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  1. I agree. On the above comment. When approaching a red light or stop sign. If you manipulate your Breaking just right by letting off and then re engaging firmly , you can avoid the clunk to 1st almost every time. This truck didn’t do any of this the first 25k miles it only started this recently at about 27k miles.
  2. Thanks for the welcome. The truck has about 31k as of this post. Was purchased new November of 2019 But I’m not sure of the build date. I’m gonna try what the bottom post suggested see if it does anything. Meanwhile I’ll Be MIA soon for about a month. When I get back ill take it to the dealer and if I get a update I’ll be sure to post it. These cursed 8 speeds should have been fixed years ago.
  3. Anybody else having this exact problem? It’s entirely random and usually does it at full operating temperature. Not when cold. When I come to a stop or red light as it down shifts to 1st gear theirs a clunk unless I hold the brakes tight sometimes it’ll avoid it. Happens 50% of the time. Never does it up shifting also shifts like butter other then that. Usually after a long freeway run Could be the torque converter? Idk. I’ve already drain and filled tranny to blue label new mobil 1 ATF and changed filter to proper level. Dealer is slammed busy right now but going to take it in eventually. But was wondering if it’s just me. I have the new body style 2019 z71 5.3 8 speed crew thought they fixed the 8 speed on these ones. ?
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