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  1. Oh its perfect for me, dont get me wrong. I can still be critical of the things I dont like about it. The front end is unanimously disliked but I was easily won over by everything else. If I cared about looks I never would have bought it. I didnt like it enough I never test drove it, but being devils advocate I did and I was pleasantly surprised!
  2. I ripped GM on the hood/front end design in my customer feedback survey. They go through all this hooplah about easy access to the super high bed, even throwing in those nifty side steps. Yet they completely neglect how to actually get inside the engine bay without having scaffolding available.
  3. I changed the oil and had a really hard time getting to anything without a step ladder. Im 6'0 and gangly armed so it was kind of hilarious to watch me flail in the first time. i grabbed a towel and draped it over the side to keep me from scratching the bajeezus of the paint. I didnt have a step ladder handy and I was in a hurry so I dragged a large flower pot over to step in. That wasnt high enough so I put a box in it for more height. Anyway, wow what a hot mess. Im going to find a very compact step ladder and find a way to secure it in the bed. Otherwise I dont know how I could even perform routine maintenance while traveling. I can barely reach the dipstick. Why in the world are the engine bays so tall? It seems completely unnecessary.
  4. Yes! And 87 Octane. You could certainly still run 85 octane safely at high altitude, but it is clearly stated in the manual to run 87. Modern computers take care of the appropriate air/fuel mixture. I wish TFL did a scenario like the Ike Pass using a variety of fuel octane. Would be curious the effects with modern trucks under stress.
  5. keep in mind TFL didn't drop gears, use recommended octane of fuel, or even (not100%) use tow haul mode. They sort of just floor it uphill WOT using the cheap high altitude gas and see what ensues. I would look at reviews that mirror more closely to what you will use it for. With that said the reviews of the gas have been very positive. I bet this platform could get revised with a 8 or 10 speed transmission in the future...and maybe a higher gear ratio. Would be a killer platform for sure but I really like the way its set up now. MPGs are great and the 6 speed is still solid
  6. I had a 24" garage, but the real dimensions was like 23'x23' garage door height 9ft looks plenty, but the length still questionable. I had it oversized slightly when built to park my 02' silverado with no issues. my next garage will have a door minumum height 9' but will try for 10'. And go 36' deep.
  7. Friend of mine in Illinois said his construction company is union and they MUST buy american brand and built heavy duty trucks. Unbelievable.... I think its for tax deduction/credit reasons. but sounds like u got a lemon. Take copious notes and documentation, and give GM every last opportunity to fix your truck before claiming lemon law. Keep in mind you are driving first gen of the redesign. Certain kinks are bound to happen. I know its a pain in the rear, but you own a camper so Im sure you are used to manufacturing QA issues lol.
  8. Ive done lots of long trips. Its super comfortable, also there is noticeably more cabin space in the 2020 AND rear console vents. I have the leather seat upgrade
  9. Hds are so big now, dont get one unless you need it. 1500s are very capable nowadays and it would be hard to lose the convenience. I will say the driving distance on 6.6 gas is awesome. I can drive forever without filling up and its one hell of a highway travel vehicle!
  10. Well no clue what to make of it. Situation seems gone now, wont be using that gas station again lol
  11. Different ones and the last fill up was at a different station from near empty to full There are two gas stations I normally use and this last one was one I have not used before
  12. 2020 3500HD cc gas. Pulling noticeably to left. Will have dealer check it out along with laundry list of other minor issues when recall service is performed
  13. I cant imagine a rough idle being normal for a new engine, even if it is a little cold out 5,500mi gas 3500hd cc noticed it last week, start truck at slightly below freezing and it had trouble keeping a steady idle, felt like it was about to stall. Problem went away after driving 15 miles. Engine also took several seconds to start from cold, highly unusual. It did it again when temps were 40 out, Long time for engine to start and felt like rough idle. no codes thrown as of yet
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