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  1. Just by pushing the tow/haul button doesn't always cause a downshift and change the RPM, it depends on the current conditions. You need to test it under load to see if it's changing shift points or going up a steep hill. The other thing it does is change the number of turn signal blinks if you just tap it left or right (versus full engagement of the switch) from 3 blinks to 6 blinks when engaged.
  2. I guess your blinker fluid issue is fixed! You need to look for the source of the leak and reseal the lamp housing to prevent moisture issues in the future.
  3. Tuners have pretty much been made obsolete by the feds, modern ones can do very little and as of recently the Banks PedalMonster which just makes your gas pedal more responsive has been the most popular. PedalMonster Throttle Controllers for Chevy, Ford and More – Banks (bankspower.com)
  4. I've owned my '12 GMC 2500 with the 6.0 since April 13 2012 and it has NEVER been to the shop for any repairs, even with 3,200lbs in back most of its life. I do my oil changes as per the oil life system, changed the battery once, and bought new tires when the factory tires wore out. It has even out performed my '01 which I thought was the best truck.
  5. Your Ecoboost likes premium due to the turbo compression. The GM 6.6 can run great on regular.
  6. What about the trip up? To get a real average you need to check every tank and average out the rare downhill coasting trips and 40mph headwind uphill trips.
  7. They need more air to get above the factory low pressure warning (60psi). The light goes off while driving due to heat and the increase in air pressure.
  8. Sounds very normal for a HD gasser running empty. I average around 9 - 9-1/2 mpg with my 3,200 lb truck camper in the box with a 6.0 gasser.
  9. I agree with the OP when reading many of the gas vs diesel posts, I've never felt the need for a diesel over my super dependable gassers. Diesel is still a needed option for some folks, but for many people they are not needed for day to day use. My 6.0 will be 10 years old in April this year and has not needed anything other than an annual oil change, a couple air filters, and one set of tires. Most of its life has been carrying my 3,000 lb camper all over Alaska, Canada, and the western United States. I don't dislike diesels, I've just never needed one.
  10. I had these exact symptoms when my crank sensor was failing.
  11. Somethings not right with 5.4 mpg. Need to dig deeper than codes for the issue like Davester suggested. I carry a 3,200lb camper in my 6.0 and still get 8.5-10.5 loaded. Have larger tires been installed? They can be heavy, have much more rolling resistance due to width, and will give improper distance on the odometer.
  12. Isn't that the truth! The current transmission has been proven over time and just plain works, the 10 speed has much more to fail, weighs much more, and will be nonstop shifting under heavy loads.
  13. Your occasional towing didn't cause an excessive oil consumption, I'll bet they didn't add the correct amount of oil at your last oil change. Most V8's are 6 quarts, your engine is 8 quarts and your truck was shorted 2 quarts.
  14. Crappy GM fuel pumps have nothing to do with the engine, the engine is not eating them, they are just cheap quality pumps.
  15. They are not even close to being the same. The HD truck transmission is built like a tank and has proven itself for many years. Mine has been hauling a 3,200 truck camper all over Alaska, Canada, and the Northwest US for nine years.
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