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  1. Might contact member "avery dameron" for help
  2. Its not illegal if you dont get caught Let me tell you, shes loud and it’s exactly what I want. The drone on the inside is pretty immense but who cares. The cold start is to die for. Depends on the application. Im a high school kid and now im gonna clap out all my friends. In 30 years i doubt seriously I will care how loud my truck is. Yessir Its only annoying to everyone except me and the boys
  3. Wouldn't worry about it with the range the 3.0l has. Last trip I did out east seeing 650-750 miles per tank easily, depending how its pushed Really luv this setup for what I've using it for. Def is hardly a issue if you're not towing. -Grover67
  4. Did you get the update done for the no start issue?? -Grover67
  5. Yes correct I just worded it goofy when I stated "from factory fill". I ran the factory stuff and changed it @ 4400 miles and went to the Mobile1 for the next 2 changes until this last one when I switch to Amsoil @ 16000 miles. Put on 4000 since then. Don't really expect to see much different results between the two unless I send it in for testing, which I didn't do previous to compare. Not too worried with either other than its such a light oil, even my buddy isn't real comfortable with it. -Grover67
  6. Put Amsoil in this last oil change, so far really haven't notice a difference on mpg or loss of oil from what I've had in it before which was Mobile1 from factory fill. Not too worried other than a good option. Used several other Amsoil products in several vehicles and toys I've had so know how it works. Buddy of mine works at GM at the proven grounds doing testing and its all he uses and sells, so I'm good with it. -grover67
  7. Before I switch over to Amsoil this last change I was getting the Mobile oil through O'Reilly's. They had to order it in but said they were going to keep it in stock. I have a buddy that get the Amsoil through so I'll go that route from here on out, plus gives me a excuse for a visit anyway.... -Grover67
  8. Have 5100's on the back of mine and they were a nice improvement over OEM, was a little torn with what to do with the front. Go with the 5100's on the front or the spring 6112's? Went with the 6112's just due to the front takes a little more of the abuse and I didn't want to second guess myself not doing it lol! Nice improvement I think either way but the 6112's are beefy and so far have done a nice job. -Grover67
  9. Went with the auto version. Don't remember just that it would work for what I needed and it has. -Grover67
  10. I knew after hearing about this issue either I was going to do it or someone else, it was just of a matter of when lol..... Should of been something GM had a solution for before it left the factory but didn't. Went with one of the aftermarket solutions before I was swearing, works well https://tailgatefix.com/ -Grover67
  11. Mine has been great since I picked it up and haven't had to add a drop between oil changes always on the full mark. It's done some good long runs and to Florida, just got back last week from the Black Hills and a extra 3300 miles and its still at the full mark. Its towed several trailers and really haven't been easy on it from day one, I don't follow the book break in either. It had the original factory oil and changed to Mobile 1 on first oil change. Getting ready to do another change and going with Amsoil this time around. Right close to 16,000 miles on it now. Used the recommended 0W-20 oil too. Might also check your rear seal area to see if its still dry and no issues there. -Grover67
  12. Might talk to them to see or check some of the other places but they have been on backorder from what I understand. I just happen to hit Summit Racing at the right time when they a few sets left. Those parts were for the AT4/Trailboss version and won't work unless you are lifting yours. -Grover67
  13. Contacted them and that is what they told me to use with my 3.0l. Located a set from Summit Racing. No issues with them and like I mentioned about the same height as the factory setup on #1, wasn't looking to level it. I was going to use the 5100's in the front with the stock springs but figured why not go for complete setup with a more robust shock as I had to pull everything apart to do it anyway, so far no regrets Go for it if you want them back in your life!! -Grover67
  14. Went the same route with mine as you are. I went with the 5100's last summer after driving it some after purchase and felt the back end didn't feel real planted at times and really didn't care for that. Really noticed the difference after change out to the 5100's so they were well worth it. Was on the fence on what I wanted to do with front if anything but the more miles I put on I could feel the front not responding as well and decided to go with the 6112 setup at 10000 miles on the stock stuff. Picked them up through Summit Racing(p#47-309524) late this spring and installed myself, #1 setting and was within 1/4" of what the stock height was with the factory Rancho's. Noticed it was a bit better at first but more I drove it they were really more noticeable better especially on the rougher roads pushing it abit, these are worth it for the front. Nice combo with both sets on there now, and hopefully are for long term vs. the factory ones '20 AT/4 3.0l -Grover67
  15. Ya the paint really seems soft on them and the interior plastic is still easily scuffed, not real impressed -Grover67
  16. Ya diesel oil gets black fairly quick normal. Do good maintenance and use quality products and thats all you can do, run it. -Grover67
  17. Auto stop didn't work with the A/C in other settings than Max? -Grover67
  18. I went with Tyger for mine. No cutting factory mats, jack and handle bag go right back into factory spots inside, has gun rack and another holder if wanted. Not flimsy either, nice setup. -Grover67
  19. The "3.0L Duramax Diesel Engine Supplement" should of been included with the other booklets, yes it does include when suggested servicing and such but it is "not" a Service manual. This is what should of been included like others have suggested
  20. Looks are one thing, performance where its needed may be something else. Need to evaluate what are your needs are. Mine were more based on winter performance and with its 3-peak rating and other reviews I dug through I thought I'd give them a try and worked out pretty well, without having to get another set of tires . One true set of winter tires and another set for the rest of the year, would of went that route if these didn't work. -Grover67
  21. Ya the AT3's 275/60r20 went on it. Went with them thinking they would do better in the winter for me and most reviews were good for my type of usage, first time trying this brand. Haven't tried the Nitto's so no opinion on them. -Grover67
  22. Decided to upgrade the factory rubber before winter and went with the Toyo's. Did better in the rain than the stockers and they did real well in the winter stuff up here in Michigan. They rode well and were about the same as the factory one's for noise, real pleased with them overall. -Grover67
  23. Had the same thing happen last summer. Left on a Sunday and about a hour into my trip check engine light came on, didn't bring my scanner as I figured I didn't need being new. Next morning called dealer that was next to our motel just to get it checked to see if it needed service right away if something was serious or not. Ya we can get you in Wednesday or Thursday, uh that don't work for me. Can I just get it checked to see whats going on, Nope...... Always been a issue for me with having to make an appointment for something mundane as checking a code or even a oil change......scam for self importance I guess -Grover67
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