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  1. So I powerwashed my truck a few days ago and specifically nailed the top spoiler and rear sliding glass window to see if it would leak. No leaks Sorry man good luck!
  2. Has anyone reported brake gain failure? It always resets to my preset even though it says otherwise
  3. Afaik, it will only matter if you grossly violate your vehicle license parameters...this is mainly a highway patrol specialist thing and I honestly cant imagine that being a target. most cops just want to make sure your registration is valid.
  4. This reminds me I need to look into the chirpy honk that cause eyes to dart to me when I exit my truck while its running. Ive had a few look at me like im honking at them.
  5. I know my first tow, you must select the low gear and then it will let you manual adjust however you wish. I wasnt able to select gears in Drive
  6. As a former Illinois resident, you've reminded me how well I have it in Missouri lol. go with the state motor vehicle code, just because other people skip on it doesn't mean that you can too. Lots of people run fake tags as well so don't use other people as a litmus test. Its crazy the hoops Illinois makes you jump through. I would call a state trooper and ask about code enforcement for D plates.
  7. Is the leak real obvious? I honestly havent even looked.
  8. Interesting. Ive found the steering to be very nice and easy to use when towing, able to make small adjustments without overcorrecting.
  9. I had to have my son sit in the middle of a 2020 1500 single cab. With his carseat his feet were touching every dash control. I cant imagine doing that full time, its hard enough getting three carseats in the back as it is
  10. Crazy. Posts unreal engine failure then ghosts. I want to know what happened!
  11. I imagine towing the hotdog shaped airstream is more efficient?
  12. Has anyone noticed an excessive amount of steam from their exhaust on the 6.6 gas? It was sort of humid out and The visible steam from the exhaust when I drove a short ways was concerning. Im wondering if there isnt some fuel mix issue with these trucks, which reminded me of a short lived cold start problem I had last winter. The dealership sort of shrugged and said everything looked OK, but I wonder if we will get a slew of rough start complaints again this winter
  13. Its the corners closest to the back of the cab. Huge gaping holes that are not sealed by weatherstripping. The tailgate seems fine to be honest, especially after i bought the stake covers
  14. I have the hard folding rev/bak cover and its not a perfect fit...its good quality otherwise but either my dealer messed it up or they havent adjusted well to the bigger beds. It hasnt bugged me enough to send it back, but I do need to plug holes for water intrusion
  15. I would have liked a longbed with a double cab, but I have a kid so its rough to give up the extra space. Once you go crewcab you never go back?
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