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  1. Well I'll be darned! Thank you!! I've been wandering all along if it werent something just like you said. I too, also wandered why the LT Z71 didnt qualify for the TB lift as well. Good work my friend!!
  2. Well, then why in the heck do you wanna stay in the 2019 forum so much then??? Why not stay in your year model forum? Or a Dodge forum or a Ford forum? Anywhere but here would be great.
  3. Man, my LT Z71 rides so good, that this thread has got me in the mind to go to my Chevy dealer just to test drive an RST, to see what's up. I dont doubt what everyone that has one says, I'm just really curious now.
  4. Lol, the day I worry about a friggin sunglasses holder and adjustable seatbelts will the day I know I need to just buy a car.
  5. Just out of curiosity, did your Custom Trail Boss have push button start or a key?
  6. Oh man, I LOVE my black interior lol Gotta keep black GM!! Throw in other colors sure, but keep black please. As for the Ram, do yall reckon that all those gadgets and that big iPad of a screen holds up all that well? Dodge has a bad name for reliability in my neck of the woods. Most people I know treat Dodge like a power line- they stay the hell away from em lol Although some cant resist that diesel engine they have. Heck, I've often wandered if Dodge would've lasted without that deisel. I'd rather have something that's nice and works as to all show and no go.
  7. Sounds to me like you would be better served with the LT Trail Boss. If it were me, I would absolutely drop the extra coin for the LT. On the other hand, theres not a thing in the world wrong with the Custom TB It's a fine truck, no doubt about it. And, if I were really worried about how much money I was to spend or had a strict budget, I wouldnt hesitate getting a Custom TB.
  8. Allround, all things considered, that 5.3 is mighty hard to beat.
  9. There ya go. If enough time and enough rave reviews come out, then who knows? Many may consider a 4 cylinder.
  10. Lol, I hear ya. And, thank you. I do think however, a lot of this is want vs need However, if I were in business and needed a full size pickup to make a living, would I go with a 4 cylinder turbo over a tried and true V8? I dont think so. One thing that does strike me though, is that imo, Toyota is a master of the the 4 cylinder engine. Yet, what do they put in the Tundra? And Toyoat takes a lot of pride in that big IForce V8. But, I digress. I dont really know enough about it to go further. I just sees what I sees and knows what I knows
  11. I'm just one of those ignorant people that just inherently like a V8 you know? I may not see all the angles with the 4 banger, and dont really care to be honest. I'll just stay with this V8 now...and in the future dont get me wrong, if I need a car I'll gladly buy a 4 cylinder. But, for a full size truck, I prefer a V8 But....you know what they say??? Ignorance is BLISS.
  12. Lol, theres nothing wrong with the 19 8 speed Its awesome...
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