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  1. That's the way it works. L7 for the 8 speed and L9 for the 10 speed disable DFM. Jay
  2. I agree but they do need ads for money to operate.
  3. I went with 255/70-18 because they were less expensive and easy to get. Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revs/km Difference 275/50-22 138mm 417mm 834mm 2619mm 382 0.0% 255/70-18 178mm 407mm 814mm 2558mm 391 -2.4%
  4. The original fluid was hydroscopic and the water in the fluid was causing the issues. GM is not the only manufacturer to have this issue. Jay
  5. You are correct and this also applies to the 2019s (traffic). Jay
  6. I have one and love it. You can control it from the idash or from an app on your phone (uses bluetooth to connect to phone). Nice thing about it is't powered from the OBD port, not the 5v from the pedal. If you pull the power the pedal return to stock. I had a pedal commander on a previous Chev and it caused codes due to taking power from the 5v to the pedal. I think it was causing the 5v to drop below a certain voltage causing the codes. Jay
  7. Here is my 2019 CC/SB Denali ultimate 6.2l. I can't imagine there is any difference between 19 & 20. Jay
  8. I have been through 1 winter here in Colorado and no issues. Colorado uses both salt and mag-cloride on the roads along with sand. Jay
  9. Here is the cost for the credits, hardware and an unlocked ECM (exchange) from HPTuners web site. -> $2249.87 You would still need someone to tune it or learn yourself. You would also be tossing your factory warranty away and thats worth something. I'm not here to bash you, just point out the costs. It's your money so spend it like you wish. Jay
  10. I wonder if it's a 19 vs 20 thing or if it's related to the model. Mine has a resonator on each side. When I looked for trucks all the 5.3s had screens and the 6.2s all had resonators. Jay
  11. Push in on the corner, then you can move it so it comes apart. Jay
  12. I was thinking of doing the same thing. I have looked at the Black Widow mufflers. I would welcome any input. FYI the 6.2 (at least in 2019) doesn't have screens, it has real resonators. Jay
  13. There aren't any and for a good reason. Most of the time people overfill and pop the boot. Then it's pretty easy for water and dirt to get into the joint. Jay
  14. Well the system was never meant replace a tire pressure gauge. It was meant to tell you you have an issue with low pressure in a tire before it goes flat. High end cars like BMW don't give you a number, only tell you system is ok. It is a gov mandated system after all. Jay
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