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  1. Yea not looking forward to the salt and joys of winter here in MI. Glad I got my truck in the late spring so I at least had the summer to enjoy it being clean most of the time lol
  2. I did 20% on everything but the windshield. Part of it is my OCD that I don't like having different shades on the inside looking out. And I don't like that people can see in from behind me so I just did everything. There is a contrast between the front and rears but it's not terrible. Anything darker and its super hard to see out of at night...especially when it's raining. I think yours looks good the way it is...my .$02
  3. It gets squirmy when a vehicle overtakes you because of the change in air pressure. I get it also...the air pressure change will "suck" you over towards them. I'm used to it now so I know to prepare for it. The worst is semi's and larger vehicles...even when your overtaking them.
  4. Did you leave the downstream or upstream flapper in place?? How does it sound??
  5. Good point...you'll save yourself some swearing if they are in backwards lol
  6. My hands aren't the smallest but I was able to contort myself around enough to reach up in there. I found it somewhat easier to reach from the center over the hitch as opposed as to coming in from the sides. Took about 10 minutes total once I figured it out. Worth the pain and time lol
  7. Which camera is that and did you hardwire it into the mirror power? I'm thinking of doing the same setup...clean looking setup.
  8. I have the equalizer 4 point on my setup. I'm about 6500lbs loaded on the camper and its approx. 28 ft overall tip to tail. The only time I've had an issue pulling is when a larger vehicle(i.e. semi/diesel pusher) passes us...the change in air pressure between the vehicles has a tendency to pull us over towards them briefly but it comes right back. I'm used to it now so I know to be prepared and compensate for it.
  9. I have the X15 Pro...great cover. Does leak a little in the corners but nothing major(may be in part to not having the rails perfect during installation). I'd def recommend it...the look of the fabric over the vinyl I think is awesome. No issues cleaning it to this point either.
  10. Good deal...guess i'll order some and give it a shot. I'm not looking for that mirror shine all the time...i'm more of a rich, satin looking guy.
  11. How long is the coating lasting with normal driving? I've been temped to do this before the winter weather arrives. Anything you don't like about it??
  12. I have the X15 Pro on mine and I love it. It sits flush and I really like the look of the fabric as opposed to the vinyl. It does leak a little at the corners but nothing serious enough for me to be too concerned with.
  13. I have a Z71 w/ 6.2 and it does squat when the camper is hooked up. Trailer is about 6500 loaded...equalizer wdh brings it back up some. No issues pulling at this point. I do have plans to switch to Bilstein's in the rear as well as adding Sumo Springs...i'm anticipating that will help some with the sag but wont totally eliminate it.
  14. The LED's I listed are all actually incandescent bulbs from the factory...not sure why GM didn't just go to fill LED to begin with.
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