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  1. I'll take this ole bullet proof 6 speed any day. I love it. Imo, this is the very best 2500 gasser on the market by a long shot too. All things considered. Cast Iron Block, Stainless Crank, Beefed up 6 speed tranny, huge radiator, - and there's no doubt these babies will pull. And the mpg is just outstanding. I get 16-18 when not towing. And, I live in the mountains. I've rode in the Godzilla. It's speed is impressive. No doubt about it. But, the mpg is just horrendous- no doubt about that either. Nah, I don't want this big boy searching for gears all the time. Gas mileage is good enough imo. Ya know these trucks are so deceiving- just regular driving would lead one to think she's not that strong....thats until hook her up to tow.....
  2. Never had that message but, tow haul mode isn't even recommended until your hauling over 12,000 pounds if I'm not mistaken. Ya don't wanna burn up your tranny. Plus, these trucks have a radiator the size of Montana. - I've towed quite a bit and nary a hiccup, knock on wood. My mpg not towing has always been between 16-18mpg (this of course doesn't count the first 1500 miles
  3. I may try mid or premium grade while towing, but all I've ran is 87 and my mileage has been between 16-18 while not towing. This is gotta be far & away the best 2500 gasser ever built. Not just Chevy but, any. All things considered.
  4. Hi Trustin, did you ever reach out to Nick for your oil analysis?
  5. One thing I also did and, I feel that it's important and really helped, was I went by what GM recommended; no towing for the first 500 miles and, during that first 500 miles I took it really easy. It was actually hard to do but, after the that initial 50 miles, I went to the dealership and had the oil changed. And, man did that motor quiet down too. It made quiet the difference. I initially went with Shell Rotella Gas Truck but, since it was discontinued, I now use Pennzoil Platinum (made from Natural Gas) which, is owned by Shell if I'm not mistaken. And, I've never been low on oil. And, I tow quite a bit. Hope this helps someone getting a new 2500 HD.
  6. One thing for sure fellas, when checking your oil, try get on level ground or pavement. If not, you'll get a false reading. Btw, I have my oil changed and tires rotated every 5K miles.
  7. Right. That's what I had always thought, anyways. Some do some don't.
  8. Ok fellas, I've got a 2021 Gasser, just took in for an oil change (every 5k) and, they told me she wasn't even low. And, we've been on 5 camping trips during this 5,000 mile stretch. We haul an 11,000 pound 5th wheel. I use Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 & a Napa Gold Filter
  9. Shoot man, most things I see even diesel mechanics LOVE this new gasser! This new gasser is by far and away the best 2500 on the market!! Dodge can't even get a whiff and Ford gets about 12mpg - good luck with that now lol....This new gasser is far and away the best 2500 gas truck all things considered .
  10. I've had my 2021 Custom a little over a year now. Took her home March 31, 2021. First oil change was at 500 miles. For the long haul I chose Shell Rotella Gas Truck 5W30. It was great.....until they discontinued it. I now run Pennzoil Platinum - Made from Natural Gas 5w30. Someone told me long ago, that these engines liked the oil and to check and add if needed. Thus far the Pennzoil Platinum has been great. I use it with a NAPA GOLD Filter. What I'm gonna do next is add a catch can I believe. Also fellas, just be sure your on very level ground when checking your oil level. It really makes a big difference. But, I gotta say, this Truck is a real Bull. It's pulls with ease. All that being said, I change my oil & rotate my tires every 5K. Anyone else running Pennzoil Platinum? Also, I think I am correct in assuming Shell Rotella Gas Truck has been discontinued? At any rate, I believe Pennzoil is under the Shell Umbrella anyways? Thanks fellas.
  11. Borla Cold Start https://i.postimg.cc/DzpDQQbZ/hqdefault.jpg
  12. The above is just like Spangled's I had my Chevy dealer install it yesterday I could not be happier guys. She sounds awesome! This was a warm start too, right after driving 50 miles. If it will quit raining here, I'll do a Cold Start and some revs.
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