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  1. Modern diesels are going through the emissions hell right now that the gassers went through in the 80's and now overcame, so I would say go with a tried and true gasser. Diesels are having all kinds of issues trying to meet new diesel emission standards that costs thousands and you have no way of knowing how long a modern diesel will run healthy (lift pumps, DEF systems, etc). I'd wait another 5-10 years before looking at a diesel unless you absolutely need one.
  2. There is a limit to where larger is better, the larger wide tires are D load rated many times (60psi vs 80psi max), so make sure you look at the load rating not just the size. Many smaller tires have high load ratings, especially when comparing 16" and 17", 17's have almost all been de-rated in load capacity recently for some unknown reason.
  3. The 6.6 is the new larger displacement engine. New transmission will surely follow.
  4. You can't put a rebate on something you don't have. Rebates are to made to move product that they don't want sitting on lots when the new models come out, very few 2020's were actually made due to COVID-19, so I can't see much of a need for rebates. Dealer lots are almost empty up here in Alaska, even the used car lots are empty fields of asphalt. I did see a huge shipment of Buicks show up, but they are probably from China like most of Buicks manufacturing not being in the US (the new Envision is 100% China).
  5. Same here. One week after buying my '01 Chevy I cut the factory exhaust off and installed a complete Flowmaster system. Guess what was the only thing to rust out? That's right, the Flowmaster system....it actually fell off on the road. I learned my lesson. I drove my Volvo for over 208,000 miles, factory exhaust was still going strong.
  6. Do not get the Rancho 5,000's, they are known to rust out and are pretty short lived for most people. The RS 9000 is nice that it can be adjusted as needed as long as you keep the valve well lubed if you live where winter can rust them. The Bilstein 4600 or 5100 are basically the same shock, 4600 for stock height, 5100 for lifted trucks and different housing coating.
  7. I installed Bilstein 4600's last fall, I wish I would have upgraded years ago due to the improved ride and also control while carrying my 3,000+lb truck camper. I have pretty much the same truck as you.
  8. I have multiple iOttie holders, they are outstanding iOttie dash or windshield mount
  9. That is just another reason foreign cars assembled in the US by non-union workers are pulling ahead of the big 3, shabby assembly by all three.
  10. Almost every 17" tire has been de-rated to around 3,100 lbs, 16's, 18's, and 20's go much higher...if carrying a heavy load matters to you.
  11. This is what I have been using for years on my truck camper also, it's the most inexpensive best kept secret ever!
  12. I'd check the fuel pressure, when my fuel pump started dying on my old '01 it acted just like that. There was enough pressure to idle and run without a load, but once I tried to take off faster or climb a hill it acted up. The computer tries to dump more fuel, but it's just not there.
  13. This is the 2500/3500HD section, don't think a 4.8L is applicable
  14. I'd look for things that work without the key in the ignition, things like brakes/brake lights, dome lights, map lights, power seats/mirrors, etc. 4.5 amps is a lot, so I'm not sure.
  15. It's a fiberglass gelcoat, you can get a repair kit from any fiberglass shop which would be cheaper than an auto paint shop.
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