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  1. Man, that looks AWESOME. I also, cannot wait to get those 22's that you have there! They looks so darn good! And, thank you!
  2. Thank you It was ceramic coated. And , part of that process is to give her a good polish.
  3. Larry, I live in the highest living elevation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Up and down and curvy. Hardly flat. Listen, I'm not the only one getting this kind of mpg in the new 2019 5.3 8 speed. Mine is also a Crew Cab 4x4 Z71 Chevy nailed it with DFM. They are pretty dang awesome imo.
  4. That's strange. Mine has never done that going into reverse gear. Although, I do sometimes, like early in the morning, get the occasional clunk from going from 1st to 2nd. But, that's when I dont let her warm up. I think I would have the delaer look at that reverse gear.
  5. What's wrong Larry? Dont like what ya see? Just regular driving my friend. Even got on her a couple a times , passing people. Seriously, she gets 22-23 with 89. p.s. downhill 45 mph for 503 miles would be hard to do, dont ya think?
  6. My 8 speed 5.3 is as smooth as silk, it's the new version referred to earlier with the Mobil 1 And, I just got 25 mpg on the last tank Inran with 93 octane. That being said, the 10 speed is better, but the 8 speed is mighty nice too.
  7. Ya know, I've had really, really, good luck with mine. Just ever once and a while, when I have to take the phone out of the cradle ( and, only then) will I loose connection, but just for a couple seconds or so. Other than that, it's been perfect.
  8. Wow! Very nice! Thank you for sharing man, that looks like a different truck with the lift! I really like it...
  9. Living in the mountains all my life, I made damn sure I had 4 LO. Been stuck in 4 HI too many times to be bailed out by 4 LO. But, that's just me. I cannot though, figure out why GM even offers 4 HI only in their trucks....
  10. Very happy with my 2019 5.3 4x4 Crew Z71 I just recently filled her up with 93. The first time with 93 actually. There is a difference imo. So far, I'm getting 25.0 mpg and have went, I think 345 miles and shes at half a tank. Granted, I've not been breaking any speed limits, but I'm not goin so slow as to make people mad either.
  11. I agree. Mine is just as good as any other vehicle I've owned.
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