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  1. I am looking into replacing some vacuum lines but cant find them online. 02' 1500 5.3 ext cab lm7. 4x4 this is a non-egr engine While chasing p0101 vacuum leak, im wondering if those power brake booster lines need to be replaced. I see the check valve part online but no rubber tube, any ideas? my brakes are spongey and that might be one issue it will resolve. All lines, hydraulic lines at wheels, calipers , abs etc are all relatively new. Brake fluid also bled at dealer. also, need help identifying other vacuum lines that connect to intake like the fuel line.
  2. The transmission will be light years ahead of yours. that 1500HD is a durable platform tho
  3. 18" LT275/70 R18E I had to really take it easy to get it that high, people behind me if there were any would not have been happy lol. More realistic gentle driving is 15mpg average mixed highway use. Straight highway probably 17mpg
  4. I got my computer to eek out 20.0 mpg on the dot for 50mpg average. Interstate plus some county highway travel rolling hills. was suuuuper gentle on the accelerator, would take advantage of downslope and coast up hills as light as possible. 59mph looked like the sweet spot for highest mpg.
  5. If you have a 1500, no need to get an LT unless you are outside the tire weight rating or close to it. I think most half tons cant exceed P rated tires anyway, but some of the trucks towing 8k+ could see a benefit from the higher ply tire when towing. Ive dug through tirerack quite a bit and found you can comfortably depend on your vehicle tire rating specs and specs of the tire. Going overboard on tire specs when not needed will not help.
  6. I only used toyo open country ats and firestone destination ats I always thought the tires were comparable in wear and performance
  7. You say unlocking is weak when using keyfob and door buttons, but strong when placing truck in park. what about locking strength?
  8. I bought a bag from NAPA that was titled parking brake repair kit or something and it had all the pieces I needed to fix what I broke
  9. I damaged a parking brake clip trying to replace the rear caliber because I was a dummy and left the parking brake engaged. I got it off but obliterated the metal clip. The other side I released the brake and voila easy peasy
  10. Im pretty sure my tire is 265 75 r16. Looks really nice on a 2002
  11. I measured my receiver height and noticed it is a mere 3" taller then my 2002 1500. Im sure it will squat less so maybe a 4" effective change in height. I have a e2 equalizer wd setup that I hope will still work, but not sure if I can drop the ball low enough without some custom parts. For other towing Im going to get a 4" drop ball mount. Overall, as tall as the truck is they at least kept the hitch height relatively low. 2020 3500HD Crew cab 18" rims
  12. If that truck has a good body and frame on it, it will be keep its value. May not be a super collectable truck but I think those body styles will only get more popular. 78,000 sounds like a gem. You mention not wanting to get too invested, but you seem to have a good grasp of what you need. How is your funding for the project? I know in my case, Ive got conflict with spending $$ on a project truck.
  13. I don't think 5k is out of the question for any old 4x4 truck that is in good shape. 300k is brutal though...and "rebuilt transmission" could mean anything. I would go through that thing with a fine toothed comb. I would suggest $5k is still "beater" price range for a fully functioning no code throwing 4x4 truck. Any opinions? If it throws codes and needs work its probably 3k range.
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