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  1. I brought my truck to the dealer to have all of the service engine lights and check engine lights that came on but went off and they told me there were no stored codes. Is it possible that a check engine light along with several other service lights wouldn’t store a code? Hard to find honest people these days.
  2. Not sure if a coincidence or what, but I was driving around 50mph, I tooted my horn back at some guy that tooted his horn at me and as soon as I did that a service message came on, followed by a service parking brake message, the little orange service engine light came on, a couple of more lights came on, then within about 5 minutes they all started clearing one at a time but my transmission was shifting real hard. I got it home shut the engine off, turned it back on, took her for a ride around the block, and it seems ok now…. Anyone else experience anything like this? I have a 2020 GMC Sie
  3. Awesome, I appreciate you gangly, thank you!
  4. You guys seem to know a lot more about this than me. Do you guys know if a 295/55r20 tire would fit without rubbing on a 2020 GMC Sierra elevation using the stock 20” rims without changing anything other than installing the 2” gm lift?
  5. Interesting, I’m guessing a way you can tell is to stick a magnet to the leaf and see if it sticks? If not it’s composite? I didn’t realize you needed the steel leafs and honestly I have no idea what’s on my truck.
  6. I’ve been on the fence about the same lift while they are still offering 20% off but I’m not sure if it’s worth it or not. I’m also still a little confused about the max tires size I’d be able to run on the stock 20’s with the 2” lift.
  7. That is the part that I am referring to. Thank you guys.
  8. I’m going to try to describe this. On a 2020 GMC Sierra quad cab there are these little plastic, or maybe rubber) tubes that cover the horizontal part of the D-hooks on the rear seat back rest that latches into the cab’s latching system. Does anyone know what those little plastic (or rubber) tubes are called (or a part number or picture description). I think they are on there strictly to prevent the metal on metal rattling from the D-hook and latch. My dealership is having a hard time finding them. Thank you in advance.
  9. I think it sounds like you put a bunch of wasps in a coffee can and shook them up real good.... I’m going to look into that range device, but I’m not really liking that you have to remember to unplug it if you are going to let your car sit for a few days or it can drain your battery. Too bad these GM trucks don’t have something like the fords forscan where you can go in and disable options permanently without leaving something plugged in.
  10. Awesome, I appreciate the info. I don’t like the way the gm borla sounds at all when the DFM kicks in, but it sounds good during hard throttle shots and cold starts. This might be the solution to that. I’m going to get one of these too. Thank you again!
  11. Awesome thank you for the info! I googled this range box DFM deactivator and that looks pretty sweet (disables dfm and auto start stop). I’m thinking maybe I will go this route too. How do you like yours?
  12. Interesting ? so I would just push the - sign on the shifter every time before I start driving it? Will that have an effect on anything long term if I always drive around like that? Thank you for the info.
  13. Just an update: I think Karnut is right about the cylinder deactivation messing with the sound.
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