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  1. No Heat at Floor

    I’ve never experienced a huge amount of air at that setting in any car. You should compare the air flow with other similar make/models for comparison. I’m sure you could go test one out at a dealership.
  2. My factory 02 heated mirrors were pretty terrible and always were. I guess depending on the climate they may be of more use. In all the ice storms I’ve been in they have been useless. I honestly forgot they were even heated. They don’t have an on off button either. I had a 95 Trooper that had power folding mirrors, mirror side lights, and power heat that was accessible by button and it was very nice to have. So if you can rig it, would be worth it. for the tranny temp do you get a readable gauge on a scanner app?
  3. So last summer my a/c went kaput. I recharged it and it was ice cold like it used to be. I noticed when I tried to recharge it a little rubber ball went flying out of the Schrader valve and I have no clue where it went. I’m assuming the valve was leaking and that’s why it did that. i haven’t had time to address it since winter hit but I want to get this fixed before summer hits. I noticed now the a/c is bone dry and the compressor won’t stay on. I just tried to recharge it and it’s definitely still leaking real bad at the valve. Other then replacing the Schrader valve, or maybe tightening it, what else do I need to do? Should I service all of the valves? 02 Silverado ext cab 170kmi. 5.3 v8 4x4
  4. Offset crashes are indeed very deadly. I think It’s more common to strike something like a tree to give that sort of an effect. It’s pretty rare to hit a solid object with zero give, buckle, or sway. Things in the real world that tend to kill you. -Not buckled in -Under the influence -Inexperience Good news for GM is that those causes are not the fault of their design. I’m not concerned about their crash results unless it’s something bizarrely dangerous like Takata airbags. I do wish they were on top tho.... and honestly Ridgeline should not be a comparable but it should be rather embarrassing. Honda engineers very safe vehicles.
  5. I get a mulligan to build a garage after the last one went OK. Our previous property was too small for a large garage/shop so I went 24x24 with 9 ft ceilings and a 18 ft or so garage door width. actual built dimensions was like 23’ so I was able to fit my 1500 ext cab in quite easily, trouble was I didn’t have much room between my truck and the small SUV next to it with single door so I always have to Austin Powers it a bit to get it fit right without banging doors really bad on the sides. I would like some suggestions on garage features like size, garage door setup etc.. I want a garage big enough to fit up to a 3500dually long bed and park two other midsize cars. So 3 bays total. Im thinking stuff like this too: - sloped floor with floor drains and one flat bay for service work. - three separate garage doors. Two oversized for a large truck / work van -room for a lift to be added later Size isn’t a huge problem but I don’t need it for storage either. It’s on several acres and I have a barn for the power equipment and other random things which would normally go in garage storage
  6. There should be a triangular hard plastic retainer at the top where it is secured to the door. Part # is on it. Ive already looked into it and it seems quite expensive to find...I’m assuming the part is identical for all gmt800s?
  7. Speaking of that...you might want to get replacement dust shields while you are at it.
  8. Wish I replaced mine last time around. They are darn near rounded off. On the plus side, I highly doubt my truck will still be around in 5 years lol.
  9. Crusty Wrecked own aluminum wheels

    Thanks for the tips guys
  10. these oem wheels are functional but they are so crusty and unable to get clean. I tried sandpaper but it’s not strong enough. I tried a wire brush and it’s not strong enough. I tried steel wool and it seems to get rid of it, but it’s peeling away the thin protective covering Anyone have any other thoughts then steel wooling them and removing the finish? I can’t imagine it will upset the balance of the wheel?
  11. Fog light option for WT

    It is just a matter of placement. Fog light are supposed to be very close to the ground and illuminate the road very close to the front of the vehicle. most fog lights on trucks are well over a foot off the ground and aim the same area your headlights hit. I remember testing mine in really thick fog and noticed no real noticeable difference, same in my wife’s CRV. That led me to researching most manufacturers have placed fog lights out of realistic usage.
  12. 03 Silverado 5.3 ( Tow worthy? )

    I would suggest a sway control setup that’s about it. As long as everything feels good and temps are all in line and you aren’t burning fluids or losing them, i wouldn’t worry about reliability. Anything can happen so just be prepared. Like a u-joint you had no clue was bad will leave you stranded in BFE. Just have a plan is all. Having an old truck just means components have lasted their expected length and Stuff will just go bad periodically. Your truck is, my opinion, absolutely perfect for your scenario. Do you just keep in in 3rd when you tow or do you use the tow/haul feature? I’ve noticed way less gear hunting with 3rd
  13. 2019 Silverado wheels stolen

    i thought stealing rims went away like people stealing cd cases from cars oem, really?
  14. My wife does this. She stops a reasonable amount away then slowly creeps forward while waiting for the light to change and gets uncomfortably close to the veh in front. Drives me bonkers and she thinks I’m over-reacting. Lol Its a psych thing. People want to continue forward and the closer you are to that objective the more pleasing it is to the brain.

    IMO I think it looks really good like it is!

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