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  1. I had an issue with the Pulsar on my 19 GMC. If you look at instant fuel economy with it attached you will notice it never gets to 99mpg like it does without the Pulsar when coasting. I think it's not allowing the injectors to cut fuel when coasting and that why mileage drops. When I had the Range DFM disabler installed the milage didn't drop at all. Jay
  2. If you put the transmission in M9 DFM will not be active. The range DFM disabler is hit/miss (10 speed only). It works for some and doesn't work for others. Don't know of any other options other than the Pulsar you mentioned. Jay
  3. While I agree that $400 is too much, the windows comparison is not valid since there isn't a tech applying the update. If you take your computer to a repair shop and they have to apply an update you will be charged for the techs time. I would ask for a good will update since you are only 2 weeks out of warranty. Jay
  4. I leave the charger on the tonneau cover where it's hard to miss. Jay
  5. True but that connection is there to charge/maintain an RV battery (it can also provide power for electric brakes) so it has to be direct and the wire sized properly to do that.
  6. Got one of these. Bought some wire at Home Depot (2 wires in one cable). Hooked up the + & ground. My battery maintainer came with an adapter meant for a motorcycle battery which I soldered on to the 2 wires. Just plug it in and let in charge/maintain the battery. I work from home so I don't drive much anymore. I can go 3 to 4 weeks without doing anything and my truck will still start fine but that can't be good for the battery. All the computers the truck has drain the battery even though they go to sleep after a short time. Jay https://www.amazon.com/POLLAK-12-706-Plastic-Blade-Style/dp/B000BGOFCC/ref=sr_1_omk_6?crid=F4B0G3WWYSDM&keywords=7+pin+trailer+plug&qid=1648997643&sprefix=7+pin%2Caps%2C174&sr=8-6
  7. I made a connector that plugs into the trailer plug to hook up my battery tender. Works great. The only thing is you can't charge at a high rate since the fuse for the trailer power is 40amps. Jay
  8. If you turn off the lane change alert it will also turn off the blind spot alert (at least on my 2021). I turn it off when towing. Jay
  9. Is your air filter dry or oiled? If it's oiled you may have oil on the MAF. Jay
  10. You do know the ECM controls oil pressure & volume. It's possible your tune is the cause of the leak. Jay
  11. Normal operation. The ECM & BCM controls the alternator output and will lower the system voltage when it thinks it can (not much electrical load). This is just a way to save fuel for fuel economy. This is not new to GM, they have been doing this for years. It's in the owners manual somewhere. Jay
  12. Those transponders are passive (at least all the ones I have had) and are not the problem. They work like the chip on a credit card active only when put under a transponder reader.. I would be looking for something interfering with the remote to truck signal. Could be something on the truck or something in the area you live causing issues. Aftermarket wireless cameras have been known to cause issues with keyless entry/starting. Jay
  13. The spot is between the cup holders in the console. The purpose is to allow the truck to start if the battery in the remote is dead. Have you tried the other remote? Jay
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