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  1. I don't see why not. It just plugs into the OBD port so just plug it in when you want to use it. Jay
  2. Borla does make it with GM involved with the design but it's not the same as the off the shelf Borla systems. K&N helped design and makes the GM CAI.
  3. Banks has one now too. I don't have one but it can be controlled by a phone app so it might be worth looking at. Jay
  4. Don't get one if you have the 10 speed trans. Range is still working on it. The current Range will kill the auto start/stop and shut of DFM most of the time, but it still gets activated. Jay
  5. For 2019 it all depends on when the truck was produced. I don't remember the exact date but if it was produced before March 1st 2019 (or something very close to that) it didn't have the updated fluid and could have the shudder. Jay
  6. yes, not carpet but it sure looks like it.
  7. It's wants your On-Star/My GMC/MyChev password.
  8. While they released a DFM disable, it doesn't work on anything with the 10 speed trans yet. Jay
  9. At this point I would measure brake rotors to the frame. Seems to me the truck wouldn't drive straight if the axel was not aligned correctly with the frame. Maybe get someone to follow you and see if the truck is dog tracking. I think it's far more likely the box/cab are off center than the axel being off by an inch. Jay
  10. Does the box look like it’s lined up with the cab?
  11. If the HD you are referring to is the 2500/3500 then it's a 10L100 that has no relation to the 10 speed in the 1500s and was designed by GM & Allison. The 10 speed in the 1500s (at least gas engines) is the 10L80. There is also a 10L90 version in the Camaro and Corvette.
  12. There is a switch on the dash to shut it off. The only bad part is it resets when you shut the truck off. Jay
  13. There is a switch on the dash to shut it off. The only bad part is it resets when you shut the truck off. Jay
  14. You need a relearn tool. Changing tire pressure doesn't work on the newer trucks.
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