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  1. They can do a soft pull without consent. Hard pulls require consent.
  2. Most dealers pull a credit report themselves and you may not even know it. Last new truck I bought, left over 2019 Sierra, the salesman said "you guys have great credit". So we knew he pulled a report. I've never had one tell us we had to bring in a report.
  3. If it would help, I could list the new vehicles I purchased that had problems from the get go. It wouldn't help you. If the dealer is any good, they'll take care of it. I would like to know the outcome.
  4. Just my opinion, I don't believe EVs are ever going to completely replace our Dino vehicles.
  5. Agree. Lawyers are the winners money wise. But these suits sometimes do result in a permanent fix. Sometimes.
  6. Google GM extended warranty. The GM plan will pop up. It has all the info on all the warranty plans, service plans etc. You can even find the cost.
  7. Zurich is the go to for GM/Chevy. I had it on my 2017 Silverado. Which was junk. When I traded the Silverado for the Sierra, I got most of my money back from Zurich.
  8. Oil change, tire rotation and "multi point inspection" which is more or less a pencil whip. That is, the oil change tech just walking around while the oil drains. I had five free services. I don't have any problems with the free oil and filter. Not sure what you mean by better quality oil and filters. My dealer is one of a very few I trust. Though it's a 90 minute drive one way.
  9. There are so many ways to steal a vehicle. There are devices that can clone a key fob, even with rolling codes. They can clone a coded key. If they are close enough. Yes, it can be done if the fob/key is in your house or hotel room. There are computer programs that can access the receivers in the vehicle and unlock the doors and ignition system. The fob/key code clone can be easily made at home with a few parts. For all of the electronics and wireless systems, there is a way for a dedicated scum bag to access them. That truck was targeted. As I said earlier, the thieves had an "order" for a truck fitting those specs. Hotel parking lots are a prime target. I never use my key fob to unlock/lock the doors on my truck or car. Or do a remote start.
  10. Shame. Someone placed an order for that truck. It was probably in Mexico within a few hours after taken. These pros are just that. They know how to disable all the tracking and engine kill stuff.
  11. My 2019 Sierra does it. Just had it in for service yesterday. Dealer changed transmission fluid, which I was told was done on all 2019 and up trucks from the factory. I have had the hard downshift coming to a stop. The hard "chatter" shift some mornings. On the way home, 1.5 hour drive, the mild vibration seems to be gone. But the hard downshift is still there. According to the service advisor, it's due to the design of the transmission. If that's true, why change the fluid????
  12. Just saw this thread. I've had issues with a slight vibration on the highway. I could feel it in the floorboard and steering wheel. Hard downshift from second to first coming to a stop. Some hard up shifts. I have the eight speed. Yesterday, took it in for oil service. Told the service writer what was going on. We took it on the road, and of course it wouldn't duplicate. Pulled in to the service lane and it did do the hard downshift. After explaining how that transmission works, he said it needed a fluid change. I asked if that was supposed to have been done on all 2019s prior to sale. He said he would have it done anyway. After service and on the way home, at 1.5 hour drive, it did seem to eliminate the vibration. But not the hard downshift coming to a stop. Called him when I got home. He again said it was the transmission design that causes the hard shift. Anyone else?
  13. I guess my 2019 Sierra is old school. Has the sensor on the dash, which I believe most vehicles have as standard. But the auto dim? I haven't noticed it. I'll have to check it. Have you checked light settings on the DIC?
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