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  1. I once came close to running dry on the gas tank on a trip to south dakota. There is no reserve calculated in my mile range indicator. The tank holds 36 gallons. I had a post somewhere buried in the past that explained it, it was very accurate mainly because my driving was consistently the same for hours.
  2. If money is tight, the gas HD trucks are capable. You will be underwhelmed for sure going from a 10sp half ton to 6 speed 3/4 ton gas for sure if your experience is a 5,000lb box trailer. But if your thought is heavy duty, these trucks clearly can handle abuse better since everything can handle more torque and HP. If you can afford the $10,000 to get diesel as a luxory, im sure that truck will blow you away. PLUS since diesel gas is easier to transport you have numerous aftermarket options to increase your fuel tank size for even longer towing distance. Basically it comes down to how much you are willing to spend. But I think the consensus is you are probably fine with what you have and if that doesn't change, a 3/4 gas truck will probably not seem like much of an upgrade.
  3. I wish the gas engine trucks had a smooth top hood without the scoop and had all the raised bulk removed. In my opinion the existing air intake routing looks to be better then trying to rig the center hood scoop anyway.
  4. Im having this problem again too. Is the issue the GM mechanics are not orienting the brake pads correctly and just slapping them on like any other? If I remember the TSB didnt it say the inner/outer facing brake pads on the caliper were slightly different?
  5. My beat up 5.3l v8 was pinging with 85 octane towing a 4500sh lb camper. I filled up with 87 and it was fine. That happened when I was driving up in the mountains west of colorado springs. On a newer motor perhaps its less of an issue, but imo i put in what the manual tells me to.
  6. Yet another shocking issue reported with little follow up. give me the juicy details!
  7. I do not like the REV hard folding one. It has quite a bit to do with the dealer installing it however
  8. How bizarre. I will give my 2 cents. These trucks have hill hold brake assist and electric auto parking brakes. If you are suddenly getting locked out wheels, all I can think of is your parking brake is engaging. Perhaps they will find a shorted cable connected to the parking brake equipment that only causes intermittent parking brake engagement that normally wouldn't be triggered otherwise. You said the truck wouldnt move and "N" was flashing so you moved transmission to N then back to D. Perhaps that is what reset and releases the engaged parking brake.
  9. Dumb question but you are installing this on a allison/duramax platform?
  10. You said Back truck brakes lock up and not the trailer brakes or your front brakes? I would assume its the trailer, right? What kind of aftermarket equipment or software modifications do you run? Do you have any collision detection options?
  11. Well Chevy definitely didnt hide the massive size, its basically glorified and in your face. I dont like it, but the new 6.6 gas one me over the older 6.0. In the future, Id be interested in a reduced hood as aftermarket for gas engine if its possible, would add about 1-2 inches in forward visibility. Whats funny is I get really great gas mileage, so go figure! Lol. When I park next to 2019 model HDs, the size difference is less apparent.
  12. Thats an interesting solution to the problem, let us know how it goes. I reduced front end height by about an inch to inch and a half with a proper adjusted wdh
  13. Can anyone lend any advice on getting the puck system set up or installed on a 2020 3500HD gas that did NOT have the fifth wheel prep package from factory? I have a lot of experience with bumper pulls but nothing with 5th wheels. Looking at trading up our camper to a small sized fifth wheel. I have LT package convienence packages if that helps at all. My bed had a plastic liner in it covering the top part, but I dont recall seeing a puck system ready to go when I had it installed, pretty sure it was solid steel bed.
  14. Only issue ive had is a leaking rear sliding window...very minor and just showed up. Its a widespread problem. If your goal is having a sturdier stouter truck its pretty awesome for that. You moving to a gas v8 with 6 speed transmission may leave you unimpressed or downgraded from the souped up v6 Ram ecodiesel. While its not fancy or flashy hp/torque and 10 speed, this truck and gas engine is simple and built like a brick house.
  15. Im now having water drip down on top of the rear window. I cant find the old thread on this, are dealers fixing it right yet? LT crew cab with sliding glass rear window no roof 18,300mi
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