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  1. Just hold the button in longer if you want both turned off.
  2. Something else you can do is hit the traction control button to turn it off and you'll notice a increase in torque. The traction control limits it so much that you can't even do a burnout (even a brake stand burnout), but turn it off and instant power to the wheels.
  3. Why is this in the 2020 HD Forum????
  4. literally 1000's of these have been trimmed with a Sawzall! Many like myself have removed the lower portion due to it being partially ripped off the first time you leave the dealers lot.
  5. Garage Door Opener Help

    I got a new Overhead door opener a couple years ago, it works with just about every factory system except GM! GM's Homelink just wont work with all openers.
  6. 6.6 gas

    The RAM 6.4 mileage is terrible with a heavy load like a camper, the lie-o-meter says 13mpg, hand calculation will be 9-10, exactly the same as my 6.0. Empty, the RAM 6.4 mileage is better than the 6.0 by about 2mpg. I'm really hoping this new 6.6 knocks it out of the park with decent mileage, good power, and the same or better durability as the 6.0.
  7. 6.6 gas

    I keep gas receipts for every gallon purchased for my vehicles. Here is my annual calculations (April each year) for 2012 2500 Extended Cab 4X4 6.0 with a 3,200 lb truck camper and towing a 16' trailer with a SXS on weekends. I have no reason to claim 15mpg, I carry a heavy load that will even bring a diesels mileage down. 2017-2018 4,332 Miles Driven 424.87 Gallons of gas 10.19 MPG $1,219.25 Total gas expense $2.86 Avg per gallon 2016-2017 3,786 Miles Driven 378.81 Gallons of gas 9.99 MPG $1,961.45 Total gas expense $2.53 Avg per gallon 2015-2016 4,572 Miles Driven 432.11 Gallons of gas 10.58 MPG $1,133.19 Total gas expense $2.62 Avg per gallon 2014-2015 4,500 Miles Driven 421.42 Gallons of gas 10.67 MPG $1,515.11 Total gas expense $3.59 Avg per gallon 2013-2014 (camper July 2014) 6,557 Miles Driven 581.33 Gallons of gas 11.28 MPG $2,222.86 Total gas expense $3.82 Avg per gallon 2012-2013 7,058 Miles Driven 537.22 Gallons of gas 13.13 MPG $2,133.05 Total gas expense $3.97 Avg per gallon
  8. And it quietly disappeared pretty quick after the real consumers saw it...… I saw a Buick Rendezvous a few weeks ago and thought, hell they made ugly even uglier!
  9. 6.6 gas

    That is a light duty 10 speed, Ford uses it too.
  10. 08 Silverado HD

    The poly bushings need grease made for poly bushings to stop the squeak. Regular grease and only help temporarily.
  11. 1500 series truck versus 2500 series truck. 2500 is larger and has more cooling.
  12. 6.0 vs 8.1

    The 6.0 is definitely a tried and true long lasting work horse engine.
  13. It's a ZH2 not a ZR2, it's a hydrogen powerplant HD
  14. Flickering head lights💡

    How many miles on the belt? I've normally changed my belts around 100,000 miles and haven't noticed excessive stretch like that, but belt construction changes through the years.
  15. I'm going with yes, there is an issue running P tires on a 2500HD pickup, the load ratings are not going to be where they should be compared to an E load tire.

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