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  1. if you find one to replace your 18' console, id be interested in the 18' one, I'm in Orange County
  2. the last time I went to look for it on that site, I couldn't find it for some reason and figured he stopped making them
  3. I got 2 ideas how to keep DRL on when turn signals are being used how to add a switch in the bed to turn on bed lights from rear instead of inside truck
  4. ddmtuning is also selling d5s bulbs for $199, cheaper alternative to the morimoto ones http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/Ultrakit35WD5S
  5. someone buy some and post up some comparison pictures
  6. im in Orange County and have a 17 with cloth seats, id try mine for your leather seats plus some cash on my end
  7. if anyone comes across a 2017 chevy cluster they can't use, post the link or PM me!
  8. If I wanted to blast you, I woulda came on here a week ago posting about it, just giving the dude a heads up since he already knew they can be bought for a little over $500 brand new from gm, and just like I told you, for that price the dude offered u, id rather buy brand new 100% complete
  9. He offered it to me for $400, we set up a time to meet that night and a couple hours before, text me that someone had offered him $500 for it so I passed on it since it can be had brand new for a few bucks more, this one didn't have the harness either
  10. commented on your other forsale post but just came across this, very interested and I'm pretty local. PMing you now
  11. I don't need the seat but how about that center console??? Lol
  12. I've been waiting to hear some info on this ever since you posted about it on Facebook and Instagram, I've emailed back and forth with Josh a little bit about it and was waiting to see if the e46 replicas also fit the 17 silverado's. That pic showing the stock projector and the e46 one makes me want to get this done ASAP!
  13. if you find it that it was a 17 chevy cluster, id be interested in buying it from specmo and sending to you to have programmed for my 2017!
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