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  1. Got a call from my buddy in Texas. Having more issues with his 2022 Sierra. He heard GM is going to recall the 6.2 for seizing problems. Told him I haven't heard anything. Anyone hear of this??
  2. Again. Got a call from a friend in Texas, seems he's having problems with his 2022 Sierra transmission. Same as the 8 speed issues. He's had it to the dealer twice with no luck. They claim they can't duplicate the issue. I told him to have the service manager ride with him. He said he's looking at another brand, no not Dodge. He did say he's had problems with the radio and Infotainment center too. I asked if he was sorry he traded his 21 2500 AT4 diesel. His answer, yes. I'm going to take my 2019 Sierra back for transmission issues again.
  3. 2900 isn't much weight. The only time I had multiple shifting was going up mountains. I learned to take it out of tow mode before the climb. Worked better.
  4. Just out of curiosity, did you have it in tow mode? I pull a 20' enclosed with my 2019 Sierra loaded with two Spyders (Can Am). I tried with and without tow mode and found that tow mode is the best way to go. Had tow mode on my 2017 Silverado and it was crap.
  5. I had a 2017 Silverado that had bad tranny issues. Traded it for a 2019 Sierra. Transmission is not as bad but still has issues. Like you said, clunking, hard downshift, delayed shift. All of the problems. Dealer said they changed the fluid. There's no difference in operation. My understanding before I bought the truck was that all of the transmissions had the new fluid or couldn't be sold. Some of the folks I know have the 10 speed and say there are no problems. I can't help on the engine side. Everyone has their own opinion. I guess it depends on what you will use the truck for too.
  6. As a former service rep for a global company, pinched wires may not have any internal damage. I've seen it several times There are a few ways to verify that too. My question is how did they know a wire was pinched if it's in a covered harness?
  7. Thanks for posting. Just had my truck in for service last week. I'll be calling them today to inquire about this.
  8. The temp display on the DIC comes from the ambient air sensor, all it shows is the ambient temp as opposed to the inside (cabin) temp. P0096 is an intake air temperature (IAT) sensor fault. Either IAT1 or IAT2.
  9. Well, took mine in for service this morning. After almost 4 hours (they were doing oil and filter and tire rotation too), The service advisor came and showed me a sensor from the front bumper. It had the smallest dent in it. Smaller than a pen tip. $400 bucks for the part. They would have to order it. Waiting for the final paperwork, he said parts had one but it was black, and would have to be painted. Huh? Anyway, I didn't have the money for a replacement at this time. Amazing how one tiny dent can take out a whole system. SMH
  10. I have an appointment at the dealer next Tuesday. Hopefully I can keep this one. I talked to a service tech from a Chevy dealer and he said it just needs to be flashed. Don't know if that's true.
  11. I did too. Most of the unsolicited mail I get goes into the round file.
  12. The letter I got was from a lawyer, not from GM.
  13. Not yet. Due to health issues and appointments, I've had to cancel my appointments with the dealer. I'm hoping to schedule it in this week.
  14. Received a letter today from a lawyer about the suit re; transmission, lighting and a host of other issues on 2016-19 Sierra and probably Silverado, though it doesn't mention it. The letter goes on that we won't receive much comp from a class action suit. We all know that. He said he and his team are open to filing individual claims. No out of pocket expense even if they loose, they have the right to collect fees from GM. Anyone else get a letter??
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