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  1. Both were 5.3L 4x4 High Country. The first had everything installed & working, current one came without Auto stop (no retrofit) & Park assist not enabled w/ later retrofit. Both have/had DFM, still undecided about a Pulsar LT or an Autosync to get rid of the DFM
  2. 22 Silverado LTD HC, both driver & passenger seat have limited air movement. I traded an exact truck in on this one (same year HC, different color) that truck “kept the man parts” cool, the new truck hardly moves any air both on the seat & back. Had it in twice & have been told it is in spec, even after I had the service manager sit in my trade. Any ideas?
  3. Wanted to share my experience w/ this stupid GM mandate. After going round & round w/ my dealer & getting management involved I was finally able to get the dealer to implement #21-NA-228, Oct 21, 2021 & disable the idle timeout. Initially service stated they were unable to perform this per GM. It took 1 hr 34 min (I watched) & ridiculous $189+, but my truck will run for as long as I want now. Don’t quit if they tell you no, it is possible.
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