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  1. The extended widths keep changing, the last generation was almost 2" narrower than the one preceding it making them almost useless with 8' wide campers and box trailers.
  2. My 2012 won't open my new garage door opener either, I went crazy trying. I even bought a remote link unit that my old Volvo's system can talk to and it relays the signal to the new opener. GM went with a garbage system that works with '80's openers.
  3. That is not the "All On" headlight modification, the all on modification requires a resistor between two of the relays in there. This looks like something for an aftermarket alarm system that affects the ignition circuit.
  4. I've always owned Chevrolet pickups until my current GMC that I custom ordered. The GMC base price was slightly more, but as said previously there are some minor base differences and the SLE/SLT packages do not match LT/LTZ packages exactly. I ordered the GMC based completely on exterior cosmetics, I couldn't stand the large corners on the front bumpers of the Chevrolet. Just like these new trucks, I like the GMC front end better.
  5. The 10 speed in the GM1500's is a light duty transmission and currently not built for a 2500/3500HD.
  6. Gasser all the way for what you are using it for and the miles per year. I've never regretted getting a 6.0 gas engine, it hauls my 3,200 truck camper and still allows me to tow a trailer with my UTV all over Alaska (including multiple mountain passes every direction).
  7. This is posted in the wrong forum, this is the 2500/3500HD forum, not the 1500 grocery getter forum. We have a different system
  8. They both have a special kind of ugly going on...…..
  9. Too many variables in dealer cost, with quantity kickbacks, stock turnover, accessories, etc.
  10. I ordered my 2012 GMC SLT with everything except a sunroof (I do not like them) to make it as close to possible as a Denali. There are just somethings that you cannot match, but you cannot tell by looking at the accessories. The leather on the seats are different and the amplifier in the Bose system is different even though it looks the same on the accessory page, and the chrome/painted to match bumpers, trim, grill, etc just cannot be matched. Even on current models, these are different.
  11. Just hold the button in longer if you want both turned off.
  12. Something else you can do is hit the traction control button to turn it off and you'll notice a increase in torque. The traction control limits it so much that you can't even do a burnout (even a brake stand burnout), but turn it off and instant power to the wheels.
  13. literally 1000's of these have been trimmed with a Sawzall! Many like myself have removed the lower portion due to it being partially ripped off the first time you leave the dealers lot.
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