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  1. AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube FOR SALE

    Next if you guys aren't able to work something out. Pm'ed as well
  2. AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube FOR SALE

    Is this still available and were you able to locate the hoses? Interested if so
  3. Mine does the same thing. I notice it more after i make a left turn which is weird...its super annoying. I've noticed that if i kinda pull the passenger side of the console towards me it'll quit for awhile...i cant seem to locate the source of it.
  4. Best Wipers

    Agreed on the OEM. AC Delco seem to work the best for the longest...at least in my experences.
  5. I just installed this in my truck last friday...working great so far(only used it like 5 times since then). I think it'll have much better results than the OBD version did...I had that one in my colorado and never had any issues but heard of some horror stories.
  6. Range AFM Device (new in box)

    PM Sent
  7. I didn't even realize you were on here...thanks for meeting up with me today. They look great in my truck.
  8. I have full intentions on doing this soon...where did you mount the actual resistor to? Or are you just letting it hang there??
  9. Hey everyone. Been lurking around here for the past couple weeks in anticipation of getting my silverado. Took delivery today of my 2018 LT Z71 Double Cab. No pictures to post yet but i'm sure there will be in the coming days. I've already gained a ton of ideas and tips from lurking around and I look forward to learning more and being a part of the community here.

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