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  1. I know for sure I need a 5qt jug and an extra qt every time. I use like half the extra qt to get it at 50% Fun fact, my wifes 2014 crv uses nearly all of a 5qt jug and her car had a 2litre engine
  2. Finished a long driving trip with party of four to illinois to florida and back. Tennesee hills highway got me like 14-15mpg. When I was in coastal Florida on state highways (55-60mph limit)...My computer estimated over 20mpg. truck drove great, just a pain in the ass to park. 3500 HD crew cab 6.6 gas
  3. I hear ya, thats been like that for ages. From experience in towing my camper in my old 5.3 2002 1500, my engine was pinging like crazy with 85 and that was up in the mountains near cripple creek and divide. I swapped to 87 and no more pinging. Maybe it was a combo of me having intake leaks but for sure it wasnt performing same as flat land 87.
  4. Wont he be limited to GMC front end though? I always thought gmc had a Slightly unique hood and headlight design Compared to the chevy cousin.
  5. No. I would avoid 85 octane tho in the mountains and stick with 87
  6. Double check your battery terminal connections. Clean off any gross residue and make sure its clean. After that Id check some of the ground wire locations.
  7. You could dispute that pretty easily unless your insurance company is terrible.
  8. There is a seat cushion website that has the process literally videod each step. Check it out. https://www.theseatshop.com/2000-2002-chevrolet-silverado-1500-extended-cab-driver-40-portion-bottom-seat-cover-graphite-oem-material-config-leather-vinyl/27800/ its pretty simple, just wear gloves to prevent cuts on metal
  9. 2nd on running boards. Im running the cheapo black ones offered by chevy and they are great
  10. Thanks for the pics! I havent adjusted my wd hitch yet to see if it will work. My camper is winterized and wont be moved until Feb so I have next month to figure it out.
  11. Never seem it without the snow plow prep package. Maybe go find one that has it and drive it...its gotta be a bit firmer but im sure its palatable. My 3500HD doesnt have it and drives like a dream.
  12. Wish I had that luxury to store it lol. I do try to rinse the heck out of it from road salt when temps rise above freezing. My wifes old 2006 civic was spotless underneath and I rarely rinsed the undercarriage. BUT it was almost garaged its entire life. My truck was not garaged and after about 10 years it started showing signs of body rust.
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