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  1. Me 3 on the rear door buttons. Very handy when comin out of the grocery store among other things. I'll also reiterate how well I like the remote start, whether winter or summer. If in winter, the Silverado will defrost the windows, heat the cab, seats and steering wheel and in summer will cool the cab down with AC. I love it...
  2. Same with me Although I think elevation may play a role in that
  3. That makes sense. I live at anywhere from 3 to 5 thousand feet up and mine are off 1- 2 pounds according to the gauge
  4. Well, someone dropped the ball somewhere along the line. Just got an email from UPS apologizing for the email sent stating that I would get my shipment today. The email further states that once UPS gets the product, I will have a delivery date. I really dont care if it takes a few days to get something, just dont tell me, hey! Your shipment will be here tomorrow and then not do it lol. At any rate, it seems like the Amsoil preferred customer shipping is one day when the warehouse doesn't screw it up.
  5. Well, I ordered 3 cans of Amsoil HD Metal Protector and, they will be here tomorrow! That's SUPER impressive shipping! Although, I am a preferred member and, on blacksilverado02's recommendation, got the order in before 10am
  6. How many pounds were you going for? I put 35 pounds in my 18" which is what it says on the door sticker. But, the horn never honked, nor did any lights come on. But, alas, I have an LT model Mayne this is only for LTZ & High Country?
  7. I hear ya man. I really do. I know quite a few people that do the same. It's a shame to have to park it. But, like you say, nothing less ya can do.
  8. That's a lot li ike a VAIS. Still, I believe the magnetic antenna will still be attached to a wire......so no go for me. I'll just continue to stream. Now, IF the antenna was not attached, I would probably just get the darn thing. I talked to VAIS, and they said they may have one without the wire connected to antenna day. Thank you for posting this though! Could definitely be a big help to someone!
  9. Yes! That's really what makes it so bad man.
  10. Thank you. Ya know, for around town and what not, the seats could be more comfy. That's for sure. But as mentioned before and not just by me, that on a long trip they are very comfy!? Lol, go figure, right?
  11. Also, would I have a 2018 model? Lol, hell yeah! Not a thing wrong with them! I just like the 2019 better. That being said, I would never go with a Ford and their eco boost. Talk about being a Guinea Pig! No turbo for me or eco boost for me I love the solid V8 engine Chevy puts out. Whether the 5.3 or 6.2, both are solid as hell.
  12. Back to the topic. I went with the new T1, based on just how much time and effort Chevy put into the T1. They doubled their testing matrix and logged 31 million miles. And, for me, that's a pretty safe bet. As I said before, no problems thus far. Honestly, I think any year model can have problems. Sometimes it can just be the luck of the draw. The new Dodge owner I mentioned in another thread, well Dodge is going to refund him his money. Just so many MAJOR problems. I gotta say, Chevy imo, is the most solid of all
  13. Lol! You ain't kiddin! Man, were gonna get about 4-8" of the white stuff tomorrow actually. A nice little snow. But, yeah man, this salt is awful. I'm gonna give the Amsoil a go.
  14. Cool. That's what I'll go with then. Thanx you, Ryan.
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