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  1. I cut mine just behind the muffler/valve where I could weld it back together if needed. You need to support the muffler with a floor or tranny jack. Take out the spare tire and the spare shield. This makes it a lot easier to remove the old and install the new. I did this on ramps & jack stands. Took about 2 hours to remove the old and install the Borla cat back. Jay
  2. Check to make sure the under hood fuse box bolts are tight. There is a TSB for this. Causes all kinds of odd electrical issues. In my case dash would randomly not come on when truck was started and some transfer case issues. Also if I disconnected the battery I would have all kinds of brake/stabilitrak/check engine lights and lots of code (none after fix). I got 2 to 3 turns on mine and no issues since. I have posted the actual TSB in the past but can't find it at the moment (I'm not at home). I thinks they are 7 or 8mm bolts. Torque spec is 53 inch-lbs. Jay
  3. Where #14 connects to the air filter housing. If you look down the front of the air filter housing you can see it (may need a light).
  4. I wonder if the intake air tube is not properly attached to the air box. If that hole in the bottom of the air box is wide open I could see a lot of water entering the air box. Jay
  5. Remote start will only run for 15min without extending the time. This has nothing to do with the auto stop/start.
  6. Glad they found a problem. I'm surprised they can't replace it with some off the shelf fuel line until the part comes in. Sounds like the early 6.6 Duramax issue with the fuel line between the tank and engine getting soft and collapsing. Jay
  7. None of that will tell you the fuel has gelled. I have owned many diesels and they will just shut off if the fuel gels. Pure #2 diesel can gel at 20 deg F. Jay
  8. Wife's Traverse came from Mike Maroone. When the dealer 1st changed from Al Serra to Mike Maroone the service went down hill. It has gotten much better in the last year. Jay
  9. Welcome to Colorado. Which dealer is doing the work? Castle Rock Buick Chev GMC (formerly Medved)?
  10. And the 2.4% smaller probably helps keep me from getting a speeding ticket..... lol
  11. I have Yokohama IceGuard winter tires. Blizzak's are great except only a little over 50% of the tread is soft/winter rubber so after they wear they aren't as good. Jay
  12. Your link doesn't work. I went with a slightly smaller tire so I could put tire chains on for mountain driving. Mine are 255/70-18 Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revs/Mile Difference 275/50-22 5.4in 16.4in 32.8in 103.1in 614 0.0% 255/70-18 7.0in 16.0in 32.1in 100.7in 629 -2.4%
  13. I put some 18" rims/snow tires on my 2019. The 22' snow tires were way too expensive. I got the rims/tires from Tire Rack. They came all ready to install on the truck. I already had a TPMS tool so it was an easy swap. Jay
  14. Went to N Branch Chev & Forest Lake Chev before moving to Colorado 6 years ago.
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