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  1. The LED's I listed are all actually incandescent bulbs from the factory...not sure why GM didn't just go to fill LED to begin with.
  2. No DFM disabler available yet. First easy mods I'd recommend would be exterior LED bulb upgrades(Front Turns, Reverse, License Plate). Also a shorty antenna, some tint, and maybe a tonneau cover. I'd post links to the items but I'm at work and Amazon is blocked here lol.
  3. I have the Goodyear's...through 3800 miles, I have no complaints. Good in the rain and when towing our camper no issues either. A co-worker has the Bridgestone's on his and he has the same opinions I do. Guess I'm not much help in the battle of which is better. Not sure if this is accurate but mine was built in Ft. Wayne and came with Goodyear's...his was built in Mexico and came with the Bridgestone's. Not sure if that's how the trucks end up with one over the other but good possibility.
  4. 2020 Crew Cab RST Z71 w/ 20" A/T's...averaging around 18 mixed highway/city driving. Best so far on a 300 mile roadtrip was about 22-23. Towing our 6400 lbs loaded camper I get between 8-9.
  5. My RST came with Goodyear A/T and my buddies RST came with the Bridgestones. My truck is a 6.2 and built in Ft. Wayne...his is a Duramax and built in Mexico. I'm wondering if the tires on the truck have to do with which plant the truck was assembled at.
  6. I love my RST with the 6.2...it's worth the wait to get it. You wont regret it at all. OP nice truck...congrats. The 6.2 is a true powerhouse.
  7. I'll second this...I work right around the corner from Flint Assembly and drive by it every day. The are def shipping via Rail from there as well as some via truck transport.
  8. Over the past couple days, I got the painted mirror caps installed(thanks Chevrolet Rewards), added the KEY01E short antenna, as well as Sylvania Zevo LED backup and license plate lights. No errors or issues with the backup camera so far(only been 12 hours). Subtle upgrades that I think make a world of different in the appearance of the truck. Excuse the dirty truck in the pics...supposed to storm here this evening so I didn't clean it up first. More to come!
  9. I have an RST so I only needed to buy two for the turn signals. You'll need 4...and i'm not sure if it's the same bulb or not...someone else who has one on here should be able to help ya out on that one.
  10. Yea I think it took about 45 seconds between both lol
  11. Installed LED front turn signals today. Went with the below bulbs based on a bunch of recommendations from here. Much brighter than the stock incandescents. OXILAM 7440 LED Bulbs Amber Yellow 2800LM for Turn Signal Lights with Build-in Load Resistor CANBUS Error Free T20 7440NA 7441 W21W WY21W Blinker Bulb Replacement (2PCS) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q8RZRZV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_1X.4EbAC8DXDA
  12. Just picked it up last Thursday. 2020 RST w/ 6.2 in Summit White. Loving this truck so far. Only mod so far is a X15 Pro Tonneau Cover. Plans are painted mirror caps, black badges, black tailgate inlay, and RotoFab Intake.
  13. Just picked up my RST Crew with the 6.2 on Thursday...nicest truck I've ever owned. Its a dream to drive and a ton of room. Looking forward to many years with this truck.
  14. Thanks for posting this...i'm currently looking into the exact same truck plus the addition of tow mirrors. This makes me feel more confident in my decision to go this route for sure.
  15. Bumping this back up...getting ready to acquire a new truck when the current mess is done with. Seriously considering a CC Std Bed opposed to the short bed. Anyone else have one they wanna show off? Anything you guys don't like about them? We are going to be purchasing a camper also so I'm thinking the longer wheel base will be beneficial to towing also.
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