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  1. 6.0 vs 8.1

    The 6.0 is definitely a tried and true long lasting work horse engine.
  2. It's a ZH2 not a ZR2, it's a hydrogen powerplant HD
  3. Flickering head lights💡

    How many miles on the belt? I've normally changed my belts around 100,000 miles and haven't noticed excessive stretch like that, but belt construction changes through the years.
  4. I'm going with yes, there is an issue running P tires on a 2500HD pickup, the load ratings are not going to be where they should be compared to an E load tire.
  5. Looking at 2013 Duramax

    I have a 2012 that just rolled 30,000 a few weeks ago. Low mileage is possible if it is not a daily driver and only used occasionally. Mine is used in the summer to carry our truck camper and tow a trailer with a UTV. Basically a weekend work truck in the summer and occasional use in the winter.
  6. I'd recommend going to a 2011 or newer for the upgraded chassis over the 07-10 models. Everything under the body was upgraded with heavier suspension and 6.0 engine/transmission updates. Fuel mileage of the 6.0 2500 is not what your 5.3 1500 gets, but it tows and hauls sooooooo much better.
  7. Switch to 17” Rims

    That's true, however the tire manufacturers have lowered the 17" tire ratings, doesn't matter what the truck came with back in the day. Most loads in pickup are on the rear axle, my 3,100lb camper hardly adds anything on the front axle.
  8. Switch to 17” Rims

    If you carry heavy loads abandon the 17's, the tires have all been de-rated to around 3,200 lbs max, 18" & 20" were the other available factory wheel size and have a much larger payload available. Bolt pattern was changed to 8x180mm in 2011 for HD trucks.
  9. Bad Squeak

    If the shocks have urethane bushings they will squeak like crazy sometimes, get lube made for urethane to fix it.
  10. From my experience with leveling kit, I'd never do it again. The front rides rough and you loose suspension travel. A 4" lift kit set at the lowest setting with keep your axle/CV joint angles normal and give a much smoother ride.
  11. Z71 decal location

    You need to list your truck year and model, the fenders are different between a Chevrolet and GMC so the decals are in a different location. I never noticed the difference until my truck arrived at the dealer, it was a custom order so I was there when the truck arrived and the dealer installed some of the factory options that were just in the cab of the truck, the decals were one of those items. My truck has the chrome Z-71 decals which are different that the stock Z-71 4X4 decals.
  12. My studs are what hit, just to let you know how tight the fit is. I know every brand of tire varies a little in height and width, but they should just clear.
  13. My winter tires are Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT 275/70R18 with studs. At full lock to the left I have a very slight rub in the inner fenderwell. https://www.goodyear.com/en-US/tires/ultra-grip-ice-wrt-lt/sizes-specs?cta=TireDetailsViewSizesSpecs
  14. Sounds like you need more tongue weight and/or weight distribution hitch with load bars. Did your old Suburban have leaf springs and this one coils?

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