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  1. Question... I am not familiar with 6.6 duramax at all. Ive been keeping my eye on HD gas trucks and have an opportunity to get a used duramax at a farm auction. Im going there for a used trailer but I might set aside some $$$ for the truck. All i know is its a 2004 2500HD with 6.6 dmax and 180k ish miles, crew cab long bed I am very familiar with gmt800 trucks with the 5.3 vortec. I am an absolute unknown with Diesel. I know enough about what to look for under and around, and if jt looks good Ill drop $ on it, unless it goes too high in price. Heres some questions: 1. What type of engine maintenance and costs would I need to dump into it to make it a reliable tow veh? I heard of glow plugs, they sound magical. 2. Not too worried about the Allison transmission, but what maintenance should get done? Costs? Tell me anything else I should be looking for or concerned about!
  2. Let me know when your old truck hits copart so I can buy it
  3. Ditto with low gears and big tires being a big towing problem, but 4,400lbs will be nothing. Lifting trucks/levelling/increasing tire size all affect factory tow specs negatively. Its possible your max tow limit went from 6400 to 5000 or even worse On the highway I like to just tow in 3rd gear with my 4l60e. Too much gear hunting in Drive, even with tow haul mode on. Also be prepared to fuel up often! very very helpful are weight distribution hitches with sway control like equalizer. They are tremendously helpful spreading that weight on all the axles and keeping you from having trailer swing on those big box trailers.
  4. Its cool but I would never do that to a personal vehicle worth $$. Lots of people get stranded and put in dangerous situations trying to ford water. Never drive into standing water is a good M.O. the road sometimes falls apart underneath the pavement from erosion, drive over that and you will likely get trapped. Unless you are on a known 4x4 trail people ford all the time, its too risky to cowboy rapidly flooded areas. You are better off towing a small john boat with u
  5. My opinion for what its worth....if you cant pay it in cash you cant afford it. Im not saying people are out of their minds putting cars on loans but cars are not investments, Buying a luxury truck in the midst of a huge life change is unnecessarily going to cause stress! Ive pretty much given up on the idea of ever owning a new truck because I just don't have enough $$$. Anyway if you can afford it and you would really value it plus make you happy, its not a terrible idea. I mean my wife yells at me for putting $ into a 2002 so sometimes you never win lol
  6. I tell guys every time who are in the middle of huge financial leaps (house, marriage, or new job)....dont ever buy a new truck. half of them do it anyway and they all end up regretting it read up on dave ramsey and make sure you and your new wife follow his baby steps plan. Your priority is entering into a serious relationship with your wife and getting out of debt together. Pre-wedding plans will be stupid stressful so honestly I would wait quite a while before buying something like that. Think of it like this, how would you like before the big day your wife takes out a $50,000 loan on something unnecessary? You dont NEED a 2018 crew cab truck, its a want. Besides, those mini beds are worthless anyway
  7. From all my research on the performance cams, understand you will lose low end torque and make gains at the high end. I gave up on "performance power" because I wanted all my gains in the area under 2,500rpms. I never lay my foot on the gas and go 4,000 rpms or higher. Also, because its my daily driver I dont want to lose MPG. GM did a good job ensuring the stock cams gave as much torque as possible for grandma drivers like me. Also consider something like modifying your gear ratio to increase "power". Something as simple as that and matching the right wheel/tire with it can get you a big boost without sacrificing too much. Identify your performance goals and then conduct your search.
  8. While chasing and diagnosing p0101 I believe I have identified more symptoms. I already replaced intake manifold and gasket, fuel lines and filter were redone 8k'sh miles ago, replaced spark plugs and wires with OEM. Replaced airfilter and inspected housing. Intake air MAF elements seem very clean Symptoms are this, When turning truck on cold and getting onto highway right off my driveway, truck seems really sluggish and unresponsive until I get to 2nd then 3rd gears and get to highway speeds. I will give it gas but really wont change much in "oomph". I throw p0101 when accelerating to highway speeds, mainly when towing. Highway MPG is about 14mpg....seems low. Fuel smell coming from exhaust. Smells like its running rich still....which explains the poor mpg. Oil consumption isnt too bad, seems normal. With all that said im thinking my cats are bad. They are original stock and probably met their end of life. Thoughts? 2002 chevy 1500 ext cab LT 5.3. Max tow package 4x4 175000miles
  9. Must have been one heck of a pullover How is the rest of the truck? Hope the calipers are OK!
  10. I have already started seeing some beat up silverados around, either lack of care or minor collisions. Something about the body panels makes these trucks look cheap and flimsy, I dont know what it is exactly. If I run across one again I will take a pic, but curious if anyone else has noticed these trucks are not going to age very well?
  11. Oh man those video classes are awesome! I watched them all through last night, never came across them before. Thanks! Ive aways wanted to see the transmission disected like that. He was so autistically specific, but the dumping bolts and smalls into a box was driving me nuts
  12. Man...I hope chevy brings back the 1500HD option because the 2500HD is a monster, where can you even park that thing lol. I bet its size will cut down its use as a daily driver drastically. It probably tows fantastic tho. I really wanted a 6.6 gas 2500HD but honestly Its size I could only use it towing. Could you imagine parking that thing in a major city? I thought the precious 3/4 tons you could at least swing it as a daily driver if you wanted. This thing looks like that mini semi truck International CXT made back before the oil spike
  13. Of the vehicle styles out there the suburban is the ultimate highway travel vehicle. Relatively easy to park, good visibility, able to tow/haul with ease, and can fit a family comfortably. My wife had had a honda CRV and honda civic. When it was just the two of us we always preferred to drive my ext cab silverado because it was just a much better driving experience on the highway. I will say tho back in the 80s and 90s I loved cross country trips in our ford e150 vans The space and bucket seats were so comfy and you (well cant do this anymore) could lay the back bench seat flat as a big play and lounge space while driving. I dont see those types of vehs being made so widely anymore tho
  14. http://www.masterenginetuner.com/ls-big-cam-idle.html maybe this will be relevant?
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