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  1. That's good news. Taking mine in next week.
  2. Mine are clean. still have issues.
  3. My bad. You mentioned Silverado, not Sierra.
  4. My 2019 Sierra came with LED lights.
  5. I haven't been able to get to the dealer. I talked a friend who is a Chevy tech and he said there is a problem in the module. So, as soon as I get time, I'm going to take it to the dealer.
  6. Thanks. Just saw this. I talked to the service manager at the dealer where I bought the truck. Of course I got the standard answer " We haven't seen any issues with park assist. Your sensors are probably dirty. I told him I cleaned them and it still won't work. I'll have to take it in when I get time. The dealer is 3 hours round trip.
  7. I know there have been some other topics on this. Here goes anyway. For the past two months, whenever I put the truck in drive I get the park assist blocked. When I start the truck the park assist button is lit. As soon as I put it in drive the light goes out and parks assist blocked shows. Here's the rub, yesterday the light stayed on and park assist worked fine. It was raining. Today, clear skies, the block message comes up. I have checked everything at least twice. Front and rear sensors are clean. No noticeable damage. All cameras work. So, why does it work in the rain and not on clear days? Anyone else having problems? I called and talked to the service manager at the dealer. Standard answer, we haven't seen this problem. Dealer is 3 hours round trip. Guess I have to make some time to take it in.
  8. Wish I knew. I want to put some air horns on mine. Can't find enough room for the compressor or tank. And where to run the power from.
  9. There is no single number for dealer or service complaints. You can call 1-800-462-8782. That's the customer assistance line. There's a chat line available too. Have to go to the GM main website and scroll down to contact us. They will ask if you talked with the service manager or dealer manager.
  10. Where are you coming from? I live in Eastern NC. I travel I-40 a lot hauling a 20' enclosed V nose. Grossing around 7800 total. There are some big mountains on 40 in western NC and eastern NC. I-77 is fairly easy as is 52 in NC. Pilot Mountain aka Mount Pilot, is easy as well. Prepare for heavy traffic in Winston Salem.
  11. Some dealers run "specials". Six quart with filter 59.95, eight quart with filter 69.95. I can't really say since my Sierra came with 5 free oil changes with rotation. I have one left. Some non dealer shops can be higher or lower. I take my wife's 2014 Impala to a local tire shop. Usually runs around $69 for oil change and filter. Tire rotation is $25. With tax, right at 100.
  12. I haul a 20' enclosed V nose with two Spyder reverse trikes. Grossing right around 7k not counting passengers, luggage etc. If you add that in, probably around 7,500 total. 2019 Sierra SLT X31 with 5.3. Trailer tow package. No major issues with the truck. Longest round trip tow was probably 3000 miles. Some of that through the NC mountains. Only issue I have is gas mileage. But then, that's to be expected.
  13. I've been using an AirHawk pillow in my 19 Sierra. Only way I can drive long distance and be comfortable.
  14. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there was a recall for the trucks. I can't tell you how many times I've been "flashed" at night. Considering we sit close to the same height as a Yukon.
  15. The puddle lights come on on exit on my 2019 Sierra. Haven't paid attention on entry. I seldom use the key fob so can't speak to that side of it.
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