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  1. Jeez, that sounds like a good deal! Take them to the cleaners lol
  2. Don’t get me wrong, Florida Georgia line is fun and I’ve seen them in concert. But when you combine like 10 awesome bro things together and then do donuts with it, I get worn the F out just being near it. ;)
  3. Lord I can’t wait until style comes back full circle to minimalism. I’ll admit this face is much better then the ugly one earlier. I seriously detest everything these new trucks have become. It’s like an Affliction T-Shirt wearing monster energy drinking Florida-Georgia line concert at Red Rocks while streaming a UFC fight on your megasized I-phone while standing on a Yeti1000. I used to think Dodge trucks were most obnoxious in style, (the drivers still are), but I honestly think Chevy took the cake with their new styles. Is it just me or is your typical Chevy fanboy the total opposite of who the execs are trying to marke with these styles?
  4. Tow mirrors

    I put some snap on covers and they work great for the price. It has a felt strip to keep rubbing damage down on the chrome.
  5. 2005 gmc sierra frame rot

    rot is worse where you can’t see it. I imagine pulling the frame off you will find the exterior shell is bad off too. Would be a fun project if you have the time and energy to spend tho.
  6. All the cam upgrade work I’ve read, it’s essentially useless to get an aggressive cam if your ultimate goal is towing power and or low end torque. If you want to increase horsepower at higher RPMs then by all means do it. You would probably be a good candidate considering you already need to replace the springs and lifters. In my case I rarely make it over 3000-3500 rpm so an aggressive cam would actually hurt performance. So I would suggest you identify your performance goals first then seek out the parts to achieve that goal. Don’t just go in and start modding with expensive performance parts with unrealistic expectations.
  7. John Deere purchase HELP!!

    Call a local repair shop and ask them if they can look it over for a half hour of labor I don’t think that mower is overkill for 1.5 acres, it’l make the job so much faster. I mow .5 acre grass with a 22” push mower and it takes quite a while to do and do well. I think anything bigger you should stop wasting time and get a riding mower.
  8. A pillar grab handle

    Makes sense to me! I will comment tho that in collisions, it’s very common for the drivers head to strike the a-pillar. Just something to think about when you add an obstruction that will further intrude your head space
  9. A pillar grab handle

    Out of curiosity, why do you want one on drivers side?
  10. Ideas to increase half ton fuel range

    I know of lots of people who fuel their vehicles while engine is running. Someone told me there is no evidence that it is a hazard and the reason gas stations tell u to turn it off is to prevent Vehicles from driving into things. Im still paranoid tho lol
  11. Ideas to increase half ton fuel range

    Would it be because the high rpms/speed and increased fuel? I don’t do this, but I believe a lot of people fuel their vehicles at the pump and causes no codes being thrown. Im going to go the fuel can route since it seems the most obvious. If I fabricate some sort of attachment I will update this thread.
  12. 02 Silverado 1500 ext cab. 170k. 5.3 4x4 I want a bit more fuel range so I can tow long distance more comfortably. It appears a larger fuel tank is just not an option and would be incredibly expensive...although cheaper then a 6.0 2500Hd ;) Is looking at doing two 20L jerry cans but can’t find an attractive way to secure them in my bed ( I’m sure I could figure it out and rig it). That would be a super easy way to get 10 gallons of emergency fuel if I drive past a gas station or get stuck somewhere. This is also interesting but the refueling siphoning method looks awkward. (Titan Sidekick 15 gallon #5040015) Anyone have some out of the box ideas? I want to carry 10-20 extra gallons.
  13. 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 transmission problem

    I have a 2002 1500 that was rebuilt with a 2004 (or 2006?)4l60e core. I don’t think my transmission shop did anything special other then just swap it in. There might be more to it but my first thoughts would be it’s reasonable to approach your idea.
  14. So after 300mi....does the resale value start ton increase? Lol seriously tho, a vehicle that makes it 300-400mi must have some very good ownership

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