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  1. i have couple questions about sot level and regen. when will the truck regen on its own? when close to 100%? then does it stay on til level is 0%. Is the only way to start a manual regen when the truck is parked? Today my sot level was around 96 % and when gauge on Idash switched to ACTIVE. I drove around for 30 min and it was still counting down to about 10% sot level. I didn't think regens lasted that long. During that time, no extra power was added to truck according to the idash no matter what level it was on. My milage says 489 miles since last regen. I have only had derringer on for about 400 miles. Will this number reset now? Sorry so many questions, just wondering what anyone else is seeing with their trucks.
  2. i just did all nine fittings. you can get them all with a regular grease gun tool (not a 90degree one). you must remove front skid plate and turn wheel both left and right. Each fitting took min of 6 pumps grease. I imagine they were not filled from factory. Glad i got mine right away. I would recommend at long hose (36 inches) and battery operated really helps if working by yourself.
  3. So i called the dealer, they dont even know. Said they never greased one yet.
  4. does anyone know how many , and the locations of great fittings on 2020 hd 2500/3500 trucks. thanks
  5. i just did some testing, had to take a couple trips for work past couple days. One way is 52 miles. THESE are computer reads only, not figured out by hand, all on same tank of fuel. stock , no derringer 21.7 mpg at 60 mph on way down 22.9 on way back level 6 20.1 at 60 mph on way down level 2 23.1 at 60 mph on way back starting in may , i will hooked up to my trailer everyday for the spring . I will get some hand calculated milages.
  6. I am interested to what setting gives any mpg gains as well. I don't care about any addition power. I use this truck to tow a 8500 trailer everyday for business. I have a baseline for stock , but only have 2900 miles on truck. I am going to run a tank of fuel at each setting and report back. My routes and percent of towing are pretty consistent. If any beta testers have already done this please advice. Another finding. When just driving the truck on level 6, not towing, e brake not on, also not in towing mode, when going down a hill the truck will not advance gears. It stays in a lower gear to hold you back? My truck do not do this before installing the derringer.
  7. Just installed mine this afternoon. Honestly at first I didn't know if it was working. I only tried level 6 and stock. I have not towed anything , nor have I really tried to do anything hard. Just normal daily driving. Not much seat of pants different. I do have some questions. By the way , same install suggestions as previous post. Cable is just long enough, barely. Make sure to take the shortest route. When you start the truck and walk out look at derringer under the hood. My led in blinking ORANGE. This staying like this for maybe 10 seconds then turns green and stays green until you turn off and restart. Same thing if you just power to accessory and don't start the truck. Manual says should be green all the time. If not it is flashing a code or error. Mine never does any codes like explained in instructions , just starts off orange then goes to green. I will tow with mine on monday, I would be willing to bet the gains will be better seen then. Install was super easy and clean. I went with the suction cup mount install of the pillar . I actually use my grap handle and didn't want to forfeit it. The suction cup mount looks pretty crappy and you can't hide the wires too well. I wish the it was lower profile and could be mounted from the bottom up on dash instead of hanging down from the windshield , it would look like a cleaner install. I don't know what's best to monitor. What is everyones suggestions . I like to know what gear the tranny is in, SOT level, Oil temp, not sure what else . I will report back next week with updated towing information for everyone. Since I drive with a very light foot, I was hoping to see a little gain in fuel mileage both empty and towing. Then at least I can not feel guilty for spending the money on this mod. Suggestions on what to monitor? Also can someone check their led light on derringer and report back. thanks
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