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  1. Borla Cold Start https://i.postimg.cc/DzpDQQbZ/hqdefault.jpg
  2. The above is just like Spangled's I had my Chevy dealer install it yesterday I could not be happier guys. She sounds awesome! This was a warm start too, right after driving 50 miles. If it will quit raining here, I'll do a Cold Start and some revs.
  3. I'll get some more pics later tonight. I wish I knew how to post a video.... I use imgur for my pics...
  4. Well gang, all I can say, is wow! It's night and day difference. Ya know, one of the best things about my 2019 1500 Silverado were the LED Headlights. And, once ya have them, it's just torture to go back to halogens lol At any rate, really glad and lucky to find such a great set available on Ebay. This set was flawless. Not a scratch on them.
  5. Yes sir. That's what I was translating it to as well. Glad I was right. Btw, I ordered mine today. About how long did it take for yours to ship?
  6. Those are just really cool imo I went ahead and ordered a pair. I was born in '71 anyways lol...
  7. Do you still have those on? I reckon it stands for 8 cylinders & 400h.p. ? Looks good too.
  8. I think it did keep me in the 7" screen, but it's hardly any different from 8" screen on my 2019 5.3 But, the driver info center is just like my 2019 5.3 and, that's nice.
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