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  1. What was your transmission doing that was causing you problems? -Grover67
  2. Different pistons and turbo and some changes to the emissions for it
  3. Not sure why your buddy is feeding you this information about the Bilstein's, unless there is more to his story like doing more to his ride than just shocks that caused his issues. I changed just the rear ones out just after I got my AT4 due to crappy stock ones not up to the task of keeping the rear end planted, only thing it changed in ride quality is that it was much better and felt more secure to the road. Decided to do the fronts just before 10,000 miles, was going to just do the 5100's but figured I only wanted to do it once and didn't want regrets with second guessing, so I went with the 6112 setup. Did notice that the ride did improve as I was starting to notice the stockers we starting to feel "different" from new. Rides better and dosen't have that fade away feel in front and is not hash in any way. Most that have driven it compliment on how well it feels and drives. Did it need the 6112 setup, probably not, but no regrets. Buddy of mine bought a 2022 Denali 2500 and switched out his to the 5100's after his wife complained on how bad it felt on bumpy road(its Michigan) and she noticed how much better it felt and rode. -Grover67
  4. Looks like you are all set with that complete assembly. I installed the 6112's on my '20 AT4 but didn't get them fully assembled and did the swap myself and wasn't too bad. They are a very nice setup vs. what was on from the factory, I changed mine out @10,000 miles, and have the 5100's out back. -Grover67
  5. Unless you are getting them from a shop that provided a fully assembled strut you are going to have to pull the dust boot and top hat assembly off your old struts, so you're going to have to compressor the old stuff off and then compress to the new to install them yourself or at a shop to complete the assembly. -grover67
  6. I had the Michelin Aeglis on a couple of my work vehicles and they worked very well also and wouldn't hesitate going with those either. Good luck on your search -Grover67
  7. Might take a look at Toyo Open Country A/T. I changed my stockers out before my first winter up here in Michigan for a set after picking up my '20 AT4. 3-peak rated and did well up here and really impressed how they did in the wet. Very little noise too. -Grover67
  8. Mothers "Back to Black" works well as some of the other similar products. -Grover67
  9. Just a suggestion but next time use a oversize tarp to line the bed
  10. The definition of insanity has been applied........
  11. Agree with redwngr and have the same drivetrain other than mine is a '20 AT4. Seeing the same temp other than when towing as it runs a little higher around 200-210f range during the summer from what I remember hauling my pontoon on expressway. -Grover67
  12. Must have changed out your shocks too as the Rancho's are much of the issue with how they ride -Grover67
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