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  1. They oughtta really start seeing good gains. Especially considering this is the best Silverado/Sierra ever made ( my opinion ) My brother in law has always been a staunch Ford man. He has a 2017 F250. But, after riding in mine for a few trips, knowing how much she can tow and just how friggin good the mpg is, he actually went to trade his in for a new Sierra!! Man, these new Chevys and GMC's are freakin awesome. Talked to a Construction guy the other day that had bought 2 new Silverados. I asked him how he liked them. He just smiles and said, I shoulda done this a long time ago lol Bigger, stronger, faster and better mpg than ever before. Dang right sales are gonna go up.
  2. I tell ya man, best rifle I've ever bought, besides my M1A Scout. I mean, this baby is freakin awesome. Not just sayin that either. And, I got it thru the Sportsmansguide of all places. I used their 4 pay plan thanx for the compliment too.
  3. Cant really remember right now. But, theres hardly ANY RECOIL. Talk about staying on target....this thing is a machine! And, smooth as silk.
  4. 11,000 miles on my 2019 made on 3/31/19 And, smooth as silk. I really love this truck!
  5. Just let em get broken in guys. 2019 Crew Cab 4x4 Z71 I can easily get 21-22 mpg and whenever I want, 25 mpg as well I live in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, so no long straight a ways, up down and curvy At anyrate, here is my last tank on 89 Could've prolly squeezed out 600 miles!
  6. Ya know what, that's the TRUTH! Really cant gonwrong with either.
  7. Gotta say that I really love my 5.3 Hell, I'm getting as good or better mpg than my wife in her Toyota Highlander
  8. I'm just fine and dandy with DFM Thos is with 89 octane I might possible could've squeezed 600 miles out of a tank! That's incredible compared to 375 miles as before on my 07 Classic, that got a damn respectable 17/19
  9. Dude, I really dont. I just know that mine does on every remote start when it's cold. Really wish I could be of more help.
  10. Big Congratulations!! Enjoy that new Silverado!
  11. Man, that looks AWESOME. I also, cannot wait to get those 22's that you have there! They looks so darn good! And, thank you!
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