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  1. Also the chip shortage probably makes it nearly impossible to get an ECM. Jay
  2. Kevin Living in CO those factory Bridgestones suck on anything but flat roads. I have had them on 2 trucks now (19 Denali & 21 High Country). I now have a set of rims/snow tire that I put on around Nov 1st. I got 18" rims because they are cheaper and easier to find tires for. Huge improvement especially braking. Remember that in Colorado if you cause traffic issues in the mountains without chains or 4wd and good tires the fines can be pretty expensive. Jay
  3. #2 same adjustment as the forward collision alert (or what ever it's called). Jay
  4. If you have onstar, go to the web site (mychevrolet.com) and change your password. You will then have to log in again in your truck. Jay
  5. yes. Sorry for the slow response, out of town.
  6. The air comes from the radiator side of the shutters. If the shutters are open you get cooler air. If they are shut you get warmer air. Jay
  7. For Sale a Range Pulsar LT for sale that I used on my 2019 6.2L Sierra. It worked perfectly the entire time. I traded truck for a 3.0l diesel so I no longer need it. $375 to your door. Paypal
  8. I just went and looked at the settings on my Chev. If you turn off the remote left in vehicle it will also turn off the remote not in vehicle horn chirps (there is one setting for both). I had to play with my truck in the driveway to see what happened when changing the one setting. Jay
  9. My 19 Denali had the setting. Maybe it's only on certain trim levels for 19 & 20. Stupid horn chirp pissed me off when I would stop to get the mail late at night.
  10. These are both in the vehicle settings. Remote Left in Vehicle Alert This feature sounds an alert when the RKE transmitter is left in the vehicle. This menu also enables Remote No Longer In Vehicle Alert. Touch Off or On. Remote Removed from Vehicle Alert This feature beeps the horn 3 times when exiting a running vehicle with the remote key. Touch Off or On.
  11. I have a complete stock exhaust system from a 19 Denali 6.2l (muffler is single in/out). If you were closer you could have it. If you happen to be in Colorado or know someone that will be and would get it and bring it to you it's all yours. Jay
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