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  1. I did the drain and fill on a hot tranny. Yup. I must have overfilled it on the previous services thousands of miles ago but didn’t realize it. So I guess I was 2 quarts over filled this long. But never had any issues luckily
  2. Just did another drain and fill on my 19 cc z71 8l90 last night. Measured what came out and refilled…. This morning I decided to do the fluid check procedure. Between 95F tranny temp and 113F on level ground I opened the overflow plug at around 104F and let drain what comes out to make sure level is correct etc. 2 quarts drained back out and then it came to a small drip. Been driving like this for the last at least 20k miles since I did drain and fills a couple times already before. trucks never shifted bad or anything. Found this interesting though apparently being overfilled 2 quarts. My thermostat is flipped btw not sure if that changes anything on the procedure.
  3. Results are in STL010 average open highwaytemp is 140 Heavy city use is up to 197f stays at around 197 if I idle for an extended period flipped stock thermostat average open highway is 150f Heavy city use is up to 176f Temp goes down to 167 if I idle extended periods. same constant average load of about 600 pounds of loaded pallets with batteries in my bed with same routes and stops … All day for about 8 hours of total engine hours. 50/50 city highway. Average California 90 degree weather. both tests were done in literally the same circumstances very consistent 2019 Silverado CC Z71 8l90 with 51k miles transmission has had 3 drain and fills of about 6 quarts each time since purchased new. With blue label Mobil 1 atf. Filter was changed out 1 time at around 20k miles Front and rear diff are running Amsoil 75w90 since 50k miles. engine has had Mobil 1 0w30 since new no issues. and recently I’m trying out 5w30 Penzoil ultra. Always changed oil at 5k miles since new. No DFM disabled lol running it stock.
  4. Thank you for the response. and I did the pill flip last night. so later today I should have an idea of the results. Same weather and driving style today. I will post back
  5. I did the sure cool STL010 on my 19 5.3 8 speed and my averages for the last 2 weeks in 80 degree socal weather has been 140f on highway drives and in constant city driving it reaches up to 197f but I do drive my truck all day for about 6 hours daily. so out of curiosity I removed the sure cool and did the pill “flip” on the OG thermostat to see if the results are the same in city driving or lower. my question to anybody that might know is to check the fluid level with the pill being “flipped” is it still the same procedure and temperature range? For the 8l90’s considering that now theirs a constant immediate flow also it would be nice if GM released a new T stat at 158f for the 8 speed and called it a day. Their must be a reason why the 6 speed got it lowered.
  6. if your talking about the 2 bolts that hold the bottom of the strut down. I think you can thread them from top to bottom then the clearance issue would be non existent. Other then that I’ve tried the rough country 2 inch level and it was fine for my 19 CC LT Z71 bolts facing up and all.
  7. I had the EXACT same issue develop with my 19 LT Z71 around 20k miles I now have almost 50k miles and it never did it again. After I took it in and described what you said… they checked and said it was a “software anamoly” and updated the transmission I called it the the 2-1 transmission jerk only happened when coming to a stop. After they fixed it I drained and filled my tranny with the new Mobil 1 blue label ATF and mew filter from the dealer. For good measure. Because of possibility that that is was filled with the old specd ATF fluid since mine was one of the first 19’s produced. This 8 speed has been great since then.
  8. Hey licustom. I’m planning on swapping out my LT axles To trailboss axles like you did.. You mentioned that the length was the same on them… but I wanted to ask though did the cv angles actually get better visibly vs those LT ones? Here are my angles with a 2 inch trailboss suspension plus 1.5 level from rough country on my LT 4x4. total of 3.5 inch lift… wanting to see if getting the trail boss axles are worth it for the long term. Or if my angles look fine. I do off road pretty often for what it’s worth and use 4x4 often.
  9. Changing oil at 5k miles should definitely pro long the motors life. from all I’ve read the cleaner the oil the less chance of a lifter to go. Unless it’s just destiny. Idk. I want this truck to last 20 years. Lol
  10. 2019 5.3 8 speed LT cc z71 38k. Been running range module last 10k miles trying to make this motor last forever.
  11. Now That’s what I like to hear high mileage DFM’s... thanks for the reply. do you have the range module to disable DFM Or stock? If you don’t mind me asking..
  12. Late update to this original post it turned out it needed a update from the dealer. After they updated it the 2-1 tranny clunk never came back... the specific wording they used on the work order was “software anomaly”
  13. It seems like several DFM motors 5.3 and 6.2 are failing lifters. ive seen on the forums and a few on YouTube. Really early on with low miles.. I thought GM fixed all the AFM issues with DFM.. Was wondering if people really think these motors will last 200k miles plus??? I’m at 38k miles and only issue I’ve had was the tranny clunking 2-1 that was fixed from a update. Currently have the range installed its a 2019 5.3 8 speed z71.... but worried if that will really avoid lifter failure.. Don’t want to deal with lifter issues after warranty. . I Change the motor oil every 5k to do my part I guess. But still worried if my motor will last in the long run. Considering trading it in while it’s worth more then I owe. Are 6.2 DFM more susceptible to lifter failure over 5.3? DFM are the 2019’s nor reliable the. The 2021’s I heard first year models are usually the worst. But I’ve been seeing a lot of 21’ failing lifters
  14. I agree. On the above comment. When approaching a red light or stop sign. If you manipulate your Breaking just right by letting off and then re engaging firmly , you can avoid the clunk to 1st almost every time. This truck didn’t do any of this the first 25k miles it only started this recently at about 27k miles.
  15. Thanks for the welcome. The truck has about 31k as of this post. Was purchased new November of 2019 But I’m not sure of the build date. I’m gonna try what the bottom post suggested see if it does anything. Meanwhile I’ll Be MIA soon for about a month. When I get back ill take it to the dealer and if I get a update I’ll be sure to post it. These cursed 8 speeds should have been fixed years ago.
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