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  1. I have one in my truck. The auto stop eliminator just remembers the switch position. If you turn it off it will stay that way until you turn it on again. If you can use the dash switch to change from on to off you probably have the ASE. If your switch doesn't change anything you have some other device to turn it off. Jay
  2. On my 2021 you only need a subscription for traffic etc. The navigation works just fine. I can't imagine a 22 (that's really a 21) is any different. The actual updated 22s haven't hit the streets/dealer lots yet. Jay
  3. There is no float. It use sensors like a water/grey/Black tank in an RV. The DEF is allowed to freeze so a float wouldn't last long. Jay
  4. Remember the grape smelling differential lube that GM used in the past?
  5. On my Chev I have a set of winter tires/rims (18") that I put on for the winter. Living at 7000' and driving in the mountains it makes a huge difference. I agree the factory 22" tires are not very good in the snow. Jay
  6. I think I would just remove the one from the other side so it matches. Jay
  7. Center counsel with the Denali/HC/AT4 etc. Not sure on the lower models.
  8. Also the chip shortage probably makes it nearly impossible to get an ECM. Jay
  9. Kevin Living in CO those factory Bridgestones suck on anything but flat roads. I have had them on 2 trucks now (19 Denali & 21 High Country). I now have a set of rims/snow tire that I put on around Nov 1st. I got 18" rims because they are cheaper and easier to find tires for. Huge improvement especially braking. Remember that in Colorado if you cause traffic issues in the mountains without chains or 4wd and good tires the fines can be pretty expensive. Jay
  10. #2 same adjustment as the forward collision alert (or what ever it's called). Jay
  11. If you have onstar, go to the web site (mychevrolet.com) and change your password. You will then have to log in again in your truck. Jay
  12. yes. Sorry for the slow response, out of town.
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