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  1. LOL Or maybe using his mitts to soak up the drips....... -Grover67
  2. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/216705-rear-window-leak/#comments -Grover67
  3. Must of just of came out with it, I emailed Amsoil back in October and said they didn't anything for the GM 3.0l and didn't know when they would. Good to see another source -Grover67
  4. The sticker inside the driver door and pressure on tire is always rated/checked(cold). Like the others mentioned about the change in temperature the pressure will change accordingly. -Grover67
  5. Yep normal temps, it'll steady out more you drive it and temps stabilize. There is alot going on and if you get a chance read up on it on why there is fluctuations on how the cooling system works -Grover67
  6. Are those rear's rebuildable? If they were I'd went with those for sure, but didn't know about them at the time I got mine. -Grover67
  7. Hoped that snow line was a little more south yesterday, was over visiting my daughter in Grand Rapids and only seen a little slop there. I did the calipers with the G2 kit rather than spray. Easy to do, get extra brushes if you go this route. Did all of them with a couple of coats no problem. https://www.g2usa.com/ -Grover67
  8. Lol did the same thing today! Used the wrong funnel, didn't grab the long one like the one supplied for the DEF fill that was supplied from GM. Lesson learned....... -Grover67
  9. Got the Toyo's on last week. Rode good and as quiet as the stock Bridgestone Dueler A/T's that were on it. Stayed with the stock 275/60r20 that came on it. We had a good storm come through on Saturday and got to see how they handled the heavy rain and they did really well, tried to see if I could get them hydroplane but didn't. Didn't get the snow from the storm to try them in that. Hopefully they do as well. Happy with them so far -Grover67
  10. Really like the setup! Kinda torn on changing mine out but for now have the Toyo's on order and may have them on this weekend. Have a place not too far that re finish the rims and due a exchange so might go black later. -Grover67
  11. Buddy of mine works at GM testing and recommended it. Did some other research and seems it should be good year round additive. -Grover67
  12. Going with this https://www.amsoil.com/p/diesel-all-in-one-adb/ https://amsoilcontent.com/ams/lit/databulletins/g3525.pdf -Grover67
  13. Look forward to seeing your new setup and like the black rims! Grover67
  14. Mike Did you get them local or did you order? How are they for noise? Thank you -Grover67
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