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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I think I feel a little better about the damage and my expectations of the hopes of getting back a truck that is as close to pre-accident as possible. The body shop still has not touched it though.. pretty big backlog at the moment, and who knows how long parts will take once the estimate is complete. At this point it will probably spill over in to 2023... smh
  2. It was in fact raining that morning. I was in the left lane, and the other driver was merging from the on ramp. They completely lost control, probably overcorrected, and as you can see, their hood hit head on with my passenger side front bumper, then theri car slammed into the side of my truck. So, the Nissan was basically coming sideways across both lanes when it slammed into me hood first. My airbags did not deploy, but the Nissan's did ( a total loss I am sure). I am really worried that my truck might have frame damage.
  3. Well, this is just great. The first vehicle I ever bought brand new off the lot, and one year into ownership I get hit by someone. I was driving to work Monday morning and got hit by a driver who lost control and slammed into my passenger side front bumper and then the entire passenger side. My airbags did not deploy. So now I am stuck without my truck until everything can be sorted out with the insurance claim. Life is grand!
  4. Wouldn't you need to have a power inverter for that to work? My truck didn't have this option either, so I just bought a cheap one for whenever I need to charge my laptop while away from the office/home, and it works fine for my needs. Limited-time deal: FOVAL 150W Power Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC Converter with 3.1A Dual USB Car Charger https://a.co/d/6y70don
  5. Picked up a Gator ETX roll up tonneau cover during the Amazon prime sale. Fits nice, and I swear my MPG has improved.
  6. Just picked up a Gator ETX roll up cover for $150 during the last Amazon prime day sale. I'm pretty impressed so far. Easy install and looks good. Sits just right and my remote tailgate function still works fine. I'm not sure yet how it will hold up to rain, but it's not a big deal for me if a little water drips in.
  7. I am just wondering if you ever got an answer to this, or found out that a software update would do it? I am interested as well, since it seems it is just using the existing camera, and basically just zooming in.
  8. Thanks! No camera tricks up my sleeve. I was definitely squatted out! Haha Luckily I'm only about 75 miles from home, and won't have the two full tanks of propane, firewood, charcoal, bottled water, cooler full of ice, etc that I had when I came. So I might be a couple hundred lbs lighter.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving from Lake Lanier GA! Finally got to put my truck to the test, and towed a 32ft Grey Wolf travel trailer with my 5.3 Crew cab RST this week. The trailer weighs around 6300lbs, and I am using an EAZ lift weight distribution hitch. The truck definitely was working hard to pull, but still handled it well. This included myself and family in the truck (approx. 600lbs), and about 200lbs in the bed.
  10. Yes, I have not really done much tailgating, so was not sure how people did it. I thought alot of folks just used a generator. Wouldn't that cause you to have to idle the engine for hours?? Not to mention, the exhaust fumes blowing into your tailgate area.
  11. Ok cool. So then how would you manage keeping your battery from dying?
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