. The manufacturer will need an opportunity to address the damages before succesfully winning a suit. All of this is something you consult a property law attorney with. With my Winnebago trailer, ive had it in the shop numerous times for repairs and the repairs were never fixed. I wrote a certified letter to their factory office and they got in touch with me immediately, extended the warranty, and took it to their factory for a full repair. Ive now since then seen damage i t he same area and will possibly do the same thing.... good luck! I hope GM takes care of you
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