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  1. Very nice! I wouldn't take anything for mine. I'm lovin it. Between 22 and 23 mpg around home. It's far and away the best vehicle I've ever owned. GM really hit a grand slam with the new T1's.
  2. Fair enough. I'll just make sure to have my tires rotated at the dealership.
  3. I thought there was more to it than that? Dont they need lift blocks as well? Hell, maybe I'm wrong maybe all other shops do have them.
  4. Just wanted to talk about having our T1 truck lifted for a tire rotation or whatever. As we now know, GM has made this an ordeal so to speake. As far as I know, unless you go to a GM dealer or the place you do go to has the special spacer or adapter or whatever, then your brand new truck frame could possibly - actually most likely get damaged. Should we make a stickie about this, with what to do or what to tell the place other than the GM dealer you go to? Please excuse me if this already is. I just feel a lot of people dont know about this.
  5. That's true ONLY if you pay 100% of the truck up front. If you finance, they collect it then and there for whatever your state charges. We were charges NC sales tax.
  6. My LT Crew has been good since I bought it, and since getting a little over 4k miles, she has gotten better too. From what I've been reading, the LT models do ride the best. I think it's because they are made a little different from the RST models - a different spring or something, I cant hardly remember. It makes sense as mine rides very,very, well. Mine is a Z71 as well.
  7. Shoot man, I live in NC, and my county boarders the Tennessee State Line. I in no way have ever found my NC GM dealers to come close to matching Wild Bill Gatton in Bristol, Tennessee. Of course, Ole Wild Bill and Bristol, Tennessee are only a 45 minute drive for me, so really they are more local than most of my NC GM dealers. Actually lol, only 1 NC GM dealer is closer to me than Gattons. At any rate, when I bought my Silverado, the NC dealers were at least $5k to $6k more. I'm just saying if its within reasonable driving distance- 100-300 miles, then heck yeah! Go to that other dealer. If the local dealer cant come within a $1k then to heck with the local dealer. Ya know? But, then again, from what I understand different regions get different incentives and rebates. I think it really handicaps my NC GM delaers as compared to my local Tennessee GM dealers.
  8. What's the difference and why? Seriously, I dont understand. I'm talking in regards to service schedule and regular schedule What I wrote up was from GM Does GM have a regular schedule too?
  9. A little off track fellas, and pertains to maintenance, I think the major things to remember are @45kmiles - change both transmission fluid, as well as transfer case fluid @90kmiles repeat the above. This would be for 1500 T1's of course Does that sound about right?
  10. As far as updates are concerned, I have a pretty base LT Crew Cab Z71. Not even a convenience package 2, just a 1. So, at any rate, how do we go about getting updates. I'm just thinking I prolly wont have many updates. I have the my Chevy app.
  11. Yes, I actually meant recalls. Thank you for the 411
  12. If a man has a recall on his truck, then doesn't GM send out a letter to that owner anymore?
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