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  1. What a nightmare of a thing to do to a truck. Is this all from the mall crawlers running coal all the time? DEF was not the main reason but one of the little reasons I didnt want to upgrade to Diesel. If I didnt need the power I certainly didnt need the hassle
  2. Watched a TFL video of the ford getting 9.83 towing a 5,000lb equipment trailer. I bet its much worse while towing a tall travel trailer. The 10 speed sounds like its good and strong, but GM probably will edge them out on fuel efficiency.
  3. I put the half ton cheap GM running boards and we (me and dealer) were surprised how nice it turned out
  4. Been there with the backing. Would you consider just going with an old school wireless mount with dedicated video screen setup? im going to try and build an under-dash cubby that will hold or mount a rear view camera screen.
  5. Im starting to get signs of rust in certain areas, it is inevitable but hopefully I can stay ahead of it
  6. Seems like these threads are useful for people as the questions are always coming up. 2020 3500HD CrewCab Gas Towed my Travel Trailer (7,000lb gvwr, probably around 5k-6k loaded weight) four hours distance on rolling hills. Average mpg was about 10mpg. The fuel tank and combined mpg made towing an easy going experience. I towed for four hours and didnt even need to fill up before getting to the RV park. Issues: I don't like the hitch ball camera, i find it is not as reliable as my "hitchin' stix". Its my first time but I just cant align it right using video only. The sleeve 2" to 2.5" seems to have tons of play, didn't seem to cause any noticeable towing issues. Not sure, but my dash would randomly detect no turn signal connection but everything seemed connected fine. Sometimes the truck didnt recognize I had a trailer connected. Did some unplugging and resetting and seemed to fix it. And not surprisingly, parking and city navigating is not fun. Its doable, but its important to look at an area and pre-plan to realize parking garages and small busy parking lots are practically impossible to use. This truck width wise will take up all of an average space and needs extra depth as it is quite long. Positives: engine braking in tow mode seemed rather responsive. Several times I wanted the engine to drop gears and it seemed to do it automatically. A couple times it didn't, Im not entirely sure what triggers it but I liked it when it worked. Cant compare it to the 6.0 4l80 but towing with this was such a dream compared to my 2002 1500. I like the trailer app and running the light test before leaving. The trailer brake gain was easy to adjust. Visibility was good. MPG was good. I wasnt expecting miracles when towing a giant wall behind me. I imagine the air resistance is primary stressor vs weight. I didnt notice any unusual gear hunting. Interior was super comfy, I have the optioned leather interior for LT trim. Remote start was great to cool the interior down before getting in. I wondered if an HD truck was overkill for my trailer and I will deliver an emphatic NO. A half to can tow it but its not a fun experience especially when you drive over a long distance. Next trip will be to the mountains and Im really looking forward to it. We will get a fifth wheel at some point in five years or so and its nice to know we made a good long term purchase. (to preface this, I towed this same camper for two years with a 02' 1500 Ext cab 5.3 with towpackage)
  7. On our first camping trip finally. First tow. Camper is 7,000lbs gvwr probably weighs more like 5k here. Gas mileage is around 10mpg on hilly terrain. Its like 1,000 times better towing then my 02' 1500 lol
  8. Ive had problems with Sirius. If i drop sat connection you can go to a running applications menu and force it to close. Its fixed it. Ive noticed bluetooth phones interfere with audio constantly, like if you have multiple phones synced dont be on instagram youtube facebook because it will switch back and forth from car audio to device audio. Super annoying
  9. I will grease mine, but ill do it lightly. I dont want to burst the fittings
  10. Probably a modem firmware issue. It is not worth it for me, the few times I want it its not working.
  11. Im assuming we all use the same GM /AT&T internet connection if one is optioned to pay for it. Mine keeps dropping and can not reset the connection without removing the negative battery cable to force a reset. Has anyone with this problem found a solution?
  12. As tall as these tailgates are, I wonder if days of simply driving an atv into the bed are over. Is the multipro something you can simply remove, sell, and replace with a standard tailgate or is the mounting of it completely different?
  13. Ummm nevermind, found a forum thread. Definitely not a bolt on conversion lol. Tons of welding and custom whatever https://www.snowest.com/forum/threads/one-of-a-kind-2005-72-chevy.347389/ interesting though I did find some early model GMC/Chevys that have bolt on frame swap kits for s10s and suburbans.
  14. There is a 72 single cab "roller" that looks to be completely gutted for sale. Id prefer a 350/th400 type combo but I have an interesting position. I own a 2002 5.3 v8 ext cab 1500 4x4. Rebuilt transmission and motor is great shape. Would my 02' be a good donor for parts or...possible to do a frame swap?? I would NOT be one to modify the frame, Id have to pay someone to do it. Ive lost interest in my 02' and am getting ready to sell it to get a 50's-70's project 1/2 ton
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