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  1. It unscrews, I replaced mine the second day I had my truck with a shorty. Use a wrench and watch so you don't snap the stud off.
  2. Up here in AK they just drilled holes through the bottom of the tanks also. I don't want to be fumbling with my keys around the gas cap anyway, the price is pain full enough
  3. This is the HD forum with 8 lug 2500 and 3500 trucks
  4. The main spring pack is the same, they are the same width and thickness 4 springs with lower overload. The only difference is the upper overload springs.
  5. The easy visual is 2500 has a lower overload spring only, 3500 has the upper overload springs added in adaption to the lower.
  6. It could also be the HVAC system damper door cycling through its range. I have a car with a "barking dog syndrome" that is caused by the HVAC system on start up.
  7. The diameter is relatively close, however the replacement cost of tires goes up with increased wheel size. I chose 18" over 20" on my rig for a larger selection of tires and also cheaper per tire. As 20's become more common, cost might get better, just make sure the tire shop doesn't quote you P and C rated tires which are very common on SUV's, stick with E rated tires.
  8. Anything over 12 is an empty HD truck, they are just much heavier than a 1500 and could never pull off the mileage numbers. I carry a 3,200lb camper in my 2500 6.0 and get 8-10 which is normal, a 1500 couldn't carry half that weight so I suck it up and live with lower mileage for the ability to carry and tow heavy loads safely. You'll also notice that parts last longer on a HD over a 1500, even brakes last forever.
  9. And look at the ridiculous frame flex of a Ford and Dodge, they both have to have a rear stabilizer just to function as a pickup and carry a load. Chevy/GMC has been using an independent front suspension since 1988 (introduced in the 1500 series), it's proven it's strength for over 30 years even though it seems like just yesterday we had solid front axles. I'll take a GM any day for strength.
  10. The Bose systems very among the models, they may look like the same units but they have different amplifiers and different size subwoofers. Just like the leather varies between the models, feel it with your hands, it is not the same between the SLT, High Country, Denali.
  11. It doesn't have one, my '12 GMC is the same, no filter.
  12. Loose connections or cheap quality bulbs are the usual suspects.
  13. I have front and rear Duraflap's also, plenty of length and rigid enough to actually work.
  14. GM Truck horns have been lacking for years, other GM models still have real horns, even little Buicks. Back in the day they had dual horns that sounded appropriate, now it's worse than a little matchbox car with a single beep beep sound.
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