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  1. The definition of insanity has been applied........
  2. Agree with redwngr and have the same drivetrain other than mine is a '20 AT4. Seeing the same temp other than when towing as it runs a little higher around 200-210f range during the summer from what I remember hauling my pontoon on expressway. -Grover67
  3. Must have changed out your shocks too as the Rancho's are much of the issue with how they ride -Grover67
  4. Curious with these add on's they some of you installed, are they more of a "feel or sound" but not been verified by dyno or drag strip times if they actually add to anything performance wise?? Thank you -Grover67
  5. Rear cover gasket is re-usable, easy job too as I just did mine plus the tranny and transfer case the other weekend. I was going to do the front differental but it dosen't have the re-usable gasket so I'm picking up a new one and then a drain and fill. -Grover67
  6. Really didn't other than what was stated in their ad for it, didn't get much more than that from the gent I spoke with.
  7. I saw it when I did my trans fluid the other weekend, not bad to get to. Mine hasn't had any temp issues but was interested in something like this if it did lower the regulating temp some. My fluid looked real good and didn't find anything on the magnets let alone that black goo thats usually on them, very clean.
  8. Talked with PPE today and they say it throttles at the same factory temp, other than that just a better quality piece than the factory with better flow.
  9. Anyone try this? Good bad ugly on it?? https://www.thoroughbreddiesel.com/125069000/
  10. Ya did mine along with transfer case and front and rear differential this past weekend. No not hard. Had trans up to operating temp. No drain plug so have to drop pan but had it up on a hoist and had a catch can to collect fluid. Cleaned up pan and reusable gasket and re-installed. Fill plug is on drivers side next to shaft going to front diff. Its a little tight and the plug has sealant on it and takes some effort to loosen. I had put the trans fluid quarts into a jug so I could use a transfer pump to pump the fluid into the trans fill hole until it started coming out. Started it and ran it got up to 160f+ so that the line stat was open and rechecked fluid level. About 7qts. Done
  11. How many miles on it when you did the change? Just did mine today and it has the 10sp also, fluid looked good and pan very clean and nothing on magnets. Wouldn't worry about the filter unless there was something that it would be a cause to change it. Did it with a buddy of mine that works at GM's testing facility. Fill plug is a bit of a pain due to its location close to the front drive shaft, need pump to transfer oil back in as its tight. After adding fluid back in need to get fluid back up to temp to allow line t'stat to open and check fill hole if need to add or drain. Mine took right around 7qts.
  12. Check out the Toyo AT/3's. They have done real well all around and are 3 peak rated for weather up here too.
  13. Check between the front of door where it meets the front fender, might be some sound deading material separating it. Check the bottom area, in the fender, to make sure there is nothing blocking the drain hole. You'll find the sound deading material probably wet too.... -Grover67
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