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  1. Haven't noticed much usage difference since they did mine even dragging a trailer. -Grover67
  2. Its been out in the rain a few nights but didn't notice anything that I would consider excessive. First time I washed it before the tonneau the tailgate seem to collect some water, with it on washing no were near the same. Driving or parking during a rain nothing much like mentioned. My concern is the salt we get during the winter use, not being a daily driver should help and it also been to Ziebart already so that'll hold things off from deteriorating I'm sure.
  3. Thanks! I really had no desire to get into a GMC when I started shopping wasn't a fan of alot of things with them, I was originally after a Chevy RST, but saw this on a lot and just seemed right so it came home with me. I didn't think much of the fancy tailgate either at first but I really like it so far and it has come in handy and the wife enjoyed it on the stops on our trip. -Grover67
  4. Did a vacation trip of 1,700 miles, wife an I with basic travel things, 700 miles on it when I started trip. First tank average speed 70-80mph 27.1 mpg. Second tank probably driving was a little bit of everything mph wise saw 29.2 mpg. Read that the Chevy does a little better mph wise was going in that direction until this AT4 showed up. Picked it up last week in May and have a little over 3,000 miles on it, towes great so far. -Grover67
  5. I have the rolling style X4 on my '20 AT4, works very well so far function wise and when rolled up you can still see. Figured it would work better than some of the others for snow/ice time. Only thing I have issue with is the small gap where the tailgate meets with corners. -Grover67
  6. Suppose to have this update done Saturday, may have to reconsider if it makes it worse. -Grover67
  7. Took off last Sunday for vacation, filled truck and topped off DEF before leaving. About 45 miles into trip check engine light came on, scrolled around my info screens and found my DEF gage reading empty or not registering, DEF gage came and went but would either read full or nothing at all, engine light came on too. After 600-700 miles into trip the check engine light came and went also, and after about 1200 miles pretty much has stayed off. Came home after putting on 1700 miles, topped off DEF to see if it used any, it did use about a quart. Ran fine the whole time 27mpg on first tank and 29mpg the second. It does have some kind of drivetrain vibration about 65mph that has been there since new, figured it would go away with some miles, hasn't. Monday morning called dealer that next door to where we stayed to have check engine light looked at and he politely said he could sometime on Wednesday........passed on that overstay -grover67
  8. If you're going to tow quite often I'd go with the factory tow mirrors, if its just occasional there are aftermarket extentions that can be added and taken on/'off.
  9. Really like that! Looking to do the same to mine, I've got the Dark Sky '20 version. Did you do any other blacking out, looks like AT4 badges, besides what I can see?
  10. Picked up a GMC AT4 w/3.0l and finally got to spend some time in it this past week on vacation. 70-80 mph ave on first tank saw 27mpg. Second tank wasn't pushing it that much mph wise and was seeing 29mpg for the next tank. Engine and tranny are smooth and quiet, great power whenever you need it. Reading all the hype prior to buying but didn't buy in to it until I took one for a test ride. If you get a chance to take one out I think you'll be sold on it. I really wasn't looking at a diesel at first, wanted the 6.2l, but more I thought about it fits me for what I wanted. Check out your options and see what fits your needs/wants, your dollar.
  11. Thanks BurnsMax! Not sure how I missed that! All set for the cold Yahoo Mail - No Subject.pdf
  12. It is '20 GMC AT4. I put it up on the ramps to get a better view the other night and chased out the wiring in the drivers side fog light area. I did find what I thought was the plug that was wire tied on top of a plastic support behind the fog light but it wasn't. I did check the owners manuals and all they reference is the location access by the driverside tow hook but not the plug in. Thanks for the help, not a big deal at this point as its summer, figure it out at some point
  13. I looked but did not see where to to plug in the supplied cord to? Help -grover67
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