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  1. There's a bunch of youtube videos covering these set ups. Check out Dirtking, 454 motorsports. 454's youtube page covers all the trucks they've done with detailed videos. As far as pictures, I would just search Silverado longtravel and there should be more than enough to check out.
  2. Yeah no worries. Most guys run 37's with these fenders on a long travel kit. I think you'd be able to fit 37's with your 4" lift.
  3. Those are either FiberwerX or Rk sport front and rear fenders
  4. I wore out my Nitto MT's. I was deciding between the Nitto Ridge Grapplers or the Recon Grapplers. I went with the Ridge in a 35x12.5x18.
  5. I do accept the risk. I would think Law Enforcement would have bigger fish to fry than looking for vehicles with 3 amber lights in their grill with what's going on now a days. I totally respect what you do, and thank you for your service!!
  6. Had no clue that the grill lights on the Raptor was a DOT requirement. I thought they were strictly an appearance thing. Thanks for the info
  7. 16LT4- What's being wider than 80'' have to do with anything?? Yes, I know it's not a Raptor.....
  8. Added some lights, Diode Dynamics SS3 pro fogs and some grill lights. The light output on these fogs are insane.
  9. Nice, looks good. I changed my 3" to the King 2.5's last year. It's night and day difference, no more chatter on the road.
  10. I went with the Under Cover Ultra flex. Very low profile and has a 5 year warranty instead of 2-3 years like most others. I've had one issue and they shipped me out a new and had it within a week. Very good customer service.
  11. On this truck I was running a 3" level. Here's my current truck, I took the wheels and tires off when I traded it in and put them on my 2017
  12. Fuel Trophy's 18x9, tires- Nitto trail grappler 285/65/18
  13. Here's a pic of my old '15. Same color as yours. I went with Fuel trophy in gray with a black lip.
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