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  1. 02 Silverado 1500 ext cab. 160k. 5.3 4x4 I need to make some minor-moderate z height adjustments using the torsion bar key screw. After driving with replaced front suspension for quite a while with wheels aligned, everything is good. I noticed I’m a bit too squishy and floppy and measured the z height to stock specs and I’m just a bit low. Also, my sides are not equal even taking into account nearly full gas tank or empty So, will torquing down the torsion bar keys to get me back to stock specs require a new alignment? I’m maybe off 0.5 inch one side and 1 inch other side from wheel arch to ground floor. I can pull up the actual z height measurements if that’s needed. I tow a 4,000lb camper so I don’t want to mess with something I don’t need messing with too
  2. Wow how is that even held on there! My opinion.... replace the whole thing if it’s easier that way. Reminds me of replacing wheel bearings when it’s 10x easier and better long term fix to just replace the wheel hub. I live in a rust belt tho...
  3. Found some cut wires

    Wish my truck had that harness set up! Was a lot of headache getting it wired. Ended up my middle roof brake light prevented the brake controller from working
  4. 5.3 tick?!?!

    When I switched to 10w30 (when temps allow) full synthetic, I had way less engine Ticky sounds
  5. 5.3 tick?!?!

    Low octane fuel can cause a “ping” What performance issues you having?
  6. Front wheel hub failure, rusting rockers and wheel wells, sloppy upper steering column, overall nothing really terrible just basic maintenance and rubbery gooey things failing eventually
  7. Replace the front sway bar bushings. That removed tons of the slop and pushing that was going on for me, even after replacing all the front control arms W/ new alignment
  8. Replacing fuel lines

    To guide them all around completely, It was really expensive for me to have it done at a shop. I’ll see if I can find my receipt....but the labor was higher because they had to drop my fuel tank and insert a new fuel pump & relay
  9. 2007 5.3 Engine Noise (knocking?)

    Hey as far as your burning oil, I noticed a lot less burning off when i switched to full synthetic. Castro’s GTX regular oil used to burn up on me so fast till I went up to full sun. What are you using?
  10. That’s not bad. I knocked out rust, power washed the inside and sanded or cut away most the rust i could. I then unloaded rust inhibitor inside the rocker when it all dried. The power washing sort of cleaned out the weep holes in the rocker and it was amazing how much flakey rust blocked those up. I now just deal with it and ignore it. Everything else on the truck is decent You put bondo and mesh on that without addressing some of the rust, it will just spread and bubble next to your bondo job and it will be a waste of time and money. Worst scenario, the rust festers while sealed from the outside and rots your inner rocker panel.
  11. 06 Hood and front end??

    No problem! Maybe post some pictures of the current front end of your truck and then post some photos of the front end you desire. That would make it more clear the transition you want. It sounds like the 2006 body style, which you own, is what you want. That’s why it’s a bit confusing to me.
  12. 06 Hood and front end??

    Don’t take any offense, but if you can’t figure out what your truck looks like you should probably not be doing any body work whatsoever.
  13. 06 Hood and front end??

    Oh I’m sorry, The gmt800 trucks had a “facelift” in 2003... google 2003 Silverado can a 2002 Silverado and you will easily see the difference. gmt900 was like a totally new design and I misspoke earlier
  14. 06 Hood and front end??

    Google gmt800 and gmt900 photos i know 2002 Silverado 1500HD’s May have had a more aggressive/bulky hood. I’m not sure about the 2003 and up. I just remember 2003 went all angular with headlights and I hated those.
  15. Wait, just the abs light activated or like the abs system kicks on and you get that typical crunching from the system turning on? my abs light does not turn on when it activates FYi lord help you if it’s the abs control module. Good lord that thing is expensive. I think it’s made of I-phones

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